tagGroup SexWife's New Job Pt. 03

Wife's New Job Pt. 03


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Chapter 3

"Jack, Stan called for you." Sheila called out across the kitchen that bright, sunny morning.

"Called for me? What did he want?"

"I don't know Jack, I'm not sure, but he asked if you could call him back."

It had been two weeks since our last (and our first) session with Jack, and I had wondered what had been going on since. After returning home with Sheila, and the amazing sex that followed, there hadn't been much talk about it. Sheila had begun really playing up the bisexual thing during sex, and had been asking me to tell her about Stan's cock, and how it felt to suck it like a woman. A few nights earlier I had been taking her from behind, and as I moved into her Sheila had started with the line of talk that almost made me cum instantly.

"Jack, tell me about Stan's cock.....oh yes, right there, did you like sucking it?" She moaned, although clearly wanted an answer, as she was looking back at me.

"Yes, yes it was hot" I blurted out after getting control of myself. Sheila's body was blossoming and seeing her wider hips, and her full ass from behind made it difficult to control my orgasm. "I loved the fact that you were watching me."

"Would you do it if I wasn't?"

"No, I need you to show me what to do, to direct me" I slid as deeply into her as I could; knowing Stan went much deeper (and maybe had earlier that day). "Do you want me to suck him again?"

"Oh! Oh! Yes!! Uh - oh about sucking him? Well, of course, I want you to do whatever makes you hot. I love seeing you suck him, but I want you to want to do it."

"I, I.......I do." I said quietly, not yet comfortable with these feelings. I stop thrusting, and pulled out to control myself. My wet cock bounced on her ass, I had to luck at the ceiling to keep control.

"What was that?" Sheila asked, smiling back at me. "You do want to suck him? Do you want his cock? Want his cum? I love how much he squirts, don't you? He's so ...masculine - you know?"

I was calming down when she made the comment about Stan's cum. The idea that she was discussing this thing that should be so private, so shocking made me tip over the edge. "Oooooooh I'm cumming!!!" I slipped my spurting cock back into Sheila and concentrated on the pulsing orgasm that swept over me.

"Ooooh Jack, you really like to hear about that don't you? Is that it? Do you get that hot while thinking about Stan? What is it about him that makes you cum just by hearing about it?" Sheila rolled over, disengaging my five-inch cock, easily. She looked up at me while stroking her swollen pussy lips. "Is it his cock? His cum? Or just his status as your Alpha male?"

"I, I guess it's all of it. I really liked being dominated by both of you, knelling in front of him, servicing him seemed so right. He seems so confident in his role, he took my wife, and it just seems right he should be able to take me if he wants."

"Take you? Do you mean he can fuck you? Mmmmmm, that would be so hot - you would really know what it's like to be a woman. To take the woman's role & enjoy pleasing your man, taking him into your body & making him give you his gift of sperm." Sheila's eyes were closed, as she pinched a thick nipple and rubbed her clit quickly. Her hips lifted from the bed as she came. I watched as her large, full breasts swayed with her orgasm. She was so feminine, so hot. She looked up at me. "Please do that for me."

That had been then, but now I was faced with calling Stan, which I had never done & seeing where he wanted to take this. Maybe he would ignore what had happened, and it was about some sort of business. I had to know.

I left for work and called Stan's number form my cell phone enroute.

"Stan speaking." Stan sounded gruff as he answered my call.

"Oh, hi Stan, it's Jack."

"Jack? What can I do for you?"

"Oh, I'm not sure, Sheila asked me to call you."

"Oh, Jack! That Jack. Good to hear from you. Did Sheila tell you what I wanted?"

"No, she just asked me to call. Is there something I can do for you?" As soon as I said it I knew it sounded like an offer for sex. Maybe it was.

"Well, yes there is. Jack as I fucked your wife yesterday, I was thinking about how you seemed to really love sucking me when we were together a few weeks ago. Did she tell you I fucked her yesterday?" Stan sounded like he was smiling now.

"No, she didn't mention that. She did feel pretty wet when she got home." I said, adjusting my cock as I drove. Stan was making me hard.

"Well, I'm not surprised. I came in her twice in the afternoon. She's really becoming quite the little slut isn't she? As she gets more and more pregnant, she can't seem to get enough. Now about you.....I have something for you, are you interested?"

I knew what Stan was asking, or I thought I did. "Well, when did you want me to come by?" I asked.

"Get over here at 2:00 this afternoon. Don't be late." He hung up.

It was a long day, but eventually it was 1:30, and I headed over to Stan's office. As I entered I noticed my wife wasn't there. The office door was open and I walked in. Stan was in the waiting area, and he locked the door behind me.

"Come this way jack." He said. I followed him into his office. It was large, and included a huge wooden desk, and a large leather couch. Seated on the couch was a large man, about sixty years old, wearing a black suit. "Jack, this is Bill, he was my boss when I started here. He stopped by because I told him about you. He wanted to meet you."

"Hi Bill, pleased to meet you. I'm not sure why I'm here...." Then I knew. Bill stood. He must have been six foot, six at least. He looked directly into my eyes, and removed his jacket. His large frame pressed against his tailored shirt, and his generous belly stuck out slightly past his belt. Bill unzipped the fly of his slacks and reached in to pull out his penis. I wasn't sure what to do at first; almost panicking I looked around the room. Stan had closed the office door, and had moved to the couch. He was removing his pants.

Bill stood facing me, his hands on his hips. His white pubic hair had been clipped short, and his cock hung down. Really far down over his low hanging balls. He was uncircumcised, and he had by far the largest cock I'd ever seen. It was easily six inches long, and thicker than Stan's and it was completely soft. Bill looked down at it, spreading his feet apart slightly.

"Jack. Come here. Stan told me you like the taste of cock. There's no need to be shy."

I moved in front of him and dropped to my knees. This monster cock was inches from my face. The pale shaft showing so many veins running along its length .The big head completely covered by his foreskin. Bill placed a hand on the top of my head, tilting it back slightly as he lifted his shaft, rubbing the head on my lips. I took the hint and opened my mouth, taking the puckered tip of his hooded cock in and sucking deeply. I opened my eyes and saw his white pubes before me. I withdrew his cock, still soft, and nuzzled under the shaft, feeling his large balls against my face. There was a slight musky odor to them that made my cock surge to its hardest state. He smelled like a man. I pulled his shaft, and rolled the foreskin back revealing the head. It was broad and dark red. I opened the hole in the tip and stuck my tongue inside. Sucking the tip, I stroked the shaft, and held his low hangers as I felt him come to life.

Slowly as I suckled his tip, nursing the flowing pre-cum form him, his shaft began to lengthen, filling with blood. I felt him surge, and his glans felt huge in my mouth. I stroked him harder, taking another long suck before withdrawing to view my prize. I held his cock upward against his pants as I licked the underside. I was drunk with cock by now, my head spinning, my cock throbbing and leaking. Letting go of his shaft I let him drop. His mammoth cock bounced in front me, still pointing slightly downward, but bobbing up. A large drop of pre-cum formed at its tip and I quickly licked it off. He was almost fully hard now. I stroked him a few more times, each stroke driving a large drop of his sweet pre-cum from the tip. Holding his balls in my left hand I stroked him, and sucked hard on his huge head. My jaw opening wide to accommodate the massive member.

"Mmmmmm, that's good. That's the way." Bill said as he held my head in his hands. "This is just the way I introduced Stan to the pleasure of pleasing a man. He started out just like you, but then moved on to play the alpha role. Bill told me he's planted his seed in your wife. That's the way it should be. I wish I had the chance." Bill began thrusting into my mouth.

I looked over at Stan as Bill used me for his pleasure. He was stroking his extremely hard cock while sitting on the couch. Slowly running his fingers up the shaft, and his balls looked like they were pulled up tight. I thought he must be close, and was wondering if he would cum right away when Bill went deep. Really deep. My eyes bulged as Bill thrust himself deeply into my throat. I still had two or three inches remaining, so I was nowhere near deep-throating him, but his huge head was lodged in my throat. Bill held me there for a second and then withdrew completely. His cock was shiny with saliva, and was so hard the veins stood out strongly, in blue ropes along the side. His balls were not as low as they were. He held the mighty weapon in his palm while addressing me.

"You want this don't you? You want to suck on this. Take me in your mouth and service me until I give you what you really want." Bill tilted his shaft upward, and exposed his big ball sack. "You want what's in here. Deep down in these big balls."

I was mesmerized by the show going on in front of me. Bill's huge cock was being waved in front of me, and beside him, Stan was getting closer to spurting his load.

Bill stroked himself, "now, now suck me. Serve me, and I will give you the sperm you need. I know what you want, what you desire. It's the thick, warm, white semen I possess, that will make you more of a man. It turned Stan into a man, and it will make you more of a man." He pointed his cock at me, the foreskin pulled back, and the hole pulled open. It looked deep and black, I couldn't believe how big it was. I moved onto him, taking his penis in my mouth and sucking hard to get his prize. "Mmmmmm, yes, that's it." Bill held my head in both hands and began penetrating my mouth, fucking my mouth like I was a woman.

I thought I was about to get his load when I noticed Stan next to me. Bill pulled out of my mouth, and I thought I was to suck Stan, so I moved to his cock. Stan's fist pulled up on his shaft, squeezing tightly. Instead of offering it to me, he pointed the head toward Bill. I moved back and watched what happened, transfixed by the show. Stan looked up at Bill and moaned loudly. His cock jerked and his sperm flew to Bill's cock. Stan held his cock still and came all over Bill's shaft, squeezing out the last few drops onto his wide head. Stan fell back to the couch, and Bill reached for my head. His cock was bathed in white cream. The pearly strings seemed to cling to his wide cock and looked so white, so warm. I knew what was supposed to happen.

Bill tilted my head back and drove himself into my mouth. I opened my throat and accepted his thrust. Closing my mouth on him I sucked hard and savored the flavors I was being treated to. Stan's semen tasted salty and warm, a satisfying compliment to the hard shaft, and soft head in my mouth. I Bobbed on his cock and tried to get all of Stan's cream. Swallowing once while Bill withdrew, and attacking the semen that had pooled at the base of his cock. A single drop ran down his balls, and I licked it off, noticing his sack had drawn up tight. A line had formed along the centre and I knew it was time.

"I'm cumming!!" Bill roared. "Take my seed!"

I enclosed the head of Bill's cock in my mouth and sucked hard. The head swelled, became hard like the shaft and jerked. I felt the spurt hit the roof of my mouth. It was such a strong stream of semen, for a second I thought he was peeing. Another strong stream hit my tongue and another.

"Oh, oh, oh, yes!!" Bill exclaimed as each spasm ejected more of his pent up load. He held my head back, mouth open as he stroked himself into my mouth. I counted eleven streams of semen ejaculating from his penis as he fed me his seed, his male essence. I rolled the gift around in my mouth, showing him how completely he had dominated me before swallowing him, and sucking the tip to draw out the final drops. The taste of his sperm was warm, slightly salty, and the only other word I can use is "male". Bill dropped to the couch, his cock still exposed to my view as he relaxed.

Looking over at Stan, his cock still stood straight up! He wasn't even touching it. He sat there wearing only his dress shirt. His cock standing at attention, his balls still drawn up, and his thighs splayed wide. A river of sperm trailed down form his head, down the shaft, over his balls. I couldn't believe the sight. How much could these men cum? The taste of Bill's spend still fresh in my mouth I bent over Stan and licked him. Starting at his balls, I moved up his shaft and sucked the cream from him. I sat back on my haunches and looked at the spent men in front of me. Their cocks finally soft, and relaxing as they reclined.

"So this is Jack." Bill said to Stan. "He's as good as you said. So how's his wife?"

"His wife is hot as hell. Since she's become pregnant, she wants cock all the time. She loves to suck and loves to have me cum in her." Stan said, absently stroking his soft cock.

"I wonder if she'd like some of this." Bill asked, looking at me, pointing at his long cock. "I know what you're wondering, and it really is ten inches. I've measured it many times."

"I'm only eight" Stan claimed. I believed it, they both had monstrous cocks. So much bigger than mine. It was no wonder Sheila loved working here.

My own cock was soft, and wet in my pants. I had cum while sucking Bill.

"Let's see yours." Bill said. I stood and dropped my pants, revealing my soft, wet cock. It looked so small compared to theirs. "You came? I thought you'd like to jerk off while looking at our cocks, but you already came? You like sucking cock that much?"

"Yes sir. I came when I saw Stan cum on your cock."

"Well, your cock is small, but that's fine. There's nothing wrong with being a subservient male. It's natural to have a 'pecking order'. It's your duty to serve stronger, more dominant males." My cock had actually started to harden. Hearing Bill discuss my role, and my cock, had an effect on me. "Have you ever been fucked?"

The question took me by surprise, but I couldn't say I hadn't thought about it. It was inevitable really; they should eventually totally take me, and exert their dominance.

"No sir." I said as my cock strained to full erection. I looked down at it as it betrayed me, displaying my true feelings to my superiors.

"You will be. I know how you feel about it. Your cock tells me you want it. I never fucked Stan, he was almost my equal even when we first met, but you need it. You need to know how it feels to be a woman. Stan do you want to take him first? Take his virginity?"

"No, I'll have him at some point, but he's yours. You're the lead dog here. I'd be honored to offer him to you." I didn't know they meant now, but it was clear they did. Bill was now stroking his cock, which had started to swell. I knew what it meant to be an alpha male. These men could get hard at the drop of a hat, cum many times a day, and could satisfy their needs at will. I was honored they were considering me to be the recipient of their lust. I reached for both of their cocks, stroking them. Stan closed his eyes and reclined, moaning with contentment. Bill looked into my eyes with carnal lust and I knew what was to be.

"Suck me until I'm ready to deflower you, boy." Bill growled with an animal tone. I leaned over his lap and found the tip of his cock. Licking the pre-cum form him, I felt him surge, hardening as if by command. Amazingly as I sucked the head, and slid my tongue under his foreskin, he was hard as stone. "I'm ready to take you properly now." Bill stood, dropping his pants as he did. His shirt came off and he stood before me in all his glory. Thick hair spread across his chest, his deeply tanned body exuded power. The chest hair trailed down to his crotch where his ten inches throbbed with his heartbeat, and pointed at the ceiling. His large bull-balls hung low again, ready to do their task, deliver his sperm to me. He took a tube of KY jelly from Stan and anointed his shaft with it. His glistening cock standing up, strong and proud. He handed the tube to me. "I recommend you use this, put it on your opening, and inside you, this may be difficult for you, but I promise you will love it. I did as I was told.

"We'll start with you on all fours." I dropped to the carpet, and exposed myself to him. I felt him move behind me, and something cool, and hard bumped against my anus. Steadying itself at my opening, I felt him push forward. I couldn't believe this was happening so fast. I had come here to probably blow Stan, and now I was about to be penetrated by this bull male. He held my hips with both hands. I looked forward and saw Stan stroking himself on the couch. "Push out as if you were trying to have a bowel movement, that should help." Bill pushed forward. My hole wouldn't allow him in, it felt like he was trying to push a brick into me. I pushed out just as he tightened his grip and pushed forward. The head of his massive penis slipped past my ring, and the pain was enormous! I grimaced and tried to relax my anus to allow this to happen without any injury.

"Please! Take it out, it's too big!" I begged. "It hurts so much." I whimpered. Bill didn't pull out, but pushed in deeper. The feeling of fullness deepened, and the terrible stretching of my hole continued.

"That's OK. That's all right, just relax. It will feel good soon. I'm inside you now. I won't be pulling out until I'm done." Bill stroked my back as his words soothed me. "Here's a little more". He slid forward and seemed to meet resistance within me. I tried harder to relax, and then pushed out hard. Bill slipped in deeper. The pain had subsided to an ache, but the feeling of fullness was taking over. He was touching something inside me that was making my cock hard again. The pain had caused me to deflate, but now I was throbbing hard. "That's it. Here we go." Bill pulled me back, and a few more inches slid in. I relaxed my hole, and started to feel something. It started deep inside me, and felt different. The fullness was over taken by an intense feeling of pleasure. The sense of being taken, of being fucked made me feel so dirty, so natural, and so much like a real woman. "Oh, he's a natural, look at him relax onto it. He's loving it now." Bill said to Stan. He moved deeper into me, I reached down and felt his shaft; he still had a few inches to give me.

"Yeah, let me have it - give me the rest. Please fuck me!!" I cried out needing him all the way in me. Bill thrust in and buried himself in me. I felt so full, so complete. His shaft brushed past my prostate and forced my cum out of me. I came hard spurting five or six ropes of cum on the carpet.

"Oh yeah, I can feel that. You just came didn't you? You dirty thing! I haven't even started fucking you and you cum. I love the way your ass is squeezing me." Bill pulled nearly all the way out and drove himself back in. "Now I've taken you properly! Now you're mine. Now you'll know how your wife feels when I fuck her, and I will. You'll know how it feels when I slide this big cock into her, when she squeals. If you were a woman, you'd be pregnant soon." Bill began fucking me.

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