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Wife's New/Old lover


My sexy wife Lynn was invited to a party this weekend at her best friend Bridget's' apartment. Bridget is single and wild and they both really used to party hard before Lynn and myself married some six years ago. It was no surprise to me that I wasn't invited as Bridget was not very happy that Lynn got married, I guess she felt that she had lost her niter clubbing buddy and blamed me. Just look at the picture, who wouldn't want that sexy body beside them every night. Bridget was always trying to break us up so she could get her friend back.

Lynn informed me of the party and that I wasn't invited. I asked if she was going to go by herself and she said yes, besides we didn't have a sitter for the kids and that could be my job. I didn't want her to go without me and often complained to my wife and finally she said she would ask Bridget if it was ok if I came along, if I could find a baby sitter. Lynn called Bridget to ask if it was ok and amazingly she said that it would be great if I tagged along. Well I was able to find a sitter so I could attend the party and keep a watchful eye on my sexy wife. I also wondered what Bridget was up to, It wasn't like her to be happy for me in anything that involved my sexy wife.

Two days prior to the party, Lynn went shopping for a new outfit to wear, a very sexy outfit no less. She returned with several packages and yes, she did have some pink boxes with the black ribbons wrapped around them if you know what I mean. She purchased a very sexy short black dress, sexy red 4 inch heels with ankle straps and a red satin thong panty. I was hard just picturing her in my mind and she could tell, she just rolled her eyes and called me a perv for wanting her from just seeing her clothes. I love it when she dresses "hot" as she calls it.

The day of the party consisted of a trip to the salon for hair styling, nail manicure and toe pedicure. While she was gone, I masturbated thinking of her in that sexy dress and heels and wondering how any of the mostly single guys at the party would be able to keep their hands off of her sexy body. When she returned, I was stunned, instantly got another erection and begged her for sex, she said no, wait until after the party. " I don't want to get messed up yet", she said with a smile.

At 7:00pm, she called to me and said " its time to dress me now", this is one of my most favorite things to do to her, its like having my very own barbie doll. Step one, her panties. I get to kiss her freshly shaved pussy lips as I fumble with the leg openings of the red satin panties. I then lean back and slide them over her feet, up past her calves and over her hips making sure that they fit snugly against her pussy. Step two, her red high heel pumps. She places each foot one at a time onto my thigh and I slowly slip the shoes onto her precious feet, my hands tremble as I buckle the straps around her sexy ankles. The spiked heel digs into my bare thigh making my already very hard dick bounce. She giggles as she twists her foot a couple of times. Step three, her short black dress. I get off of my knees and hold the dress as she steps into the small tight opening, being very careful that a heel doesn't snag the material. Next she stands up and I pull the dress up around her hips, over her large breasts and onto her shoulders. Dress up time is now complete, sorry guys, no bra this time as the dress is backless, it does hook around her neck though and resembles a choker, very sexy!!.

She is touching up her hair and makeup as I am dressing for the evening. She tells me to come to the bathroom, and when I enter she hands me another pink box with the black ribbon and tells me to open it. The box contains another pair of panties, pink lacy thong panties to be exact. I said, but you have on panties already? She nods her head yes and tells me to check the label. " It reads Large" I said. "Their for you to wear tonight", she said. I protested and she stepped up close to my face and kinda pouted and said " if you want to put little dicky into you're wife's pussy tonight you will. I'm a perv anyway and I definitely desired to fuck my wife sometime tonight, so I put them on. I sure hope that they don't show through my dress slacks and its extremely difficult to hide an erection in thong panties especially as hard as I am now.

On the drive to the party, Lynn was very quiet and I asked her what was up? She said that Bridget had invited one of her old boyfriends to the party. Who I asked? but I already knew the answer, the only lover to ever make her come from penetration alone, I had to use my mouth, the lover with the biggest cock, the longest lasting and the best body. The lover she could never say no to. The sex he gave her, well she hasn't had that for quite some time now. I first heard of him from Bridget of course, she always said that he was Lynn's' best fuck, trying to make me jealous and it worked. No wonder she said that I could come, she was hoping to prove it, that's why she invited him I thought to myself. I waited for Lynn to answer my question. "Its the guy I told you about when we were on our honeymoon, the night I got drunk and you was eating my pussy when I accidentally said his name out loud, you wanted me to tell you all about him when we fucked that night". "I did say that he was a better lover than you and that he could make me cum every time he fucked me, I thought it was turning you on because you came so fast that night". She found out my secret when she reached over and felt my hard dick straining to get out of my "panties" and once again giggled and said " I thought so".

Arriving at the party, Bridget rushed over to say hello to Lynn and whispered that he was on his way here, loud enough that I could hear her say it. We mingled a little but I didn't know anyone other than that bitch Bridget. Lynn was already attracting male attention because she looked so fucking hot, every guy in the place including myself wanted to fuck her. I was keeping a close eye on her after all she was my wife. We were in the back part of the apartment when Bridget caught up to us. She asked if I would help tend the make shift bar while so and so went after more drinks. I didn't want to leave Lynn alone as the bar and dance area was in the front of the house so I said no. Lynn put her hand on my crotch and started rubbing making my dick rock hard again and said that she was a "big girl" and for me to go a tend the bar. Reluctantly I turned and walked out of the room as she and Bridget laughed.

After an hour had passed, I was still tending this crappy little bar, getting beer and drinks for everyone while wondering where the person doing this before me was. Yeah right! getting more drinks my ass! Bridget just wanted me separated from my wife. Several times I scanned the crowd of people in an attempt to locate my sexy wife and every once and a while I would spot her flirting with some young stud but I had not seen Lynn for at least the last 20 minutes or so. In my mind, I would often picture Lynn in arms of one of these faceless strangers, kissing and being felt up under the short black dress that she was wearing tonight. As I was day dreaming, Bridget broke me from my trance wanting a drink, she giggled and said that she knew a secret but wasn't telling and strutted off laughing loudly. I was starting to get really nervous as I hadn't seen Lynn for some time and my mind was going crazy. I continued to busy myself fixing drinks for the partiers and to keep my thoughts occupied but it was very hard not to think about it especially after what Bridget had said.

I had my back to the crowd fixing a drink and when I turned back around there was my sexy wife waiting in line, holding hands with this good looking guy. Their turn was next but they didn't seem to be in any hurry as they stood close whispering to each other. When they stepped up to the table, He told me that he wanted a "beer" then said that, " your wife wants a strawberry daiquiri". I was shaking with jealously as I fixed his order wondering if it was him, mr stud, mr perfect, the man she couldn't say no to. My wife made eye contact with me several times and I could see a slight smirk on those sexy red lips as she leaned her head against his shoulder. She finally spoke to me saying that she wanted to introduce him. She said, " Jamie, this is Sean", then looking up at him with a twinkle in her eye she said "Sean this is my husband Jamie". It was him, I had heard that name before and it made my stomach turn.

I stuck out my hand to shake but was ignored by the prick which left me looking and feeling like an idiot. I was so jealous. I said that I had heard about him and he grinned and said "I know, Lynn told me", surely she didn't tell him about our honeymoon had she? They turned to leave and she whispered something in his ear and he kissed her on those sexy red lips, patted her butt and walked off. She then came around the table and stood directly in front of me, her tits almost touching mine and in a sultry voice, asked if I was having fun. Hell no I said, and what's with the holding hands and kissing stuff? She leaned into me and gave me a very hot kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth and once again started rubbing my very erect dick through my pants. She pulled back and said that it had been along time since she had seen Sean and he was just being friendly. I said that she should stay away from him and that I didn't like her hanging all over him! She had a gleam in her eyes and kept rubbing my dick. She said, "I thought you would like it", no I don't I told her. She asked me, "then why is little dicky so hard"? "aren't you a little turned on", wouldn't you love to bend me over this table and fuck me, to prove to Sean that I am you're sexy little wife.

That's when it happened, I came in my pants or panties to be exact, as she rubbed the lacy material over my dick. Lynn looked down at the front of my pants and said, "oops", did I do that? There was no denying the fact that she had made me cum and that I would have to be careful as the front of my pants were now stained, anyone who looked could see. She giggled at my current position and said that Sean was waiting for her and that she had to go to him. I had my head bowed down looking at those sexy high heels she was wearing and said nothing as she turned and went to look for mr perfect no doubt. I had to stand close to the table for the next hour because of the wet spot on my pants, hoping not to be discovered.

Guess what happened next, Bridget comes to the table, she said " let me see". See what I said? She said that she had heard that I had cum in my little pink panties and that she wanted to see. Fuck you, I said as she was laughing at me. She ordered a beer and said that my secret was maybe safe with her and she giggled some more and left. I couldn't believe that Lynn had told her about how she had made me cum in my pants and also about her making me wear panties tonight. I was so embarrassed, but also tremendously turned on and once again, as hard as a rock.

I saw my wife and mr stud on the little dance floor all by themselves. They were making out, french kissing for several minutes at a time. She was rubbing her big tits all over his chest and letting him fondle her bare ass. Every once in a while, Sean would lift her short dress and everyone would see her hot sexy ass, as she was only wearing a thong. This activity was making me very jealous, a little angry and also very turned on. They had turned and she made eye contact with me and smiled before taking his tongue into her luscious mouth once again. After breaking the kiss, she said something in his ear and they spun around until her back was to me.

I made eye contact with Sean. He smirked at me and spun my sexy little wife around unstill she was also facing me. She put both arms over her head and around his neck. She tilted her neck up and opened her mouth for another kiss, which he gladly gave to her. As they kissed, he started roughly handling her breasts and she was pushing her sexy little ass back into what I could only assume was his very hard cock. He was almost taunting me to come out and stop them but I couldn't. I was so turned on by her wild behavior that I wasn't about to stop the action, she was wrong earlier when she made me cum in my panties, I was a lot more turned on.

They continued putting on their show, hell just about everyone was watching them. I stood there with my mouth open, watching as one of his hands dropped to the hem of her short dress and raised it exposing the red satin panties that was covering her freshly shaved pussy. Their mouths separated and she looked directly at me as his other hand dropped to rub her pussy. He said something in her ear then she reached down with one hand and pulled her little red panties to one side. She stood still, staring into my eyes as he inserted a finger into her pussy. Her eyes closed and she leaned back for another kiss as he was finger fucking my sexy wife's little pussy. They stopped just short of her having an orgasm and because they were making quite a scene on the dance floor. Sean then escorted my wife to a nearby couch, he sat down and she climbed onto his lap and again allowed him to penetrate her luscious mouth with his tongue.

A party goer had to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention, he wanted a drink and asked if I had seen the show, I nodded affirmatively. He said that Bridget had said that I was the husband of the sexy babe that had just gotten finger fucked by that dude and wanted to know if it was true. I nodded affirmatively again and he shook his head and walked off in the direction of the two lovers. I was embarrassed but It gave me such a thrill knowing that Bridget was telling her friends that we were married and I'm sure that Bridget was thrilled that I was witnessing the seduction of my wife by her old lover. What she didn't realize is that I was, in reality, getting off on the whole scene, my sexy little wife knew.

I watched as the young man that I had just talked with tried to get in on the action but Sean just told him to fuck off, that she was his girl tonight. My sexy wife squirmed on Sean's' lap as he spoke to the uninvited guest who had interrupted their petting session. He quickly left the lovers alone, probably fearing that he would get his ass kicked by such a well built man that Sean was.

After a few minutes, my sexy wife went to the powder room the freshen her makeup and tidy her hair, Sean came to me for another drink. At first I said nothing just kept myself from making eye contact with him. He asked me if I was having fun and I asked him to leave my wife alone. He said he would if that was what Lynn wanted and told me to ask her. He said that he would abide by whatever she says. Lynn returned from the restroom and walked up to us putting her arm through his and asked if us boys were getting along. Sean said that we were talking about her and who she was going home with tonight. Lynn winked at me as they turned around and headed back to the couch, holding hands no less. When they reached the couch, they sat down and started talking.

I was busy making drinks and when I turned around, Lynn was standing right in front of me. "Hi honey", she said. Hi I mumbled back to her. I tried to fake being upset but she saw right through my anger. She started rubbing my crotch again and asked in a sweet little innocent voice." Is my little hubby upset with his wifey", then she thrust her tongue right into my mouth. Any sign of anger was gone and pure lust had taken over as we kissed. I told her that I wanted to leave, take her home and make love to her and that her slutty display of affection with her past lover was killing me. She said that if I wanted her that bad, then I should meet her in the restroom down the hall in about 5 minutes. I said I'll be there with bells on and she looked at me and said," you mean with panties on don't you". She giggled and walked away swaying her sexy little ass.

I wrapped up my bartending duties quickly and made my way down the hall to the bathroom. While waiting in line, I could think of nothing else but sticking my dick into my wife's pussy. Two guys showed up in line behind me and one said to the other that, "we need to hurry because miss hottie and loverboy are at it again on the dance floor" and he didn't want to miss the show. I knew who miss hottie and loverboy was so I stepped out of the line and went to watch the action. Again he was finger fucking my wife and french kissing her mouth.

My dick was still hard and I needed relief badly. Watching my sexy wife and her new lover was getting the best of me. The line for the restroom was gone so I quickly went inside and locked the door. I pulled my pants and panties down freeing my hard-on, sat on the toilet and started jacking off to the vision of my sexy little wife and her big cocked lover fucking each other. In less than a minute I was about to cum in my own hand instead of my wife's pussy.

There was knock at the door which broke up the visions in my head and startled me causing me to stop jacking off. Frustrated, I said that the room was occupied. "Its me", said the voice from behind the door, "let me in". I fumbled with my clothes and made my way to the door, unlocked it and my wife pranced in looking very haughty. She saw that my pants were unzipped and asked if I was masturbating? No I wasn't, I said and she called me a liar. I thought you was going to meet me about 10 minutes ago, I said. Lynn told me that she wanted to "talk with Sean about who she was going home with tonight". I asked if she had made a decision yet and she said almost but that she wanted me to decide for her. I asked her what would convince her to come home with me?

She thought for a moment and said, "remember on our honeymoon, I said that he was my best lover", I nodded. "Well", she continued, "he could always make me cum in less than a minute with that big cock of his so I figured that if you could make me come within 3 minutes, then I will go home with you". "If you can't you lose". I accepted the challenge knowing that I would most likely fail to produce a orgasm for her but at least I would fuck my wife once tonight.

Lynn said that the clock has started and immediately I let my pants fall to the floor followed by my panties. I moved my wife back onto the sink top as we kissed. I then raised her dress up around her waist and she spread her legs open allowing me to stand between them. Still kissing her, I reached between her legs and pulled her panties to one side and started pushing my dick into her very wet, very loose pussy. No doubt her condition was made that way by the finger fucking she had received from Sean. Our lips separated when I moaned and she said, " don't cum in me, Sean won't like it if you do". I just about popped when I heard that come from my wife's red lips.

I was pumping my hips a fast as I could and trying hard not to cum to soon. She looked up at me and said, " you'll never be able to make me come with your little dicky so pull it out and use your tongue on my pussy". I did as she said and got down onto my knees and started licking and sucking at her pussy as she held the crotch of her panties to one side. She placed her other hand on the back of my head and held my face tight against her wet pussy. All of the sudden the bathroom door swung open and in walked Sean. I tried to stand up but my wife wrapped her legs around my neck and pulled hard on my hair telling me to keep licking her and also that the 3 minute time limit had just expired.

Sean was standing beside us. I could tell he was watching me eating my wife's pussy, the pussy that he had fucked such a long time ago. He bent down and my wife accepted his tongue into her mouth as she rubbed his crotch and felt his large cock growing against the palm of her hand. My wife then used her hand to unbutton then unzip her lovers pants. She was still using the other hand to force my face into her pussy and pull my hair. I could see her digging into his pants to feel his bare cock for the first time tonight. He had a hand full of her hair and the other hand was squeezing her breasts as they smashed their mouths together. He broke off the kiss and said that he wanted her to suck his cock.

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