tagErotic CouplingsWife's Sexy Little Sister Ch. 01

Wife's Sexy Little Sister Ch. 01


NOTE: The character names have been altered but the story is based on real events.


Me and my wife, Megan, were in a loving relationship and we got along great barring a few speed bumps we encountered in the early part of our relationship but hey, what couple doesn’t have these problems right?

Megan and I had been married for two and a half years now but we’d been together for almost 7 years total. The sex was good and things were just fine but I always had a desire to explore. Don’t get me wrong, Megan’s 26 and wasn’t hideous, physically unattractive or even have an off putting personality. She was quite perfect, really with blonde hair, brown eyes, a curvy body and B-cup sized tits. The one downside to her was that Megan was wearing me out to some degree. She believed that openness, communication and spending quality time together were the keys to a successful relationship and didn’t believe sex was as important as a result of her conservative upbringing.. Inevitably, the temptation of infidelity was lurking around. Especially when it came to her sexy, young sister.

I am no slouch when it came to my appearance either. I lifted regularly and took care of my nutrition.A second generation American Indian, with a large, aesthetically flawless dick and a large set of heavy nuts, I also had a sculpted, smooth body with a six-pack. I was 28 with medium brown skin, black hair and brown eyes and I don’t mean to brag but I was a master at seducing women but sadly, this really only kicked in a AFTER college.

Jessica; Megan’s youngest sister, was coming to California for school and we agreed to take her in for the summer so she could get used to living out here. The last time I saw her sister, she was a sweet, 12 year old who had a big crush on me but now, she had blossomed into a beautiful, not to mention extremely fuckable, 18 year old bombshell.

Megan was already really attractive but her sister was admittedly, far ahead of her in terms of physical attractiveness. Jessica was a knockout with baby blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes and was much more petite at 5’2” compared to Megan at 5’10”. She had a really tight, toned stomach and frankly looked like a fitness model with a sexy looking piercing dangling from her belly button. Her legs are slim and toned and the one feature about her that stood out about her most was her rack. Megan was unfortunately not very gifted in this apartment but her little sister was gifted with firm, full, gravity defying, 32DD knockers coupled with perfectly round, small nipples. I had a thing for small, aesthetically pleasing nipples. She had supple, smooth, soft, lightly tanned skin and a very cute face. This coupled with a 22 inch waist and 34 inch hips was what constituted her killer body and appearance.

I headed to the airport to pick her up for her Monday morning flight but Megan wasn’t able to since she was called into work in the last minute. I took the day off specifically for this but despite the last minute development, I agreed to pick her sister up and take care of her.

I was waiting at the terminal and was a little annoyed, seeing that Jessica’s flight was delayed for 2 hours but boy did my frown turn upside down when her flight finally arrived and she came into the arrivals hall. She was dressed in a pair of skin tight blue jeans, heels, a black, sleeveless cropped top showing off her piercing and gorgeous midsection, and a sleeveless denim vest. She looked amazing and boy was she happy to see me.

“Heyyyy Elon! It’s so good to see you. Where’s my sister?” said Jessica, wrapping her arms around me and pressing her body against, pulling me into a big, affectionate hug.

“Hey Jessica! It’s great to see you too! I’m sorry that Megan couldn’t be here but she got called in to work at the last minute.” I said, reciprocating her hug and breathing in her intoxicating perfume.

“Aww, it’s okay. I’ll get to see my favorite sis soon. Anyway, we’ll get some quality time to catch up.” said Jessica enthusiastically.

“Absolutely! I haven’t seen you in years. Wow, you’ve sure...blossomed.” I said, stumbling with my words to which she giggled in response to my hint of nervousness.

We walked to the parking lot to my 2018 Brabus S65 AMG. After loading her luggage into the trunk, she got into the front passenger seat and we headed back home. There was a little awkwardness in me because I could feel my cock twitching and blood slowly engorging it, thinking about my wife’s sister naked. I tried not to make eye contact but it was too late when I heard a gasp coming from her.

“Umm...what’s the matter?” I tried to ask casually.

“Hehe, I didn’t realize you were that happy to see me.” said Jessica.

It was too late, my dick was clearly visible, pressing through the fabric of my pants; I swallowed hard.

“Jessica...I am really sorry...I...” I said before she stopped me with a silent hand gesture and a calming smile.

“Pull over at the next rest stop.” said Jessica.

As if her physical appeal wasn’t enough, she had a voice that made silk feel like sandpaper and could seduce any man with a whisper. I parked the car in an empty space at the next rest stop we pulled into and allowed her small soft hands to slide onto my pants. Feeling her soft, well manicured, delicate hands touch and continue to trace the outline and feel my cock through the fabric. She slowly undid my pants, pulled the zipper down and my cock sprung out, hard as diamond. Her eyes went wide and so did her pretty mouth when she saw my manhood.

“Oh wow...I’ve always wondered for years...” she said, biting her lower lip softly as she smoothly pulled out my dick and giving it a firm stroke with her soft hand and I let out a pleasurable moan.

“Hooooo boy...umm...Jessica...do you...really think...we should...be doing this” I said breathing deeply feeling her warm, soft hands stroking my shaft.

“I really think you need this, Elon.” said Jessica in her sexy, seductive voice, as she stroked me harder to which I responded with an audible gulp.

“Oh baby...your cock is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” she said, stroking even faster.

“Uhh...mmm...thank you...Jessica.” I said breathing hard and deeply.

“It’s so fucking huge too! I’ve never seen one this big!” she said speeding up her masterful stroking my 10-inch shaft.

“I’m really glad...you….oh fuck…….hnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhh” I said before I felt cum boiling in my balls and sperm was about to shoot out, she so quickly, and swiftly, plugged up my dick with her mouth.

Climax inevitably came erupting as I ejaculated thick, ropes of hot cum down her throat and she so masterfully swallowed it all without a single drop spilling out. After polishing my dick off, she sat back upt again, licked her lips, smiled and checked her face in the vanity for any cum drops. She was silently smiling for the rest of the trip home.

“Boy, this sure is going to be a fun summer huh?” she said after getting out of the car.

She was not wrong…

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