Wife's Toilet Slave


You will address me as Madam and you will address my daughters as Miss Jenny and Miss Linda. Is this clear toilet?" I was so scared and so excited: "Yes Madam." She continued: "Well it's 9.00pm let's begin girls! Laura you are probably hungry and we have kept you something to eat in the fridge. Toilet you will take you toilet chair and go directly to the ladies room upstairs. You know the way now!" I began to move on my knee towards my new room. I heard my wife saying: "Before eating I need to pee. I will install the toilet chair for you! Linda and Jenny you should have a look it's so funny!" They all came to the ladies room. I was lying on the floor. My wife put the toilet chair on my head and checked that my mouth was wide opened and surrounded the funnel. My wife was instructing them and they were all looking and laughing at me through the Plexiglas. At last my wife tied my hands on each side of the box and my mother in law tied my ankles together and linked them to the heater.

My wife put a small rope through the nipple clamps and said: "with this rope you can still play with his nipple while using the toilet!" The 3 other women left the room and I heard them joking in the corridor. My wife removed her leather trouser and her panty and sat on the chair. She began to pee and suddenly I felt the bitter taste of a fart, and another one louder and stronger. She said: "enjoy your weekend toilet! This was not planned but you begin right now and with me!" She made 3 turfs inside my mouth and I pushed them inside my throat with my tongue. She peed again as if she wanted to rinse out my mouth! She wiped her ass and put the soiled toilet paper in my mouth. I chewed it and swallowed. She opened the door and caller her mother: "Mom it's yours now! I gave him only the appetizers!

Nancy entered the room and closed the door. She looked at me always with this sadistic smile and said: "I kept me from peeing all the afternoon and, you know what, I ate a huge plate of spinach at noon. I am sure you will enjoy this gift." She sat down on the toilet chair and began to pee. It was very hot and as usual very sour. She farted loudly 2 or 3 times and suddenly a continuous flow of hot liquid shit began to slide in my mouth. There was an enormous amount and I was not managing to swallow enough quickly. She began to pee again still looking at me through the Plexiglas. The pee was cleaning the funnel and putting in my mouth the rest of the shit. The taste and the smell was unbelievable! She wiped her ass and threw the soiled paper inside my mouth. She left the ladies room and I heard her going downstairs. I stayed alone.

After a long silent time I heard them coming back, discussing loudly in the corridor. My wife entered the room with her vanity case. She began to brush her teeth and as usual she spat everything inside my mouth. Then she sat down on the toilet and began to pee. She looked at me and just said: "Have a good night toilet!" Then she opened the door and called her mother and her sisters: "It's 11.30pm and he was supposed to get his punishment at 11.00pm! As he was alone he didn't get any warning but it's not possible for a slut like him! I think that within 2 hours he could have received at least 1 warning by each of us and even 2 by you Mom! So I suggest that you gave him his punishment: 20 strokes plus 20 for each warning meaning 120 strokes!" My mother in law was laughing: "It seems to be fair Laura! Which way and which location do you choose for this first punishment?"

My wife looked at me and said without any hesitation: "1 stroke will be to pull one time on the rope of the nipple clamps! I propose a game: we put 1 rope on each clamp so that we can pull 60 times each clamp. Linda you pull the left one and Mom you pull the right one. Each time you manage to remove the clamp you put it back and continue immediately. The winner will be the one who has removed the clamp the more often!" They were all laughing and they begun. My wife was counting the strokes for her mother and Jenny was counting for Linda. My mother in law was pulling much stronger than my sister in law and very quickly she managed to remove the clamp. The pain was awful and I was screaming but they were laughing and joking louder than my screams! Linda quickly understood that she was not pulling enough and she was now pulling much more stronger each time removing the clamp almost everytime. My nipples were destroyed! I was feeling 2 burning points on my chest. They finally completed the punishment and Nancy won!

My sister in law was upset and she was requesting a revenge match! My wife said: "Don't worry Linda we'll have time to organize other tournaments! I will show you something else. Put him back the clamp!" My wife put her right boot on the clamp and began to massage my nipples with her sole. She was rubbing my skin so hard that she managed to remove the clamps. Then she wiped her sole on the nipple. This was unbearable but believe me it was great! My wife was very satisfied of her demonstration and she went to bed! My mother in law decided to continue massaging my nipples with her heels and she went to be also. Jenny and Linda brushed their teeth joking about their new toilet. Jenny sat down on the toilet chair and began to pee. The stream was very strong and endless! The taste was quite soft but I was suffocating because the flow was huge! She wiped her pussy and put the soiled paper in my mouth. Linda came back from her room with a cartoon and sat down on the chair. She began to pee on the toilet paper still in my mouth forcing me to swallow it directly. Then she farted several times while reading her book. She stayed like this about 30 minutes sometime peeing a little bit or farting in my mouth. I could smell her ass and this was very exciting. She finally stood up and left without saying anything. The night was quiet. The house was silent but I could not manage to sleep as my position was not so conformable.

I was thinking to this unbelievable evening I had. After about 2 hours I heard someone coming. Nancy, my mother in law, entered the room. She sat down on the chair and began to pinch my nipples with her nails. I wanted to scream but I knew that the punishment would be terrible. I was smelling her stinky ass when she put me back the nipple clamps and began to fill my mouth with her very sour piss. When she stood up she rubbed my nipple with the soles of her leather mule in order to remove the clamps! The house was silent again. It was clear that I would never manage to sleep with these burning nipples! Anyway 2 hours later someone entered the room again. This time it was Jenny. She sat down and peed almost sleeping on the chair. I was so exhausted that after another few hours I fell asleep. For the first time in my life the alarm clock was a stream of piss! It was 7.00am and my mother in law was here again! I already tasted her morning piss one week before and I would say that it was really spicy!

Once again my throat and my mouth were burning! She untied my hands and my ankles and ordered me to go quickly to the garage and to remove my suit. When she arrived she gave a very old dirty piece of soap and she began washing me with the garden hose used to clean the car! At the end she gave 4 soiled panties given by each woman the evening before and she ordered me to dry myself. I had to put back my suit and she put me the nipple clamp. My nipples were almost bleeding and she naturally noticed it. She smiled, she removed the clamps…and she put them again: "Now little slut you will prepare everything for our breakfast. Crawl on the floor until the kitchen. Once there you can stand up to work correctly. Move and wait for me over there." When I entered the kitchen I immediately noticed the plastic bowl, supposed to be my plate, put on the floor beside the garbage can. I came closer to have a look. There was a fist of apple peelings, a few hair that were probably pubic hair and about ten croquettes that was actually made with food chewed and spat again inside the bowl! My mother in law entered the kitchen and saw me staring at my bowl. She slapped me very strongly:

" First of all you were not asked to look at this! your first warning of the day little slut! It's probably very appetizing for a pig like you! Don't worry it's just a beginning and your feeding will be a great time!" Then she instructed me about the things to prepare for the breakfast and picking up my bowl she sat in the living room still looking at me while I was setting the table. Suddenly I heard the typical noise of a nail clippers and I understood that she was putting her toe nails clipping inside my bowl! She saw me looking at her and she called me: "Crawl until my feet and kneel in front of me little slut!" As you can guess she slapped me again: "You seem to be very curious today! Do you want to taste?" She took a nail cleaner and began to clean her big toe nail. She removed a huge amount of grime on the side and she put it under my nose: "Smell it little slut."

Can you imagine the smell of grime taken there? I don't think so! I screwed up my face in disgust and she slapped me again. She put the nail cleaner in front of my mouth: "now lick it clean little slut." Then she took the nail clipper and she cut a large piece of nail on the same side. Once again I smelt it: it was worst than the grime! And once again I ate it! I looked at the bowl and there was already a lot of nail clipping and grime. She said: "continue your work now I have to do the other foot. I think that it's dirtier." At this moment it was hard to realize that the day was just beginning...

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