tagAnalWife's Unexpected Sexy Treat

Wife's Unexpected Sexy Treat


This is a true story, literally happened less than 24 hours before writing it.

Last night I'd spent some time on Literotica. I got the urge to leave another story of my own that was true.

Bringing up those memories really got my engine running and I knew that sex with my wife tonight was going to be extra special. I'd already spent most of the day warming her up and now my own libido and imagination was in borderline slut mode.

Anyways the time comes. I get the usual text message off my wife when she's dressed herself up and wants me to come up (sometimes she likes to tease me by making me wait whilst she bathes and dresses up in a unknown but always sexy way). Already getting hard, I walk up to our bedroom.

I open the door to a candlelit bedroom with her lying on the bed.

She's wearing a black baby doll dress with matching stockings, suspenders and lacy little panties complete with black high heels and sexy little black spectacles.

I come over to her, and immediately start kissing her and exploring her body with my hands and mouth. I can't resist her like this.

I know she loves when I go down on her, and I love it just as much. The next 25 mins is spent on me giving her a major thrill, licking, fingering and teasing her almost to orgasm.

Just as I'm expecting her to flip me on my back and ride me senseless like she often does when she's turned on like this, she instead pleads with me to take her all the way, she also drops a hint that its because she has a special treat for me tonight.

I oblige her, excited at what's coming next.

Still licking her pussy, I ramp up the fingering and dirty talk till she suddenly tenses up, tries to prolong the inevitable and then surrenders with a sexy moan.

After she recovers, she asks me to lie on my back. She then puts some fluffy handcuffs on me and a blindfold.

I'm expecting an epic blowjob in my head. So, I relax and let my goddess get to work.

She starts by gently feeling my chest and stomach, talking dirty all the time.

Then as I thought I feel her lips begin to close around my dick. It feels perfect. After 10 years of marriage, she's become an expert at sucking me off.

Then I feel her lubed up hand close around my dick. She starts to massage me slowly whilst beginning to talk again.

What I hear next goes from almost panic inducing to feeling like winning the lottery.

She says, "you left your laptop open last night."

At first I thought nothing of it then a major "oh fuck!" moment hits.

Last night I was online. I was talking in a chat room about wanting my wife to fuck me with a strap on.

She continues "I saw your posts cause you didn't close your browser, I have to say I was shocked."

By this point I'm wondering if she's angry and this is all some bad way of being told either a divorce is coming or she's gonna deny me orgasm and put my on the settee but I realise she's still playing with my dick, she's also now opening up the lube bottle again from what I can hear.

She says "oh don't worry babe, not shocked as in bad shock, more I didn't know what a little slut you are."

Then comes the bombshell. She says she likes it. The whole idea. Everything. Says she had to masturbate just having read it.

Then she says what I was hoping to hear.

Shes about to do it.

She says unfortunately, we don't have a strap on, but she does have her fingers and her vibrator.

Before I get a word in, I suddenly feel her lubed up index finger slide slowly into my ass. Pretty much all the way.

I arch my back at the sudden ultra pleasurable feeling and go "holy fuck babe, holy fuck!"

From this point on, she basically rocks my world. Its my first ever experience with anal sex, I'm the one receiving it, off a woman and it is the most amazing thing I've felt in bed.

The entire time she continues to suck and wank my dick, but I can barely feel it compared to what she's doing to my ass.

She finger fucks me a while longer then switches to her vibrator, christ I swear I made noises I've never made before.

Part way through she takes of the blindfold and unlocks the cuffs as I'm begging to actually watch her do this to me. When she does she has the dirtiest, sexiest look on her face I've ever seen. Ive always been head over heels but right now she is like a sex goddess, to good for any man really.

Then my big O starts approaching, I'm groaning and writhing like never before, she starts to blow and wank my dick and dildo fuck my ass all at once whilst occasionally looking me in the eyes and calling me her cum slut and all kinds of sexy things.

Then she saves the best for last.

Literally as I'm about to orgasm, she whispers in my ear that she ordered a strap on this morning, and she wants me to fuck her like this too next time.

Its sends me over the edge. It feels like I'm having two massive orgasm at once, one from my throbing cock and one from deep inside my ass.

I spray cum everywhere and notice that she must've been turned on loads because she directs it toward her face and pearl necklaces herself. She even licks it off her face. She had never done that before, ever.

I collapse back and keep saying "oh my god thanks babe."

All she has to say is "just wait till next time" as she begins to masturbate herself to a second orgasm while I lie back and enjoy the show...

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by Anonymous

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by BlakeHardly11/18/18

Fantasy dream

Nice story. The imagery is what one would expect from this type of encounter.
Let's hear more about that new toy she ordered.

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by Anonymous11/15/18


Every mans fantasy. I've been talking to my wife about trying this.

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by Anonymous11/05/18


You just wrote about every married mans fantasy!
Mine for sure!
Thank you!
(Now please excuse my while I go jerk off again!)

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by Anonymous11/05/18

Hot story!

Love it up the ass from the wife. If you haven't come out to your wife you should consider it. I did to mine and although she would kill me if I had a fling with a woman, she's okay with me having recreationalmore...

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