tagLoving WivesWife's Visit To The Doctor's Office

Wife's Visit To The Doctor's Office


Melanie, or Mel for short, was a typical Midwestern girl, well I should say woman, since she was almost 20 years old now. She was swept off of her feet by a man from they city named Gus.

Since she grew up on a farm, doing her chores before and after school, Melanie was a strong girl with an excellent physic. She stood 5'5" tall and weighed a nice 130lbs. Her boobs were big enough to fill her C cup bras and she wore a size 5 panties. Her legs were firm and strong and her ass sat up high, on the top of her legs. She had strawberry blonde hair, with blue eyes; oh you could say was a typical all American farmers daughter.

After graduating from high school, she found herself a job at the local Piggly Wiggly servicing the local patrons and any strangers who happened to be passing thru town. That's where she met Gus and she was instantly attracted to him, as he was to her.

So, to make a long story short, after they had been dating for about four months, he popped the question and they decided to get married.

Melanie was thrilled to be able to leave the farm and go to live with Gus in the big city. Gus was ten years older than her and had been thinking about finding the right girl to settle down with anyways, so it was a perfect match!

Now Gus had a few experiences with a few women and he always wore a rubber when having sex. As a matter of fact, not really being sure if he wanted a family right away, he had not yet even had sex with Melanie without wearing one.

Since she was a virgin her wedding night, she didn't really know any different, although she thought for some reason that a man's penis would be bigger than the small, thin, 4 ½" dick that Gus had.

Gus knew from his experiences with other women that his dick was little, so he made sure that he mastered the art of cunnilingus, or better known as pussy licking!

He licked his new bride's hot fresh pink twat until she came all over his face, as a matter fact it was the only way that she came with her husband, because when he made love to her, she just couldn't quite feel his little dick inside of her wet pussyhole.

She just figured that was the way it was and she did love the way he licked her small cunt. She had never had her pussy licked before, so she was surprised when her husband went down between her firm legs and began kissing and licking her there, but soon she found out that she loved it, and she was asking him to lick her pussy almost every night!

One day Gus came home from work, after having to attend a dinner with his boss and he told Melanie that he wanted to start a family and Melanie, couldn't be happier about that. Gus had a great job, and she was looking forward to staying at home and raising a family. Gus found out that Melanie had never been to see a GYN Dr., and he wanted her to be seen right away, so he made an appointment for her on the suggestion of his boss, a man named Mr. Farthington.

Mr. Farthington liked Gus, and when saw the picture of Melanie on Gus's desk at work; he made a point to tell him what a lucky man he was and how beautiful his new bride was. That made Gus beam with pride and he loved showing off his beautiful young wife in her picture!

What Gus didn't know, was that the Doctor, was in fact a good friend of his boss's and that Mr. Farthington would be secretly watching the entire examination.

The morning of the appointment came and Melanie was a bit nervous, Gus would have went with her, but his boss had a big project that needed his immediate attention, so he kissed Melanie goodbye and left for work.

She had an idea that she would needed to be seen in her underwear, so she decided to put on the pretty little green bra and panty set that Gus had purchased for her to wear on their honeymoon. The bra was one of those fancy pushup types, she had never worn before and the panties were small and tight on her. They weren't thong panties, but they were the lacy type that only covered half of the beautiful young wife's round firm butt.

She didn't want to be seen in them, but she knew she had to, in order to be examined correctly. She took a shower and put on just a bit of lipstick and some blush, she didn't have much need of wearing makeup on the farm, so she did her best to try and put some and look decent. Little did she realize that she really needed no make up at all, and that she was a natural beauty! She let her long strawberry blonde hair fall against her back and shoulders, she put on a pretty sun dress that her husband had purchased for her, and then she left to her appointment.

Mr. Farthington was rather wealthy, and since he and Dr. Andrews were such good friends, he was very generous with his donations to help the Dr. and his new practice. The only catch was that a large wooden closet was to be placed into the examination room, with a strategically located peep hole in front, so that he could stand there and watch unnoticed, as he quietly masturbated his hard cock.

Dr. Andrews made sure to give his nurse the day off on Wednesday's when he had such appointments. He would also make sure that no other appointments would be scheduled for that day. As Mel arrived, she stepped into the small, nicely furnished office, and she rang the bell upfront.

Dr. Andrews himself came out and she was a bit surprised thinking that a receptionist would, but he told her how she needed to rush home and that he was the only one on staff at the moment.

Melanie was a bit hesitant to continue with her appointment, without a nurse there, but Dr. Andrews was so nice and polite, oh he seemed like the perfect gentleman to her, so she decided to go thru with it.

He said to her, "Hi Melanie, I've been expecting you, sorry about my nurse having to run home for an emergency, but you can still proceed with your appointment, its ok with me, if it's ok with you."

She hesitated, saying, "Well, I mean I guess it might be ok, it's just a routine examination, right sir?"

He laughed, telling her, "oh call me Dr. you don't have to call me sir, and why yes it is just routine examination."

She really had no idea what a routine examination was, but she didn't want him to know that. Little did she know, that Mr. Farthington had gotten that bit of information out of Gus, when he took him down to the bar after work one day for a few drinks. He asked Gus about Melanie, her background, experiences, etc and he found out quite a bit about the voluptuous young housewife.

As a matter of fact, it was Mr. Farthington who also suggested to Gus, that he should start a family with his beautiful young wife and that he knew just the Dr. to help them out and make sure everything is aye ok with her.

So, Melanie, thought to herself, "oh it's ok, I mean he is a Dr. and well Gus told her that his own boss suggested him, so it would be ok, just to be examined by him."

Dr. Andrews then took Mel into the examination room and told her to get undressed. She was a bit uncomfortable, so she said to him, "You mean to take off my dress and leave everything else on correct?"

"Yes, that's right sweetie, just take off that pretty dress you have on, and leave your bra, panties, and shoes on. The floor is cold and I don't want you barefoot, ok?" he told her.

She was happy to hear that she didn't need to get naked; she breathed a sigh of relief as he said to her, "I will even leave the room to get a gown for you to put on, and I'll be right back."

"Oh he is nice," she thought to herself as she began to unbutton her sun dress, then allowed it fall. She picked it up and folded it neatly and placed it on the chair. She stood there, in that sexy green push up bra, the bra that pushed up those firm, beautiful, nineteen year old tits, and those sexy small, tight, little green panties, barely covering half of her magnificent ass, along with her pretty platform sandals that Gus let her buy from the shoe store.

Soon she heard a knock on the door, and Dr. Andrews came back in, empty handed. He was immediately taken aback by her sheer beauty! Here in front of him stood, this gorgeous young woman barely covered in her pretty little green bra and panty set, with some platform sandals on!

He felt his penis twitch and move in his pants, and as walked towards her saying, "I'm sorry Melanie, but it seems that I don't know where my nurse put's the patient's gowns."

She looked a bit nervous and he could tell, so he assured her, "its ok though, believe me, I do plenty of examinations and you won't need the gown anyways." As he smiled at her.

She raised her eyebrows, never before being in front of a man in her just her bra and panties, and she said, "Well ok."

"Oh my, that is a pretty bra and panty set that you have on, did your husband buy that for you?" He asked her as his eyes went up and down her luscious firm and slender body.

She got embarrassed and replied, "Yes for our honeymoon, I mean, well I thought it would be ok to wear here to my appointment, is that ok?"

"That's fine sweetie, now first of all I have to check your posture," he said as he grabbed a book on the shelf. "Place this on your head and walk around the room for me, in circles"

She reached up, placing the book on her head, and right there in just her bra, panties, and heeled sandals, she walked around! She looks so hot, both the Dr. and Gus's boss in the closet were watching, and their cocks were hard as they did.

After a few minutes of that he told her, "very good," and she smiled. "Now sit up here on the exam table for me," and she did.

He took the scope from around his neck, placed it in his ears and said "let me hear your heart beat."

Very casually and non chalauntly, he placed his left hand just below her left breast, then he gently moved his hand up and placed it on the cup her of bra, right over her left tit, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

She had never had another man, beside Gus, touch her breasts, but she didn't say a word, thinking, this must me routine. He listed, as he gently and softly squeezed her tit thru her bra, saying "uh huh..Yes, ok, be very quiet, uh huh" as he listened. He could tell, even thru her soft underwire bra, that she had nice, firm, big, tits.

Meanwhile in the big wooden closet, Mr. Farthington, unzipped his pants and slowly stroked his big cock. He had recently invited Gus to join him at the executive club for some racket ball and Gus was delighted. Afterwards, Mr. Farthington also invited Gus to join him in the steam room, where of course no clothing is the only choice he told him. Gus was a bit shy about it, knowing he had a little dick, but he couldn't say no his boss.

As Gus took off his clothes and turned around, he saw that his boss had the biggest hanging cock that he had ever seen. Mr. Farthington, like most men with big dicks, was proud of his cock size, so he walked right past Gus and into the stream room, but not without noticing what a small little pecker Gus had. Just as he thought, as he pictured Gus's wife in his mind.

So, Dr. Andrews continued with his examination of Melanie and he said to her, "Melanie, have you ever had a breast exam?"

She looked a bit startled and replied, "A breast exam? Well no, I mean not by anyone else, why?"

He smiled and told her, "well honey, it's absolutely necessary, I am going to need for you to please remove your bra, sweetie."

He thought to himself, "She's never had one, so she won't know what to expect, that's so nice."

Melanie was nervous about showing her boobs to another man, she had only shown them to her husband so far, so she replied, and "can I leave my bra on, please?"

"No honey, I'm afraid that won't be possible, but you seem nervous about it, it's ok, that's normal, here, I'll tell you what, I'll turn my back, you take off your bra, then, let me know when you're ready."

She sighed and then said, "Ok" so she reached back and unhooked her bra, allowing her full sexy firm tits to bounce out; she placed her bra down and covered her arms over her big tits.

"Ok Dr. Andrews' I'm ready," she said.

Not wanting to alarm the beautiful young wife, he said, "oh good, ok then." As he reached out, gently moving her arms to her side, and in front of him were the most wonderfully looking nineteen year old tits that he had ever seen!

Melanie's boobs sloped down, like two big ski slopes, her tits were what they call "torpedo tits!" Big and firm, with larger than silver dollar size light brown areola's and nipples that protruded forward about a good half inch, when they were erect! She had Amazing Tits!

Dr. Andrews gulped hard, he has seen plenty of tits in his day, and quite a few very nice sets, but Melanie's tits really took the cake, oh her tits would make any penis instantly hard!

She looked around the room, a bit shyly, she didn't want to look him in the eyes, and that was fine with him, because it gave him even more reason to ogle and stare at the pretty young housewife's magnificent torpedo tits!

In the closet, Mr. Farthington, was beating off his big cock, so nicely, his dick was throbbing hard in his hand as he looked at his employee's wife's, big beautiful boobs! His mouth was watering at the sight of them, they were so spectacular!

She bit her lower lip, as she felt Dr. Andrews place his nice strong hand right on her boob, first on one tit, then the other. He began to openly feel, squeeze, and then just flat out fondle her big tits!

Since she had never ever had a breast exam before, Mel didn't know any difference, as she stood there, feeling her boobs being fondled and squeezed. At first it seemed a bit much, but soon, she actually began to sort of enjoy the feeling that Dr. Andrews was giving her. She breathed in and out as he kept fondling her nice tits!

He was like a kid in candy store, enjoying those boobs, he wanted to feel them and squeeze them all day, oh he loved her tits! "Oh, yes hmmm feels right, that's it, uh huh," he would say to make it sound like it was really an examination, as he openly played with the housewife's boobs.

"Ok, now, stand up and turn around, face your dress on the coat rack, please." He told her.

So she stood up, there in just her small tight little panties and high heeled sandals on, as he looked at and admired her firm, round, nineteen year old ass in those small sexy panties, he could feel his dick straining so hard in his pants.

"Yes, that's it, ok, now I will continue my thorough examination from the rear, sweetie."He told her, as he moved up close behind her and he cupped those big hot tits from behind!

He cupped her firm tits in his hands, and then he began to bounce them, up and down, bouncing her big boobs, like a husband would his wife's tits in their bedroom. He had the housewife's beautiful big boobs in his hands, with a big smile on his face and he openly played with her nice tits!

It was then that he moved his hands to the ends and in one motion he began to squeeze Melanie's big nipples in between his fingers and thumbs, he started to first squeeze, then pinch her big nipples!

"Oooooh," is what came out of her mouth, she had never had her nipples squeezed before, "this really is a thorough examination she thought to herself," as she felt her tits being squeezed and fondled.

Dr. Andrews got to so caught up in playing with the young housewife's big tits that he didn't even notice how close that he had gotten to her, so close that his erect penis now was pushing against her firm ass.

"Ooooh," is the sound Melanie let out as she felt something hard against her ass, "Dr. Andrew's, what is that pushing against me?" she asked.

"Oh, um, that's my belt buckle, sorry about that," he replied as he now noticed that his cock was against her.

He stepped away and asked her turn around, and then he said, "Ok, your breasts seem very fine, I mean you have healthy boobs Melanie."

She was surprised he called her breasts her boobs, but she figured all Dr.'s probably say that.

"Oh good, ok, am I done?" she asked.

"Done, oh no" he slightly laughed, "am going to need to examine your vagina honey, I mean you and your husband want to start a family, right?"

"Well yes, we do want to start a family, but you also need to examine my vagina?"

"Yes, it's the only way to be sure that you are healthy enough to have children, so I will need for you to please pull down your panties, oh I mean remove your underwear, ok?"

Now Mel was really nervous, it was one thing to expose her breasts to him, but her vagina too?

Noticing that look on her face, Dr. Andrews said "I'm sorry that my nurse isn't here Melanie, but if you want to get this done, you will need to take your panties, off. I'll turn my back again, and you go ahead and pull down your panties, let me know when you are ready, thank you" he said to her.

She raised her eye brows and sighed, but she did as she was told, she slowly pulled down her small panties, past her firm legs and she stepped out of them. She stood there, in just her high heeled sandals, nude, and not knowing why; her nipples were standing at full attention.

You see, on their own, her tits had gotten hard and her big nipples were sticking out, a good ½" in front of her beautiful boobs. She placed her hands over her small bush and said nervously, "Ok Dr. Andrew's, I'm ready."

He smiled and turned around, even though her hands were in front of her pussy, she was naked, and she looked like a goddess! She was beautiful, nineteen, firm, and with magnificent tits! So naïve, so pretty.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

He gulped hard again as he could feel his cock bursting in his pants, and he said, "ok then, here honey, move your arms," as he put her arms at her side. In doing that, he exposed her pubic region and she had the most beautiful little strawberry blonde bush that he had ever seen.

Gus had gotten his wife to trim her pussy hair, so it wasn't like it was a bush growing wild, but from the adult movies that he sometimes watched, he enjoyed looking at pretty trimmed or shaved pussies, so he made his wife do the same.

You see, Melanie had a small trimmed bush on the front top of her pretty little cunt, but in the middle, Gus had made her shave her twat bald, she had a beautiful pussy!

"Ok, so let's make sure you are healthy, first of all, move your feet slightly apart, just past shoulder width apart please," he told her.

So Melanie did as she was told. She was stark naked, those big tits on display and her small, trimmed little cunt, looking so beautiful between her firm legs, as she stood there. Since she was so firm and her legs far apart, it presented and nice gap, a gap nice enough for Dr. Andrew's and Mr. Farthington to see and admire!

He then stood next to her, looking her up and down as she looked away, then he reached out with right hand, placing on her right tit and squeezing it, then moving it to her left tit and squeezing it, saying, "I have to make sure your breasts are normal, throughout my examination, so I will be examining them a lot, ok?'

"Ok Dr. Andrew's" she replied, figuring she would say Doctor out loud; to remind herself that it was just routine female medical examination.

As he breathed hard, he moved his hand downward, past her small soft tummy, down her leg, to her firm thigh, feeling one thigh, then the other, saying things like, "uh huh, yes, that's good, feels right, yes." Sort of in his best Dr. voice to again make her feel like she was being examined properly.

Then after softly rubbing her inner thigh, which made Melanie feel relaxed, he brushed his strong hand over her small trimmed bush, making her shudder a bit, before moving his hand down and cupping her small cunt!

"Ooooh" is what Melanie said, as she felt his hand on her bare vagina. She had never felt another man's hand on her pussy, except for her husband's.

He breathed hard again, as he cupped the young housewife's naked little snatch, feeling the folds of her wonderful vagina, and he began to move his finger around her now moist pussy lips.

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