tagErotic HorrorWii Sex, 2120 AD

Wii Sex, 2120 AD


The door to the men's room swung open, and a tall blond girl with fishnet stockings and a very short skirt strode in confidently on her stiletto heels. Pink halter top clinging to slender waist, her hips swayed with lots of meaning as she pushed open the door to a stall, turned, and looked over her shoulder. She smiled at the man behind her and shut the door.

The man who had followed her into the empty men's room hurriedly entered the stall beside hers and shut the door. He found a hole in the wall between the two stalls and unzipped his pants hastily, dropping them to the floor around his ankles with his underwear. His cock was rigid, and he pushed it through a round, 4" wide waist-level hole, breathing hard.

"Come on baby, here it is. Come on and get it."

A moment later he felt soft lips and a warm mouth glide over the tip of his cock.

From her chair, the gamer had the view of a bird overhead. Or a cockroach on the ceiling. She saw the hooker walk into a stall, and she saw, from a high viewpoint, the john as he walked into the adjacent stall and dropped his trousers, his pale ass showing under the tails of his shirt. By the time his cock was protruding from the glory hole into the stall next to him, the hooker avatar had disappeared through an invisible door that opened silently at the back of her stall.

Zooming her view in a little on the empty stall with a throbbing cock protruding into it, the gamer stroked the controller in her left hand. A portion of the wall -- on the side the john couldn't see -- rippled smoothly, flexed and grew a bump. A soft, flexible protrusion extended from the wall, twisted itself fluidly into a tube, and turned towards the john's waiting erection. A hole dimpled itself into the center of the tube, and it engulfed the john's member slowly, smoothly, gently. Just the tip at first.

"Oh shit." Said the man. "That's fucking amazing. Keep that up and I'll pay you twice as much next time." He could feel her going down on him so smoothly, engulfing him in a way that was perfect. "But you're so hot, next time I want to watch you sucking my cock."

He pushed his hips hard against the stall wall, his belly flat against the cold plastic.

"You sure nobody ever walks into this room? I'd hate to be distracted." His mouth hung open, and his breathing picked up its pace.

The gamer manipulated her left controller a little more, and a tendril squeezed itself out of the wall near the glory hole. An inch thick at the base, the foot-long tendril tapered down to finger-sized blunt tip, which slithered up to the hole. The tip crawled out through the hole and gently caressed the john's scrotum.

The john felt her finger stroking the underside of his balls, lifting his sack through to the other side of the hole, and her mouth went even further down his shaft than before. He stood on his toes, trying to get more cock into this hot chick's mouth. Her finger stroked his balls gently and trailed towards his ass, brushing his anus.

"Yeah, baby, you can do that," he said. "I had a girlfriend who loved to put a finger in my ass while she was blowing me." He groaned as the tip entered his ass. "But you're way, way better at this than she was. Goddamn that feels good."

The gamer worked the controller with confident motions. This was the tricky part. The tendril that was had penetrated him was starting to give off a few chemicals, unknown to the john. A muscle relaxant. A painkiller to take the edge off of things. An anti-anxiety compound. A little lube, imperceptible but helpful. The tube giving his cock the best blow job of his life had already started with a little of the anti-panic stuff. And a mild hallucinogen, because things were about to get weird.

She was absolutely in control. But if the man panicked or began to fight for his life, she lost the game. To win she had to keep him aroused and participating.

He was getting more aroused, up on his toes as if he could extend his cock's reach into the next stall. He spread his feet wider to give his fantasy hooker's finger access to his anus, and grabbed the top of the stall divider to pull himself as close as humanly possible to the heavenly sensation just a couple inches away.

"I'll get you a thousand bucks if I can take you to a motel room and fuck your brains out after this," he said in between short breaths.

This was the great part. The gamer slipped her right hand under her soft robe and stroked her hard nipple for a second, before grasping the right controller and starting the next phase of the game. As she manipulated the controller, the wall on the john's side of the wall started to change for the first time. On her monitors she could see that his eyes were clenched tightly shut as he concentrated on the sensations he felt on his cock. He gripped the top edge of the stall wall with both hands, pulling himself as close as possible. All around him, the stall wall the surface softened and rippled, moved and flexed, just far enough away that he couldn't feel it happening.

With her left controller she picked up the pace of the blowjob-simulating tube,making it go ever deeper down his shaft. More warmth, more wetness, deeper strokes. A little more of the drugs that would keep the john from panicking. The tendril playing with his ass picked up its pace a little too, and began to fatten and swell, and to put more hallucinogens into his bloodstream. She dimmed the ambient light in the room. If he saw things too clearly the game would soon be over.

Her right hand, meanwhile, was using the controller to form long flexible tendrils on the wall the john was flattened against. As the john groaned with the increased pleasure of the stimulation his cock was receiving, and the drugs started to soften his perception and warp his reality, a pair of flexible, whiplike flagella snaked their way around his wrists. Loosely, softly. A fatter pair wrapped around his thighs and pulled in opposite directions, gently spreading his legs farther.

The john, feeling a sensation on his cock like he'd never known, and getting a little hazy, but still not so far gone that he wouldn't notice, jerked his eyes open.

"Shit," he said, "this is fucking freaky -- you must have put something in my drink." The light was dim, and his brain was full of pleasure and hazy sensations. He couldn't see what was happening, and didn't get distracted with thoughts about the hands? Arms? Fingers? reaching for him. He felt an arm reach around his neck from behind and pull his head close the the wall, the way you pull your lover close to your chest. The wall was warm and soft, and his cheek sunk in just a bit. His cock was buried in the softest, most perfect orifice he had ever felt, and it pumped his cock with a strong rhythm in impossibly long and smooth strokes.

The gamer watched his reactions and relaxed. She was over a hurdle. She used the right controller to tighten the grip of the restraining tendrils, holding him in place, wrists stretched to the top of the stall wall, thighs pulled apart, his feet now dangling above the floor by a couple inches, and a tendril keeping his head close to the wall, gently, stroking his hair a little, but clamped down hard enough to keep his head turned sideways, the weirdest sights out of his periphery.

She loved taking the johns in the ass. She fattened the penetrating tendril again as the muscle relaxant did its thing, and extruded more length from the wall. The surface of the tendril started to ooze more slick lubricating fluid now, gleaming in the low light. It was no longer the size of a finger at it's tip. A couple feet of heavy slack muscular tentacle tapered from a few inches thick where it came out of the wall to a tip that was less than an inch in diameter. Less than three inches were were inside the john's ass. But there was plenty of length hanging toward the floor of the stall, fat and smooth.

The gamer let go of the controllers and let her robe fall open completely open, and caressed her breasts and belly in anticipation. She picked up a smooth, rounded tube-shaped controller and switched it on. She coated the glowing dildo with lube and worked a few controls, then ran the tip over her clit and toward her vagina. As she penetrated herself, the fat tendril on her screen flexed in response. She pushed the dildo into her pussy about halfway, and the tendril smoothly flowed deeper into the john's rectum. She pulled it out, and the tendril eased back. The monitors followed her glance to change her viewpoint, and now she could see the john from behind; She manipulated the controls again, and the tendril fattened and stiffened. As she fucked herself slowly with the dildo in her padded chair, the tendril mirrored her motions, pumping slowly into his ass. Her view was now at eye level, behind the john, it was as if she could grab his hips and fuck him in person.

She lowered her view to see the tendril pumping into his ass, his sphincter stretched tight around the tendril as it penetrated him. It pushed inward in time with her dildo, stretching his ass open wider as more and thicker length slowly worked itself in. Panning upwards, she saw his mouth hanging open with the intensity of the sensations he was receiving.

She was getting more aroused herself. Keeping one hand on the dildo, making slow careful motions that wouldn't hurt the john, she reached for the other controller, a small egg shape. She switched it on and as it hummed she ran it over her breasts and nipples, leaving the dildo motionless for now. The tendril in the john's ass slowed to a halt, and sat there pulsing in his opening, with a throbbing the john could feel dimly.

Now she sighed softly as she touched her clitoris with the egg. It started to glow softly and hum louder.

The wall started rippling in another spot, swelling with a bump that extruded itself slowly over the john's head. A soft flowing shape, like an elongated balloon, but heavy and full, edged its way downward toward the john. The tendril around his neck flexed its tip into his hair, relaxed its grip, and tilted his head upwards to meet the new protrusion.

The john still had a powerful hard-on receiving incredible sensations, and the haze of drugs allowed him to enjoy the unexplainable position he was in without questioning. His ass was filled with a pulsing member as thick as a flashlight and now a heavy, warm softness brushed his lips. A firm rounded shape, soft and flowing but insistent, pushed into his mouth and he opened to receive it. The tentacle in his hair tightened and tilted his head farther back, giving a straight path to the probing shape.

As the gamer intensified the pressure and movement of the small controller on her clitoris, the new protrusion pulsed and swelled, filling his mouth and forcing him to open wider. It fattened and stiffened, and shifted to a sinuous shape that pumped itself in and out of his mouth. She slowly started moving the dildo in and out, fucking herself slowly. She glanced downward to change her viewpoint and watched with pleasure as the fat tentacle pushed into the john's ass, rocking his hips forward with each powerful surge. She panned upwards and watched him receiving a pumping member plunging deep into his mouth, in and out. Both of her hands worked her pussy with quicker motions.

The tube sucking the john's cock increased its pressure and speed, bringing a new flood of pleasure to ward off a complete panic.

As the gamer climaxed, tendrils in the john's ass and mouth pushed in the farthest yet and started pulsing in time with her contractions as she came, filling the john's mouth and ass, throbbing hard.

The tube on his cock stepped up pressure and speed and warmed up further, and within seconds he came harder than he ever had before in his life, gushing into the tube.

As he stiffened and thrashed, the gamer leaned back in her soft chair, watching him writhe in pleasure and confusion. She worked the controls again, starting the shutdown sequence. There are hacked versions of the game where the tentacles tear the john in half, or the tendrils in his mouth and ass expand or worm their way further in until they meet. Her taste was far more pedestrian, and when the john woke up hours from now he would have a sore ass, a huge headache, and splintered, warped memories of the most intensely sexual dream of his life.

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Warped but interesting. I don't think I've ever read anything similar to this story. At first I wanted to stop but as I focused on her twisted depravity I really got into it.

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