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Wild Adventures


Raj and his wife Sara are a normal couple living in Ontario, Canada. It's been 2 years to their marriage and now they are busy with their family and professional life. They have a normal sex life but time to time they try to spice it up with experimentation. Let me first tell you about Sara. She is a very attractive woman with vitals 38-28-36. Many of her friends are jealous of her figure. Her Husband Raj is a lucky man. He is 6 feet tall and has average built.

Recently a condom company launched a new flavor in market- pickle flavor. It caught attention of Raj and he decided to try that.

Last few weeks had been tough with travel and he couldn't get quality time to spend with his wife. So, after returning from journey he bought this new condom and planned a surprise for Sara.

Raj reached home early before his wife. He had prepared some snacks. When Sara arrived, she was happily surprised to see snacks and kissed him for sweet gesture. She was wearing blue formal shirt which was tight on her boobs. She had to pin it up to stop popping of buttons. She wanted to have tea with snacks so went to kitchen and started preparing tea.

Raj was feeling aroused looking at her. He hugged her from behind and kissed her neck while she was preparing tea. He switched off the knob of stove and turned Sara around, pushing her to kitchen slab and started kissing her on lips. He kept his hands on hers pushing them down on kitchen slab.

Sara was not able to grasp sudden actions and couldn't react, but as his tongue explored hers, she started reacting to kiss. She also felt something poking her below her naval. She smiled and put her hand on his trouser. He removed her hand and pushed both her hands behind her back again, and started kissing her passionately. His lips didn't rest on hers for more than few mins, they find their way down on her neck till the first button of her shirt.

He freed his right hand and in one swift move unbutton the first button. His eyes were looking at the cleavage. He may have looked it at multiple times but it always gives him thrill like a teenager. She has a beautiful pair of tits and her dressing makes the cleavage a magnet which can force any penis to salute. He started kissing her cleavage, while clamping her hand on behind her. She was getting aroused as was evident form the shape of hardened nipples.

Raj unbuttoned the second button also. It gave him view of upper part of her blue colored bra. He kissed on each side. Every inch of upper boobs on both side received multiple kisses. It was enough for Sara and she requested him to go to bed. He was not in mood to go to bed right now. One by one he unbuttoned all buttons of her shirt and there she was standing, her hand behind her back, face with expression of arousal and eyes with full of lust. He roamed his hand on center line of shirt and in one swift motion removed it from her shoulders. Now she was standing there in her bra. He was hard for quite some time now. He pushed himself on her and dry humped her. She got really aroused and begged him to go to bed. But he was in no mood to listen.

It was evening and sun was setting, but there was still some light in kitchen. Anyone with a zoom camera phone can get a clear view in to kitchen form a nearby building. She requested that somebody might see them, but Raj was not listening. He put one finger on her lips and silenced her. Slowly he bends down on leg and rested her hand over zip of her trouser. This action released a moan from her lips. Slowly he unbuttoned her trouser and looked up at her. She lifted the legs, one by one to get rid of the trouser. She was now standing only in her undergarment. He kissed her floral blue panty while his hands roamed on her butts. It was hard for her to control and she begged him to go to bed.

He obliged and lifted her to bedroom. Curtains were pulled so he switched on the lights. There she was lying on bed, looking at him with all the lust in world. He was standing right beside the bed. Her hands were now busy removing all pieces of clothes, only to be stopped at his underwear. She was willing to take him inside but he has some other thought in mind.

He made her sit on bed and started kissing on her shoulder again. His teeth reach right bra strap and pulled it off shoulder. Soon left bra strap also followed. He pulled her hands in air and with his both hands pulled bra cups above her head. The magnificent sight of her awesome boobs is beyond comparison. She rested her back on bed as he laid above her. Her hands holding corner of bed and her eyes closed. He picked a scarf and bind it above her eyes.

He started kissing her, from forehead to lips to neck to cleavage. All this time his hands were moving in tandem, tracing palm to side of both boobs. She moaned as he bites left nipple lightly and then circled her nipple with his tongue. All this time his other hand was busy with her right boob, softly pressing it. Now he started sucking her boobs vigorously while mauling other one, without giving even a second of pause. She was moaning loudly and was asking him to go lower. He obeyed her as he rested his lips on her naval. She has a very sensitive naval and it gives her much thrill. He sucked on her naval pushing his tongue inside naval hole, while his hands were crushing her boobs. It was too much for her and she shouted that she is about to come. Raj stopped there and looked at her. She asked him to continue but he didn't. He let her requests go unnoticed.

He rested both his hand on her panty and slowly started to pull it lower. He made sure to keep kissing all the parts that are getting exposed. His lips traced her sexy body from her waist to clean shaved pussy mound to her sexy thighs and right up to the tows. Now his wife was there completely nude and wanting to be fucked. He put his lips between her two thighs and kissed both from inside. She cried with passion. His tongue traveled from right thigh up to the junction and he inserted tongue in her glory hole. She arched her chest in excitement as it was getting difficult for her to control. He sucked her pussy lips slowly and with full passion.

She found her way to his underwear and pulled it while he was busy with her clean-shaven pussy. She put the pickle flavored condom on it and started sucking on it. it was perfect 69 positions and both wanted to outdo each other. He pulled himself as soon he sensed him Cumming.

Now his middle finger finds its way to pussy lips. His thumb rubbing just above pussy lips as he inserted his finger inside it. His hand was moving fast as she closed her eyes, overwhelmed by all these actions. He came near and kissed her while finger fucking her. Now his lips were at her boobs again. She was moaning in pleasure

Ah - ah - ah - ah -oh yeah come on baby

But she wanted more. She asked him to put 2 fingers and took his other free hand to her boob. There she was lying completely naked, one boob is being sucked, other being mauled and pussy being finger fucked. She asked him to remove his finger and she showed him how to bend the fingers inside the pussy. She wanted him to bend fingers like a hook inside her pussy while fingering. He did gladly as was asked and it had desired results as her eyes pop-out with excitement. Her breathing became fast

Oh yes-oh-oh-yes-yes-yes-yes


Oh fuck -oh fuck- oh fuck-oh fuck- oh fuck

She was on verge of climax as she started to moan loudly pushing her chest out and throwing her head left and right.


I am coming baby- hold me tight. I am coming.

Yes-yes-yes- Oh-my God


ah-ah-ah ah She came hard

Very hard

Her breathing slowed down as she lay there relaxed.

Raj looked at her peacefully and started kissing her on lips. She kissed back and scratched his back in excitement.

Something was poking her around her pussy. It was his dick which was waiting to enter in her glory hole. He turned her around and asked her to sit on her knees in doggy style. He sat behind her as his dickhead found the pussy hole. He teased her there and didn't enter inside. Sara asked him repeatedly to penetrate her, rip her wild but he was not listening. He spanked her bums and a cry escaped her mouth. It was of sheer pleasure. she was liking it He again spanked her. Ouch

She begged her to enter now as it was intolerable now He slowly enters inside her hot pussy. His rock-hard penis was inside her as she was crying in excitement. His hands were playing were her bouncy boobs as he keeps on fucking her.

ah, oh yes baby come on baby. fuck me fuck me baby fuck me hard.

oh -oh yes

yes-yes-yes-yes- yes-yes-yes-yes-yes- yes-yes-yes-yes- yes-yes-yes-yes-yes- ah ah-ah-ah

I'm coming baby coming baby coming baby oh-fuck, oh-fuck

Coming and she came like a force, jerking her whole body away.

I came baby, was only she could manage to say as she tried to catch her breath.

He also felt his load coming out at same out.

They both drop dead on bed, lying on back He looked at her, her eyes were closed, with sense of contentment on her face. I love you, he said.

I love you too baby, she replied.

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