tagInterracial LoveWild Army Wives Ch. 01

Wild Army Wives Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Husband Comes Home Drunk With a Friend

Fort Gordon, Georgia

August 2003

Introduction. My name is Vicky Baxter-Malone and this is my story. First, I'll tell you a little about me. I am 19-years old and grew up a military brat. I am 5'7" and have blue eyes and blonde hair. Guys seem to think I'm pretty and that I have a good body. I'm probably a little heavier than I should be, but I have fairly big and very sensitive boobs, which the guys definitely like.

I am a reasonably good athlete. I was a cheerleader in high school and also played tennis and soccer. Some people would probably describe me as the dumb blonde-type, but I don't think that's a fair description of me. Okay, I'll admit I am a little clumsy and perhaps a little naïve at times, and I don't always get jokes as quickly as my friends seem to, but I'm definitely not dumb. I made good grades in school, and while I know I'm not a genius, I could have probably been a top ten student if I would have worked at it a little harder.

I am a bit shy, but not when I drink, and I get drunk way too easily. In high school, the guys used to love to get me to play drinking games with them. When I got drunk and they started touching me, I was very easy to arouse. Once I got turned on, I would pretty much do about anything they wanted me to do.

But those days are all behind me now, because after a world-wind summer romance, I got married. My husband's name is Hank Malone, and he is a 24-year old Army Sergeant from Kentucky. He's a big handsome white guy and a real hunk with a very muscular and hairy body. He is 6'0" and 230lbs, and Hollywood handsome with dark hair, dreamy blue eyes and a square jaw. He had been married once before and has a kid. His first wife was a girl he got pregnant in high school and the marriage only lasted a couple of years.

He's kind of the controlling type and rather outspoken and loud. His friends tell him that he'd make a great drill sergeant. He also has a tendency to say whatever is on his mind and can be bit obnoxious, especially if he's been drinking, but he can also be smooth and charming when he wants to be. He's a great kisser and while he has an average size dick, he's very hot in bed and seemingly horny around the clock. He can also be a little kinky.

We first met under fairly unusual circumstances this past May in his barracks on base in Seoul, Korea where my father was stationed. Some guys from his unit coaxed me into coming over to the barracks where they got me drunk and pretty much had their way with me.

Hank was the barracks sergeant on duty that night, and he happened to walk into their dayroom while making his rounds and caught me in the middle of going at it with some of the guys on this mattress they had put up on the pool table. He did a lot of yelling and broke up our little party, chasing all the guys away while I scrambled to find my clothes. It was so embarrassing for him to find me that way. He called me a lot of nasty names and threatened to report me, but I did some crying and pleading and thankfully I was able to convince him to let me off with just a warning after I agreed to give him a blow job. We ended up going out for breakfast and I spent the entire weekend with him.

We were pretty much inseparable after that first weekend. He was definitely like no man I had ever met. He was one of the only guys over 20 I had ever really dated. I was just totally infatuated with him and eager to do whatever I could to please him, including having sex with some of his friends. It was the beginning of what would be an incredibly wild summer.

My father seemed pleased I was finally dating a white guy but a bit wary of me seeing a soldier several years older than me. He was none too happy when I informed him I was dropping out of college to marry Hank. We were married in August just before Hank was transferred to Fort Gordon, Georgia. This story begins just a couple of weeks after we moved into a partially furnished trailer just off base on the outskirts of Augusta.

Hank's Birthday.

Friday was Hank's 24th birthday, and I planned a special celebration for him. I went to the commissary and picked up the food I would prepare for his dinner, and then I headed over to the mall where I bought this really sexy pink and white lace teddy at Victoria's Secret. It would be my present for him, and I was certain he would be impressed!

The menu for the dinner included rib-eye steaks, which I would grill on our little hibachi. I was also going to bake a couple of potatoes to go along with fresh corn on the cob and a garden salad. I even tried my hand at baking a cake, and although the layers were a bit uneven, it looked pretty nice covered with chocolate frosting.

I set the hibachi up on the front patio, but getting the charcoal going was a bigger chore than I thought it would be. It took me several tries lighting the fire before the briquettes started getting hot enough for cooking. Once I finally had the steaks on and cooking, I retrieved a wine cooler from the refrigerator, and since it was so incredibly hot, I stripped down to my bikini and stretched out for a little sunbathing in my lounge chair. I have to admit it was kind of a turn-on being so scantily dressed out in the front yard with my body glistening with cocoa butter suntan oil.

I felt a sudden stirring of excitement when I noticed that I had drawn the attention of a couple of the black guys from the trailer across the street. They must have just gotten off work and were drinking beer and waxing a car in their drive way. They had rap music cranked up and had stripped their shirts off. I still wasn't quite sure who all lived in that trailer but suspected it was sort of a crash house for a bunch of soldiers since I had seen a number of different black guys and even a couple of black girls coming and going all the time.

I couldn't help but notice their hard glistening bodies and found myself becoming increasingly aroused with a familiar ache between my legs. They seemed to be keeping a close eye on me too, and both gave a friendly wave as I got up to turn the steaks over. I had to remind myself that I was married now and shouldn't be having these naughty fantasies about doing it with other men.

Traci Kim, my very best friend from high school, would have urged me to just walk right over to those guys and ask them if they wanted to do it with me. She was a very pretty and petite Korean-American, and she was anything but shy. Her father was an Army dentist and her mother a nurse, and they had no idea how wild Traci was, since like my father they both worked long hours and left Traci on her own so much.

I had to smile as I recalled some of the wild adventures Traci and I had during our three years together in Korea. She and I first met when we both tried out for cheerleader squad at the beginning of our sophomore year in high school in Seoul, Korea. We quickly hit it off and became close friends.

She was always like a magnet for guys, especially black guys, and there were plenty to choose from at our high school as well as an abundance of military guys on base. The two of us would often "troll" for guys during the summer at the base swimming pool. If we hooked up with some guys we liked, we would usually take them back to her family's quarters to make out. I suppose that's probably why the scent of cocoa butter made me think about sex and always seemed to get me horny.

Traci and I were inseparable for both our junior and senior years in high school. After we graduated, she headed off to the University of Virginia while I stayed in Korea and attended a community college on base and did some part time modeling for a Korean agency in Seoul. She and I partied some during her Christmas break, but by the time she came home for the summer, I had already met Hank, so our wild adventures were pretty much over at that point. Still, I thought of her often and we stayed in touch via email and an occasional call. I was hoping she could come visit me for either Thanksgiving or her spring break.

By the time the steaks were done, I was dripping with sweat and feeling incredibly horny. I took one last look across the street at the two guys before I retreated back into our trailer. I swear if I had one more drink I might have just been brave enough to walk over there and introduce myself. Gosh, I couldn't wait for Hank to get home!

With the meal all prepared and the table set, I took a long bath and trimmed and then shaved off most of my pubic hair until it was just a thin strip of blonde, which Hank seemed to love. After I got out of the tub, I fixed my hair and make-up and dabbed his favorite perfume in just the right spots, and then I got all decked out in my new pink and white lace teddy with thong panties and matching white thigh stockings. I even turned out all the lights and lit these fragrant lavender candles all around the living room and bedroom.

Everything seemed perfect, and I felt so sexy walking around the trailer in the teddy. My intent was to listen for Hank's motorcycle to pull up and then greet him at the door in my new outfit. It would be a perfect birthday surprise, and I was certain he would be pleased since he was always encouraging me to dress sexier and to wear more revealing clothes.

All I had left to do was sip on a glass of wine to get me even more in the mood as I sat back and waited on Hank to show up. His unit had been doing a lot of training getting ready for a field deployment, but I was certain he would be home by at least 7pm.

Then 7pm came and went and the later it got the more wine I drank and the more I paced around the living room and kitchen, checking the driveway every five minutes for his motorcycle. I was a little angry and a little worried, and I became increasingly concerned when Hank still hadn't returned home by 8pm. I had put the dinner out on the table, and I ate a few bites of my cold steak, but by 9pm, I finally covered our plates with plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator. Then, I went around and put out all the candles.

By 10pm, I had completely killed the bottle of wine and was working on the second. I was feeling a little tipsy, which I guess helped calm my nerves because I was really worried about Hank. He had never been so late coming home. I just couldn't understand where he could be and why he hadn't called. I tried his cell number over and over, but it kept going straight to voice mail, which meant he had it it turned off. I didn't know who else to call, and all I could do was nervously pace the floor. My worse fear was that he had been in some sort of a motorcycle accident. I wondered if I should start calling area hospitals or the police stations.

I must have dosed off on the couch, and just after 11pm, I was awakened by loud voices outside the door and the rattle of a key in the lock. I jumped off the couch and without even thinking I jerked the door open. It was Hank alright, but he was standing there with his arm around this really big black guy. Both were in uniform, but their shirts were open in front and neither was wearing a hat.

"Hi Vicky! I'm h...home!" Hank shouted with a drunken grin on his face.

I was momentarily stunned, and it wasn't until I realized the two of them were gawking at me that I remembered I was standing there in the doorway wearing the teddy. I quickly stepped back behind the door.

"Wow, Vicky! You look fucking hot!" said Hank. "Don't she look hot, Dwayne? I told you she was fucking hot, didn't I?"

"Damn, you didn't lie," said the black guy Hank called Dwayne who was grinning as he tried to lean forward to peak behind the door at me. He was a several inches taller than Hank and had a thick barreled chest, wide shoulders, and huge arms.

My cheeks felt suddenly warm. I couldn't believe this big black stranger had just seen me in the revealing teddy.

"Honey, this is my pal, Staff Sergeant Dwayne Washington. My fucking motorcycle wouldn't start, so Dwayne offered me a ride home, and when he found out it was my birthday, he and some of the fellas took me to the club for a few beers," said Hank as he eased forward.

"I'd say you had more than a few," I said glaring at him as I held on to the door.

They both laughed loudly.

"Come on honey, let us in," said Hank grinning as he tried to push inside.

"Wait Hank. I'm not dressed," I said trying to hold the door. I knew he had to be really drunk because he almost never cursed, and I don't think I had ever heard him use the word "fuck" except for when he had way too much to drink.

"Ah, that's okay. Dwayne don't mind," said Hank grinning. "Do you, Dwayne?"

"I don't mind at all," said Dwayne in a deep base voice with drunken grin on his face as he eyed me hungrily. He reminded me of this big black MP named Marcus that I had been seeing before I met Hank.

"See, he don't mind," said Hank as he pushed the door back and forced his way in past me with Dwayne at his side steadying him.

Dwayne could hardly take his eyes off of me as he moved inside. Both of them reeked of alcohol and cigarette smoke reminding me that he had been out in some bar.

"You're drunk, Hank!" I said feeling the sting of anger. I had been worried sick, fearing for his life, and he had been out getting drunk. I pushed the door closed and was fuming as I turned to face him, momentarily forgetting about Dwayne.

"Maybe just a little drunk," he said grinning at me as Dwayne steadied him.

I stared at my drunken husband. "And you couldn't call and let me know where you're at?" I was really angry at him.

He shrugged. "Well, sorry about that," he said grinning.

I was about to give him a piece of my mind, when I noticed Dwayne was gawking at me again, and I remembered I was standing there in the teddy. My cheeks were burning, and I started to storm past them and go back to the bedroom, but Hank grabbed my arm.

"Whoa...where you going?" he said as he slid an arm around my waist and roughly pulled me close to him.

"I'm going to put some more clothes on," I said glaring at him as one of his hands slid down and cupped my bare butt.

"You don't fucking need any more clothes on," he said slurring his words as he turned me so I was directly facing Dwayne. "What do you think Dwayne? She don't need any more clothes on, do she?"

Dwayne shook his head and licked his lips as he gazed down at my breasts. "Nah, I kind of like the way she's dressed. Damn, that's a sexy outfit!"

Hank laughed as he patted my butt. "Yeah, she's looking so hot she's getting my dick hard! I told you she was fucking hot, didn't I Dwayne?"

"You were sure right about that," said Dwayne leaning forward for a closer look at my breasts as he grabbed his crotch. "My dick's getting hard too!"

My cheeks were burning and I folded my arms across my breasts as I cut a quick glance at Dwayne's crotch. There was definitely a noticeable bulge. "This...this was supposed to be Hank's birthday present," I said feeling very awkward standing there being so closely scrutinized by this big black guy.

"Wow, I really like this birthday present!" said Hank as one of his hands slipped up and pushed my arm aside and cupped my breasts. "Mmmm, I can see your nipples."

I glanced down and saw that the underwire cups on the teddy had slipped down a little and the upper halves of my nipples were visible. I quickly pulled the teddy back up but I knew Dwayne had already gotten an eyeful.

"She got real nice titties, huh Dwayne?" said Hank letting his hand slide over my ultra-sensitive breasts.

Dwayne's grin widened as he eyed my breasts. "Hell yeah, my man! You are one lucky SOB."

"I...I'm glad you guys like my outfit, but this was meant for Hank's eyes only," I said pulling Hank's hand from my breasts. "Honey, let me go put on a robe or something on...this is embarrassing."

"Fuck that! You ain't embarrassed. Who you fooling? I know you like showing off your body," said Hank grinning he said sliding his hand over my butt again. "Now, why don't you be a good little hostess and go get us a beer?"

I looked at him for a long moment and then glanced at Dwayne, who winked at me. "Okay, I'll get you guys a beer, but only because it's your birthday," I said as I quickly turned and headed to the kitchen.

Both of them laughed and were making some crude comments about my butt as I moved away from them. This was not exactly how I expected this little private birthday party to be going, but I was definitely turned on.

Both of them had sat back on the couch when I brought them a Budweiser.

"Now, this is what I call service," said Dwayne eyeing my breasts as I purposely leaned over and handed him his beer.

My face flushed.

"Where's your beer?" asked Hank grinning. "I want us to have a toast."

"I'll be right back," I said as I hurried off to the kitchen as I felt their eyes on my butt.

After grabbing a beer for myself from the refrigerator, I looked down and saw that the underwire cups on the teddy had slipped back down and the upper halves of my nipples were visible again. I started to readjust the teddy, but then decided it probably didn't matter so much at this point since Dwayne had already gotten a good look at my nipples. Besides, it was pretty clear Hank wanted me to show off a little anyway.

"Come sit in my lap, Vicky," beckoned Hank as I moved back into the living room.

I casually moved past Dwayne, intentionally brushing against his leg and then I slid onto Hank's lap so that I was facing towards Dwayne.

"Here's to my 24th birthday," said Hank raising his beer. "And my fucking hot wife!"

"I'll drink to that," said Dwayne eyeing me as the three of us tapped our bottles together in toast.

I didn't really like beer that much but took a long taste of it. I still had a bit of a buzz from the wine, but I figured I'd be okay with another beer or two.

Hank startled me when he suddenly touched his cold beer bottle against one of my nipples as he used the bottom of the bottle to push down the front of my teddy.

"Damn Vicky, your nipples are getting all hard," said Hank smiling at me. "You must be kind of turned on, huh?"

My face felt warm and I pushed his cold bottle off of my nipple but didn't bother to pull my teddy back up.

"I know I'm sure getting turned on," said Dwayne licking his big lips as he eyed my breasts.

Both men laughed. The temperature was definitely rising.

"I bet her pussy is all wet too," said Hank as he suddenly reached down and pulled aside the front of my panties. "Damn, you shaved your pussy again!" He was smiling as he looked excitedly down between my legs.

"Nice!" said Dwayne licking his lips as he leaned forward to get a closer look.

I playfully swatted Hank's hand away and pulled my panties back into place, but not before I was sure Dwayne got a generous look at my pussy. "That was the other surprise I had for you," I said with my face was burning. I couldn't believe Hank had just shown my pussy to this black guy!

"Damn, you're really getting my dick hard now!" said Hank and then he laughed as loud as I had ever heard him laugh.

"Mine too," said Dwayne as he winked at me.

Both of them laughed loudly again, and I took another big sip of my beer. As they continued to chat, I slowly began to relax and feel a little less awkward sitting there so scantily dressed with my boobs hanging out in front of Dwayne.

They killed their beers in no time at all, and I hurried off to get them another one along with a bowl of chips. Dwayne even let his hand slide over my bare butt as I gave him his second beer. Hank saw what he did but didn't seem to mind at all. This was weird, and I couldn't believe how turned on I was.

I sat back in Hank's lap and he casually molested me as he talked to Dwayne. I pretended not to notice as he roughly caressed my exposed breasts. I knew he liked showing me off to his friends but I was still surprised he'd do it for a black guy.

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