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Wild Cinema Ride


This is a true story! I am a 25 year old male from England but was 22 when this story happened.

I met a girl at a concert. We talked and danced together, although only in that drunken way that you do... nervous and excited by the close contact of someone new. I looked at her closely as we moved. She was short. Petite. She was Asian, although I could be no more specific at the time. And she dressed well too. She wore a loose vest top which billowed around her and caused an occasional glimpse of her laced breasts. She also wore a knee length skirt slit to the waist which seperated to show off her tanned legs.

As we danced (aggressively and sweatily!) we got closer, although nothing sexual happened. Later we stood outside the concert hall together. She was getting a lift home from her friends so we swapped telephone numbers. We kissed briefly on the cheek and parted. As I watched her cute ass undulate away I believed I would never see her again.

But, the next day I got a call. In the cold light of soberness I realised how sexual her voice was, dripping passion as if she had already fucked that day. Her name was Winursula although she called herself Sheila. She was 32 years old. We talked and I grew hard as I listened to her stilted English. We arranged to meet in a pub in town.

When I saw her as she walked into the pub I felt myself stiffen. All over. I felt that fear. The first date fear. She looked stunning. A beautiful radiance shone out, helped by a low cut top and a faultless cleavage.

She sat down.

I brought back her drink and we talked. We chatted about random stuff, the kind of things you talk about to ascertain common ground. We drank a few drinks and then we caught each other's eyes. I felt it and moved myself closer so my mouth touched hers. Gently at first and then with more force, pushing open her lips with my tongue as we kissed deeply.

My hands started to stray over her legs, caressing her thighs as her hands did the same. In a crowded pub we were openly aroused. Her hand held my cock through my trousers and started to rub it firmly.

I whispered, "I need you Sheila."

Her response was to take my hand and lead me out of the pub.

Outside she opened her handbag and produced two tickets for the film "Contact" which was due to start in a few minutes. I was disappointed but followed her in. She was beginning to take control now and I watched as she moved effortlessly through the crowds to our screen.

The cinema was empty except for about a dozen people, four couples and a few males. We sat down as the credits started to roll. We watched for about five minutes although I could not concentrate on anything other than my hardness.

Boldly I reached my hand over to her leg. There was no resistance so I started to creep my hand under her skirt. Obviously aroused, Sheila grabbed my hand and moved it to her pussy. She wore no panties and was wetter than any girl I had felt. My fingers began to move in circles around her cunt lips as I watched her face. Her eyes were closed and her tongue licked her lips as she gyrated gently on the seat.

I pushed a finger fully into her and then another. I had three fingers in her before I started to finger fuck her with earnest. I could hear her squelch from where I sat and her moans were beginning to attract attention. "Don't stop" she ordered as she reached a hand over to unzip my trousers.

She let out my cock, hard and wanting into the cool air of the cinema and started to jerk me furiously. Her hand felt so firm yet soft, the perfect marriage. Then, as I continued to finger fuck her she bent her head down and started to blow on my cock head.

I could feel her cunt juice run out of her and onto the seat when she started to lick my cock and suck on the end. She began to take my cock fully now, deep into her throat as my hips started to move uncontrollably into her face, fucking her hard. I was so excited I was going to cum soon so I finger fucked her faster and harder.

I felt my balls tighten and then my cum began to shoot deep into her throat. She swallowed and sucked me dry for a few seconds before looking up at me with bog eyes and saying "I need your cock in me. But not here."

We tidied ourselves up and left the cinema to her car. She drove us a few miles. On the journey she told me to undo my trousers and stroke myself hard again ready to fuck. I did so and she occasionally reached over to help.

We drove to a park and she braked suddenly and leapt into the back of the car. She pulled her skirt up and opened her legs. Then she started to caress her pussy. She looked at me as I undressed and climbed in the back with her.

"Just fuck me" she ordered not needing any foreplay now.

I put my cock to the lips of her cunt and pushed myself in hard. It was about time I took control I thought as I rammed her pussy hard. She felt tight around my cock as I watched her face contort with pleasure. As I fucked her I put a finger in her mouth. She sucked and bite it like a small cock.

With my lubricated finger I slipped it up her asshole. Her eyes widened and she screamed as I began to fuck her hard in both holes. "Yes!" She kept repeating.

I could feel my cum build so I took out my cock and replaced it at the entrance to her ass. "You want it?" I asked

She whispered, "Yes"


"Fuck my ass please sir!"

With that I plunged my cock deep into her ass. I thrust hard for about a minute as she played with her cunt and then I spurted my cum deep into her. As I slipped my cock out some cum splattered onto her car seat. She greedily bent down to lick the cum off the upholstery and then off my limp cock.

We then fell asleep in the car among the trees of the park.

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