tagGroup SexWild College Days Ch. 01

Wild College Days Ch. 01


"Dude, she is a total fucking slut," Kevin was saying. He was at least trying to say it quietly, but he'd obviously had a few too many beers and the drunk freshman's voice was carrying. "She even lets me fuck her in the ass."

"No way," Brad slurred. Kevin's buddy sounded even more drunk than he was.

"Totally," Kevin grinned. "She fuckin' loves it."

We did anal once, asshole, Liz thought. It hurt like hell and I couldn't walk right for a day.

Nevertheless, Liz was smirking in spite of herself. She might not have loved anal sex, but she definitely enjoyed sex. What Liz really enjoyed was driving guys crazy. She loved it when they looked at her hot body, and she refused to be a cock-tease. Once she started to get to a guy, she was more than happy to let him fuck her. Knowing that Kevin was totally hot for her gave her a rush. Seeing how his drunk buddy Brad was looking at her was even better.

All around, the party was in full swing, complete with loud music, dim light, dancing college students and the essential keg. If it hadn't been for one of those odd lulls in the noise, and the fact that she'd been standing fairly close to them, Liz probably would never have overheard Kevin's comments. As it was, lots of people nearby were snickering at Kevin's announcement, though none of them seemed to know exactly who he'd been talking about.

Still smirking, Liz sauntered over to Kevin and Brad. Liz knew she made a pretty hot picture. Her bright blue eyes twinkling wickedly, she swept her dark wavy hair back from her aristocratic face with a flirty toss. She knew her loose, low-cut blouse displayed her considerable cleavage to good effect. Her tight jeans hugged her long, sexy legs and the firm, round ass that Kevin has just bragged about fucking. He watched her walking over, looking a little sheepish. Brad was just openly admiring her. Liz added a little wiggle to her hips as she got closer.

"Well," she said sweetly when she reached them, "make some room."

Kevin's sheepish look disappeared into a wide grin as he scooted over to make a space on the ratty looking couch. Liz made a quick pirouette, dropped herself between the two freshmen guys and looped her arms over their shoulders. She leaned over and gave Kevin a firm, unabashed kiss. Then she dropped back and turned to Brad.

"Hi," she said brightly.

Obviously drunk, Brad just stared at her, slack jawed. He was plainly having trouble deciding whether to stare at the expanse of her considerable cleavage or lean forward in hope of getting a kiss of his own. He appear to be compromising by leaning blearily toward her breasts. Liz laughed.

"What are you boys up to?" Liz said, pretending she hadn't heard anything.

"Just drinking some brews," Kevin smirked, "shootin' the shit, nothing much."

"Yeah?" she asked.

Brad just dumbly nodded, still drunkenly looking down her blouse. Liz shifted a little, pushing her chest out to give him a better view of her full, round breasts.

"Hey man," Kevin growled, leaning across Liz to shove Brad back into his seat, "knock it off."

Liz laughed again, snuggling against Kevin's side while still smiling at Brad. Kevin looked down at her and smirked. Then he leaned down and kissed her, shoving his tongue into her mouth and crushing her against his strong, muscular body. Liz obligingly melted against him. She reveled in Kevin's passionate embrace and the knowledge that Brad, and anyone else who cared to, was watching her.

Drunk and horny, Kevin mashed his face against hers. His hand groped along her side and grabbed her tit, squeezing roughly. She moaned and rubbed herself against him. Then she grinned inwardly as she felt a second pair of groping hands fumbling over her legs and ass. This, Liz thought, was the best. Two guys, out of control, wanting her.

Suddenly, Liz pushed Kevin away. Giving him a lusty stare she said, "Let's go find someplace quiet."

"Yeah?" Kevin grinned.

"Yeah." Liz hopped to her feet and tossed a quick smile in Brad's direction.

Kevin jumped up after her. Wrapping one arm around her shoulder, he led her through the party until they found a small, quiet bedroom away from the rest of the party-goers.

Laughing, Liz pushed him down onto the bed and jumped back, her hips swaying in time to the music. Time to give him a show, Liz thought to herself. She made a slow turn, her hands high over her head. Then, in her best sexy striptease style, Liz brought her hands down along her sides until she could grab the bottom of her blouse. Slowly, she pulled her top up, revealing her taut belly and the sexy push-up bra that was squeezing her full breasts together. A quick gesture tossed the blouse aside. With a slow, sultry smile, Liz slid her hands down across her tight belly and unbuttoned her jeans. Turning slowly, she struggled to push her tight jeans off, pushing her firm ass, barely covered in lacy panties, up into the air. As she straighten up, she unsnapped her bra, turned and tossed it at Kevin.

Still swaying her hips to the music, Liz sauntered over to the bed, squeezing her full breasts together and pinching her nipples to make them hard. She knew Kevin loved watching her play with her big, sensitive nipples.

When she reached the bed, Liz dropped to her knees between Kevin's legs. With practiced fingers, she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down.

"God, Lizzy, you are so fuckin' hot," Kevin groaned.

"Yeah?" she purred coyly, sliding her fingers up his powerfully muscled legs. "Am I a totally hot fuckin' slut?"

"Uuhh," Kevin looked a little worried.

Liz slid her hands up between his legs, cupping his heavy balls. She lowered her face until it was inches away from his long, hard dick.

"Well?" Her tongue flicked out brushing along the length of his shaft. "Am I a hot... mmm... fucking... mmm... slut?"

"Fuck yeah!" Kevin moaned, "You are one majorly hot fuckin' slut."

Liz moaned, wrapping her lips around Kevin's hard shaft. Slowly, she bobbed her head up and down on his dick, feeling the hard spongy length fill up her mouth. She purred as Kevin wrapped his strong hands in her hair, holding her head firmly. His hips started to thrust up at her, pushing his dick deeper into her mouth. She gagged a little as his tip hit the back of her throat. He groaned and she struggled to relax and let his length push down her throat, like she knew he loved.

"Oh yeah Lizzy," Kevin moaned, "you are such a great cock-sucking slut. Oh yeah, take it! Take my cock down your throat, you hot little cock-sucker."

Liz found she was struggling a little, as Kevin held her head in place. His hips were starting to piston back and forth, furiously fucking her face as if it was a pussy. His dick pounded into her mouth and down her throat, thrusting too hard for her to relax completely. Liz started to gag again, her throat convulsing around the long, hard intruder. Her struggling just seemed to spur Kevin on, making him thrust even harder.

"Dude," a drunken voice slurred from behind her, "that looks so fuckin' wild."

Kevin released her head and Liz, no longer held down, pulled her mouth up off his dick. She coughed, saliva streaming down her chin, and took a ragged breath to settle herself. She was dimly aware of Kevin talking to someone else, but it took her a moment to collect herself enough to know what was going on. She was therefore a little surprised to see an unfamiliar penis hanging in her face.

The strange penis was thick and still mostly flaccid. It dangled between a pair of pale meaty legs, in front of a hairy ball-sack and just below a ratty looking T-shirt. Still breathing deeply in an effort to settle herself, Liz found she could do nothing but stare at the heavy looking dick. Almost hypnotized by its swaying motion, Liz realized that the dick was steadily getting closer to her face.

"See man, I told you she was a total slut," Kevin said.

His voice snapped Liz out of her daze. Looking up, she saw Brad standing over her, leering drunkenly, his pants around his ankles. It was his semi-hard dick hanging in her face. Liz smiled up at him, arching her back and pushing her bountiful breasts toward him. She was totally thrilled that Brad was so turned on by her he couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

"You like what you see?" she purred.

"Fuuuck man," Brad groaned, looking at Kevin.

Kevin leaned forward, grabbed Liz's breast and pinched her nipple so hard she yelped. Liz smiled up at Brad while pushing her breast into Kevin's hand. Brad stared, open mouthed, and his dick started to harden even through his drunken haze.

"What do you say, Lizzy," Kevin said huskily, "you wanna give him a thrill?"

"Mmmm, yummy," Liz purred, "two hard cocks for me."

Something dark flashed across Kevin's face and he pinched her nipple hard. Liz gasped and looked up at him. Was he jealous, Liz wondered. She found the idea both thrilling and ridiculous. After all, Kevin wasn't her boyfriend or anything. He was just a fuck-buddy. She gave Kevin an indulgent smile and wrapped one hand around his dick. The smile turned wicked and she reached over to Brad, running her hand up his leg and cupping his balls.

"Two for me. This one," Liz said firmly, giving Kevin's dick a painfully hard squeeze, " and this one."

Giving Kevin a vicious grin, she turned to Brad and took his mostly flaccid dick in her mouth. The whole thing fit, its spongy bulk bulging in her cheeks. Liz rolled her tongue over the soft mass, sucking it gently while she rubbed Brad's hairy balls. Her other hand was pumping up and down Kevin's hard shaft almost of its own volition.

Liz felt very pleased with herself when Brad's dick started to swell in her mouth. The salty taste of precum oozed from its tip as the whole mass of it rose and hardened in her face. Liz pulled her lips off the newly hard dick and wrapped her hand around it.

She sat back on her haunches, each hand wrapped around a different dick. Looking at them, Liz found herself fascinated by the differences in front of her. Kevin was an athletic young man whose long hard dick curved upward from between his muscular legs. Brad was stockier, tending toward chubby, and his dick was shorter, thicker and straighter. Liz watched with amazement as her hands pumped up and down on each man's shaft.

Kevin reached out and, tangling his fingers in her hair again, pulled her toward his dick. Liz opened her mouth and relaxed her throat, ready this time when Kevin pushed his long shaft into her mouth. She looked up at him, smiling inwardly as his hard face dissolved into a look of pure pleasure. Kevin started thrusting slowly but deeply into her mouth. She wrapped her free hand around his ass as if to pull him further in. He groaned. She could hear the groan echoed by Brad, as her other hand continued to pump his thick dick vigorously.

After working on Kevin's dick for a while Liz pulled back again, releasing him from her throat. Turning back to Brad, she lowered her lips down over his thick shaft. She worked her head up and down, trying to take his whole length into her mouth. His shaft was definitely shorter than Kevin's, but its considerable girth presented problems of its own. Still, she was determined to take them both as fully into her throat as possible. For Liz, it was a point of pride.

When she had finally taken Brad's whole length down her throat, Liz bobbed her head on his shaft. Unlike Kevin, he seemed to prefer to remain still and let her do the work. She found she couldn't keep it up for long. Her jaw was starting to ache. With a loud moan, she pulled her face up off his shaft.

"Ohhh," she purred up at him, "you're so big and thick."

She settled back again, pumping both dicks with her hands.

"You guys are both so great," she said in her most sultry voice. "I just love these hard cocks."

"I wanna see her snatch, man," Brad slurred at Kevin.

"Come on Lizzy," Kevin said, "get up on the bed and show Brad your little naked pussy."

"Ok," Liz grinned.

Releasing her grip on both dicks she stood up, inwardly glad to be up off her knees. She crawled onto the soft mattress, wondering briefly whose it was and what the owner would think of what was going on in their room. Pushing the fleeting thought aside, she looked over her shoulder at Brad and pushed her lacy panties down to her knees. Turning to lay on her back, she faced him. Show time, Liz thought as with one hand she caressed her full breasts. Her other hand slid down her taut belly to her shaved pussy.

"You like what you see?" she purred. She slid her fingers down over the folds of her pussy, knowing how wet and puffy they must look to Brad. She moaned, arching her back and pushing one finger between the folds to rub her clit. Liz closed her eyes as pleasure surged through her, and her next moans were far more genuine.

"Dude," Brad groaned, "she is so hot. I wanna do her."

"Do her man," Kevin replied huskily.

Liz felt the mattress shift as Brad climbed on. Brad's hands fumbled at her legs, pushing them further apart as he climbed between them. Liz agreed with Brad, she was definitely so hot. They were just out of control and she loved it.

"Hey, hang on man," Kevin said suddenly, "flip her over. I wanna fuck her face some more."

The mattress shifted again as Kevin climbed onto the bed. Opening her eyes, Liz saw Brad kneeling between her thighs, pumping his thick dick in his hand. Kevin knelt next to her head, his long shaft pointed at her face. She smiled and rolled over, lifting her ass toward Brad and reaching over to hold Kevin's dick.

The guys adjusted themselves, and Liz felt Brad's thick shaft bumping between her legs. He seemed to be fumbling around trying to find his way. With a grin she reached back, took hold of him and guided him to her wet pussy. They moaned together as his girth penetrated her.

Meanwhile, Kevin had positioned himself by her head and was rubbing his hard tip against her face. His sticky pre-cum was oozing all over her cheek and jaw. Liz turned to face him and his dick popped into her mouth.

Liz quivered with the thrill of it. Two hard dicks pushing into her, one in her face and one in her pussy. Two guys completely crazy for her. She felt just incredible, feeling like she had these guys totally wrapped around her fingers.

Brad had started thrusting raggedly into her pussy, his thick shaft filling her up. Kevin started thrusting into her face. With each thrust, Brad was pushing her toward Kevin. After a few moments, Kevin started matching Brad's rhythm, pushing his dick deep into her throat while Brad shoved into her pussy.

"Oh man," Brad slurred, "Oh fuck. This is... oh, fuck."

"Oh yeah," Kevin groaned, "Yeah, Lizzy, take it. You like this, don't you. I know you do."

Kevin wrapped his hands around Liz's head, holding her steady as he started pushing harder into her face. She tried to keep herself relaxed, letting him pound into her throat. He was making it hard to feel the great sensations Brad was causing in her pussy.

"Oh fuck, Lizzy," Kevin groaned louder, "Fuck yeah, you fuckin' cock slut, fuuuuck."

Kevin's shaft swelled in Liz's mouth and his first spurt of cum sprayed down her throat. She was a little surprised when he pulled back and his dick popped out. The second spurt caught her on her cheek and the next splattered against her forehead. Grabbing his dick, Kevin jacked off furiously, pumping a huge load of cum over her face. When he finished, he rubbed his dick against her face, making sure that she was covered in his semen.

Liz realized that Brad had stopped thrusting when Kevin came. He must be watching, she thought. It must look so hot to him, she guessed.

As Kevin lay back on the bed, Brad started pounding into her with great vigor. Liz moaned. His thick shaft felt good inside her. In fact, it felt fantastic. She could feel her body building toward a climax. She started to push back at him, crying out with each thrust. Suddenly, her whole body tensed and she shrieked as an orgasm washed over her.

She was still quaking when Brad suddenly pulled out. Liz whimpered. She wanted him to keep going. His urgent hand pulling at her shoulder told her what he wanted. With a grin, she obliging turned her cum-covered face toward him. At the sight, Brad let out a violent groan and unloaded a torrent of semen onto her already sticky face. She felt streaks of cum spatter against her forehead, nose and cheeks. With a final moan, Brad dropped onto the bed beside her.

"Damn girl," Brad slurred, "you are one hot fuck. That was great."

"That was incredible," she purred as she started to wipe the semen off her face.

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