tagBDSMWild College Days Ch. 02

Wild College Days Ch. 02


"You fucking slut!" Becky shouted.

Startled by the outburst, Liz turned to look at the other woman.

The two coeds were standing in the ladies' room of the Art Building. Liz had been standing at the mirror, straightening her hair and clothes to make sure she looked good for art class, particularly for the art professor. With her curly dark hair, attractive face, full round breasts emphasized by a push-up bra and low cut blouse, and long, athletic legs, presently being shown off to good effect by her short skirt, Liz thought she made a pretty sexy figure, and the guys she knew agreed.

Becky, Liz felt, was not making as good an impression. The other woman was blonde, younger, a sophomore to Liz's junior, a bit taller and definitely, Liz though uncharitably, a bit heavier. Dressed in a simple T-shirt and sweats, the younger coed wasn't making much of a fashion statement. She still might have been pretty, in a frumpy kind of way, except for the unpleasant red mottling of anger marring her face.

"You fucking slut," Becky repeated viciously. Since there was no one else in the ladies' room, Liz was pretty sure the sophomore was talking to her.

"What is your problem?" Liz snapped.

"You are, slut!" the sophomore snarled back.

"A slut is just a woman who isn't afraid to admit she likes sex," Liz replied loftily, "and is able to get it when she wants it."

"Like last weekend," Becky snarled, "at Pat's party... with my fucking boyfriend!"

"Who?" Liz said, startled.

"My boyfriend! Brad!" Becky shouted, "You remember... or did you fuck too many guys to keep them straight?!"

Liz blinked. She had actually fucked a guy named Brad at a party that weekend. She hadn't planned to. She started out just being a little flirty with a guy she regularly messed around with, Kevin, and one of his friends. She and Kevin had gone to a back room to screw. The other guy had walked in while she was giving Kevin a blowjob and one thing had led to another. Liz felt her face, and other parts, flushing warmly at the memory of two hard shafts simultaneously filling her mouth and pussy. Still, how was she supposed to know Brad had a girlfriend? It wasn't like she had really talked to him at all.

"Oh, Brad," Liz said, feeling suddenly mischievous, "I remember Brad. He was really hot for me. He had a nice thick cock and he just loved fucking me."

Becky froze in shocked silence. She had probably been expecting denials or excuses. Certainly, she hadn't expected this.

"You're very lucky," Liz continued, turning back to the mirror, "Brad was really good. He bent me over and fucked my pussy 'til I came on his thick cock."

Liz bent over the sink, pushing her ass at Becky as if to show her. Liz knew her short skirt was riding up, exposing the lower curves of her ass, unconcealed by her tiny thong panties, to the sophomore. Liz looked over her shoulder at the younger woman. Becky's face was flushed and she seemed to be quivering.

"Was I a bad girl?" Liz purred mockingly. She fully expected the blushing sophomore to turn and leave, so she was very surprised at what happened next.

In two quick steps, Becky closed the distance between them, her open hand swinging to deliver a stinging blow to Liz's half-bared ass. Liz gave an involuntary yelp of pain as her body rocked with the blow. It was Liz's turn to be frozen in shock.

"Yes," Becky's voice was thick and husky, "you were a bad girl."

Becky's left hand slid up, wrapping her fingers around the back of Liz's neck. Her right came up again. Liz could see it reflected in the mirror, poised high above her ass.

"Now you're going to be punished," Becky growled.

The sophomore's hand fell, sparking another burning flare of pain on Liz's ass. The older coed jumped, but Becky's hand around her neck pinned Liz in place. Becky paused to flip Liz's mini-skirt up out of the way, exposing her firm, round ass cheeks, framed and split by the thin black thong. Becky started to spank Liz in earnest.

"You fucked my fucking boyfriend," Becky snarled as she rained down blow after blow on Liz's bare ass, "you fucking slut."

Liz had been spanked by guys before. She'd known a couple who had been turned on by it, either as part of foreplay or while fucking her from behind. This was different. Becky wasn't playing around. Becky was remorseless. She alternated from one ass cheek to the other, striking harder and harder as her anger fueled her blows. Liz's ass burned and with each new blow; a flare of pain spread through her.

"Take it," Becky barked, "you little slut. Take your punishment."

With Becky's hand around her neck holding her still, Liz felt trapped, as if she were helpless to resist. Some distant rational part of Liz's mind suggested that she could fight, but she didn't. Inwardly, Liz felt Becky was right. Liz was a slut. Becky was right to be angry. Becky was right to spank her. Liz surrendered herself to her punishment. Her ass burned, and Liz felt the warmth spreading through her. She wasn't even particularly surprised to feel the warm wetness growing between her legs or the tingling hardness of her nipples. She was almost disappointed when the blows stopped.

Panting, Becky stopped as if to catch her breath, resting her hand on Liz's red, burning ass. The sophomore's fingers unconsciously traced Liz's curves, sliding along the fabric of her thong until they brushed between Liz's legs.

Liz gasped as she felt Becky's fingers brushing her swollen pussy though her panties. Slowly, Becky pressed against her, stroking the wet fabric and the hot flesh beneath. Liz groaned and pushed back against Becky's hand. Becky's fingers reached under the side of Liz's thong and slid without resistance into Liz's soaking wet pussy. Liz moaned and her body quivered as the sophomore coed's fingers probed her wet folds.

"Oh my god," Becky whispered, "you like that don't you? You like it when I touch you?"

"Yes," Liz moaned, pushing back harder against Becky's hand, "touch me. Please touch my pussy."

Becky ripped her hand away and laid another stinging blow on Liz's ass.

"You're fucking lez-bi-gay, you slut!" Becky roared. "Is that it? You're a fucking lez-bi slut."

Liz groaned, quivering with denied lust.

Suddenly, Becky released her. Liz sagged against the sink, feeling weak and shaky.

"Come here," Becky barked. Liz turned to see the young coed dropping down on the ladies' room's small couch. Becky was pushing her sweatpants down around her ankles. She spread her thighs, revealing a wild patch of blonde pussy.

"Come here, Lezzie," Becky commanded again, "get your lez-bi-gay face over here and eat my pussy."

Liz looked at Becky, shocked for a moment. Then, too drained to think of anything, she turned and started toward the coed.

"No," Becky snapped sternly, "crawl."

Liz froze. I should leave, she thought to herself, I should just walk out the door, go to class, flirt with my professor and forget about this. Instead, she got down on the cold tile floor of the ladies' room and crawled on her hands and knees toward the lewdly spread legs of this frumpy blonde sophomore.

"That's it," Becky said, resting her hand in Liz's dark curly hair, "that's a good little lezzie slut. Now eat my pussy."

Liz lowered her face between Becky's legs, smelling the coed's warm tangy scent. Liz hesitated. She had only tasted another woman two times before and felt unsure. Becky, feeling Liz pause, wrapped her hand more tightly in her hair, pulling her closer.

"I said eat me!" Becky urged. "Come on lezzie slut, lick my fucking pussy."

Liz surrendered again, giving herself over to the other woman's commands. She stuck out her tongue and lapped at Becky's pussy. She tasted Becky's tangy flesh and the sticky wetness within her folds. Becky arched her hips and pulled Liz's face closer. As she did, Liz buried her face between Becky's legs. She licked and sucked and tongued the younger woman in a passionate frenzy. All the while, Becky moaned and cursed her.

"Yes, eat me you fucking slut," Becky cried as Liz's tongue thrust into the younger woman's pussy, tasting her rich, sticky depths.

"Oh yeah," Becky moaned as Liz licked and sucked at the outer folds of her pussy, "Oh suck me, lick me you fucking slut whore. Lick me."

"Oh god, yes!" Becky growled, holding Liz's head hard against her as the older coed fluttered her tongue over Becky's clit. "Yes, yes, yes... you fucking... lezzie... slut... whore... I'm coming!"

Becky's body spasmed. She clamped her thighs around Liz's head, holding her face firmly buried in Becky's pussy as she came. Liz's nose was trapped in Becky's curly blonde pubic hair, her mouth crushed around the sophomore's pussy. She couldn't breathe. She struggled desperately as the younger woman thrashed in her orgasm.

Suddenly, Becky released her and collapsed back onto the little couch. Liz fell in a heap at her feet, gasping and shaking. Liz felt completely wrung out, but at the same time her whole body tingled. She wanted nothing more than to curl up in ball and frig her clit until she came as hard as Becky just had.

Standing above her, Becky pulled up her sweat pants and straightened her hair. She looked down at Liz. The sexy brunette coed was a mess. Her usually arrogant face was a sticky and flushed, her dark curly hair was a tangled ruin, her clothes were in disarray and her nearly naked ass was bright red.

Becky took a deep, shaky breath. She hadn't expected things to go that far and, now that it was over, she was a little afraid of what had just happened. Looking down, Becky saw Liz's fingers stealing between her thighs. The ruined coed gave a whimpering moan as she started rubbing her own clit.

"God, you loved that didn't you," Becky whispered, amazed.

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