tagBDSMWild College Days Ch. 04

Wild College Days Ch. 04


"You told them to come on my fucking face?!" Becky shouted as she grabbed Liz and pulled the naked coed down on her lap.

Becky hated Liz. She hated the older coed for being a total slut who had fucked Becky's boyfriend. She hated Liz for not being even a little jealous when Becky had fucked Liz's boyfriend right in front of her. She hated Liz for somehow arranging it so that revenge fuck ended with Liz's boyfriend and his roommate spraying jizz all over Becky's face. Above all, she hated Liz for having big tits, a tight belly and a firm, round ass that Becky just couldn't get enough of.

Becky poured every bit of that hate and anger into her arm, fueling the powerful, open handed slap that made Liz's firm, round ass jiggle. The older coed yelped and jumped under the stinging blow but made no move to escape. Liz just turned her head to look over her shoulder at Becky.

"Owww," Liz purred, "Was that wrong?"

Becky looked into Liz's sultry blue eyes peering through a curtain of wavy dark hair and her breath quickened. Becky could feel her nipples hardening in the cool air and warmth kindling in her bare pussy.

Becky was as naked as Liz. After wiping the cum out of her eyes, she had stormed back to her dorm room, wearing only a skimpy blue nightie under her long coat. She'd only just finished pulling off the rumpled, cum-stained lingerie when Liz had arrived at her door. The bitch had been fully dressed when she'd arrived. Becky wasn't entirely sure why her first thought had been to command Liz to strip naked, at least she wasn't quite ready to admit to herself why, but Liz hadn't hesitated. Part of Becky wanted to run her hands over every inch of the older brunette's body, but right now most of her wanted to beat the bitch's ass until she couldn't sit.

"Was it wrong?!" Becky snarled, "You told them to cum on my fucking face!"

Liz yelped as Becky rained a series of harsh, anger-filled blows down on her ass.

"Yes," Liz cried, jumping and wiggling under Becky's punishing hand, "I told Gary to cum on your face. I knew if he did Kevin would too."

Panting, Becky stopped. Her hand stung. She stared down at Liz's round ass, already reddening from her furious spanking.

"Why?" Becky panted.

"Sweetie," Liz purred, "if you tell a guy to cum on a woman's face, he will. And I know Kevin. I knew he wouldn't pass up a chance to spooge on your face, even if it meant he had to stop fucking your pretty pussy. He just loves it."

Becky snarled, laying another furiously hard blow on Liz's round ass.

"And those bastards did it," Becky yelled. "Why did you fucking tell them to do that?"

Liz moaned, wiggling, "Ooo, you were trying to mess with me, so I made a mess of you."

"Bitch!" Becky shouted, spanking Liz's red ass.

"Yes," Liz moaned, "Yes I am. I'm a bad girl. Ooo yeah, spank me baby."

"You are a fucking slut," Becky growled, raining blow after blow down on that firm ass.

"I wasn't the one with cum on her face an hour ago," Liz sneered.

"Eat me," Becky yelled, suddenly pushing Liz off her lap.

The brunette coed rolled over onto her back. Her face was flushed and panting. Becky saw that Liz's full round breasts were also flushed red and her large nipples were hard. Her shaven pussy made her swollen lips plainly visible. Becky realized she must look the same.

"Yes, please," Liz moaned.

"Oh, God," Becky cried, throwing her legs over Liz's body as she moved to straddle the older coed's face.

Becky had never thought of herself as anything but straight, but she as she lowered her wet pussy down onto Liz's face she knew that what she wanted more than anything was to have this stuck up bitch eat her again. As Liz's searching tongue started to probe Becky's wet folds, the younger woman let herself moan in wild abandon.

"That's it," Becky cried, "eat my pussy."

Looking down, Becky saw Liz's sultry blue eyes looking up at her from between her tights. Liz's tongue licked and probed deep into Becky's wet pussy. Becky ground her pussy down against Liz's face.

"Yeah, eat me you fucking lezzie slut," Becky moaned. Reaching down, Becky grabbed a handful of the brunette's curly hair and pulled, shoving the coed's face even harder against her crotch.

"You fucking slut whore," Becky moaned. Liz accepted anything, eagerly tonguing and sucking Becky's pussy. Liz did anything, Becky realized. Anything Becky told her to do, she did. Liz was her fucking slave.

"You're mine," Becky moaned, digging her fingers tighter into Liz's dark hair, "Oh, God... you're mine... my fucking... slut.... oh... my... oh... I'm coming... don't stop... I'm coming!"

Becky spasmed, her whole body tensing with the power of her orgasm. Slowly, it faded away, then suddenly she spasmed again. Liz's tongue continued to flick against Becky's clit, sparking little sparks of pleasure that coursed through her body. Finally, Becky rolled off, collapsing limply next to the other woman.

"Mmmmm, am I forgiven?" Liz purred.

Becky sighed, looking down at Liz's naked body beside her. The brunette's face was sticky and still flushed. Becky realized that Liz was pinching her own nipples with one hand, while her other hand was between her thighs. Becky watched as Liz's fingers moved up and down, rubbing her own clit. The older coed moaned softly, her blue eyes looking into Becky's face.

"You made them cum on my face," Becky said softly.

"They came on my face," Liz sighed, her fingers working more quickly.

"Kevin and Gary," Becky said, watching.

"No," Liz purred, "I've never fucked Gary. Today was the first time I've even blow him. Kevin and Brad."

"What?" Becky said, suddenly confused. "Brad, my boyfriend, came on your face? Wait, Kevin AND Brad?!"

"Mmmm," Liz sighed, her hips starting to arch, "Kevin fucked my face while Brad fucked my pussy... Oooo... and they both came on my face."

"Stop," Becky barked. "What?" Liz sighed, her fingers vigorously pumping her clit.

"Stop!" Becky grabbed Liz's wrist, pulling her working fingers away from her pussy. Liz whimpered. "You don't get to cum yet. Tell me everything that happened that night. Everything."

Moaning with denied lust, Liz told her.

"Please," Liz said when she finished her story, "please let me cum."

"No," Becky sneered. "I've got an idea and I want you super horny. You get no release until I say so, slut."

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