tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWild College Days Ch. 06

Wild College Days Ch. 06


Derrick stood in the doorway of the back bedroom, wondering at the sight within. Usually, he found college parties a waste of time. Cheap beer, overly loud music and a bunch of mindless posers bumping and grinding amid a crowd of sweaty drunks. This was something else. Well, the cheap beer, overly loud music and sweaty drunks surrounding him were the same, but the bumping and grinding going on in the back bedroom was of a different order.

In the middle of the small, cluttered bedroom, sprawled on a cheap bed, lay a seriously hot and totally naked coed. She had milky skin and dark curly hair. Her long, firm legs were spread, framing a completely shaven pussy into which her long fingers slid in rhythmic motion. Her breasts were large, firm and smeared with cum which oozed between them and down her neck. Her pretty face too was covered in sticky cum. Streaks of semen even lined her hair. Her eyes were closed and she sighed in pleasure as her fingers continued to work her pussy.

Derrick thought he recognized her. She looked a lot like the brunette coed who kept flashing her panties at the art professor, and the rest of the class besides. Still, this coed was a lot more naked and cum covered, so it was hard to tell for sure.

"See, dude," the drunk standing next to him slurred, "I knew I heard fucking in here."

"Fuck, man," another drunk, this one muscular and blond, groaned, "I'm getting' me some of that."

His friends laughing and whispering a mix of encouragement and warning, the muscular blond marched into the room, fumbling with his jeans.


Liz moaned as her fingers danced against her clit. Her pussy and throat ached from the vigorous fucking she had just received. Her face and breasts were sticky with drying with cum. It had all been Becky's scheme, her pleasantly harsh punishment to Liz for her and her friends' various sexual indiscretions. Now, Becky had left Liz alone to pleasure herself. Though not totally alone. Liz could hear them talking softly at the door. Knowing she was being watched as she masturbated in her disheveled state was an even greater thrill. Her pleasure grew and grew as she thought of them watching her, until finally she felt her orgasm washing over her.


The crowd of drunks in the doorway hooted and laughed softly as the brunette's hips started jerking and twitching under her own fingers. Little cries and moans escaped from her lips as her body bucked. Suddenly, she tensed and gave a loud cry as she came.

Johnson, the big blond drunk in the room, finally succeeded in opening his jeans and shoving them down around his ankles as he climbed onto the bed next to the orgasming coed.


Liz was a little surprised when she felt the bed shift under someone's weight. She smiled, wondering which of the guys had decided to come back for more. She was betting it was Kevin or Gary, neither of whom had actually fucked her pussy tonight.

Rough, fumbling hands pulled at her legs, trying to spread them apart. Eyes still closed, savoring the mystery, Liz let her legs drop open. She spread her fingers, buried between her wet folds, opening her pussy wide to the vision of whichever guy it was who had come back to her. She could feel his weight above her as he climbed between her legs. A heavy arm braced itself beside her, while she felt a hard shaft pushing against her wet, pliant pussy. With a grunt, the shaft entered her, sliding in easily. Liz arched up to meet him, wondering whose dick it was. It didn't feel like Kevin.

Liz opened her eyes, expecting to see Gary, and gasped. The muscular shoulders and blond head leering over her, eyes glazed with lust and alcohol, was a total stranger. Shocked, Liz lay perfectly still. The muscular stranger continued to thrust steadily into her, grunting each time his heavy shaft sank into her wet pussy. Uncertain, Liz struggled to glance past the stranger toward the door. She saw the doorway filled with unfamiliar faces, leering at her as this strange man pumped his dick into her with a quickening pace. Already a couple of the other strangers were coming into the room, pulling at their own pants.

Liz gasped and gave a startled cry as the stranger insider her started to thrust harder and faster. Her head was swimming. On the one hand, she was horrified by the knowledge that a strange penis was inside her and other strange penises were gathering around her. On the other hand, a thrill ran through her at the thought that these total strangers were in her thrall. Liz had long ago decided that she loved sex. She had never been unwilling to fuck or suck any guy she went out with, even casually. Still, this was the first time she had ever fucked a guy who she had never even seen before he entered her.

The muscular blond was grunting and thrusting almost wildly now. Liz gasped under him. His hard thrusts, after the already vigorous fucking she had endured tonight, were starting to hurt, but along with the pain, involuntary pleasure sparked through her with each hard thrust. Liz groaned as he hammered into her. Suddenly, he gave a shuddering groan and his whole body tensed. Deep inside her, Liz felt his dick stiffen and surge. Warm wetness flooded into her as this stranger unleashed spurt after spurt of cum into Liz's naked pussy.


With a final shudder and groan, Johnson pulled out of the coed and staggered to his feet. Panting, he leered down at her. He thought she looked just like a slutty porn star, with drying cum covering her face and tits and sticking to her hair. He watched as his sticky white cum started to ooze out of her red well-fucked snatch. The bitch looked like she was soaked in spunk. He wondered if he could have another go at her. Maybe if he stuck it in her mouth, she'd get him up again, but even as he thought of it, Peter, his meat in his hand, was stepping up to the coed's face.


Still gasping in shock, Liz looked up at the stranger who had just fucked her. She could feel his cum inside her. She wondered what was going through his head, wondered how she should be reacting. Part of her wanted to scream, but another part was thrilled at the thought that he just hadn't been able to resist her. He wasn't alone either. Already another guy, this one a crew-cut athlete, was standing beside her head with a hard dick in his hand. Liz squealed as the crew-cut guy grabbed her hair and pulled her face up to his hard dick.

"Come on, bitch," Crew-cut cursed at her, rubbing his hard shaft against her face. "Suck me real good and you can swallow my spunk instead of wearing it."

Liz moaned involuntarily. His rough handling and curses thrilled her even more. Liz eagerly started to lick the head of the man's dick, greedily lapping up his salty pre-cum. She yelped as the man yanked on her hair again, pulling her against him. Holding her head, the man rubbed his dick against her face, smearing sticky pre-cum over her lips, her cheek and even her nose.

"Open up, bitch," the crew cut man moaned, "I'm gonna fuck your throat."

Whimpering, Liz opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue to make room for the man's thick shaft. Hands gripping her head tightly, the stranger shoved his dick into her mouth. Liz fought for calm, trying to relax her jaw and throat as the thick, fleshy invader plunged into her face. Her abused throat, already sore from Kevin's earlier face fucking, convulsed around the stranger's shaft.

"Gag on it bitch," The stranger snarled as she struggled to take him in. He moaned as he bottomed out, his entire dick buried deep in Liz's throat.

"Man," another voice said in awe, "she swallowed your whole cock!"

"Oh fuck yeah," the crew cut stranger moaned. Holding Liz's head firmly in his hands, he started thrusting his hips. Liz struggled to stay still, accepting, as he fucked her face as it were a pussy. Her eyes closed and she let herself drift. Her body relaxed, a passive vessel for the stranger's pounding dick. She moaned softly as the long shaft plunged savagely down her abused throat.

Somewhere else, as if far away, Liz felt hands caressing her thighs, spreading her legs apart again. The dick in her mouth withdrew and she allowed herself be turned over and pulled up onto her hands and knees. Strong hands gripped her head. She opened her mouth, once again accepting the hard dick which thrust into her face. Other hands grabbed her hips and a second shaft sank easily into her cum-soaked pussy. For the second time tonight, Liz was double penetrated, a hard dick thrusting into both ends of her battered body.

Liz tried to cry out raggedly, but the noise was muffled by the hard meat filling her mouth. The shaft in her pussy moved in rapid, frantic thrusts. Involuntarily, she rocked back to meet each thrust, arching her back and feeling a thrill of pleasure growing as the dick pounded into her. Liz's head started to bob on the shaft thrusting into her face as she ceased to be a passive vessel and began to participate. As strangers fucked her face and pussy, she began to fuck back.

Too soon the man behind her tensed, thrusting deep with one final push. A warm load of cum rushed out of him, joining the first to fill Liz's bare pussy. As the dick was pulled from her, she moaned around the shaft that filled her face. She could feel sticky semen oozing down her thighs, leaking from her overflowing body.

The man fucking her face groaned and started to thrust harder. She struggled as he savagely pounded her battered throat. With a feral cry, he quivered, pumping cum deep down her throat. Gagging, Liz lifted her head, pulling his spurting dick from her convulsing throat. Cum filled her mouth, pouring down her lips as she choked and gagged.

The dick in her mouth withdrew, only to be replaced by another. Liz groaned, accepting the new dick between her lips. She licked and sucked at the new shaft, noticing it was sticky and musky tasting.

"Yeah, lick me clean," a voice moaned, and Liz realized this was the dick that had been fucking her pussy. Obediently, Liz licked it clean, drinking down her own juices along with the cum of different men. Once he was cleaned, the man pulled his dick from her mouth and left.

Liz collapsed on the bed with a groan. She felt filthy, used and spent as fresh cum oozed from her aching pussy and down her sticky chin. Her whole body was sore and abused, but still she quivered with longing. Her hand slid between her legs.


Rick's cock was so hard it hurt. Standing here watching this slut fuck and suck three guys, plus whoever had already fucked her before he got here, had been way better than any porno he had ever watched. He'd watched how Will had pulled his meat out of her pussy, then stuck it in her face and made her lick it clean.

As Will walked away from her, tucking his meat back in his pants, he grinned, "Your turn, man."

Eagerly Rick stepped up, wondering if he should. Then he saw the coed slut spreading her legs. Her fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy, while sticky white cum oozed out. She was still hot to go.


The bed shifted again and Liz moaned. She wasn't sure she could take any more. She whimpered as another set of hands spread her legs wide and another dick clumsily poked between them. A little cry escaped her as another stranger sank his shaft into her battered pussy.


Rick groaned as his rock hard cock slid into her from behind. Listening to her moan, he decided she must want it. She turned her head, and he could see her face. Sticky, flushed and covered in cum, Rick was startled to recognize her. He'd seen her at other parties around campus.

"Hey," Rick said, starting to thrust slowly, "you're Liz, right."

Opening her bloodshot eyes, she looked back at him. "Yeah, " she sighed, her voice ragged.

Rick chuckled. He had heard she was a slut, and now he knew it was true. She must love this. Thrusting into her, he wasn't sure how he did, though. Her pussy felt loose, stretched out and gooey. Suddenly, he was grossed out. Here he was getting other guys' spunk on his meat. It was sick, but he couldn't pass up a chance to fuck this horny slut. Then Rick remembered something else he had heard about Liz.


Liz sighed as the latest guy pulled out of her. He had recognized her, but she had no idea who he was. Not that it mattered. She was just glad he seemed finished. She didn't really notice his hands spreading her ass cheeks until something pressed between them. Startled, she gasped as his thick shaft pressed against her anus.

"Yeah," the guy moaned, "I know you love it. I heard that about you."

Liz's breath caught in her throat. She remembered Kevin had been bragging about fucking her ass, telling everyone that she loved it. This guy must have heard it and now his big dick was pushing again her tight sphincter. Meeting resistance, the guy pushed harder and Liz cried out. It hurt, a lot.

"Aaaah," Liz groaned. She didn't love it, but she fought to relax. It would hurt less if she relaxed.

The stranger pushed harder and Liz shrieked. She worried her ass was about to tear. Whimpering, Liz tried to let him in. Fortunately, his dick was at least somewhat lubricated with pre-cum and the wet, sticky mess from her pussy. It was enough to help the head of his dick push into her anus. Liz groaned, gritting her teeth and clenching her fists.

"Ooooh, fuck!" the stranger shouted, "That's so good."

Grabbing Liz's hips, he shoved the full length of his dick deep into her ass and started fucking. Liz screamed.


Derrick made his way through the party. Liz's impromptu live sex show going on in the back room was titillating, but not entirely comfortable. Derrick had finally decided he recognized the coed. He knew she was comfortable with sex, but he wasn't totally convinced that being gang-banged by strangers had been in her evening plans. He knew she'd arrived with someone, and Derrick wondered what they would say about it. Searching through the crowd, he spotted the blonde sophomore he'd been looking for.

"She's fine, Gary," the blonde, Becky, was saying to one of the guys standing with her, "let her frig her clit in private."

"Liz is such a slut," another one of Becky's man-harem slurred drunkenly. Kevin, Derrick thought his name was.

"Yeah," Becky sneered, "but she's my slut now. None of you can touch her unless I say so."

"You should take better care of your thing," Derrick said, his voice pitched just loud enough to cut through Kevin's drunken chuckling.

"What?" Becky turned to face him. The sophomore's contemptuous expression, obviously meant to challenge his interruption, melted when she saw his eyes. While Derrick didn't usually use it in public, he had long ago mastered an art of dominance. He used it now.

"Your slut," he said, his voice resonating with authority, "you should take better care of her." He nodded back toward the crowd still standing outside the back bedroom.

It took Becky a moment to understand the significance of the jeering crowd. Derrick watched the play of emotions across her face. The man Becky had been talking to, Gary, realized a moment after Becky did. Lunging to his feet, he started to push his way toward the crowd. Without hesitating, Derrick took hold of Becky's arm and pulled her, unresisting, after Gary. Behind them, Kevin sniggered into his beer.


Becky allowed herself to be led. The man's intense dark eyes simply allowed no challenge. He moved easily in Gary's wake, passing through the party as if he owned it. For all Becky knew, he might have.

Gary reached the crowd at the door first, only to be stalled by the press of bodies trying to look inside. Becky felt a renewed flutter in her stomach at the sight of that mass of leering, hooting drunks. She'd left Liz in the room, alone, naked, horny and covered in cum. Becky had left her to masturbate alone, finally relieving the sexual tension that Becky had forced on her in preparation for this night of revenge. It had been a final punishment. Becky felt conflicted at the thought of Liz frigging her clit under the gaze of all these guys. She felt contempt, shame, lust and, though she tried not to admit it, jealousy. She also felt worried, hoping the guys had been content to just watch.

Gary's attempts to push through resulted only in protests from the watchers. A big drunk turned to push Gary off, but backed off suddenly after Becky's escort gave him a hard look. Becky felt suddenly afraid of the dark, quiet man beside her. Ignoring everything else, Gary pushed his way through the crowd. The dark man, still pulling Becky with him, followed.

Becky froze at the sight that met her.

Liz was laying face down on the bed under some strange guy. His pants were around his ankles and his skinny ass pumping and flexing as he thrust into her. Liz's face was flushed red and contorted. Her fingers clenched the sheets with a white knuckled grip. She was panting and crying out with each thrust. Becky paled when she realized that the man wasn't fucking Liz's pussy. In fact, she could see Liz's pussy, white cum oozing down her thighs, plainly framed between her thighs. The man on top of her was fucking her ass.

Gary started to surge forward, but the dark man who had led them there stopped him with a touch. Before Gary could react further, the man fucking Liz's ass gave a wild cry. He thrust deep inside her, his ass flexing as he obviously deposited a load of cum in Liz's backside. Liz gave a whimpering cry and sagged on the bed. With a crude grunt, the man pulled out of her.

"Oh man, that was great," the man said, staggering back from her.

Liz moaned.

"Your responsibility," the dark man said, softly enough that only Becky could hear.

With a firm push, he sent her toward the bed. Liz lay there, her breathing ragged. As Becky got closer, she looked up blearily.

"That's enough," Liz whispered, her voice ragged. "No more, please."

Another stranger pushed his way into the room, his pants open and his dick in his hand. Becky felt a rush of horror.

"Hey," Gary shouted, but the dark man silenced him with a look.

The new man started to climb up onto the bed, grabbing at Liz's ass.

"What are you doing?" Becky said, a little shrilly.

"I'm gonna get me some of that ass," the man slurred drunkenly.

"Yeah," voices cheered from the doorway, "fuck her ass."

"She's done," Becky said.

"No way," the man snarled belligerently, "I'm getting me some ass."

Becky threw a panicked look at Gary and the dark man, desperately seeking for help.

The dark man simply returned her look with a level gaze of his own. Her responsibility, Becky thought.

"No more," Liz whispered. "Please, no more."

"Hey," Becky snapped, grabbing the guys arm. "She's done."

The man shook her arm off violently, "I'm getting some ass."

"Forget it," Becky said, desperately reaching for the only plan she could think of, "you really want sloppy seconds off that skank?"

Unable to think of any other way, Becky grabbed hold of the strange man's dick. He groaned, turning his leering gaze to her.

"She's a fucked out mess. You can do better," Becky said, trying to sound alluring. She supposed it wasn't all that difficult, since she was already holding his dick.

With a drunken laugh, the guy roughly grabbed at her tit, crudely squeezing it. Becky groaned inwardly at his clumsy pawing. Quickly, she dropped to her knees in front of him. The crowd laughed and jeered, and Becky felt her face flush with humiliation.

Becky tossed a quick glance at the door. The dark man looked back at her, his eyes steady. Her responsibility, Becky thought, her fault. The crowd hooted.

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