tagBDSMWild College Days Ch. 08

Wild College Days Ch. 08


"Hey, Liz!"

The voice reached Liz over the pounding music and general noise of the party only because she had literally just bumped in to the speaker. Liz turned, her bright blue eyes studying the face of the guy behind her, trying to place him. He was tall, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, vaguely good looking in that generic college guy way. There was nothing about the way he looked that Liz thought was immediately memorable, but the sound of his voice had made something lurch painfully inside. His eyes were making a thorough exploration of her body, from her curly dark hair to her shapely legs, skipping past her pretty face to linger on her full breasts and the lower edge of her, admittedly short, shirt.

"You're Liz, right," he said smiling.

The memory hit her like a punch to the gut. It has been at another party, last semester. A party that had gotten wildly out of control...

-- --

A man's weight lay heavily across her back and thighs. A dick thrust slowly into her violated pussy.

"You're Liz, right."

The man chuckled. She moaned as his dick withdrew from her. She felt filthy, used and spent as cum oozed from her aching pussy and dried on her sticky chin. Her whole body was sore and abused. She had no idea how many strangers had fucked her already, thrusting into her pussy or down her throat. He was the first one who had recognized her, but she had no idea who he was. Not that it mattered. She thought he was finished.

She didn't really notice his hands spreading her ass cheeks until his thick shaft was pressing against her anus. She gasped. It hurt, a lot. He pushed harder and his dick, slimy from the wet, sticky mess of her pussy, penetrated her tight sphincter. She worried her ass was about to tear. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Whimpering, she tried to relax, to let him in. Grabbing her hips, he shoved the full length of his dick deep into her ass and started fucking. She screamed.

-- --

"I'm Rick," the guy continued, obvious. "We... uh... we had a couple of classes together last semester."

"I remember you," Liz said, her mind spinning. The memory threatened to overwhelm her and for a moment she couldn't look at him. Her eyes scanned through the crowd and came to rest on her friends, gathered nearby. At the sight of them, the spinning chaos of her mind stilled.

"Um, you looking for someone," the guy, Rick, asked hesitantly.

"Found them," Liz replied. Her eyes flashed as she turned back to Rick.

"I remember you." Liz repeated. She stepped closer, resting her hand Rick's chest and smiling up at him. "I remember that wild party."

"Yeah?" Rick asked hesitantly.

"Oh yeah," Liz purred. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts against him.

"Yeah!" Rick's eyes widened.

Liz tipped her head back, arching her body upward to bring her lips close to Rick's. Her hand slid down his chest. "Why don't you go into that room back there and maybe we can renew our acquaintance. How does that sound?"

"Hell, yeah," Rick panted as Liz's fingers brushed across his thigh.

"I just need to talk to my friends for a second," Liz continued. "then I'll be right... there." Her fingers traced the outline of the bulge in his pants.

"You're goin' ditch me, aren't you?" Rick said grimly.

"No," Liz purred, "I'm not."

Then she turned and walked away from him, making sure that the sway of her hips would keep his attention.

-- --

"Hey, Derrick," Liz said to her friend with a dazzling smile, "can I borrow something?"

-- --

"I told you I wouldn't ditch you," Liz grinned mischievously from the bedroom door.

"I'm glad," Rick grinned back at her. "Say, whose room is this?"

"I don't know," Liz mused, tossing her purse on the bed, "but I bet he has to wash his sheets a lot."

Rick chuckled, leering at her. Liz smiled back, ignoring the renewed stab of memory.

With a firm demanding motion, she pushed Rick down onto the bed. She smiled as he laughed. If Rick had really known her, he might have recognized that smile. Instead, he reached out to grab her as she straddled him. His hands groped at her breasts but she swatted them aside. He reached for her again and Liz grabbed his wrists. She held tight, pushing his arms up as she leaned into him, kissing him passionately. He moaned into her mouth, relaxing back onto the bed so that she lay on top of him.

Rick's tongue probed her mouth as they kissed. Liz pressed herself against him. Her hands caressed his muscular arms. Her breasts rubbed against his chest. Her hips rocked against the growing bulge in his pants. Liz wasn't adverse to sex, and she knew how to drive men wild. In fact, she had always reveled in her sexual power. Tonight, she was putting every bit of experience she had to work in order to drive Rick to distraction.

Rick reached for her again, and again Liz pushed his arms down. Growling, he pushed back, his powerful arms forcing hers up. With a gasp, Liz let him push her up so she was sitting up, her hips straddling his. Rick reached for her breasts and, with a playful grin, she swatted his hands away again. Before he could react, she grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it over her head.

Rick grinned at the sight of Liz's full round breasts, pressed together by her tight, black lace bra. His hands reached up, grabbing and squeezing her. Liz moaned in involuntary pleasure. She always loved having her breasts played with. Rick's hands were sending sparks of pleasure through her. Finding the front clasp of her bra, Rick fumblingly unhooked it and Liz's breasts tumbled free, her large nipples already hard. Rick leaned up, burying his face between her white mounds, licking and sucking at her firm flesh.

Liz moaned again. Her hips rocked steadily against Rick's hardness, the rough denim of his jeans pressing through the thin fabric of her panties, sparking even more pleasure. She grabbed his hair, pushing his head against her breasts and laying her cheek against the top of his head. Her eyes fell on her purse. With an inward grin, Liz pushed them both down onto the bed again. Rick continued to suck on her breast, his teeth grazing her nipple. She slid her hands up his arms, lifting them over his head.

Quickly, she glanced over at her purse. Her hand shot out and pulled from it the item she had borrowed from Derrick, her friendly local dom. She rocked and twisted, pressing her body against Rick while her hands slipped the object around the slats of the headboard. Then, with a quick, determined move, she snapped the handcuffs around Rick's wrists and sat up.

"Huh?" Rick grasped, startled. His hands rattled the cuffs. "What the hell?"

"Relax, lover," Liz purred, stretching over him like a cat. "I just don't want you running off on me."

Rick rattled the cuffs again, but a slow grin spread across his face. Liz smiled back down at him, that same smile anyone who knew her would have warned him about had they cared to. With slow, catlike movements, she leaned down, kissing Rick's lips, then his neck, working her way down his chest and belly. Rick groaned and chuckled.

"Damn girl," Rick said. "Ok."

"Ok?" Liz purred, her lips brushing the waistband of his jeans. "You're ok with this?"

"Hell yes," Rick groaned as Liz's fingers unbuttoned his jeans.

"I can do what I want?" she purred, as she pulled his jeans aside.

"Yeah," Rick groaned.

"Yeah?" Liz whispered, her face nuzzling at his boxers. "Anything?"

"Anything you want baby," Rick growled.

Liz grinned savagely, pulling Rick's jeans and boxers off with a quick motion. Her fingers brushed along his inner thighs, along his heavy balls and up the length of his long, hard shaft, already leaking pre-cum from the tip. Rick moaned. She pushed his thighs apart, spreading his legs wide as she lowered herself between his legs. With a lusty sigh, Liz dragged her tongue along the length of Rick's shaft, tasting his salty pre-cum and musky skin. He groaned and thrust his hips at her face.

Liz continued to tease his shaft with her tongue. She lowered her head between his legs to suck gently on his balls. Rick gasped and moaned as she rolled her tongue over his hairy sack. Her fingers slid along his inner thighs, teasing and grazing lightly against the curve of his ass. Slowly, Liz kissed and licked her way up his shaft, swirling her tongue around his tip. Rick arched his back, rocking his hips to rub his dick against her face.

"Suck it," he groaned demandingly. "Come on, suck my cock."

Liz smiled to herself. Parting her lips slightly, she lowered her mouth over the tip of his shaft. Rick growled and thrust at her face. She let his dick penetrate her mouth, sucking as she lowered her mouth down around his hard, spongy flesh. She started to gently bob her head up and down his length. One hand gripped his shaft, while her other caressed his ass.

Rick twitched and moaned. Liz's fingers grazed against his anus and he tensed for a moment, before relaxing again. She knew that the teasing sensation of her light touch was adding to his general pleasure. She continued to suck and lick at his dick, making little moans of pleasure as he thrust against her mouth.

Her lips still wrapped around his shaft, Liz glanced up at Rick's face. His eyes were closed and his breath was coming in ragged gasps. She could feel his dick growing harder and knew he was approaching the edge. Slowly, she reached out to her purse and took a second item from it. Gently, she brought her hand back between Rick's legs. He tensed again as she pushed against his anus. His hips rocked. She pushed harder and he gasped.

"What?" Rick's eyes flew open, looking down at Liz in startled panic as something much larger and harder than a finger pushed between his ass cheeks.

Liz released his dick from her mouth and smiled savagely up at him. She pushed even harder, pressing the handle of her hairbrush against his tight sphincter.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Rick demanded.

"You love it," Liz purred viciously. "I heard that about you."

"What the fuck?" Rick demanded. "Aaaaaggh!" He shouted as Liz shoved, driving the handle against his sensitive ass ring.

"Quiet down," Liz admonished, pumping her arm slowly back and forth as she drove the hard plastic against his ass. "If someone hears you, they might come in and see you... cuffed to the bed with a hairbrush in your ass. Think what that will do for your party rep."

"Oh, god," Rick groaned, "It's hurts."

"Yeah, it fucking does!" Liz snapped, shoving harder.

Rick gave an incoherent yell as the brush handle finally penetrated his anus. Liz stopped pushing. For a moment they both lay still, panting. Rick whimpered.

"You fucked my ass, you son of a bitch," Liz growled. "I did not ask any of you bastards to fuck me and I certainly did not ask you to fuck me in the ass!"

With a shriek, she pushed the handle deeper into Rick's ass. He grunted painfully. Eyes flashing, Liz started to fuck his ass with the handle. Rick groaned. His hips rocked as he tried to pull away from the hard plastic painfully invading his body.

"Do you love that?!" Liz snarled, "Is that so good?!"

"Oh, god," Rick groaned, "Oh, fuck. Oh, god. Oh, fuck."

Grinning savagely, Liz lowered her face toward Rick's bucking hips. His dick, slick with saliva and pre-cum, had gone limp when she had started her assault on his ass. Still relentlessly pumping the plastic shaft into his ass, she took his entire flaccid member into her mouth and sucked. Rick gasped. His hips rocked.

"Oh.... Oh.... Oh, god," Rick whimpered.

Liz was surprised when his dick started to stiffen in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down his shaft while her hand thrust the plastic member into his ass. In moments, he was rock hard and thrusting into her mouth with wild abandon.

"Oh fuck!" Rick shouted.

His body tensed. Liz sank the brush handle completely into his ass. With a wild cry, Rick unloaded a powerful surge of cum into Liz's mouth. Surprised, Liz pulled her head away, spiting his cum into a white puddle on his chest. She watched as powerful spasms added lines of sticky white cum to the mess. Slowly, his orgasm faded, his body twitching and white goo pooling on his abs. Liz watched in fascination, awed by the intensity of his reaction.

Stunned, she pushed her soaked panties off and straddled his head.

"Eat me," she demanded, her own lust swelling inside her. "Eat my pussy, you bastard."

Rick's tongue lashed wildly, parting Liz's wet folds and probing inside. She moaned as he licked and sucked at her pussy. His tongue searched inside, finding her clit and licking it passionately. She rocked her hips on his face, pushing her sensitive bud against his searching tongue. His body moved under her. In shock, she realized he was rolling his hips, fucking himself with the brush still lodged deep in his ass. The thought drove Liz wild. Her orgasm rushed over her like a wave and she came screaming.

Finally, she lifted herself off Rick's face. She looked down at him and smiled. He was flushed, cuffed to the bed, his own cum drying on his belly and even streaking the t-shirt he had never bothered to take off. She could plainly see the hairbrush protruding from his abused ass. His eyes were glazed and distant.

Calmly, Liz leaned across him and picked up her purse. She set the keys to the cuffs on the table beside the bed, re-fastened her bra and pulled her top back on over it. She tucked her panties into her purse and, hips swaying, walked out the door.

As she left, she heard Rick moan: "Can I have your number?"

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