Wild Devil


So, I did say, this would be back at some point. It got a lot of good reviews...I just really like the original myself and thought it could have been better. So, I re-did it and here is the new chapter 1 of Wild Devil. There are a few differences...the first being that the main character joins the band as a member, instead of going with them on tour, as a roadie. The other big change is that Liz, is the main characters sister, rather than being his girlfriend. Had a lot of fun working on it and I'm glad to be working with a pretty good editor again. Hope you all enjoy. Part 2 will be coming soon.



"Philadelphia!! Are you ready to rock and roll!?"

The crowd roared, hundreds, if not thousands of people screaming in excitement for the legendary Wild Devil. A well loved and respected rock band from the heart of London, England. Wild Devil had been around for just a little over ten years now. They were my absolute favorite band, of all time.

I was ten years old, the first time I heard this band on the radio in my father's car, on the way home from a grocery store. I fell in love, almost as soon as the song started playing. I was hooked from that point forward and it wasn't long after, that I had begged my parents for a guitar for Christmas. They happily caved and bought me a red Gibson SG, along with a small ten watt amplifier.

I started teaching myself how to play right away, jamming along to Wild Devil songs on my stereo and my folks were more than impressed with how quickly I seemed to improve at playing. I studied many other bands of course, from AC/DC to Black Sabbath and all of the classics. By the time I was sixteen years old, I had started my own band and we were pretty fucking good. Not anywhere near as good as Wild Devil though.

I had seen Wild Devil live, many times over the years. It had become a tradition for me and my sister Liz, to go to every show that they put on in Philadelphia. They came to America quite often and they loved the East Coast, so Philly got to see them pretty frequently.

This most recent time though, I had scored more than just two tickets for my sister and I to go see Wild Devil. I had managed to get two backstage passes too, the first chance we'd ever had to actually meet the band in person. The best part about this, was the possibility that I could actually meet Laura Wild.

Wild Devil had been formed by two sisters; Laura and Tori. They grew up in the UK and had been playing guitar and bass since they were just children. They started Wild Devil, when they were twenty years old and quickly soared to fame in the music industry. The band to this date, consisted of Laura Wild on guitar and lead vocals, Tori Wild on bass and vocals, Mark Stevens on lead guitar and Christopher Thomson on drums.

I cheered, throwing my arms into the air and helping to lift my sister up to crowd surf, as the band kicked into their opening song "Run like Hell."

The show lasted about an hour and a half, and like always, it was one hell of a night. Wild Devil was famous for their energetic live performances, always packed with excitement both for the fans and the band themselves.

When it was over, Liz and I made our way out to the merch area and joined the line that would be leading back stage. There were about ten other people, who had scored passes and we were at the very back of the line unfortunately. I didn't care though. It didn't matter how long I had to wait to get back there, just as long as I got back there and got to meet Wild Devil...specifically, Laura Wild.

"I can't believe this is happening," Liz said, as the line slowly moved forward into a long hallway.

"I can't believe, we're really going to meet them!"

"You and me both," I agreed. "As soon as I heard they were giving out passes, I called the radio station right away. I spent an hour and a half on hold...if I had hung up at any point, there's no way we would be here right now."

"You're the coolest little brother, ever."

"I try."

We both laughed and Liz gave me a hug, rustling my hair with one hand. "Do you think it's true?" She asked suddenly.


"You know; the rumors!"

It took me a minute to figure out what Liz meant, and then I remembered. There were some rather serious accusations, floating around about Wild Devil lately; specifically about lead singer Laura Wild and lead guitarist Mark Stevens. The rumor was that Laura and Mark, had been sleeping together.

This was a pretty big thing, for two reasons.

First and foremost, was the fact that Mark was married. He had been married to his wife, Michelle, for the past five years and if he was sleeping with Laura... he was cheating on his wife.

The other thing, was the fact that it was very well known, that Laura was not a typical woman. Laura had been born a boy. She was a transsexual and very open about it, feeling no obligation to keep it a secret from her fans. It had stirred up a lot of controversy over the years but, even more so, now that people were talking about her sleeping with Mark. Of course no one knew for sure, whether Laura and Mark were actually fooling around with each other.

They had been questioned in many different interviews but, neither of them ever confirmed.

"No idea," I said, answering Liz' question.

"I heard they're having some problems, with Mark though. I guess if it's true, that's probably why."

"Hmm...What about the other thing? About her being trans?"

"I doubt it," I laughed.

"Laura is fucking sexy as hell. Ain't no way, she could possibly have anything between those legs of hers, that shouldn't be there."

"I don't know," Liz replied. "I can't see why she would lie about being trans. She has openly admitted to it, in the past."

"I'm sure she must have been joking."

"Why don't we ask her then?"

I laughed, rolling my eyes and initially figuring that my sister was probably just kidding. Then when I looked at her though, I could see she was being one hundred percent serious. "No joke," Liz said, with a grin. "Let's ask. I bet you, it's true!"

"Right, a bet? So what are the terms of this bet?"

"Hmmm... Well, if it's not true... I'll give you $100."

"You know, I won't turn down a chance to make some cash. What happens if it's true though?"

Liz stared straight ahead, seemingly thinking, trying to come up with an idea of what my end of the deal would have to be.

"Well, if it's true...you have to offer Laura, a blowjob."

"Ha! Alright, fine. If Laura Wild has a dick, I'll gladly get down on my knees and suck the shit out of that thing."

"I bet you would, you dirty little slut."

"Fuck you," I laughed.

I was half joking of course; I still felt pretty confident, there was no way that Laura could have been born a boy. Those interviews, where Laura had supposedly admitted to being a transsexual...she always seemed to be laughing when she said it. I had always assumed, and so had a lot of other people, this was because Laura was just kidding.

When we finally reached the bands dressing room, the man who led us there announced that it was groups of three at a time. Being all the way at the back of the line, this meant that Liz and I were both going to still be waiting a while.

Liz groaned in frustration, leaning against the wall and rolling her eyes. "Haven't we waited, long enough?"

"Relax," I chuckled. "We're almost there."

"You think Tori, will be back there?"

"Yes Liz, I'm sure your future wife, will be back there."

My sister was openly gay. She had come out as a lesbian, when we were both still in high school and of course, everyone had been very supportive of her in the matter. Much like me, crushing on Laura, Liz had always had a massive thing for Laura's sister; Tori Wild. There was speculation over whether or not Tori was interested in girls herself, though it had never been confirmed. Some people had claimed, they had seen her a few times in gay clubs in London and even here in America.

She was 31 years old and had never been seen with any man, in a way that would hint she might be in a relationship. The odds of Tori being lesbian or at least bisexual, were pretty big as far as I could tell. Not that Liz had even the slightest chance with her, if it were true but... she could dream. I knew I didn't have a chance with Laura myself.

They were rock stars and we were just fans.

Finally, it came time for Liz and I to meet the band. Everyone else had spent a good fifteen minutes in the dressing room, per group and now they were finally all gone. It was just me and Liz now. The man stepped out of the room and looked around for a moment, before turning his attention to me and Liz.

"Just you two?"

"Just us," Liz replied, excitedly.

"Alright then... come on in!"

We both practically ran into the small dressing room, complete with a fold up card table, a mini fridge, a recliner and a sofa. My eyes went wide as I made direct eye contact, with none other than Laura and Tori Wild themselves. They were both sitting on the sofa and Chris, the bands drummer, was sitting at the card table across from the two women.

"Hello there, who do we have here?" Tori asked, her British accent was much thicker, than

it sounded in most interviews.

"I...Um...I'm Danny," I said, my nerves causing me to choke on my own words. "And this is-"

"I'm his sister," Liz said, cutting me off.

"I just want to say... you're like, the greatest bass player ever!"

Tori laughed, standing up from the sofa and stepping closer.

"Right then, always good to meet a true fan like yourself. And you are, love?"

"I'm Lizzy," my sister said, gawking at Tori. "Or... just Liz."

"Elizabeth," Tori grinned. "Beautiful name. My grandmother had a sister, by that name."

Liz was blushing from ear to ear and I couldn't help but laugh, as I watched Tori take my sister by the hand and raised her hand to her lips. I looked past Tori and made eye contact with Laura, once again. Now it was my turn to blush, as Laura stood and stepped closer to me. "And who does Danny think, is the greatest guitarist in the world?"

Laura's accent was just as thick and heavy as Tori's, and I loved it. It was so damn sexy and one of her best features.

"I would definitely, have to say Laura Wild..."

"Hmm, this Laura bird...she must be one hell of a girl, eh?"

"Definitely," I agreed, laughing at the way that Laura pretended not to be who she was.

"First time at one of our shows, is it?"

"No," I answered. "We've seen you like a thousand times. It's the first time we're getting to actually meet you, though."

"I see. Well, did you enjoy the show then?"

"Fucking loved it," Liz replied, happily.

"What's your favorite song, love?"

Liz and I both looked at each other and laughed. "It's impossible to pick one specific song," I said. "I guess if we had to..."

"Screaming Bloody Murder," Liz said. "First one we ever actually heard from you, on the radio."

"It's the first one that I learned to play," I added.

"Play," Laura repeated my words. "Guitar?"

"Yeah! I've been playing, since I was about ten years old. Taught myself, by jamming along to all of your songs for hours on end. I probably never would have picked up an instrument, if not for Wild Devil."

"Well, let's just pretend that's the first time we've heard that," Chris said, speaking up for the first time.

He was being sarcastic of course and looked a bit pissed, as he took a sip of beer.

"Don't mind him, chap," Laura said, with a sly grin.

"He's always a bit moody, after a show. Chris' is a good bloke though."

"Of course," I nodded. "You're an amazing drummer. It's an honor to meet you."

Chris chuckled, taking another swig of his beer and brushing his long, shaggy brown hair out of his eyes.

"It's not the first time, we've heard it. But we always enjoy, learning that we helped a fellow musician like yourself get started. It's an honor," Laura said.

"Why don't you play us a song then, huh?"


Tori stepped towards the couch and grabbed a guitar, carrying it over and placing it in my outstretched hands. It was a beauty...a Gibson Les Paul, hooked up to a ten watt Marshall Amplifier.

"Well go on then," Laura laughed. "Show us a thing or two."

I looked at Liz, her eyes beaming with excitement for me. She mouthed "do it" and I nodded, taking a seat on the couch and clearing my throat. "Uh... a-any special requests?"

"Hmm... how about some AC/DC?" Chris suggested.

"Right, I can do that..."

I took a deep breath, as Laura handed me a pick and I tried to figure out which song I wanted to play. I started off with the opening chords to the song "Thunderstruck" and after just a few riffs, I could see the satisfaction in Laura, Tori and Chris. I played about half of the song and then led into the riffs, of the main Chorus for the song "Hells Bells."

I carried on from that into "Whisky on the rocks" and then finished off with "Dirty Deeds." By the end of it, Laura, Tori and Chris were actually singing along as I played the guitar and I couldn't believe it.

I was basically jamming, with my favorite band at that point. Things got even better, when Laura grabbed her own guitar and sat down beside me. I was just kicking off the beginning of the song "T.N.T" and Laura followed behind me, the both of us playing the song together. Laura started singing the lyrics and my heart started pounding in my chest.

See me ride out of the sunset

On your color TV screen

Out for all that I can get

If ya know what I mean

Women to the left of me

And women to the right

Ain't got no gun

Ain't got no knife

Don't you start no fight

Chris had picked up a set of drumsticks and was banging away on a chair, drumming along with us. Tori and Liz just stood by, laughing and enjoying the little mini-show, while I felt like I was living a dream at the moment. When we finished playing, Liz and Tori both clapped and Laura laughed, giving me a pat on the back. "You're not half bad, kid; you should be in a band of your own, don't you think Tori?"

"Hell, he could take Mark's place!"

"Ah, don't flatter me! I'm not that good," I said, blushing again.

It was at that moment, that I realized...Mark was the only member of the band not currently present. That was a bit disappointing, as I had been looking forward to meeting with him, just as much as the rest of the band. "Where is Mark, anyway?"

Laura, Tori and Chris all looked at one another and suddenly I felt a great deal of tension among the three band members. Laura shrugged her shoulders and set her guitar down, leaning it against the wall. "Mark doesn't take part in these things much, anymore. Hasn't for a bit now, actually."

"Well...w-why not?"

"Cause he's a little fucker," Chris answered.

"Busy wankin' off somewhere, with some American bird."

"That's probably my fault," Laura said, lighting up a cigarette.

"Why would it be your fault," Liz chimed in, sitting down on the couch next to me now.

"Cause, I told him I didn't want to be his thing," Laura replied.

"Poor bloke didn't take it that well."

"So it's true," I said, surprised by all of this. "You two were..."

"Dating? Fuck no," Laura laughed, taking a drag of her cigarette. "Just fooling around, was all. Poor sap wanted more than that and I wasn't interested. I had to put him down."

"Not been the same since then," Tori nodded.

"Mark has a big chip on his shoulder now. We barely see him, unless it's on stage during a set. He's been missing out on a lot of our practice sessions to."

"He's in a world of his own," Chris said, and I could hear some resentment in the drummer's voice.

"Can I ask a question," Liz started.

All eyes were on my sister now and I figured, she probably just planned on asking something simple, about one of their songs or something; boy was I wrong. Liz and I were brother and sister, best friends until the end. But she was the oldest and the oldest, always looks for any chance they can find, to mess with the youngest. Just because we were so close with each other, did not mean that Liz was any different in that sense.

"Is it true? About you being...you know..."

"Trans?" Laura asked, with a chuckle.

"Straight forward now, aren't you love? Yes, it's true."

"Well there you go, Danny," Liz laughed.

"Looks like you'll need to hold up your end of the deal."

"Shut up, Liz."

"And what deal might that be, huh?" Laura asked, sitting forward and grinning at me.


"My brother here, didn't believe that you were really a transsexual," Liz said, grinning from ear to ear.

"So, we had sort of a bet going. If it turned out to be true, Danny said he would offer you a blowjob."

I could feel my cheeks burning, flashing bright red with embarrassment now. Laura was staring directly at me and Tori and Chris, were trying the hardest not to laugh. "Is that so," Laura asked, leaning back and suddenly looking at me with a very hungry look in her eyes.

"You like sucking cock, do you boy?"

"What? N-No, I...I've never..."

"Well, we could change that, if you're open to it."

"I...ha...was only joking, when I made that deal."

Liz was practically dying of laughter at this point, and Chris and Tori had stopped holding back now to. Laura was still staring at me, lust in her big blue eyes and rubbing herself through the front of her black, leather pants. "That's a shame," she said, looking disappointed.

"I could use a good sucking, right about now."

I blushed even more, giving a nervous laugh in response. We were all quiet for a few moments, before Tori finally broke the silence. "We're all heading out to the after party now," she said, standing up.

"A pub not too far from here, I believe. Our manager paid them to stay open, until the ass crack of daylight. Would you two like to join us, now?"

Liz and I looked at each other and our eyes lit up, with excitement. Not only did we get to meet our favorite band, but now they were offering to let us drink with them? This truly was turning out to be the greatest night of our lives!

"Definitely," I agreed.

"Right then," Laura smiled. "We'll be off soon, then."

Liz and I sat on the couch, as Laura, Chris and Tori started packing up the last of their equipment and carrying it outside to the trailer. We stayed inside and waited for them to let us know, when it was time to get moving.

When we got to the bar, the place was jam packed with a mixture of fans, crew members and of course, all four members of Wild Devil. Mark was there and he was already piss ass drunk, slurring his words and staggering all over the place. I had heard that Mark was probably the heaviest drinker in the band, and ninety percent of the shows they played, he was always drunk. Somehow though, he still managed to play the shit out of that guitar and always sounded at his best. Some people liked to joke, that he actually couldn't play guitar at all, unless he was drinking. No one really knew for sure, if there was any truth behind that though.

Because no one had ever actually seen him play sober, in a very long time. Not since the bands early days, at least.

Drinks were free for the entire night, already paid for by the band manager. Liz and I were having a ball, drinking and partying with other fans and with the band of course. Laura actually hung out with me, pretty much the entire night, throwing back shots together and playing a few rounds of pool.

Around 3:00 in the morning, the band decided to head back to the hotel and continue the party there. This was something considered to be mostly exclusive, to the band and its crew...no fans allowed. Only because of hotel management and the fact that their hotel room, was probably just big enough for the band mates themselves. Laura, Tori and Chris bid us farewell and thanked us for coming to hang with them, at the bar that night. Mark of course stayed to himself and had already walked outside, having said absolutely nothing to me or Liz that night.

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