tagGay MaleWild Flower Ch. 11

Wild Flower Ch. 11


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Welcome to the 11th chapter of this intriguing story. Man! I am on fire and I can't wait to start. The suspense is really killing me and I am the writer.

I hope this chapter will have you guys hooked because there is a part which I know most of you have been asking. Don't forget to drop your comments at the end of this chapter. I love you guys so much.

So we start off from where we left...


Antonio was head over hills for this angel that had just turned up in his office. There was so much going inside in his head that his cock was about to rip out of his pants. Miguel's smile had him going crazy with desire and lust. His body had him thinking all kinds of dirty things. He just couldn't keep his eyes off that beautiful and seductive body.

Miguel loved what he was doing to Antonio even though he was so damn disgusted. He just wanted to get out of that place soon but he knew he couldn't do that because he was a man on a mission and he wasn't gonna leave until his mission was confirmed and complete.

For Miguel, it actually turned out that Antonio was a classic idiot. Turns out Miguel's body had him all hot and bothered.

"Well, the media calls me La don because I am the owner of Powers group of CL." Miguel chuckled softly, making sure that he had eye contact with the idiot.

"Wow!" Antonio gasped, shaking his head in happiness. "I have heard a bit about it." He said.

"Really?" Miguel blushed. "Well! I never thought someone like you would have heard of my company. That's good then."

"What do you mean?" Antonio chirped, getting a little closer to Miguel. "It is one of the most important companies in St Luis and I must say that the owner is really beautiful and important just like the company."

"It's becoming really influential." Miguel said with a sexy smile. "It is not only in the city but all of St Luis and soon it's gonna reach the entire continent and the world."

"Wow!" Antonio put his hand above his hip and just admired the sexy young man.


"Oh! I am really sorry." Antonio chuckled nervously. "Please. Pardon my foolishness. Why should a beauty like you stand? Why don't you come to my little living room so that we can talk, uh?"

"Thank you so much." Miguel said, shaking his head.

"Well!" He extended his arm, pointing towards the living room. "After you, mi don."

"Thank you."

Miguel took a deep breath and then started walking towards the living room, making sure he was as sexy as he could be at that particular time. His body movement was exactly just like the way he wanted it to be and his entire face was cute as hell. He knew that Antonio was already lusting for him. He was head over hills for him. There was no denying that.

Antonio on the other hand really felt as if his entire body was vibrating in lust. He couldn't keep his eyes off Miguel, not once. And when he looked at that perfect ass, his lust went to another level. He just wanted to have a taste of it.

Anyway, Miguel walked towards the couches and sat on the biggest couch there was. Fortunately for him, Antonio came and sat closer to him and the two guys were really close to each other. Miguel could feel Antonio's heat and it just irritated him even more.

"I am more than happy to meet you." Antonio said. He just couldn't keep his eyes off Miguel and not to talk of that big cock which was iron hard in his pants and leaking pre-cum.

"Oh, Mr. Spencer, I really..."

"Antonio." He said softly, taking a deep breath. "I don't mind if a beautiful boy like you calls me Antonio."

"Okay." Miguel smiled. "Antonio."

"That's good." Just hearing his name on Miguel's sexy lips was turning him on. "So what did you come to see me for?"

"Well!" Miguel took a deep breath, grinning at the man. "I came all the way from the city to talk business."

"I am at your service for whatever you might need." And Antonio was actually hoping he'd get lucky with the young man. It was gonna be a dream come true. "But I must ask you though." He cleared his voice, shaking his head. "How do you know me because I have never seen you before? Have you been to Sumitria before?"

"Uh?" Miguel stuttered. Then he remembered that this was the place he had lived most of his childhood life. It had been a place filled with a lot of sad memories. He used to live in that place together with his parents before they...

"No!" Miguel shook his head. Obviously, he had to lie. "This is my first time in Sumitria. It's a quite a nice place."

"Yeah, it is." Antonio sighed. "I have actually lived my entire life in this place, enjoying myself and living my life. You know how strong and powerful businessmen like us are, don't you?"

Miguel swallowed his saliva and then smiled brightly. "Yes! Why wouldn't a rich man like you enjoy his life? You still have a lot ahead of you and you have a lot of money. Who wouldn't enjoy himself if he was in your shoes?"

Both men laughed as they enjoyed each other's company, well, Miguel was so irritated that he felt as if something was crawling up his skin. His heart was racing and he had done his best to control his breaths from coming out harshly. He just didn't want the bastard to suspect something. Besides, he wanted to be sure if he was the one. He just didn't know how to do that.

Miguel moved his eyes and looked at Antonio seductively, biting his top lip. "By the way, Antonio, I have heard about you but I actually never knew you were such a cute guy and quite sexy too. I was thinking I was coming to meet an old man but with what I have seen here..." He grinned. "...I think you are really sexy."

"Oh!" Antonio chuckled. His heart began pounding when he heard those words from Miguel. His breaths became a little harsh and he licked his lips. "Thank you so much, mi don... I really, really find those words sexy."

"Go ahead and think like that, pig." Miguel thought as a smile brightened up his face. "Pray that you are not one of my rapists because you will regret this."

"Yeah, it was just an observation."

Miguel had Antonio where he wanted him. Antonio was charmed, mesmerized and totally overtaken by Miguel's beautiful face and body. What he didn't know was that Miguel was using his skills in seduction to drive him crazy.

Miguel chuckled nervously and then got a little closer to Antonio, making sure that he had his eyes locked with the bastard.

"Well! I really like the type of business that you deal in and I am actually really interested in it."

"Anything that I can do to help..." Antonio opened his arms wider. "...I am willing to do anything."

"Wow! That's nice, Antonio." Miguel moved his hands and held Antonio's hands, rubbing on them. What the fuck? Antonio felt as if he'd just been connected to an electric cable. So many vibrations took over his body and he swore he almost came.

"I really feel safe with you, Antonio." Miguel said in pretence. "I usually don't feel this safe when I am with a man, another man that is."

Antonio had just hit a jackpot and he was sure the end results were gonna be magnificent. He rubbed on Miguel's hands and smiled the best way he could. He had no idea why Miguel was different from all the people that he had ever met before in his life.

"You are very safe with me in business or otherwise." Antonio said in a really horny voice that definitely annoyed Miguel. But he couldn't show it.

"So..." Miguel said in a really sexy voice. "Are you married or are you one of the men that take off their rings during the day and pretend to be single?"

"What?" Antonio chuckled nervously, shaking his head. "I am eternally single." He couldn't miss the chance Miguel was giving him. It was golden. "No man has ever been able to tie me down."

Miguel smiled brightly, chuckling softly. He was feigning happiness but while Antonio was looking away, he had a strong look of disgust that showed how he was really feeling about the Antonio guy. He was feeling rage, anger and pain all at the same time. His heart was in so much pain and he couldn't keep himself from thinking about the day of his rape, how brutal the men had been with him.

Miguel was wondering which of the three masked men Antonio was. All of them had been brutal with him and they had hurt him terribly. He could still remember the pain while they were raping him. He could feel blood gushing out of him. He could hear his voice and the sensual moans the three men had made as they raped him. He could feel their cocks in...

"Are you okay?" Antonio asked when he saw that Miguel was quite.

"Uh?" Miguel raised his eyebrows. "I am absolutely fine. I was just thinking about what you had just told me and..."

"Maybe it's the environment." Antonio chuckled. He had a great plan. "Why don't we go to a coffee shop so that I can treat you to some coffee?"

Miguel knew exactly what the pig had in mind. "Of course, Antonio. I think coffee would be a great idea."

"Okay. Let's go."

Miguel got up and followed the pig out of his office. The jerk made sure that he was right in front of him and Miguel knew very well that the pig was looking at his ass. He took the hat and put it on again and just followed the guy to the coffee shop. It was nearby and it wasn't long before they reached.

Miguel and Antonio went to the coffee shop and Antonio bought him coffee. Their conversation continued but Miguel was not the same anymore. He was realizing that the more he talked to Antonio the more affected he became. The guy was smiling so much that it made Miguel remember all those painful words that they had used on it. It was coming back to him.

Throughout their conversation, Miguel was pissed and Antonio's mere presence irritated him to the core. He was talking so much that right at that moment all he was doing was agreeing with the guy on what he was saying.

"...both our companies will leave a mark of quality." Antonio said happily.

Hearing about what Antonio had just said, Miguel took a painful visit to the past. He remembered that time the three men had been raping him and what had happened at that particular time. His heart was bleeding terribly once again.

"Wow!" One of the masked men laughed, raping him even harder. "You are a really sweet boy."

The three men masked men were now shirtless and in only their boxer briefs. Angelo had a good look at them and saw that one of them had a beautiful tattoo of a red flower on his chest. Another had a small dark tattoo on his arm. The other one had a large birthmark near his pubes.

Miguel came back to the present and he could feel that his heart was beating terribly and he was somehow struggling to keep his breaths from becoming harsh.

"I know what to do." He thought.

Miguel did his best to smile the same way that he had been smiling and then started walking slowly and seductively towards Antonio. The guy was so busy talking that he didn't even notice that Miguel was coming in closer.

When Miguel was near enough, he pretended to have tripped and then fell on Antonio's body, making sure that he had pushed his hand with which he held the coffee. The coffee spilt on his shirt and he actually moved.

"What the fuck?" Antonio slightly yelled when he felt the hot coffee on his skin.

"Oh my god," Miguel gasped in mock astonishment. He quickly got up and stood right. "I am so sorry about this. I didn't mean to make you spill coffee all over yourself. It's just that I..."

"Oh!" Antonio smiled brightly, looking into Miguel's seductive eyes. "I don't mind at all. It's just that I was caught by surprise and I couldn't... I couldn't..."

"Now your beautiful shirt is dirty." Miguel said, putting his hand seductively on his chest. "This is really my fault."

Antonio moved his eyes and stared at his shirt and there was a huge mark and it was showing. He couldn't hide it.

"No! It was just a mistake and it was bound to happen." Antonio chuckled. "You don't have to worry about it."

"No!" Miguel sighed. "Please! Let me take off your shirt."

"What?" Antonio looked all around. "No!" he chuckled nervously, looking at Miguel. "That's not necessary."

"No! I insist." Miguel said happily, smiling at Antonio. "Let me do this for you. I don't mind."

"No!" Antonio shook his head. "I can do it myself in the washroom."

"Okay." Miguel raised his hands in the air but he didn't lose that smile. "Can I at least go with you?"

Antonio smiled brightly. "Of course, yes."

Antonio dropped the coffee cup to the ground and then started heading to the bathroom. Miguel gathered his courage, took a deep breath and then followed the bastard inside the washroom. He was actually hoping that he was gonna find out the truth while he was with the bastard inside but at the same time he was hoping that he wasn't the one because so help him God... he was gonna make him pay with his life.

When Miguel entered the bathroom, Antonio was standing in front of a mirror, looking at himself. But he still had that beautiful smile on his face which he was hoping he was gonna get Miguel with. But that wasn't gonna happen, ever.

Miguel took a deep breath and went closer to the guy, resting his hands on that muscular yet irritating chest that made him wanna puke. He wanted to cry but he was holding himself because he was not a coward.

"Please." Miguel pleaded, licking his lips sensually, totally driving Antonio bonkers. "Let me take your shirt off, Antonio." He said with his eyes on the pig's ugly face. "For a long time I have wanted to fix my own mistakes. Let me take out the shirt for you. It will be my greatest honor." He said with a deep sigh.

Antonio had never heard that from any man he had ever tried to pursue in his life before. His heart was pounding terribly in his chest and his breaths were harsh and sensual. A really beautiful, seductive and sexy man was asking him that. It was like a dream.

With the way Miguel had been insisting on taking his shirt, Antonio got the idea that Miguel was flirting with him for something other than business. He was probably the type of young boys that like muscular chest, he thought. He was gonna help him with that.

"I will do it myself." He breathed.

Antonio gripped both the sides of his shirt and did something even crazier. He pulled on both sides and then totally tore his own shirt, totally exposing his none existent abs. Then a smile appeared on his face and he chuckled softly, winking at Miguel. He was sure he was now lucky because he knew that he was gonna arouse any form of pleasure from Miguel. He was totally sure.

Miguel on the other hand got the surprise of his life and probably one of the most painful moments of his life when he moved his eyes and stared at Antonio's chest. There it was, the same tattoo of a red flower he had seen years ago by the men that had actually raped him brutally.

Seeing the Mark, Miguel remembered the man's face as he raped her that day...

"Oh come on," The man moaned loudly, thrusting his hips furiously. "You taste so fucking sweet." He thrust in even harder.

"Ah..." Miguel screamed as if death had just visited him right there. His entire body was in pain as the cock was too big for his hole. He felt as if he was being ripped apart. Each thrust that man made caused him so much pain that he felt as if he was gonna pass out.

Blood was gushing out and the man was furiously raping him while enjoying beating his beautiful face.

Miguel shook his head and came back to reality. He was the same man that had caused him so much pain. It was now confirmed and Miguel couldn't have said that his pain got a little better. It was worse than ever and he just wanted to cry.

On the other hand, Antonio was so turned on that his cock was throbbing painfully. He was in need of Miguel's ass and he was ready to have it inside that washroom. He just didn't care about anything else that would happen afterwards. He didn't even care if someone caught them.

Just like a flash, Antonio dropped his arms and then moved closer to Miguel. He grabbed his waist and pulled him closer, breathing on him sensually.

Miguel felt really disgusted when Antonio pulled him like that. He remembered his powerful grip three years and it reminded him of that very moment. He quickly pushed Antonio away from him and then moved away slowly. He saw a frown appear on Antonio's face.

"Why did you do that?" Antonio frowned. "I thought you were... I thought you wanted this, mi don. What's wrong?"

Miguel took a sigh and gathered his courage.

"For a long time now I have always been the one who decides what to do with a man." He said softly. "It's the way I am."

Antonio tried to speak but he saw Miguel holding on to his coat tightly, pulling it up closer to his hands. He actually chuckled and shook his head.

Miguel on the other hand felt his heart bleeding. He couldn't understand the pain he was experiencing at that time. It was like being raped all over again. His entire body was enveloped in terrible pains that were seemingly preying on him. It was really painful.

Miguel started pulling on the coat that he was holding, trying to reach a hidden pocket inside his coat. What Antonio had no idea of was that he was trying to pull a gun out on him. His laughs were irritating and Miguel just wanted to put a hole in his head. That was all.

"You don't have to be so careful with your stuff." Antonio chuckled as he looked at the way Miguel was gripping his coat tightly. "No one can steal from you."

But Miguel was still going for that gun. He was about to reach it when all of a sudden, a man that was dressed like a janitor came inside and greeted them both before he went into one of the cubicles. That man made Miguel to totally forget about putting a bullet inside Antonio's skull. He didn't wanna cause trouble, especially since he was not through with his revenge.

Miguel took a deep sigh, containing his pain. Then he finally let go of the gun and looked at Antonio with a serious face. He was now really mad.

"I prefer to talk about these kinds of important business deals in my own territory." Miguel said with an assuring smile. He slipped his hand through his pocket and brought out a card which he handed over to Antonio who gladly took it. "I would like you to come and see me sometime in my city to talk business."

"I will gladly do that." He gave a sigh of relief. "I will visit you very soon."

"I will see you then." Miguel was hoping it was gonna be real soon.

Without saying anything, Miguel made a quick turn and lost his smile as soon as he did. He walked out disgusted and was glad he did because he would have killed the bastard right there in public. But he was gonna deal with him very soon.

Miguel came out of the washroom and started heading to his car. Tears were forming in his eyes but he suppressed them and continued rushing to his fancy car. There was a lot going on inside his head and he just wanted to get out of there. Coming to Sumitria added to his pain because that had been his home town. Sure! They had lived in the capital but it was in Sumitria where their house had been located.

As Miguel was rushing to his car, he got another shocking surprise. He saw Christian right there, near where he was. Christian was dressed beautifully in a black designer's skinny jean and yellow shirt. He was looking really sexy and Miguel had never seen him look so serious.

Christian wasn't alone. He was with some guy who looked serious. Miguel had seen him before but he couldn't remember from where. What Miguel didn't want was for Christian to see him so he quickly rushed to his car and hid very well. He watched as Christian passed with the man he was with. Their conversation seemed pretty serious.

"What is Christian doing here?" Miguel thought. He couldn't understand what the man was doing in Sumitria because he actually didn't follow him. He seemed to be there on his own business.

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