tagGay MaleWild Flower Ch. 12

Wild Flower Ch. 12


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Welcome to the twelfth chapter of this captivating story. I really love you guys. I would love to apologize to you guys because I didn't edit most of this story. I was really busy that I just wrote and passed through quickly without thoroughly reviewing and editing. You might find a few mistakes and I am sorry. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy.

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Miguel was slowly walking inside the mansion with the idiot right behind him. His heart was really pounding. It was as if it was a washing machine. He was shivering from being so close to Antonio and he was dying to kill him and rip his fucking head off. The guy was really irritating and annoying at the same time.

With a chuckle, Miguel looked ahead and saw the place where he kept different kinds of guns. They were on display and he was not afraid to use them on the idiot.

Miguel went to where he had his guns hanging and carefully took the assault rifle on top. He slowly traced it with his fingers as an evil grin appeared on his face. Antonio on the other hand was finding all this really funny and sexy. The way Miguel was tracing the gun was a total turn on and he couldn't wait to get started with him.

With a smile, Miguel made a quick glance at the guy who had his hands in his pocket, still staring at Miguel with lecherous eyes. He was probably drooling and thinking all kinds of dirty things he was gonna do with Miguel.

"Do you like to hunt?" Miguel bubbled, slowly moving the gun up.

Hearing Miguel's question, Antonio chuckled happily and then shook his head. He was still stuck on the illusion that his visit to Miguel was all about sex. Everything Miguel was showing him only showed that he was obsessed with him. He was sure he was gonna get lucky that evening.

"I can see that my visit has nothing to do with business." He said in a really horny voice. He was starting to get closer to Miguel who was so taken by the gun he was holding. "If you want action..." He moaned. "...you'll get action."

With a sensual moan, Antonio rubbed his hands softly, chuckling like an evil man. Then he quickly went behind Miguel and wrapped his arms tightly around his waist, bringing him closer to his crotch. He was instantly hard and his breaths changed. They were now violent and he was breathing on Miguel's neck.

When Miguel felt Antonio's arms around his waist, especially that disgusting body close to him, he felt really disgusted. Antonio's stench and proximity made his body quiver. It was as if something was crawling up his skin. He remembered all the pains he had passed through when the guy was busy raping him three years ago.

"Get your hands off me, Antonio." He bickered, feeling his body trembling.

"Why, Miguel?" Antonio hissed on his neck, breathing on him. "Isn't this what you want? Don't you want me?"


Miguel was really disgusted. He used his entire strength and made a quick turn. Then he pushed Antonio as hard as he could, really far from him. He looked at the pig and he still had a smile on his face. He really hated him so much.


"It's La don!" He rasped, shaking his head. "It's La don to you and everyone else."

Miguel couldn't take Antonio's foolishness anymore. He raised his gun up and pointed it right at Antonio's head. Antonio's smile faded when he saw what Miguel was doing. His heart started pounding deeply in fear even though he knew Miguel was probably joking with him.

"You should be very careful." He quavered, slightly moving away from Miguel. "That thing could go off, you know."

Miguel looked at Antonio and his pain came slipping right back. His hands were a little shaky but he wasn't gonna hesitate to put a hole through that big skull. He was gonna kill him without thinking twice about it.

After a few seconds, Antonio started laughing softly. Something had come to his mind and he was sure that it was the reason why Miguel was pointing a gun at him.

"I can see that you are a really wild person." He laughed teasingly, looking hungrily at him. "Do you have gun fetish or what? Do they turn you on because then this will be really interesting."

Miguel couldn't believe the nerve of Antonio. How dare he ask him such a stupid question? He was really pissed. The guy definitely had no idea who he was fucking with. If what he had in mind was for Miguel to offer his ass on a silver platter then he was definitely gonna be disappointed.

Miguel gripped the gun harder, moving his finger closer to trigger. He started moving closer to Antonio with a serious and evil face. He was definitely in so much pain and he wanted to end that drama once and for all.

"I want you to take off your shirt, right now." Miguel commanded.

"What?" Antonio gasped. Then he smirked, winking at Miguel. "That's no problem, mi don. I am at your service today."

With a growl, Antonio quickly took off his jacket and threw it away on the floor. Then he quickly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it away. His big bulge couldn't be hidden anymore. He was really hard and definitely wet with pre-cum. He just couldn't wait to bury his big cock in Miguel's ass. He was gonna enjoy fucking him.

Seeing the tattoo again, Miguel got into another phase of pain. It brought fresh memories to him, really painful memories that left new wounds on his body.

"Your tattoo is truly shocking." He chuckled bitterly.

"Yeah," Antonio glanced at it and smiled brightly. "I am sure it's lovely."

What Antonio was thinking was that it was because Miguel had seen it the other day and hence the reason he had said that.

"I actually saw that same tattoo three years ago." He said hoarsely, gripping his gun harder.

"What?" Antonio was now starting to lose his smile. "What are you talking about?"

Miguel chuckled manically, looking at Antonio with rage. "I saw that same tattoo three years ago on the men that abused me?"


To say Antonio was surprised would be an understatement. He was surprised, shocked and really confused. When he heard the words Miguel had just used on him, his heart pounded so hard in his chest that he felt like he was about to have a heart attack. His smile faded, replaced by a frown. His breaths instantly got harsh and his body started trembling.

His hormones started preying on him and he trembled in fear. He could have sworn that he could hear blood passing through his ears. His mouth gaped and he tried to control himself but he couldn't. His mind took him back to the past during the time when his friends and he had raped that poor boy, Angelo. But it couldn't have been possible, he thought as he tried hard to act confident and fearless. But his body was betraying him. He knew he had to do something.

"On your knees." Miguel signaled with his gun.

Miguel was now shaking in rage as a million tears quickly made their way down his cheeks. His face was now flooded and his wounds reopened. He couldn't control himself anymore and his voice was definitely shaky.

Antonio didn't need to be told twice to get on his knees. He quickly got on his knees and looked at the beautiful young man.

"I... I don't know what you are talking about?" Antonio actually stuttered, trying to control himself. But he couldn't mask the fear in his voice. "I... I am not the one that..."

"Shut the fuck up!" Miguel yelled, pointing the big gun at Antonio. "Do you think I am stupid? I would recognize you disgusting ugly face anywhere. You won't escape from here no matter what you say?" He yelled as more tears made their way to his cheeks.

"No!" Antonio quavered, shaking his head. "You are mistaken, Miguel." He pleaded, putting his hands together. "I am not the man you are talking about. You are totally mistaken."

"Oh really?" He yelped, shaking his head angrily. "You may try to act stupid but I will refresh your memory." He took a deep sigh, trying to get rid of his pain. "Do you remember three years ago, apparently on the outskirts of town in a hut in some forest? You and your friends had raped me brutally that day three years ago to be precise. Does that refresh your memory?"

"No! I..."

"Or perhaps you know me by my other name... Angelo?"

The moment Antonio heard that name, fear came clipping in. He was really trembling and his breaths were now really violent. He couldn't control himself anymore. He was definitely screwed. It wasn't possible that Angelo had survived. He was sure he was dead.

"Do you fucking remember?" Miguel yelled.

"No!" Antonio couldn't open his mouth to say to Miguel that he was actually the one. He knew that was gonna be really lethal for him. He had to keep on lying. "You are mistaken, Miguel. I would never harm anyone, not to talk of a young boy."

"You think I am joking here?" He seethed, furiously rubbing his tears. "Do you think I haven't done a research about you? I know about all the people, all the young men that you've raped and threatened to keep quiet so don't you fucking lie to me. I know how men like you are..."

"You are mistaken." Antonio quavered. He knew he had to do something to save himself from the hands of death. "I am a really honesty man and..."

"Shut the hell up!" Miguel furiously cocked the gun. "Honesty man indeed. Men like you are the reason why this country is so corrupt. You think just because you are powerful that you have become gods and can control the lives of young boys anyhow you like. Men like you are the reason why people now fear to report crimes to the police because you control the police. You destroyed my life that very day, you bastard." He sobbed.

Miguel got dangerously close, looking at Antonio with rage. "I can still remember all the despicable things you did to me that day." He groaned, feeling a deep pain in his heart. "You might have been wearing a masks but I still remember your faces." He chuckled bitterly, rubbing his tears.

Miguel took a deep breath and then got really serious. He was filled with so much evil.

"You are the first on my long list and I want the identities of the two other pigs before I send you to hell." He fumed. The evil in his voice couldn't be masked but it was accompanied by pain.

"No!" Antonio pleaded. He was really shaking and he was only seconds away from peeing in his pants. "You are just confused."


Miguel was definitely running out of patience with the bastard. He knew that the bastard was probably thinking he was joking meanwhile he was really serious. He chuckled sinisterly and did something really bad.

With an angry groan, Miguel dropped the gun and just when Antonio thought he was safe, Miguel raised his gun high in the air. Then he furiously thrust it forward, directing it to Antonio's face. The gun hit Antonio's forehead, sending him flying to the floor.

"Ow!" He cried out in pain, putting his hand on his forehead. He was screaming so horribly.

"You think I am really joking?" Miguel snapped, yelling at the stupid idiot. "Don't you fuck with me so answer my damn question before I..."

Miguel thrust his gun forward to him again but the idiot raised his face and pleaded. Miguel stopped the gun mid way and breathed harshly. He looked at the bastard and felt happy when he saw the way he was looking like.

Antonio had a big cut on his forehead and his hand was bloody. He was trying to cover it up but blood was still gushing out and the crazy idiot looked like he was about to cry.


"You pleas won't work here." Miguel furiously pointed the gun at his face. "I want you to confess right now before I..."

"Okay." Antonio yelled, slowly raising his bleeding ugly face. "I will confess." He pleaded, putting pressure on his wound. "Just what do you want to..."

"Stop denying it because I know you are the bastard." Miguel snapped, pointing his trembling gun closer. "Do you think I am stupid or mad and..."

"Don't hit me again." Antonio pleaded. "I admit. I was one of the men that raped you three years ago." He winced.

Miguel had hit him so hard on the head that it was pulsing terribly. It was as if someone was pounding on his head hard.

"I was the one."

Hearing Antonio confess was quiet painful. Of course, he had known Antonio was one of the guys that had raped him but hearing it from his mouth caused him nothing but pain.

"It was you, you bastard." Miguel sobbed, trying to hide his pain. "You ruined my life three years ago. I was just a young boy and you still raped me. You have ruined the lives of many young men. Now..." He paused and took a deep breath. "There were three of you that day that had raped me. Three of you and that idiot Lambert. I need the identities of the other two."

Antonio knew his chances of survival depended on his cooperating but... he knew he had to do something. As it was, Miguel had hit him so hard on his forehead that it was paining terribly. He felt as if his head had been broken.

"I will talk." He quavered, dropping his bloody hand. "I will tell you anything that you want. But I need water before I can talk. I am really thirsty."

"Okay." Miguel sniveled, rubbing his tears. "That's fine. I will give you water but I expect answers as soon as you have it."

Miguel looked at Antonio's ugly sorry face and shook his head in anger. He couldn't wait to kill the bastard and he wasn't gonna hesitate either. He was gonna send his ass right to hell where he belonged.

"In there..." Miguel pointed towards the kitchen on his right. "...that's the kitchen. Now get up and go and get your water."

"Thank you."

Antonio quickly got his trembling body up and started walking towards Miguel. Miguel repositioned his gun and moved a distance away from him, still pointing the gun at him.

Antonio's eyes were on the guns on display. He was really close to them and he knew that once he got an opportunity, he would take the gun and do a fast one on Miguel without him suspecting anything. But he just didn't know how to do it.

"Move!" Miguel yelled. "I don't have whole day to play with you."

Antonio increased his pace and just when he was about to reach the kitchen door, he quickly made a turn and grabbed a pistol on the rack. Without wasting time, he pointed at Miguel who was yet to realize what was going on.

"You bitch!" Antonio yelled as an evil grin appeared on his face.

Without wasting any time, Antonio quickly pulled the trigger and he got the surprise of his life. The gun clicked but nothing else came out of it, not even a sound. He got really shocked and his fear doubled. The evil grin disappeared, replaced by a rather scared looking and victim expression. He trembled terribly when he looked at Miguel.

Miguel burst into laughter when he saw the stunt that Antonio had just pulled on him. He couldn't believe that had just happened. It was rather really surprising to him. He laughed in mock, pointing the gun back at Antonio who immediately dropped his gun ad trembled.

"I knew you would try that you bastard." He chuckled teasingly, shaking his head. "The only gun in here that is loaded is mine. I am the hunter here and you are my prey, little bunny." His face got serious as he remembered what Antonio had done to him. "Isn't that what you call your victims?" Antonio shook his head in fear. "Isn't that what you called me that night?"

"Please." Antonio pleaded, putting his hands together. He was looking really pitiful but it wasn't working on Miguel at all. "Don't hurt... me, Miguel." He stuttered, trembling like a leaf.

"Why shouldn't I?" Miguel snarled. "You have hurt a lot of people, destroyed their lives and killed them in the process. Why should I spare you?"

Antonio knew he had to think fast.

"You can't me because I am the only one who knows the identities of the other two." He quavered, almost smirking at Miguel. ""You need me to identify them."

"I don't need your stupid opinion." Miguel said in a really painful voice. "If I were you then I would open my stupid mouth and speak up."

"I want to be safe first." Antonio said a little confidently. "I will not tell you anything until I know I am safe."

Miguel couldn't believe the nerves of the idiot. "I already sentenced you to death." Miguel had a good plan. "But you and I can come into an agreement if you tell me. I know what you want." He chuckled seductively. "If you tell me then..." He moved the gun away from Antonio's face, dropping his arms. "...I might just come into an agreement with you."

Antonio looked at Miguel and saw that he was no longer holding the gun to his face. He felt as if he was able to breathe once again but he didn't know for how long. He knew very well that Miguel was just trying to seduce him and was gonna turn on him sooner or later. He knew he had to do something to get out of there.

"Are you sure you... you are telling the truth?" He stuttered, getting a little closer.

Miguel smiled brightly. Of course, he wasn't gonna make any deal with Antonio. He was just using him to get what he wanted and then kill him later.

"I never lie." Miguel said assuring. "If you tell me those names then you are gonna be safe. I can even give you immense pleasure. Just tell me who they are."

"Well!" Antonio breathed softly, taking a few steps closer to the sexy boy. "They are... they are..."

"Go on." Miguel said softly, looking seductively at Antonio. "All I need are two names and that's all."

Antonio took a deep breath and then got closer to Miguel. Then he did something shockingly, something that greatly surprised Miguel, something stupid. He brought his hands closer and turned on Miguel.

"You bitch."

He pushed Miguel hard and managed to run away from him. Antonio ran as fast as he could, out of the house.

"What the fuck!"

Miguel hadn't seen that coming at all. He was definitely surprised. He hadn't expected it. He just looked at the running man and started chasing him. Antonio might have been running as fast as he could but Miguel was right behind him, chasing him with the gun pointed at him.

"Run you stupid idiot." Miguel yelled. "Run as fast as you can."

Antonio kept on running as fast as he could but Miguel was right behind him. His heart was pounding deeper in his chest... he was breathing violently... his body was in pain... he was scared... he was tired and he was angry. He didn't need to do anything rather than run away. All he wanted to do was escape and no wonder he was running away.

"Run you fool."

Miguel cocked his riffle and pressed on the trigger. A loud gunshot was heard and it was directed at Antonio. Antonio quickly dodged the bullet and took a quick glance behind him. He could see that Miguel was gaining up on him.

"What the fuck?" Antonio yelled, increasing his pace.

"You are gonna die." Miguel yelled, letting out another shot.

Miguel's breaths were harsh and his heart was racing. He was really furious and he was ready to kill Antonio. He continued on shooting at him, firing his shots but the lucky bastard was dodging all his shots. But he still continued because he wasn't gonna rest until the bastard was dead.

Meanwhile, Brandon was in his car. He had been going home when all of a sudden he had decided to come back to the Hacienda because he couldn't leave Miguel with the bastard. He didn't care about Miguel's reaction but he wasn't gonna allow the gross man to fuck Miguel. It wasn't gonna happen.

Just when he reached the Hacienda, he got the surprise of his life. He had been expecting to see something else but when he saw Miguel chasing and aiming at Antonio like a true hunter, he was both shocked and proud. But most of all, he was really confused. He couldn't understand what was going on anymore because he had left the two of them talking and looking at each other as if they were gonna fuck so... he was really confused.

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