tagFirst TimeWild Flowers

Wild Flowers


"You must come with my dear cousin," cousin Grace exclaimed excitedly.

"Oh. Why must I come my dearest girl?"

I laughed inwardly at her discomfit as I expressed her youthfulness to me. True it was only six months but when you are a man of twenty it all counts. Still Grace was not one to sulk and she smiled quickly enough and pulled at my arms again and bit her bottom lip in that engaging way of hers. In fact Grace could engage many a man's attention being a very attractive tawny haired young lady with voluptuous curves.

"Why because it is a perfect summer's day and I want to see the wild flowers near the woods. Please say you will come Paul, please!"

Like all men I readily gave into my cousin and we spoke to my Aunt who gave her permission. Let me explain that though I called them Aunt and Cousin they were in fact very good friends of my Mother. Since I was now an articled clerk to a law firm in Oxford I was able to easily travel to their house and use it as my home. I thought that my Mother and Aunt had in mind a match with my little cousin but they never mentioned this plan to me but had made their intentions well known to me.

Therefore at ten in the morning we set out upon our bicycles to travel to the White Horse Hills. Not wishing to meet anyone we traveled along deserted sunken cart lanes and made quick progress to the hills and woods. It was a gentle landscape and ride. The harvest was in so there were few folk about. Yet it was so hot and I removed my jacket and tie as we made a stop near a small stream. My cousin fanned herself furiously and was gasping for breath. Looking about I saw a clump of trees nearby and I called out that we could enjoy luncheon under the shade. There was no argument to my suggestion and we quickly made our way there.

Propping our machines against a tree we lay our picnic blanket down and feasted upon the delights my Aunt had placed in the basket for our repast. We washed it down with cool water that refreshed us and after a small time we felt ready to continue. Refreshed we began to search for the wild flowers that my cousin had given as an excuse for our expedition. Knowing that our best chance of success was next to the stream we walked along its paths into the trees, we crossed a low stone wall and continued onwards. As we walked along the stream it opened out onto a pond and a grass verge. On the far side I saw someone lying beneath a tree, it was to far to make out the figure properly other than she was a woman in light brown clothing. I told my cousin to be quiet and we walked along the bank in the shade.

Suddenly she turned to me and gasped, "That woman over there is completely naked."

I looked to the figure under the tree and realised that Grace was correct. As I did the woman awoke, stretched and saw us, she stood up and waved to us unconcerned with her nudity. I admired her body,she looked as though she was in her forties yet she had a body that many a woman would envy. I swept my gaze over her full breasts, the sensual curve of her hips and the grey streaked black hair atop a pleasing face. I raised my hand and waved back. Grace looked shock and spoke sternly.

"Why did you do that, she is a disgrace like that. Why she is even showing her unmentionables."

"Well it is only polite since she greeted us." Though my cousin was right in that we could see the thick black bush at her vagina. Then I saw her come towards us and I warned my cousin of what was happening. She was horrified at the thought of meeting this woman, why she may be a degenerate . Yet before she could move or say anything the woman was with them.

"Hello, what a lovely day and who are you?" she spoke with an educated accent.

Grace spoke warmly to the naked woman, "I don't see what it is to do with you what we are doing here and what our names are."

I smiled since my cousin is a feisty creature and this woman had upset her dreadfully. The woman chuckled and smiled. On closer examination I decided that she must be in her low forties and found that my cock was growing hard as I almost felt her body. She had deliciously curved hips and though her breasts sagged a little, she was attractive and I was responding to that. Grace bristled more at the laugh and I expected a full on brawl between the two until the older woman spoke again.

"Well I think I might since I own this land and you crossed the fence that tells everyone to stay out. So my dears you are trespassers, still I was feeling a little lonely and would love some company. I am the Lady Amanda Montague but just call me Mandy. So who are you my dears?"

I spoke up before Grace could cause difficulty, "I'm Paul and this is Grace, we are looking for wild flowers."

Her laughter was clear and she wiped her eyes as she spoke again, "Well my dears there are certainly are flowers here and I have some food and wine please join me."

Saying that she walked back to her blanket under the tree, I watched her swaying backside with interest and growled deep in my throat. I felt hot and I felt warmth flooding into my body from my excited cock. I turned to the steely eyes of my cousin.

Grace whispered to me, "We should get out of here. I don't want to be here with that woman!"

"Oh Grace you are so Medieval it is not like she is going to make us do anything we don't want to." I have to admit that I wanted to feast my eyes on this naked beauty and that drove me on. As I spoke I saw Grace's resolve melt and she nodded her head once in agreement.

"Very well but if she tries anything we leave straight away."

Smiling at her I offered my arm and joined Mandy beneath the tree who had spread out her food and drink for us. We quickly added our sandwiches and water. Laughing she filled our tin cups with the wine she had brought on her picnic. Then she offered her cup for a toast.

"To new friends. Is it not a lovely day my dears? I am so glad you came here I was getting very lonely." She sighed moving her breasts in an alarmingly sensual way. I stole glances at them and enjoyed the sight of her light brown nipples that rose and fell with each breath.

Then a quick laugh and she continued in a slightly husky voice," I suppose that you are wondering why I am so disrobed. I blame my late husband I have to say. It all started one summer we had just married and he brought me here. Ah, he was such a beautiful man. Oh there was nothing womanly about him. He had arms the size of great branches, I think it was the time he spent in the colonies and that he ran a sheep-station when he was there. I can tell you my dears he was quite the eccentric since he would often cut wood for exercise and loved walking."

She stopped and sat there in silence then continued,"Sorry my dears even after this time I miss him so. I can say that he was a man that could please any woman, of course he had experience and let me tell you I was glad of that since I was a virgin when we married. More I found that he was built like a giant, his penis ,"Grace drew in a sharp breath in shock, "Yes my dear he had a penis and it was a lovely, large knobbly rod that he used with the skill of an artist. I remember our wedding night how he was so tender as he excited me. I thought I would die when he stuck that damn gigantic spear into me, he made sure I was thoroughly hot and wet before he did it but when he stretched me I felt that I would die until he took my maidenhood and began to stoke my fires. When I felt the little death as the French called it I thought I would die indeed."

As she spoke I noticed that her hand had slipped between her legs and was rubbing at the junction of her legs. My cousin was enthralled and breathed heavily as she listened to the woman before us. She reached out and poured more wine into our cups and we gulped it down and with the heat in the air we found that we were getting hotter. Mesmerised I loosened my shirt and I noticed that Grace had removed her jacket.

"But I did not meet that little death once but many times that night . My word he was a randy sod and he was inexhaustible, he would lay over my body and caress my body with his lips and I could feel his penis grow hard. Do you know that he taught me the real words for what we have, his penis was called a cock and my genitals was a pussy and he loved thrusting his cock into my pussy. Why my dears you must be so hot in all those clothes why don't you make yourselves comfortable."

It was said slyly and she moved next to Grace and unbuttoned her shirt. Quickly it was slipped off her body and I could just make out her firm white orbs pushed up by the corset that she wore. Mandy clucked and began to undo the buttons that held it together. I watched with delighted bemusement and she removed it exposing my cousins small but perfectly formed breasts barely covered in a linen shift.

"There that is better, my husband taught me that corsets were so restrictive and I have to say that I find them so hard to wear. Unless you want to tease your man. Well young man what are you looking at, off with those silly things."

At her command I slipped off my trousers and shirt leaving my chest bare and my modesty covered only by my long shorts that I wore. She brought around Grace to look at me and began to speak to Grace excitedly.

"Isn't he gorgeous my dear he reminds me so much of my dear husband. He is like a statue of Apollo, I bet he knows how to please a girl doesn't he? Has he taken you yet?" Grace blushed and looked down yet she was panting with need.

Mandy continued, "My dear girl you haven't had a true love-making? You poor thing you must enjoy him soon. Are you still a virgin?"

The young woman nodded in the affirmative and the older woman spoke to me, "And are you a virgin Paul?"

"No." I croaked since my mouth was completely dry with where this conversation was leading . Seeing our discomfit the woman poured wine into our cups and continued her story looking at us slyly.

"Well to continue, my husband taught me many things. When he had been in the colonies he had been to Singapore with an uncle who had taken to many a den of iniquity where he had learnt his lessons in pleasure that in our marriage he taught me."

Chuckling again she continued, "He had been a very good student and an even better teacher. After my first orgasm, that is what the little death is called sometimes, or sometimes it is called cuming my dear. When Paul sticks his lovely cock in you, you will learn what I mean."

As she said this and she stretched her arms above her head and allowed her breasts to thrust towards us. I felt my cock growing harder and it thrust out beneath the thin cloth both women noticed my flesh growing, Mandy looked at me with lustful amusement and licked her lips in such a way that excited me more whilst Grace looked at me with a passionate interest and swung her dark loosened hair about her shoulders and I saw glimpses of creamy breast beneath her shift and I wanted to caress that flesh with my lips.

Mandy continued, "So he taught me many things and I was the willing pupil. Since I had only just been broken in he kept to our face to face love-making until he was ready to take me from behind as a dog does. I loved that, the feeling of his body pressed to my back and his cock thrusting in strong manly strokes into my pussy. The touch of his thighs on mine and his groin against my buttocks was so exciting. I found then that I was so sensitive on my ass as he called it and that touch would make me cum harder and I was wetter each time he touched me there. He taught me to use my mouth on his cock and he used his on my pussy, many a time he would suck and lick at my wet lips and into the hot cavern that was waiting for his cock. Then when he touched my nub of pleasure which is called the clitoris or clit I would cum all over his face. He would tell me that I would squirt juice into his mouth when I came."

"Hmm I need to cum badly do you mind," as she spoke she opened her legs and stroked her pussylips with her fingers. Then she plunged a finger between her wet hairy swollen lips and pumped it in and out with great gusto, soon it was joined by another finger. As her fingers flew in and out of her open pussy she gasped for breath as though she was suffocating. I was rock hard as I watched this passionate, lusty woman fucking her pussy with her fingers and I could see Grace hike up her shift as she rubbed her breasts and felt her hard nipples beneath the thin cloth.

"Nggg, yessss that is so goodddddd!!!!!" Mandy screamed deep in her pleasure.

Mnady came and I thought that I saw juice leak from her pussy. As she recovered she kept her eyes closed and sighed with contentment, then lazily she stretched her body and opened her eyes. Looking at the two us she smiled and exclaimed,"Oh my dears you must be feeling as hot as I was you should try to cum but first off with those clothes."

With her words she began to undo the ties of Grace's shift exposing her heaving breasts. They stood naked before me and I marvelled at their curves and the coral pink nipples that tipped them unlike Mandy's light brown nipples that stood out firmly from her breasts. They were small and barely broke the curve of Grace's large breasts. The light shift was thrown onto the ground to be followed by her petticoat and knickers leaving her open to my lustful gaze. She tried to hide her delightfully curved body with her hands until Mandy grabbed them and pulled them away from her body.

"Oh, my dear you should not cover your lovely body. Tell me doesn't it feel lovely to be so open in the day, none of those restrictive garments. I was like you until my beloved husband taught me the delights of being nude in the open and making love under the sky." she lent closer to her ear and I heard her whisper, "See Paul enjoys the sight of you cant you see how his cock is so hard. Why don't we expose it to the air and you can see his cock close up."

Grace's eyes lit up as the two of them descended on me and stripped me of my underclothes making me as naked as they were. My cock so tightly restricted by my underclothes sprung out at the two women as it was drawn down and Grace drew in a quick breath. Hypnotised she reached out and took my cock in her fingers and explored my tortured flesh in her hands. Mandy touched my shoulders and chest as she continued her speech.

"See how he responds to you my dear. Isn't he so strong and firm in your hands. Why don't you kneel before him and look at it closer. Yes that is good. Tell me doesn't it look so lovely so tasty?"

As she spoke my cousin's mouth opened and I could feel her breath on my pre-cum covered head. I saw Mandy push my cousin forward until her lips touched my cock and I felt a sharp thrill thrust through my body and I wanted to cum and watch my cock pump cum onto her face. She pulled back with a sharp breath and I thought she would rise and run from this place. I was sure that it was only Mandy's voice that held her and drew her on into this seduction.

"No my dear just enjoy the touch."

"But it's so dirty." Grace's voice was small and almost child-like.

"Does it smell dirty, does it feel dirty?" she chuckled again and she touched the younger girl's chin and pushed her back onto my cock.

Mandy continued to tutor Grace, "Open your mouth my dear, let it touch your tongue, good girl open your mouth wider let that meat in. Good yes that is right, yes pump your fingers in and out of your pussy too. My God my dear you are gushing, you must be in such a need we shall have to let Paul fuck you and relieve that need. You would like that wont you?"

My cock was held firmly in Grace's lips and she moved it in and out of her mouth. I heard the groans from beneath me and saw as Grace's hand vigorously pushing between her inexperienced pussylips and was thrusting a finger in and out of her hot hole. Behind me I felt Mandy touching my ass cheeks and then between them to craddle and caress my hard balls. Then she was sliding her fingers between my cheeks to send thrills through my body. I was so close to cuming but Mandy wrapped a hand around the base of my cock and stopped my cum from spurting into the receptacle that lay behind Grace's lips. As this was being done to me I panted with my lust.

I heard a smile in her voice as she drew Grace's mouth from my rod and she cooed in her ear, "Now lets use that wonderful cock to ease your need my dear. On your hands and knees before him, don't stop playing with yourself, I can feel that you are so close to cuming. Can you feel your clit, it is really poking out between your lips.

"Ohhhh yesss!!!!!" Grace screamed as she came and she wriggled her ass and her open pussy at me, as she came I saw her her juices squirting from the opening of her pussy.

"That was good wasn't dear. Was that your first cum?" Mandy happily inquired. At her question Grace nodded her head and continued to push her finger in and out of her cum covered pussy.

Leaving the young girl to continue frigging her pussy Mandy her hand wrapped about my cock, pulled me to the ground and guided the throbbing rod until it was at the entrance of Grace's pussy. Rearranging herself she pushed the rod between the tight fleshy curtains and I entered the wet virgin pussy. Mandy did not let me go deep into the hole but I felt the tight membrane of Grace's maidenhead. I stopped and pushed against it. I heard the sharp gasp from Grace's mouth as she felt me try the barrier. I pulled back and again slowly assaulted the thin membrane and I felt it loosen and give. Again and again I thrust into her and she rubbed hard at her clit crying and gasping for breath as finally her maidenhead tore loose. As I thrust my cock into my cousin's virgin pussy until I felt her pussy rest against my fur above my balls, as I did so Mandy yelled exultantly in my ear.

I began to thrust rhythmically in and out of the hole and felt fingers cup and caress my balls and ass as I fucked the virgin pussy. I knew that Grace was cuming as she caressed and excited her clit as I took her. Then my body stiffened and I felt that familiar rush of cum as it shot through my cock and deep into Grace's pussy. The muscles on the walls of her pussy pulsed and she screamed again as she came, pleasure washed through both of us as I was milked of my cum by the tight muscles of her virgin pussy.

Softening my cock slipped from her pussy and I lay on the blanket with Grave. Over us a smiling Mandy stood and she clapped wildly as she had seen our love-making.

"Oh my dears you were so beautiful. You came so beautifully and you deserved it so much. You make me feel envious that I had no one to fuck me." She laughed again and lustily kissed both of us on our lips.

She pulled us to our feet and pushed us to the crystal-clear water of the pool. "Come on lazy bones a quick swim and we can go to my house for dinner. I have so much to tell you and to teach you."

The End

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