tagErotic HorrorWild Jim's House

Wild Jim's House


They said that Wild Jim was the most evil-tempered bastard that lived in the county. Not only would he beat his girls and slaves but he would fight any man who he thought had given him lip. His face was almost split from eye to chin with a knife scar that shone a pale white under lamp-light. Looking at him and you never wanted to do that made you consider him the ugliest man in the world. Not only was he ugly on the outside but he was ugly in spirit. No woman or girl was safe with him if she rejected his crude advances he would rape her, if she accepted him he would abuse her.

Yet every man sought out Wild Jim's House it was the sweetest whorehouse in the county. The girls were pretty, sweet and submissive and if they weren't well Wild Jim would see that they learnt the error of their ways. A man could come to the house and enjoy good liquor, good cards and a good whore for a high but fair price. Though an evil man Wild Jim was an honest man in his merchandise.

Did I say that the girls were pretty no they were beautiful for Wild Jim had searched throughout the county for them and had either bought them, raped them into submission or had suckered them into the work in such a way they would never escape from his clutches.

So what happened to Wild Jim in the end, well he rapes the sheriff's daughter and the sheriff and the good people of the town ride out in posse to lynch the man but before they get there Wild Jim has killed all the girls and servants and has a shootout that sees five dead including Wild Jim himself. Now what about the house well that is burnt to the ground and the land left to rot, that is until I bought the land and decided to build a house on the spot for myself and my wife.

I remember seeing the house from the gravelled road and thought it beautiful on the ridge which looking down on the town ten miles away. It had cost a fortune to build but then I had a fortune and I wanted the best for my wife who I loved so much. I remember her shuddering as she saw the house as we drove up and then explaining that it was something about the mock-Southern Mansion and the way the magnolia trees framed it that sent a chill through her bones. Laughing I did not take her warning seriously and showed her the house like the proud owner I was.

I did not tell her about the strange accidents and events that had occurred as the house had been built but had brushed them away in my memory as the fault of carelessness and drink. So we settled in and the strange events started the very first night we were there. A storm blew up from the coast. One of those storms that soaked you with their humidity and carried the heat with them, a storm that left you in an evil temper.

Lightning and thunder filled the night interrupting our sleep though my wife fell into a deep exhausted sleep at last during the night. At some time the wires must have been cut as the electricity died. I found it strange that I awoke to the rumbling sound of thunder my body coated with sweat while it was still dark. Kicking off the bedclothes I saw that the clock radio was blank and a flash of lightning illuminated the room.

Allow me to tell you about my wife. She had once been a model and she held that wonderful high cheekbone structure to her face. With her warm green eyes and her gold hair she could stop a room. Her body was so beautiful that she could have demanded a king's ransom. With the lightning I could make out her naked long legs that ended at her shaven cunt. Her t-shirt clung to her body and masked her perfectly formed round breasts and I remembered the lightly tanned nipples with lust. As I admired her body I felt my cock stir in my shorts and rubbed at it idly.

Realising that she was asleep and would not be happy with my manhandling her I rose and padded silently towards the kitchen where I knew there were some candles. As I moved silently to the room the house would be lit up by the flashes lightning and the shadows seemed to stretch out towards me as though they were living. I felt as though there were other people with us and I almost smelt cigar smoke. In the rumbling of thunder I almost heard laughter and some mumbled words. I shook my head and convinced myself that it was tiredness and imagination. It was then that the woman stepped out of the shadows.

I stopped as she walked towards me. I could not move and felt trapped, as I stood still she moved closer to me. The first thing I noticed in the lightning was her black hair and red lips, her green eyes watched me as she sashayed towards me. My eyes moved down her body and admired the pert breasts pressed up by her bodice, a full skirt was gathered at her waist showing her toned legs clad in fishnet stockings that were held up with crimson garters.

I felt her fingers touch my chin and then heard the soft Spanish words that she said as she took my hands. Leading me to a comfortable chair she sat me down on the leather and knelt before me. Opening my legs she reached forward and began to rub my cock through the thin cloth of my shorts. As my cock grew hard I felt that there was someone else here with me, that I was being watched by something evil and predatory, something infinitely dangerous. Before I could do anything however I felt my shorts pulled aside and my cock exposed.

The flesh sprang to attention without any touching and I felt her smile more than saw it as she gathered the head into her mouth and began to swirl her tongue about the head and along the edge of the arrow that would soon pierce her cunt. She pumped my cock in her mouth a few times before she was satisfied that I would be ready for her and then she pulled back from me to release her breasts from her constricting bodice. I saw in the flickering light two perfectly pointed breasts, the nipples of which were luscious brown skin.

Hiking her dress up she straddled my legs and guided my cock to her well-fleeced cunt which she drove onto my cock. My cock entered and thrust deeply into the wet hole and I felt her muscles press hard against my cock. Well inside her, I felt her body rock up and down as she rode my cock and she pressed her hard nipple to my mouth as we fucked. As my cock slipped in and out of her cunt I devoured this Spanish beauties' breast.

Too quickly for words to describe my cock erupted into her cunt shooting my cum deeply into her. As I orgasmed she ground her hot cunt onto my cock and I felt her hungry muscles squeeze and grip the flesh tightly until I could cum no more. Relieved I felt a tired lassitude steal over my body and I could have sworn there was the sound of a man laughing behind me as I fell asleep. I do remember her body pulling away from mine and then I can't remember anything else.

I woke up naked sleeping on the leather armchair as the sun stole into the room. Startled awake I rose aching with the unnaturalness of my bed and taking my soiled shorts I returned to my bed where my wife greeted me. She chuckled to herself and told me about a dream that she had about last night that had been wild, she had felt as though she had been fucked by five men through the night and she told me how the bed clothes were stained with cum. So we rose and showered washing off the sweat and cum laughing about our dreams not realising what they truly meant.

Still for some reason it bothered me and I wondered why they had seemed so real and why every now and again I seemed to smell cigar smoke. I also noticed a change in my wife's behaviour where she had always been demure and well-dressed she started wandering about the house in garish and provocative underwear and she seemed to insatiable always trying to either excite me or have me fuck her. Once when I needed to change a light-globe she began to suck on my cock even though she knew I could have easily fallen. Yet she continued until I had cum in her mouth and she swallowed every drop something she had never done before.

Two weeks after the last storm another one rolled in from the Gulf shattering the night with thunder and lightning. Again I had difficulty sleeping and I rose into the darkness as again the electricity had been cut to the house. With the wind howling outside I felt the moist closeness of the air in the house. Making my way to the study I opened the French doors allowing the wind to swirl about my body. Then instead of fingers of wind I felt human fingers slip my shorts from my body so that I was naked in the storm turning around to see a woman with the blackest skin I had ever seen.

Provocatively she stood next to me and held my cock in her hand. She was naked like I was and she thrust out two large conical breasts into my heaving chest, in the flashes of lightning I could make out her dark hair between her legs. Her teeth shone white as she smiled and she jumped onto my body locking her lips onto mine. I responded instantly my hands gripping her tight rounded ass and my tongue in her throat. She spoke some sort of Creole that I could not understand but I understood her actions as she gripped my cock firmly in her hand. For some reason I felt an anger take hold of me, I spun her around from me and forced her to bend over so that her ass was stuck out in the air and was towards me.

I began to stroke those beautiful globular black buttocks enjoying the wet silky feel of the skin beneath my hand. The rain ran across our bodies and instead of cooling me made my anger rise into flames of the fiercest heat. As the thunder rumbled I raised my hand and slapped that gorgeous ass with all the strength I could muster. She yelped and my mouth curved into a grim smile as I rained slap after slap onto that lovely raised bottom. I knew she had to be enjoying my assault on her posterior as she wiggled her ass back and forth provocatively and I could see her dark lips glistening with juice waiting for my cock the thread between her black flesh.

Taking her dark hair in my hand I pulled it up as I moved my body between her legs. Guiding my cock to the glistening lips I savagely thrust it deep into her cunt. How it gripped my cock and I felt that familiar demand of flesh to flesh. All the time I was thrusting and enjoying her cunt around my cock my hand was striking her lovely muscular orbs and feeling that excitement that was in her body.

She positively dripped as I thrust my cock in and out of her cunt and she gasped with both pleasure and pain as her muscles spasmed and she passed into her orgasm. Her body literally shook with the pleasure that shot through her body as I continued taking her with my ruthless cock. As the lightning flashed I felt my cock erupt and I pulled it from her wet cunt so that my cum fell onto her ass cheeks and glowed like pearls in the lightning on that dark skin. The pearls of cum gleamed an iridescent cream in the lightning then a sudden wave of exhaustion struck me as I slipped into the darkness of sleep, in the background I was sure that I heard the sound of rough, cruel laughter.

I woke sore and wind blown on the open wooden deck dripping of rain and coated in leaves. Somehow I raised my body and stumbled into the house and made my way into the bedroom now lit by the morning sunlight. My wife lay naked over the mattress and I noticed with confusion that her ass cheeks glowed a deep red as though she had been spanked hard and long during the night. My mind a whirl with unbidden thought I made my way to the shower and wondered what I had seen in the bedroom next door.

Later as my wife stirred she gasped with the stinging of her ass and blamed me for the pain. She said that she remembered me doing it though she had thought it a dream. As she said that she wanted some revenge she pushed me on my back and lowered her head to take my cock in her mouth. Her head bounced up and down as she gobbled up and then released my cock only to stop as I was about to cum. She then said something that shocked me completely as she demanded money to finish me off. As I looked into her face I saw a mixture of lust, greed and fear that shocked me.

All the while she was demanding money from me she played and stroked with my cock and balls teasing my erect cock and yet not letting me cum. In agony with the need of relief I offered her twenty dollars that she easily agreed to and rapidly took my cock again into her mouth and was pumping it up and down on my swollen member. Soon she had my cum squirting into her mouth until she had completely drained me. Finished she demanded her money which I passed over, at the touch of it she seemed to realise what she was doing and sank into embarrassed silence.

We both realised that something had changed with that act but in the end we passed it off with laughter and prepared for the day ahead. For some reason my wife became even more insatiable and demanded my cock in her at any time in the day or night. She became a slut that hungered for cum and I must admit I was not displeased at all since before she had been so fastidious about doing anything with me. Yet always she asked for money when she fucked me or put on some sort of sexual show. Sometimes I would argue with her but most times I would pay and the sex would be even more fantastic as though the fact I was receiving it for payment made the act more daring and illicit.

Then came the night of the most powerful storm that could have rocked the house that season. Somehow we fell into a disjointed sleep that did not refresh and I again woke with the feeling that someone was here in the house with us. Silently I padded along the hallway of the house, the only light was the flashes of lightning from the thunder that roared outside. Suddenly I heard the sound of giggling and followed it into a spare bedroom.

On the bed I saw two women kissing each other and caressing each others breasts. As though they felt my presence they stopped and looked over to me. I was at once struck how similar they looked to each other and I wondered if they were sisters, later I would discover they were mother and daughter. As it was I enjoyed looking at their chestnut hair, the flashing green eyes and their perfectly formed breasts, cones topped with hard buttons of coral flesh that showed their arousal.

The older woman signalled me to come over to them and I entered the room. As I did so they rose and began to stroke my skin with their fingers. Their longer fingernails brushed and touched my skin making it tingle with arousal and desire. Then there were lips at my mouth and I kissed one of them passionately and powerfully. As I kissed I felt fingers running up and down my hard cock and lips sucking hard on my nipples.

I seemed to be in a sea of arms that teased and aroused my body to an unbearable arousal. I was in the bed now with them, I did not remember when I joined them but I really did not care. I must admit all I wanted was the pleasure that these two women offered me. Pleasure with hands, mouth and cunts. I felt hairy lips press themselves to my mouth and my tongue slipped between the lips and into the well of juice between them.

As I greedily licked at the swollen flesh and into the hole that was ground into my face I felt hands and then a mouth touch and suck my cock. The mouth slipped up and down over the head of my cock as the hands stroked and teased the shaft of my cock and tugged softly at my balls. As I was excited by the hands and mouth on my cock. I licked harder along and into the cunt pressed firmly to my face, reaching with my tongue I touched the hard pea of her clit and began to lick at it voraciously as juice spread across my face, Then there was a squirt cum as the woman above me orgasmed. Her cunt seemed to pulse and with each pulse there was a shot of cum into my mouth which I greedily devoured.

The other woman, the younger woman I discovered kept me from cuming with a mixture of slowing her sucking of her mouth and squeezing the base of my cock. Then suddenly she was no longer there and instead I felt her lower her cunt onto my hard cock. I bucked as I tried to drive it deeper into her hot juicy cunt. Again and again I felt her lower her tight muscles about my cock and then raise it from me. Slowly the thrusting became faster and I gripped the thighs and hips of the woman over me and pulled the older woman's body forward until I was able to lick the small stretch of skin between her dripping cunt and ass hole.

The air seemed full of groans and the scent of cum as I drove my mouth to the small puckered hole above my head as I pulled her globular cheeks apart and my tongue touched her salty hole. I pressed my soft tongue against the hole and then replaced it with a finger. It slipped easily into the hole and I felt her rubbing vigorously at her clit and thrusting her fingers into her cunt.

I barely thought of what I was doing but pushed my finger into her cunt as her daughter ground her cunt into my groin and I thrust into her hard and fast now my cock was fully inside her. As I fucked the younger woman I inserted a second finger into the other woman's ass as I opened her hole even more. I heard her grunts which matched my own as she came and enjoyed the sensations that flowed through her body.

I felt the young woman's cunt tighten and massage my cock as she came and that was too much for me as my cock erupted sending cum surging into her hot cunt. Grinding hard against her body I felt my cum shoot into her until there was nothing left to give her. Slowly we stopped and then my cock slipped from her body. At that moment she seemed to dissolve as did the other woman and I groggily awoke my cock covered in cum wondered at what dream I had finished.

As I rose a man stepped from the shadows. his scar seemed to shine hungrily and I looked into an incredibly ugly face. Laughing his evil laugh he stalked across the room and stood next to me and with a single punch he knocked me to the floor. His evil moustached face seemed to twitch as he loudly demanded payment from me for the services that had been rendered. Then as I looked silently at him he detailed each service, the Spaniard, the African woman and then the woman and her daughter and what they had done with me and for me. Insultingly he named a price to me that made me shake my head it was incredibly high and something that I could not pay.

As I stammered out the answer he laughed again and said he would take my wife in payment. Looking into his dark eyes I felt fear take me and I feared for my life and yet I felt I knew those eyes. Raising his hand he sliced his hand across my cheek knocking me to the floor and with that all resistance fled from me. Weeping I agreed to what he wanted. As I did so his eyes lit in triumph and his face melted and changed.

He changed before my eyes until he became each of the women I had fucked and then he ended in the form of my wife but her eyes were no longer hers but his and they were cruel and harsh as she laughed his cruel hard laughter as she threw me out of my own home.

The Romans used to say that each place had its own spirit a Genius Loci so perhaps where my house was had the spirit of Wild Jim, that evil man who had run the best whorehouse in the county and he had come back through my wife. I don't know if that is true, all I know is that there seemed to be changes to what had been my house, girls worked there now giving what ever service men pay for and he has good liquor.

From that moment I accepted his price Wild Jim was back and he keeps the best house in the south. Every now and again I visit and when I fuck her, my wife will give me a discount on my time there.

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