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Wild Mexican Cruise


Thinking back to the moment when I eased into the bubbling warm water of the hot tub, there was no way I could have predicted what was about to happen.

My wife and I were on a cruise, our first cruise in fact, sailing over four days from Miami, to Key West, to Cancun, and then back to Miami. It was a fantastic experience. The ship and the destinations were great, as was the food and the people. The ship had a great variety of people, with the majority of folks being between maybe 25 and 50 years old.

We kind of let our hair down so to speak and began really relaxing on the second day of the cruise. We enjoyed the casinos, and took in some great shows in the theaters and lounges. After a stressful year, this trip was a perfect scenario for our vacation.

On the second day we also began to have an occasional drink. This probably isn't a big deal for most couples, but we drink very little. So, it was another step toward really loosening the reins and just relaxing.

The effects of that loosening up began to be realized on day three. We had gone to a beach in Mexico and really had just a wonderful day. My wife, who is usually quite overly modest, but who knows I love her to be a little more provocative, had a nice surprise in store for me. Upon leaving the beach, she went to the changing room and came out in a simple cover up dress. You know the kind women put on over their swimsuits to walk around. Only, in this instance she didn't have on a swimsuit under it. In fact, she had absolutely nothing on under it.

So for the next several hours my wife walked around town with only a very flimsy piece of fabric between her and everyone around us. Her nipples were clearly defined in the fabric and she caught the attention of most men who passed within view. I was walking around with a massive erection and was trying to plot how and when I could get that dress up over her ass and sink my cock into that tight pussy. But... it didn't quite play out that way. Circumstances and a return to a more prudish mindset prevailed.

Not having had any sex with my beautiful and curvy wife since before we got on the ship was definitely taking it's toll on me. I wanted her in a bad way. But, I had finally begun to think that it just wasn't going to happen, and had sort of just resigned myself to that apparent fact. So, our final day on the ship arrives and we are making the most of it. Great time relaxing on the deck, enjoying the view, taking in a few shows and in general just having fun. During the late night shows my wife had a Margarita, and was definitely beginning to loosen up and get frisky. Then we decided to go to the hot tub on the adult only deck.

We went back to the room, where she changed into her swimsuit and headed to the adult deck. I had a couple of things to take care of and headed out to the deck about 20 minutes after her. When I arrived my wife was in the nearest hot tub with a few other couples. The view was actually kind of comical. My petite little white wife made quite the contrast nestled in beside a large black guy and the rest of his party. She was the only white person in the hot tub.

I placed my towel on her chair, stripped down to my swim trunks and eased into the hot tub. The conversation was flowing easy, and my wife had definitely made some new friends. I whispered in her ear that I came to see if I could "play" a little with her in the hot tub. She smiled and said, "You never know."

The scene was awesome. We were sailing through the Gulf of Mexico on the back of a huge ship, in 85 degree weather, and watching distant ships pass. It was indeed an incredible setting. I began to sip on a beer, and starting rubbing my wife's leg.

She was steadily going on with the conversation with the black guy next to her, and the other couple still in the hot tub. Meanwhile I steadily worked my way up her leg to the sweet spot and began rubbing her pussy through her swim suit. I was thinking this is pretty cool, and maybe I will get lucky tonight!

A few more folks joined us in the hot tub and it was beginning to get a little crowded. As a result, I thought our fun is over. We were kind of jammed together in the hot tub, and my wife was tightly sandwiched between me and the large black fellow next to her. I was expecting her to get out of the tub any moment, and certainly expected her to remove my had from between her legs. Apparently though, she was starting to get a little heated up, because she reached her hand over and started rubbing my cock through my trunks. I was more than a little surprised, but was hard nearly instantly, and thought this is very cool and leaned back and down a little to enjoy it.

I almost gasped audibly when she reached her hand inside my trunks and started trying to fish my cock out. I looked at her, but she never broke stride in her conversation with the others. So, I tried to casually shift and shimmy my trunks out of the way to give her better access. I was thoroughly enjoying this mutual manipulation as I rubbed her through her swimsuit and she very slowly stroked my raging hard-on.

After awhile a waiter came by and she turned to the waiter and ordered another drink, and slid back into the water. I noticed that her movements had now stopped on my cock, but thought she just doesn't want me to come. Then a couple minutes later she resumed stroking my cock.

Her drink came and she asked if I would hold her drink for her to get a drink. I thought that was odd, but said sure. I held the drink while she sipped through the straw and she gave me a really coy look as I replaced the drink on the side of the hot tub. She then put her head on my shoulder and whispered, "Do you want to know why I asked you to hold my drink?" I told her that I did. She then told me that she had not one cock, but two cocks in her hands and nodded her head toward the large black guy next to us.

I laughed out loud and said, "Right!" But as I looked at the guy with his head kind of rolled back and scooted down low in the tub, I was no longer sure. I told her, "Thank you for trying to spice things up, but I know you are not touching him." She smiled a very naughty smile and let go of my cock with her right hand. She then took my hand and placed it on her left breast and began sliding my hand down her left arm. Enough that I realized her arm was indeed extended into the lap of the black guy next to her.

Now it was her turn to laugh as she saw my face. The black guy suddenly realized I now knew what was going on, and got a very nervous look on his face. But my wife leaned over to him and said, it's ok, he's not angry. This will actually turn him on. She then leaned back against the hot tub and reclaimed her hold on my dick and began stroking both of us again.

It was a crazy, sexy, strange sensation. But I was aroused beyond imagination as I watched my wife have this total control over both of us as she delivered two long, slow hand jobs. It was crazy how long this went on. She seemed to be able to sense when each of us was going to blow, and would stop her movements to let the moment pass. Which just made the sensation that much wilder, and built my need to cum to a massive scale.

I finally told her, we need to leave because I have to fuck you, like now. She leaned over and whispered good bye to the black guy and we got out of the hot tub. As we grabbed our towels, I noticed a men's bathroom just a few steps away and hurried my wife into the bathroom, against her mild protests.

As soon as we were through the door, I was pulling her swimsuit off. I was beyond any consideration of getting caught, I was crazed to have my cock in this woman I have loved for more than 20 years. She placed her hands against the wall and I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and slid in like it had been lubricated with Vaseline. She was soaking wet.

A moment later the door opened and we froze. And as you now might expect, in walked the black guy. He just stood there looking at me fucking my wife for a minute and then took out his cock and began stroking it. I thought, no problem here and began fucking my wife even harder. She was moaning and bucking back into me and our new friend was jerking his cock like crazy as he watched us.

I reached around and pulled my wife's swimsuit top off and grabbed her tits. She moaned and leaned her head back and we were fucking like we hadn't since we were in our 20s. Finally she stifled a scream as she came and I exploded deep inside her. We nearly collapsed onto the floor, but came to rest leaning agains the wall.

She looked over and saw our friend was still stroking his cock furiously. My wife said, that's not fair, and walked to him. She was now in a state of undress with her pussy in full view and her tits hanging out. She said, I can't do more than this, but I can finish what I started. She then wrapped both hands around his cock and began her slow stroking again.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned back, but never took his eyes off her tits. It was an amazing view, seeing her small white hands stroking his large black cock. But it wasn't to last long, he moaned, stiffened and shot his load all over the wall. She stroked him another minute or so, then stood up and replaced her swimsuit.

We walked back to our cabin like the lovers we are after 20 plus years of marriage. Thinking back to the moment when I eased into the bubbling warm water of the hot tub, there was no way I could have predicted what was about to happen.

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