tagBDSMWild Ride Ch. 01

Wild Ride Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Beginning

I was out for a ride to celebrate. In three days I would have the new bike I saved for two years to get - a Katana 650. I had bought it a few days ago, but it wasn't the color I wanted. I got a hook-up on a paint job though - my salesman knocked $200 off the price, and I flirted with a shop owner for another $100 discount. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, right?

I signed up to work overtime at the post office for the next two days - in part for the money to make my first couple of payments, and in part to have all of Saturday free to ride with my girls. So this was my last day on the bike I bought from Janique's brother - an Interceptor 600.

My fascination with bikes started my senior year of high school. I dated a boy who had just learned to ride, and he took me out a few times. Jonathan loved to talk about going to Black Bike Week, and even talked about taking me with him - until we broke up. In part out of spite, and in part out of curiosity, I talked my girls into going with me. We drove down, and had a ball! Three cute, young girls at a biker weekend - we had constant offers for rides. I loved the way the bikers treated us, especially the older ones. At the bars, we were princesses. We laughed, drank, danced, ate, drank – on other people's tab. Going for rides with Jonathan got me interested in bikes, being in Daytona got me interested in the biker lifestyle.

When we got back I started dating bikers. Gus was 26, and rode a Ninja 10. He would love to take me out as far as a tank of gas would get us, and threaten to leave me out there unless I did what he wanted. Most times he would ask me to let him do me doggie-style on the side of the road - I loved that. One time I had to ride topless all the way back to the city so he could feel my bare nipples in his back. It was early spring night, with not too many bugs out. I was scared to death a cop would stop us, but I leaned back to give drivers a peak every now and then. When Gus bent me over his bike at a park that night, I think it scared him how much I was urging him on. After he came, he said he never heard my mouth be so dirty. I told him he shouldn't have brought it out of me, and masturbated on his bike until he was ready to give me more.

Gus and I fell off after a while, because he said I was too bossy; but by then Janique and I had learned our way around the biker bars – and knew the right people to get in. About twice or three times a month we would pick one of our favorites to hang out at, and have all the drinks we wanted – the older riders were all to happy to supply two college girls. The younger riders would get us on the floor to dance. A few nights ended with body shots, deep kissing, and one of them giving us a ride home. On occasion those rides included stops at places for public nudity, or their visit to our dorm rooms. Most times guys wanted a blowjob from me because of my full lips, but I would tell them they had to eat my pussy first. If his tongue was good, I'd give him some. But most times, by the time I was finished moaning and cumming, they had forgotten all about the blowjob and just wanted in. If he fumbled around, I'd just give him a handjob and send him on his way.

My next boyfriend was San Fran when I was 25; he was 53, and rode a Goldwing GL1500. On the weekends we would ride to a nearby state - Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania. We'd spend time at cookouts with friends of his, checking out tourist sites, and going shopping for me. San Fran didn't demand anything sexual; but for the things he did for me, I would do extra-special things for him. I always packed a different set of lingerie for the hotel, and would give him the best blowjobs I knew how. I loved coming out of the shower and sitting naked on his lap while he was still dressed, and talking about the places we'd been and the people I met that day. His favorite thing was watching me masturbate, and at times I'd let him take pictures of my vibrator disappearing inside me for his personal collection.

Big Gun, my most recent biker boyfriend, had a Kawasaki 1000, and wouldn't ride me unless I wore tight shorts. After a few months of me begging, he taught me to ride. I bought Janique's brother's old bike. It took a minute to get the hang of it, but I loved the freedom and control. He and I broke up soon after he finished teaching me, because he said I thought I was a man now. Janique saw how much fun I was having while riding, and bought a bike herself. We met and started riding with a girl a little younger than us over this past spring. Her name was Kelly, and she had moved here from North Carolina to go to school. She said she had been up here for three years, and hadn't found any cool females to ride regularly with until she met us. Last Friday night after a late night at our biker bar of choice, she told us she was bisexual and had a crush on Janique. I excused myself and went home, but Janique called me the next day and said she was a wonderful kisser.

I was on my way back home that night, and stopped at a light on Hamilton Road. I happened to look over, and recognized the younger brother of one of my non-biker high school boyfriends. I circled around, and went to speak to him. David was on his way home from playing basketball. He was a little cutie the last time I saw him nine years ago, and was looking really good now. I asked him if he wanted a ride, and his face lit up. Before we were two blocks into the ride, I felt his dick hard in my lower back - which sent a message to my pussy. Gus, Big Gun and other guys had said there is something about feeling titties in their back, and that was why they liked to give girls rides. San Fran told me that as well, but also that girls are willing to do almost anything for a good ride.

I had passing questions if guys were the same way, but it was rare to find a guy who wanted a girl to give him a ride to test my theory. Since David jumped at the chance, I wondered what else he might jump at. I stopped for gas, and sure enough he was hard; his mesh shorts did a poor job of concealing him. He tried to stand so that I couldn't see it, which I thought was cute. I asked if he had to get right home, and he said he didn't, so rode him out to Bicentennial Park. We walked to a bench.

"Where's your brother now?"

"He is working for a law firm in Chicago."

"And what are you doing now?"

I just graduated college and got hired on as a trainer at the Y. In a few years I'm going to get my master's in Sports Medicine."

I couldn't believe how this little boy had grown up. "You know I never found out how my kissing tips worked for you," I winked.

He literally blushed, "They worked pretty good. Dawn and I went together for about three weeks, and spent a lot of time kissing."

"Good, glad I could help."

"In fact, girls I date now even comment on how good I kiss."

"Is that right," I turn his face to mine and kiss him. After his shock wears off, he kisses back. His lips were even softer than they looked. As the kiss was ending, he sucks my bottom lip. "I didn't teach you that," I smiled.

"Well, I started improvising."

"You ready to head home?"

The disappointment was clear on his face. "If you are."

Riding home, I felt his dick again. Then I felt his hands creep up to my girlfriends. His touch was so timid, I liked it and let his hands stay there. We got to his apartment, and I asked him for a drink. His face lit up again. This kid was seriously taken with me. "You know, you could have made us have a bad accident, distracting me like that."


"You can't distract a rider like that."

"I'm sorry, I just . . . just, uh – I um-just wanted to touch them."

"I didn't ask you to explain, did I?"

"No," he unlocks the door and we go inside.

Besides, I wasn't talking about your hands," I sat down. "I was talking about that," I pointed to his crotch. He blushed, and tried to make an excuse to leave the room. "Hold on, now. Let me see it."


"It poked me in the back all day, let me see it."

"Shaunice, I don't . . ."

"Would you like me to come give you a ride on my new bike next week?"


I leaned forward, "Would you like another kiss before I leave?"

He swallowed, "Yes."

"Then, let me see your dick, David." He stood there for a minute, then pulled down the front of his shorts. The hem of his shirt poked out, and he slowly lifted it. I contained most of my surprise at his size. He was only 5'10", but was about as big as some 6'2" guys I had been with. Not only was I pleased by that, but also by his willingness to do what I said. "Nice," I said not letting him know I was impressed. He dropped his shirt back down. "No, take it off." He looked at me, then lifted the shirt over his head. "Shorts too," I treid to look in his eyes, but he wouldn't look at me. David was certainly not a little boy anymore. He wasn't ripped, but his chest and arms were nicely toned. "Can you get me some more water?" He came and got my glass, then I watched his ass as he walked to the kitchen. I had to bite my finger; it looked so good. He came back around the corner, still pointing straight out - but he was dripping now. "Did you stroke yourself in there?"


"Don't lie to me, if you want to see me again."

"Just a couple of times."

I took the glass from him, and set it on the floor beside me, "Turn around." When he did, I swatted his ass twice - hard. His grunts were sexy. "You gonna lie to me again?"


I felt my pussy getting wet. "No, what?"

"No, ma'am."

"Good boy! Now, you said something about wanting to touch my girlfriends?" I said opening my shirt.


"Turn around."

His eyes bugged and mouth dropped open.

"You can't touch them yet, but you can see," I pulled down my bra. His dick jerked, and dripped more precum. I put my bra back up, "Well, its getting late. I need to go," I got up.

"Uh . . . are you hungry or anything? I can fix you something to eat."

"No, I'm not hungry. But I think I do want you to taste something," I stopped at his door.


I took off my pants and wet panties, and I sat with my legs open to rub my clit. "Have you eaten pussy before, Davie?"

His eyes were bulging, "With a couple of my girlfriends."

"I want you to eat mine."

He was on his knees before the sentence was fully out of my mouth. His face was between my legs before I could get my hand out of the way. I had showered that morning, but had spent all day riding. My scent had a little tang to it, but he didn't seem to mind at all. A few times I had to urge him to slow down the way he was going at my clit. He would go nice and slow for a while, which would start me on an orgasm, then he would get too hard, which pushed it back. Eventually I held his face and moved my pussy to get his tongue to hit the right spots. I pulled his head to get his tongue deep into me, and his nose rubbed my clit. The dual stimulation sent me over the edge.

When my orgasm was done, and he sat back, I saw my creamy cum all over his face - from his eyebrows to his chin. I wish I had brought a camera.

His dick was visibly throbbing. "Stroke it."

"Yes ma'am."

After just two pumps, he shot streams of cum. "You better get that under control if you ever hope to get in here," I said spreading my pussy. I need more than just two good thrusts, you hear me?

"Yes, ma'am," he lowered his head.

"Now stay right there until I get back."

I went to his bathroom, cleaned myself off for the ride home, and then came back in the room. He was still where I left him, and my cum was drying on his face. "Give me your phone number, cell phone, and email address. I'll call you if I want to see you again."

He got up to get a business card, and then wrote on the back.

I watched his ass jiggle and his still hard dick bounce. I knew I was going to see him again.

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