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Wild Sharon


According to the nameplate on the librarian's desk, her name was Sharon Wilde. She wore heavy glasses and had a pleasant, but pale and rather dumpy looking face, with her dull brown hair pinned back in a bun. A baggy gray sweater that appeared to be much too big for her was draped over her torso, and the rest of her attire, a bulky brown plaid skirt and what looked like orthopedic shoes, was equally lacking in allure. As a lifelong admirer of female beauty, I could see nothing at all appealing about the woman. Sharon Wilde seemed to be the epitome of the homely, old maid librarian.

But, that was alright with me, because I was there to do some research for a magazine article, not to admire female pulchritude. The unattractive woman was quite pleasant, and she was being extremely helpful, actually more than I had any reason to expect. It was a Monday night, and they weren't very busy, so she could spend most of her time with me, for which I was extremely grateful. Homely or not, the lady certainly knew her way around the library stacks. "Probably spends all her time here, even when she isn't officially working," I decided.

It turned out she did too good a job and provided too much assistance to me. It was ten minutes past the official closing time before I was through with all the research I needed to do that night. Ms. Wilde looked out the window and saw a bus passing through the intersection right outside. "Oh, dear," she wailed. "There goes my bus, and the next one isn't due for another hour."

I have always thought of myself as a chivalrous individual and, besides that, I considered myself to blame for causing the very helpful librarian to miss her bus. "Don't worry about that," I told her. "I can give you a ride home."

"Oh, could you, Mr. Boxlicker? Thank you so very much." Sharon Wilde smiled at me, and her face suddenly became much less plain. I was a little surprised that she knew my name, even though it was written on my notebook, because I didn't think she had noticed it.

We walked toward the main exit, with her holding with both hands to my arm. "Can you wait a minute, please?" she asked me. "I just need to use the rest room."

That was fine with me, because I needed to use the men's room. As could be expected, I was back and waiting by the door before she returned from whatever she needed to do, but I had no problem with that. She had been very helpful, and I thought of giving her a ride as being the least I could do. I had nothing important planned for the rest of the evening, and I really didn't mind waiting .

I minded even less when the lady emerged from the rest room. Instead of being pinned back in a bun, her hair was a dark brown banner that cascaded down to her shoulders. She hadn't been wearing any makeup earlier, and she still didn't seem to be wearing any, but her previously pale, dumpy face had somehow been transformed into a thing of beauty. She wore the same glasses but, instead of contributing to her homeliness, they enhanced her beauty. Gone were the dowdy shoes, skirt and sweater, replaced by red pumps and a short, red, form-fitting knit dress.

And, what a form it was fitting! Sharon Wilde's body, from her large, erect bosom to her succulent round ass seemed to have been designed to give and receive sexual pleasure. Her breasts swayed under the knit fabric, and I had a strong impression that she was not wearing a bra. When she took my arm again and pressed her body against me, I knew there was nothing between her rigid nipples and my arm but a thin layer of wool.

"I really appreciate this, George," she said, smiling at me lasciviously. "If you're not in any hurry to leave, once we get to my apartment I'll try to think of something I can do for you to show you how much."

Judging from the look on her face and what she was doing with her breasts, it was obvious that Sharon had already thought of something she could do, and I was extremely in favor of the idea. She was no longer just pressing them, but had started rubbing them against my arm, and I could feel her nipples digging into me.

We walked to my pickup truck parked on the street. I unlocked it with the keyless entry and, still being a chivalrous man, held the passenger door open for Sharon. While getting inside, she paused to give me a good, long look at her creamy thighs, and pulled her dress tightly around her gorgeous ass. After waiting long enough to be sure I had gotten both a good look at what she had and the message that it was available, she finished getting inside. The truck has a bench front seat with room for three and, after I walked around and opened the other door, I noticed she had chosen the middle seat and was leaning toward where I would be sitting. Before buckling herself in, Sharon had hiked her dress up around her hips and, as I was climbing inside, I was treated to a good look at her white panties, which seemed to be developing a damp spot in the crotch. In the close confines of the truck cab, the aroma told me unmistakably what was causing the wetness in her undergarment.

All the way to her apartment, which was only about a mile, Sharon leaned on me, pressing her luscious breasts against my arm while giving directions. When we reached our destination and I parked in front of the building, she leaned back in her seat, smiled at me again and made a very welcome suggestion. "Why don't you park here and come on upstairs so I can show you how much I appreciate your help?"

As I said, I am a chivalrous man, and this was a lady who was obviously in need of something. It is also well known that I never refuse a reasonable request from one of my lady friends, and Sharon Wilde had propelled herself solidly into that group. I smiled back at her and replied "Don't mind if I do." As a professional writer, I have to be good with words I put on paper, not necessarily with spoken words.

After looking for approaching traffic, I got out and went around to open her door but, by the time I got there, she had already gotten out and closed it. I locked it with the remote control and, arm in arm, we went through the front door of her building, up a single flight of stairs and down the hall to her small apartment. Once inside, with the door securely locked behind us, Sharon turned to me with her arms spread wide. We embraced and shared a long kiss, with our tongues having an opportunity to get acquainted too.

When she broke off the kiss, she leaned back in my arms and said: "You know, I'm your biggest fan. I've read everything you've written on Literotica, even your illustrated poems with your grandson and daughter. I was really surprised and happy to actually see you in person in the library tonight. I've always wanted to be one of the 'lady friends' you write about, and I hope you aren't going to disappoint me tonight."

"Of course not, Sharon. I try to never disappoint my fans. Or my lady friends." She smiled at that and, leaning against me, pulled off her shoes, followed by kneeling down to remove my shoes and socks. After she straightened up again, we shared another long kiss, and she led me into her bedroom.

Standing next to her bed, we held one another tightly again, and I took advantage of the chance to unhook her dress and unzip it all the way down the back. Sharon pushed the sleeves down off her arms, and the garment fell to around her waist, letting her breasts bulge forth. They were large and firm and creamy, and I cupped one in either hand and leaned forward to lick one of her dark pink nipples. The adorable nubbin was fully erect, and I could even feel the individual ridges as I stroked it gently with my tongue. Its lovely twin was just as rigid and felt just as good when I switched my attentions to it.

"Just a second," Sharon said as she stepped away.

She pushed down on her dress and it fell into a red puddle at her feet. She was wearing nothing but the white panties that had peeked at me earlier, and they smelled even wetter and better than they had in my truck. I resumed licking her nipples as Sharon's fingers busied themselves on my shirt and, seconds later, I was wearing only my pants and jockey shorts.

"George, I can't believe this. Here is this nice bed right beside us, and you are standing here licking my boobies. I really love it, but I suggest we get more horizontal."

She had a certain point there, so we lay on the bed, her head nestled in a pillow, and I continued paying homage to her absolutely gorgeous breasts. Back and forth between the succulent globes I switched my tongue, while Sharon squirmed under me, cooing blissfully at what I was doing. I opened my mouth wide and drew one of her marvelous breasts into my mouth and sucked while my tongue continued stroking her nipple and areola. Once again I alternated between the lovely twins, while Sharon, writhing in pleasure under me, thrust them up to meet my mouth.

When I glanced down toward her crotch, her white panties were so wet they had become translucent, and I could see the pale skin of her pussy gleaming through. From the wetness and the movements of her body and the way she was cooing, I was aware it was time to go lower on her body, and start eating her delightful pussy.

Sharon knew it too. "I know your favorite thing to do," she told me. "I hope you're going to do that to me."

Well, of course I was. With some regret, my mouth left her wonderful breasts and kissed and licked its way down her sexily plump belly until I reached her panties. The aroma of her pussy was truly delightful, and I got off the bed, got back on at the foot and crept up to her. Sharon grinned lewdly when she saw me coming and, when I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties, raised her body off the bed so I could pull the garment down and toss it aside. She was apparently well aware of what I love to do and how, because she took another pillow and slipped it under her ass. With it in position, she raised and spread her legs and I ducked under them so she could rest them on my shoulders. Avidly, I wrapped my arms around Sharon's thighs and leaned forward, my face just inches above her delectable pussy.

And that was truly the word to describe her. She was cleanly shaven, and her skin there was the color of ivory. Sharon's inner lips were swollen and a dark pink, and had blossomed through her slit and, when I carefully spread them, I gazed raptly into her shiny-wet pink hole. I knew it to be the source of the fragrant juices that were trickling down her crotch and, after I separated her lips, a cloud of her musky aroma rose up to please my nose. Seeing that some of the juices were about to drip into the bed and be wasted, I quickly licked them off her. They were delicious, as I had known they would be. Eagerly, I leaned even closer and put my tongue to work, caressing one of her outer lips.

All my senses are immensely pleased when I eat a pussy as lovely as Sharon's, but my sense of touch derives more pleasure than any other. The skin of that lip, besides being beautiful to see, was soft and silky under my tongue, and I immensely enjoyed myself as my mouth meandered slowly all the way up onto her mons. I kissed her there and gave her other outer lip the same treatment. By the time I ended the second journey with the same kind of kiss, Sharon was cooing more loudly, which was music to my ears. She had also produced a fragrant pool of nectar, which I avidly devoured.

Once again, I started low on Sharon's pussy and, this time, it was at the extremely soft and smooth area between the origins of a pair of her labia. I slowly caressed her there until I reached the place where the lips are close together, and canted my head slightly so I could slide the flat of my tongue between them. Licking both labia simultaneously, I slowly worked my way upward to where the inner lip ends by merging with the other inner lip to form the protective hood over Sharon's clit. I raised my head slightly and I could see that delightful love button, gleaming like a pink pearl. It was engorged with her lust, and was starting to push its way out from under its protection. My tongue stroked the top of the hood, and the result was Sharon's cooing growing in volume her pussy starting to fuck up into my face. I still wanted to keep my tongue away from the precious jewel itself. My mouth would give the luscious morsel a good workout later, but it was still too soon.

Instead, I brought my tongue back down below her love hole and started slowly licking my way upward between the other pair of lips. I treated these the same way, darting my tongue in and out and caressing the same area repeatedly. By the time I reached Sharon's clit hood this time, her movements under my face had become even more strenuous. I raised my head again to look at her, and was elated to see how her body was writhing on the bed, and how her head was rolling from side to side on the pillow. Her eyes were closed, and there was a huge, joyful smile on her face. I love it when a sexy woman such as Sharon receives so much erotic pleasure from my eating her pussy.

I stroked my tongue across her clit hood again and, this time, I let it curl under to gently fondle the adorable pearl that had almost crowded its way out from under its shelter. Sharon's reaction was to move even more erratically, and for her cooing to turn to soft moans of bliss. I was having a wonderful time eating Sharon's pussy, and she was too, which is the very best kind of carnal activity. Once again, I feasted on the nectar her pussy had produced, and my tongue started probing under her inner labia, next to the pink hole that had produced the delicious treat.

Taking my time, continuing to maximize the pleasure for both of us, my I let tongue work its way upward, exploring under both of Sharon's inner pussy lips. As it crossed over from side to side, I dipped into the bubbling cauldron of juices, relishing their delicious flavor. By the time I reached the top of that dripping pink hole, her thighs had rotated outward, presenting her pussy to me as fully as possible. Her whole body was thrashing around on the bed and her pussy was ramming up against me as if trying to wrap itself around my face. Sharon had reached the apex of arousal, and it was time for her to cum.

Her clit was completely clear of its protective hood so I enveloped it in my mouth, pressing my lips against its base as a seal. I sucked on the delightful morsel while my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top. Sharon's whimpers were in rhythm with the actions of my mouth, and we continued this way for almost a minute, until she joyfully cried out the happy news.

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming! Suck my clit!"

Her thighs clamped tightly on my temples, covering my ears and holding me immovably in place. Sharon's hands grabbed on to the back of my head, jamming my face against her pussy, while her ass bounced up and down on the bed, keeping us both where we wanted to be. My arms clung tightly to her thighs and my mouth remained firmly clamped on her clit while her legs swung back and forth and from side to side. The ride was wild and immensely pleasurable for both of us. Sharon continued urging me to suck her clit, which was something I fervently wanted to continue doing, for as long as she was cumming.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she whimpered in between her entreaties to make her cum. Suddenly, "Yes! Yes!" was her ecstatic cry as she climaxed, ramming her pussy against my face for an ultimate time.

After her orgasm, which Sharon told me later was one of the best ones ever from having her pussy eaten, she completely relaxed, her eyes closed, her arms flopping at her side and her legs becoming just as relaxed. They remained draped across my shoulders as I carefully licked all the fresh nectar from her thighs, belly, crotch and all around her pussy. However, I left the juices inside the pink hole that had produced them because I was quite sure she would want to fuck, and I knew, with certainty, that I wanted to. By leaving them, although it was a sacrifice, I made sure they would perform their natural function of lubrication.

After devouring all the juices I would allow myself, I backed away, looking at the big, happy smile on Sharon's face and letting her legs flop onto the bed. She would need a little more time to catch her breath, and I used that time to take a condom from my pants pocket and unwrap it and, after removing the rest of my clothing, roll it onto my fully erect cock. The sexy librarian's legs were still spread, and I approached on my knees until I was between them. She opened her eyes, and her smile grew even broader and more lascivious as she looked at the erection that I expected to put where my tongue had just been.

Although it is just slightly bigger than average, Sharon was well aware that I would know what to do with it, and that I would do what she wanted. "I really like your cock, George. I hope you're willing to put it here." As she spoke, Sharon rolled onto her belly and patted one of her luscious ass cheeks. To make her meaning even clearer, she reached back with both hands and spread the voluptuous pair, showing off her delightful pink rosebud.

"Of course," I told her. This was not a matter of being chivalrous or even of being willing to do what she wanted. This was a matter of being willing to do what I wanted, because I really like fucking a beautiful ass like the one that was awaiting me.

"I know you like to use Aqualube," she continued. "There's a plastic squeeze bottle in the vanity cabinet in the bathroom."

I hurried into the bathroom and returned with a wet cloth and the bottle of lubricant, twisting off the cap as I approached Sharon. She was still lying face down, but had pulled a pillow under her waist, presenting her ass even better to me. When she felt me getting back on the bed, her hands returned to spreading her cheeks, so I pressed the bottle against the rosebud that was waiting. By twisting and wiggling the open top, I made a slight penetration of her ass, and a firm squeeze pumped a big dollop into where it was needed. I followed that by pushing a middle finger into Sharon's ass to spread the Aqualube. Wanting to be sure to use enough, I squirted in a little more and spread it thickly, even covering the entire puckered area around the hole. With her ass ready for action, I prepared my cock the same way.

Sharon's hands were still holding her cheeks spread, so I reached between them and pried apart the sides of her rosebud. Holding her ass open with the fingers and thumb of one hand, I used my other one to guide my cock so the tip was pressed against the small hole. With a firm push, the head wedged inside the opening that Sharon and I were preparing. She emitted a gasp of pleasure at the penetration, and I sighed happily when I felt her muscles squeezing the head of my cock. For over a minute, we stayed like that, letting the pleasure sweep through our bodies, before I gave another push, and an inch of my hard shaft entered Sharon's ass.

"Mmmmm," she murmured. "I really love that. And I know you'll take your time and make it last."

She was right, of course. After checking all around my cock and making sure there was no loose skin or any other potential problem, I thrust forward again. Sharon cooed happily as another inch of my shaft plunged into her very welcoming ass. Almost half my cock was buried inside her and I no longer needed to guide it, so I removed my hands, cleaned then off with the wet cloth, and placed them affectionately on her shoulders. Sharon continued holding herself open for me, because she wanted my cock all the way in her ass, and I shared her desire.

With a few more strokes, we had achieved what we both wanted. She was still lying face down, and my cock was completely imbedded in her ass, with the soft flesh of her cheeks pressed against my hips and thighs. I slowly drew my cock back, paused when just the head was still inside, and thrust forward again. We both moaned blissfully from the intense pleasure. Good though it was, Sharon knew how to make it even better.

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