tagAnalWild Side

Wild Side


I am in the bedroom, and I hear you come in the door. I shout out, "hey baby!", and you walk into the bedroom. You're wearing a skirt that goes down to your knees and some kind of button-up top that's showing off a very nice section of cleavage, and you have the sexiest, sluttiest look in your eyes.

So, I say, "hey there", recognizing the look in your eyes, and I immediately feel my dick start to throb. You smile, bite down on your lip, and then walk over to me as I'm standing next to the bed, in between it and the wardrobe. By the time you get to me, my dick is rock hard.

You step behind me, reach your arms around and start rubbing your hands all over my chest and my arms and my stomach. Every time you lower your hands from my chest down to my stomach, your hands dip a little bit deeper into the front of my pants, running your fingernails lightly over my happy trail as they come back up to my chest again.

After you rub my stomach and my chest and shoulders a little longer, you reach around the front of my pants and put both of your hands on my cock, and I just about cum in my pants right there. Then, as you're softly stroking your fingers over my dick through my jeans, I can hear you breathing deeply and moaning quietly into my ear, asking me how I like you touching me, and telling me how much you love having my cock in your hands.

I'm basically shuddering at this point from pure ecstasy, and you haven't even gotten my clothes off!

Once you've gotten me as hard as the crotch in my jeans will allow, you grab my shirt and pull it up over my head. You toss it to the side, and then go back to rubbing my chest, my stomach, and all over the front of my jeans, stopping every now to grip my cock and feel it throbbing in your hand. Every time you did that, your breathing got a little deeper and you moaned a bit into my ear.

You start kissing me on my back and shoulders, and then slowly run your tongue down my spine, right to the top of my jeans, right above my ass. By this point, you've gotten down on your knees behind me, so you reach around and grab my belt buckle and start undoing it. You keep telling me how hard you're going to make me cum, and telling me all the different places you might want me to do it.. all over your tits, on your ass, deep inside your pussy, into your mouth and down your throat, in your ass.. even on your face. You just can't decide.

All the while that you're doing this, you're getting my belt unbuckled and undoing my fly. You slowly start pulling my jeans down to my ankles, kissing me on my lower back, all over my ass cheeks, down the backs of my thighs. It feels so good that I have to lean on the bed or I'll fall over. I step out of my pants, and you throw them to the side, still kissing me on my thighs and back, and rolling your hot wet tongue over my ass.

As you're doing that, your hands softly grab around my ankles and start sliding up my legs, dragging your fingers over my skin and making me curse under my breath. When your hands get up to my thighs, you reach up between my legs with one of your hands and wrap your fingers firmly around my cock, and again, when you feel it in your hands, I can feel your breath get more rapid against my ass and back.

With the hand not gripping my dick, you continue to rub up my inner thigh until you get to my balls. Now, with one hand on my cock and one on my balls, you start to jerk me off, slowly but firmly, while the fingers on the other hand massage and stroke my balls. I can still feel your hot breath behind me, now on the backs of my thighs, your tongue licking around into the inside of my legs, inches below where your hands on working on me. I can hear you getting really excited too, groaning between licks, making my cock is like an iron rod in your hand.

I can feel your hot, moist breath getting closer and closer to my balls and to my ass, and I can't help but hold my breath in anticipation for what's coming next. You whisper to me how big my cock feels, and asking me how much I like it when you you're sucking me off or licking my balls and my asshole. You're talking so dirty to me, I can barely take it. I start to answer, but you already know how much I like it, so, before I can finish, I feel your lips on the back of my balls, kissing me gently. I moan out in surprise and almost collapse onto the bed on my stomach.

I start to feel your tongue on the back of my balls, and again, I have to cry out in pleasure. Your tongue starts moving up the back of my balls towards my ass, and I hear you asking me if I want your tongue in my ass.. I'm blown away by how nasty (in a good way, of course!) you're being, but I don't want you to stop, so I say yes.

Your tongue slides up from my balls along my perineum and against my asshole. As you're rimming me, one hand is jerking me off, still with a tight grip but a little faster now, and the other hand is stroking my balls. Your tongue glides from my ass to my balls, back and forth in big wet strokes, and I can feel my balls tightening in preparation for the orgasm. Just as I get to the brink, just as I'm about to cum, your hands and your tongue stop, and the feeling subsides.

I guess you could tell I was going to cum, because you say, "not yet, baby". I moan once more as your hand again starts slowly, firmly jerking me off, but after a few seconds, you pull my cock down between my legs, into your waiting mouth. With every stroke, I can feel your soft lips taking more and more of me into your mouth. Deeper and deeper, you keep sucking me until my entire cock is down your throat, all the way to the balls. I can feel your moans vibrating against my dick as you suck me off, and again, I start to feel like I'm going to burst.

Again, you sense it coming, and my cock slides all the way out of your mouth, slimy with spit. You let go of me and tell me to turn around, and I obey. I sit up on the bed with my legs spread, you on your knees in front of me. You give me another slutty look and a smile, and then you're back to deep-throating me. One of your free hand is massaging my balls and my ass.. the other hand you've shoved down between your legs, rubbing on your clit. You're making more and more noise as you touch yourself, and I can feel it all over my cock as it goes in and out of your mouth.

You tell me you want more of my ass, and lift one of my legs up into the air. I lay back onto the bed, trying to catch my breath, and again, I feel your tongue, in long wet strokes on my balls and my ass. You tell me to stroke my cock, so, I grab it and start jerking myself off. I can hear you getting closer and closer to cumming as you rim me, and finally you start screaming in pleasure, your fingers doing circles over your clit.

Once your orgasm is over, you stand up in front of me. I'm still jerking myself off, and you take the time out to strip out of your shirt, button by button. I watch you slip out of your skirt and panties, touching myself, and then you take off your bra. You stand before me, fully naked, and although you're trying to make eye contact with me, your eyes keep wandering down to my cock in my hand.

You climb up onto the bed beside me on your hands and knees and then turn around, pointing your ass at me and putting your head down next to my cock, watching me jerk myself off. I lick my fingers and reach out with my other hand and softly start stroking your pussy, starting down at the clit, and moving all the way up to your asshole. Your body shivers from my touch, and then your ass starts pushing back against my fingers, begging for more. While I'm touching you, your lips find themselves wrapped around the head of my cock again, and you take over control of jerking my shaft.

Your pussy is so wet that I can't help myself to slide two of my fingers inside of you. I'm not sure what to look at, you swallowing down my cock, or your nice round ass arched up into the air as I fingerfuck you. After a little while, I can't help but need to taste you, so, I pull one of your legs up and over my head so that we're in a 69 position, my legs hanging off the bed.

As your tongue swirls around the head of my cock while it's in your mouth, I begin to lick softly at your clit and the lips of your pussy, and you taste so good. I wrap my arms around your back, push your ass down closer to my face and start tongue-fucking your pussy. I stick my tongue inside you as far as I can and then slowly pull it out of you, and I can feel you shuddering on top of me, loving every moment of it. I can also tell how much you're loving it by the fierceness in the way your sucking my cock and drooling all over it. Forcing it down into your throat as far it will go.

While I'm fucking your pussy with my tongue at one end, I put my feet flat against the side of the bed for leverage and begin to fuck your mouth with my cock at the other end. I moan into your pussy as you moan around my cock, and you start bouncing your ass up and down over my face. I flick my tongue over your clit, and then reach up with both arms to grip your ass, squeezing it as I lick you. I fuck you at both ends for a few moment longer until I can't take it anymore. My legs tighten and I groan loudly into your pussy, as I shoot a load of cum into your mouth and down your throat. You keep your lips tight around my cock as you swallow my cum, and I keep moaning as you use your hand to squeeze out every drop. I feel a moment of post-orgasm weakness, but, my cock stays hard, and after a few moments, I'm ready to return the favour.

With my hands on your ass, I push your body forward and start kissing you on your ass and the backs of your thighs. You take my cock out of your mouth, gasping for air, and then run your tongue along the shaft down to my balls. 'yes, baby," I hear you say. "lick my ass, baby, lick my pussy and my ass, mmm..make me cum again," you keep telling me, and I do what I'm told, flattening my warm wet tongue against your clit and then moving it slowly down over your pussy and into your ass. I can feel your lips on my balls, fitting them into your mouth and licking them, while your jerk my cock right beside your head.

I lick in circles around your asshole, spreading you open with my hands, and push your ass up again so that my tongue goes back over your pussy and onto your clit. I can feel you kiss my balls one last time before sitting up and leaning back to ride my face. My cock still in your hand, you jerk wildly as you get closer and closer to cumming, arching your back and grinding your pussy down on my tongue. I can feel you sitting there and convulsing as another orgasm rushes through your body. For a moment your hand on my cock stops moving, and you cry out, "ohhhh fuuuuuck", and then you collapse back down, your head resting on my thigh, breathing hotly onto my dick.

I slide out from under you and kneel on the bed beside you, your ass still up in the air, and the rest of your body resting on your chest. I have no intention of letting you recover, so, I grab your hips and yank your in front of me, one of your legs back on each side. I lean forward and press my throbbing cock in the crack of your ass, up against your asshole and your soaking pussy. I grab my cock in my hand and slowly push it inside you, inch by inch, all the way in, holding your ass open with my other hand, watching as I go inside of you. I let go of my cock and put my hand on the other side of your ass, gripping it tightly and pushing you ass against my pelvis, fucking you deep and slow.

I see your hand reaching down between your legs to rub your clit again, though I'm almost too interested in how good your pussy feels to notice. As I look down, watching my cock going in and out of you, I lick and drool over on of my fingers and start rubbing it softly over your asshole. I hear you making more and more noise as I continue to fuck your pussy and play with your ass, so I slip my finger into your asshole. I can feel my cock sliding into your pussy while I;m fingering you, and I can also feel you working your clit with your fingers more intensely. After a little while of this rhythm, I slide another finger into your ass, and fuck both of your holes at once.

I continue to do this for only a few seconds before you turn back and look at me, a huge slutty smile on your face. "fuck me in the ass, baby. I want your cock."

I smile back and nod, and I feel my cock get even harder at the thought. I pull my fingers out of your ass, and pull my cock out of your pussy. I lean back so I can see your pussy better, watching as you rub your clit and finger yourself. As you move your fingers down and slip two of them inside you, I take this as my cue and gently push the head of my cock against your asshole. My dick is all slimy and lubed up from your pussy, so, it goes into your ass without too much effort.

I inch my cock into you all the way and then pull it all the way out, almost cumming into your ass from the tightness. I ask you if you want more, and you start asking for it all the way back in again. You want to get fucked so badly, I can barely contain myself. I ease my cock back into your ass again, and then back out.. in and out, in and out, all the while I can feel your fingers in your pussy against my cock in your ass.

As we keep fucking, harder and harder, we both begin to start moaning and swearing and calling each other names. You ask me if you're my little slut, and I shove myself all the way inside of you. I bend down so my mouth is right near your ear and whisper yes, you are my little slut and that I love fucking your brains out, and that your pussy feels so good and your ass is so tight and that I'm going to cum again.

Hearing that I'm getting close puts you into a frenzy and you start slamming your ass back against my hips, cramming my cock inside you to the hilt, and rubbing madly at your clit. I grip your hips with my hands and pound against you, my balls slapping against your pussy and my hips smacking against your ass. I can feel the orgasm coming from deep down, but I keep fucking you as hard as I can, listening as you scream more and more. The pressure builds to a force I can't handle and I buckle over on top you, cumming deep into your ass.

Just as I begin to cum, I feel your ass tighten even more as you begin to have another orgasm at the same time. We keep bucking against each other as we cum, cursing and crying out in pleasure. Once I've unloaded everything I had left in my balls, we stop moving and collapse on the bed, me on top of you, inside you, still hard and throbbing. I slowly pump a few more times in and out of you, panting and out of breath, until I can't take the sensitivity anymore.

We lay there for a moment and then I kiss you on the neck, behind the ear, then along your cheek to your mouth. We kiss again, and I tell you that I love you and you tell me that you love me. I pull out from inside you and roll over to your side. Both of us are shivering and shuddering from what just happened, in love and in lust at the same time, wondering if we're going to top it. Well...

...when we're going to top it.

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