tagFetishWildlife Ch. 2

Wildlife Ch. 2


Wildlife Ch. 2: Kevin's Story

The wilderness was looking better every minute, Kevin thought. He'd been marching around in circles for hours and was just getting ready to settle down in a bed of leaves to wait for morning, hoping his little sister had found a safe place to sleep until first light, when an angel had found him while she was out picking up firewood.

Now, following her through the woods along a noisy stream, Kevin grinned at his luck--and at the sway of her very feminine hips encased in a tight pair of bleached out jeans. It took only a few minutes before they reached her campsite. Turning to him, the petite blonde--Kandy, she'd said, and a very fitting name it was, Kevin mused--smiled.

"Here we are," she said softly. "Just drop the wood over there."

Kevin took the wood he'd carried for her, dumping it in the spot she indicated. Kneeling in the dirt to stack it, he turned to smile at her over his shoulder. She was angelic; adorable. Petite, with big, sparkling green eyes and a longish mop of gold curls, she had centerfold breasts which were unbound under her white T-shirt and hips to die for. He was gonna love seducing her.

Opening his mouth to start sweet-taking her (right into her sleeping bag, he hoped like hell) he found his sweet words choked off by the sight of the big SOB who came out of the darkness. A foot taller than the blonde, the man was as dark as she was fair, and as hard and muscular and she was curved and soft.

Even his voice was rough where hers was smooth.

"What'd you drag in now, darlin?" The giant asked, slipping his arms around the blonde from behind.

Smiling seductively, she licked her full, heart-shaped lips. "I got us a new toy, baby," she murmured.

Kevin saw the shock in the giant's eyes just as the girl must have felt it. Sliding her hands over his, she raised them to her tits, rubbing herself into his palms; placating and clearly arousing him all at once.

"Ah, honey," she drawled sweetly. "I always find pretty girls for you. You said we could try this sometime. I want to play with him tonight." Sliding one of his hands lower, to the sweet vee between her legs, she purred with pleasure. "I want two cocks tonight, honey....please?"

Kevin couldn't move. He was pinned by his own astonishment and fear, and the look of the big man's dark eyes cutting him across the fire.

"Alright," he agreed finally, to the blonde's obvious delight. ‘But--"

"I know Marc," she answered quickly. "No ass fucking unless you're the one doing the fucking, and no cock sucking unless you're the one getting sucked."

Nodding, the giant stepped away from her and toward Kevin. "That's right. I don't take it up the ass and I don't suck cock." Directing the last line at Kevin, the man grabbed him by the shirt, jerking him upright. "But," he whispered conspiratorially to Kevin, "if Kandy says so, YOU WILL. Understand, little boy?"

The iron grip shook Kevin a little. Kevin nodded. He'd walked into a fucking nightmare. Though he was taller than Kandy, Kevin was still half a head shorter than Marc. And while Kevin was pretty well built, he was no match for Marc's obvious brawn.

"L...look," Kevin started, only to be shaken harder.

"Shut the fuck up!" Marc roared. "You're gonna do whatever my Kandy wants. Got that, boy?"

"Y--yeah." He got it. And was going to get it, judging from the hot gleam in Miss Sweet and Innocent's eyes. Kevin tried to clear his head.

"You just hold him for me, baby," Kandy murmured. "While I get him nice and hard."

He was about to be raped! That odd, unbelievable thought ran through Kevin's head. He didn't know if he should scream or laugh. Marc was behind him now, holding him tight with two beefy hands on his shoulders. Kandy was on the far side of the fire, beginning an erotic striptease.

Kevin couldn't help but watch, spellbound as Kandy licked her lips, ran her small, delicate hands over her own curves, and moved her hips seductively. When she finally pulled her T-shirt over her head, freeing her big, firm tits to bounce erotically, Kevin realized that his dick was granite hard. Then she stripped out of her jeans, revealing a body like gold and cream in the firelight. Most men could live a thousand years without seeing a female body that voluptuous. That obscenely...delicious.

When Kandy turned, bending over to give him a full view of her smooth, round ass, Kevin choked and nearly came in his pants.

"C'mon, Kandy," Marc rumbled behind Kevin, softening his hard-on a little. "Don't tease. He's gonna start drooling in a minute."

Smiling at the gruff compliment, Kandy sidled around the fire, her small, cherry-red painted toenails stirring the soft, sandy ground. Stopping before Kevin, she rubbed her hard-tipped tits playfully over his T-shirt, licking those gorgeous pink lips again. Again, his dick was full to bursting--for all of two seconds, when Marc said threateningly in his ear, "Try to run and I'll fucking kill you," before walking away.

Watching the man slip off into the shadowy edge of their campsite, Kevin obeyed. He didn't see the guy, but knew he was there--somewhere. Watching. Apparently this was nothing more than a sexual game Kandy and her man liked to play with unwilling...

Hell, Kevin thought. If it were just Kandy and her heavenly body, he'd be willing and then some. But these two made it sound like...like they were planning to make him to things he didn't want to do.

While Kandy began pulling his shirt up to strip it off him, Kevin could hear her man's gruff voice in his mind.

‘Ass fucking'

‘Cock sucking'

Kevin jerked in surprise as Kandy's tits rubbed over his naked chest. Looking down at her with her deceptive virgin eyes and whore's lips, Kevin shuddered. He was so fucking hot for her that he wanted to shove her down to her knees, whip out his dick and beat himself off in her face, covering her luscious mouth with his cum. And at the same time, he was terrified at the thought of Marc doing the same to him.

Lust and fear. The combination made him sweat and his heart slam hard in his chest. But so far, it wasn't softening his cock.

Purring with pleasure, Kandy ran her hands all over him, finally sliding teasingly over the denim that was nearly bursting in an effort to contain his cock. Kevin jerked.

"Oooo...you're so big," Kandy sighed, unfastening his snap fly. "I love big men, " she cooed, slipping one hand inside to barely skim his length before grabbing his dick hard and squeezing him hard.

The pain made Kevin wince, but it was mixed with a burning kind of pleasure that made him gasp as well. Then her grip eased, becoming a warm caress as she drew his heavy cock from his jeans. Stepping away only far enough to drag her gaze down to the thick, hard shaft in her hand, her expression suddenly became intense and very, very hungry.

Standing there, bare-chested in the firelight with his jeans and briefs bunched halfway down his thighs and his dick stretched painfully full and pulsing against her skin, Kevin felt like he was about to be somebody's dinner.

Then Kandy pulled his head down to give him hot, openmouthed kisses and Kevin was lost in the faint taste of chocolate mint and woman. She moaned as his arms went around her and he caressed the smooth, warm globes of her ass. Within a minute they were devouring one another with voracious hands and mouths.

Kandy alternately kissed his mouth, his throat and chest and his stiff male nipples while her hands danced like hot lightning over his cock and balls and ass. Then she began whispering to him between kisses, telling him about the sort of games she and Marc liked to play, making him even hotter as he imagined the scenes in his mind.

"I pick up a pretty girl," she murmured, thrusting her tits into Kevin's hands. "I like brunettes," she breathed heavily. "With big, firm tits. And we take her to some hotel room or maybe some deserted park. Then Marc holds her so I can strip her whether she likes it or not."

Kevin grunted when she squeezed his balls.

"I like it when they fight," Kandy whispered hotly. "It gets me so wet when they fight. When he has to hold them down tight and they struggle while I suck their tits or he fucks them. Hard." She was breathing heavier now, her eyes bright with a raging fever of lust. "But...I made him promise me that someday...we'd get a guy and he'd let me watch."

The words barely registered in Kevin's brain before Kandy was on her knees in the dirt and without preliminaries, his cock was in her mouth.

"Uhhhh...shit!" Kevin shoved all ten fingers into the thick mass of her gold ringlets and started pumping. He moaned like a wild animal while she sucked his swollen cockhead and deepthroated his shaft. He was so far gone in pleasure, his eyes closed tight, that he didn't hear the giant come up behind him until those beefy hands were on his shoulders again, pushing him down.

Knees already weak and shaking, Kevin went down fast, landing hard on his knees. He was kneeling right beside Kandy who was still in the same position. Then Marc walked around from behind them, circling around to face the two of them, completely nude.

Kevin rocked back on his heels, jaws gaping.

"Don't even think about running, motherfucker."

Oh, he had. And he was still thinking about it. Kevin knelt there, numb with shock, finally realizing what Kandy had said. That SHE was going to watch.

Which meant that he...

Marc stood between Kevin and the fire, a towering masculine figure roped with heavy muscle- -and a very thick cock at least nine inches long jutting up from the juncture of his thighs.

"No," was all Kevin could get past his closed throat.

"It's okay, baby," Kandy purred in his ear. Marc came closer, one big hand pumping his erection. "I've always wanted to watch another man suck Marc's dick."

"No!" Kevin gasped, trying to scramble backward. Hampered by his jeans and briefs, he got nowhere before Marc had a handful of his hair, jerking him back painfully back to his knees. "NO! Let me go, man! I don't suck cock!" Kevin insisted.

Marc's hold tightened. "You're gonna suck mine, asshole. Just do what Kandy tells you to and shut the fuck up!"

Kevin squeezed his eyes shut. He'd never touched another mans fuckstick before and he sure as hell had never sucked a man off. Mute with disgust, he shook his head.

"It's okay, baby," Kandy crooned. "You wanna make me hot, don't you?" she breathed in Kevin's ear while her hands played with his softening dick. "We're just playing. Open your eyes. See how delicious his cock is? Go ahead, honey...look at it and think about how hard you're gonna fuck me later."

When Kevin kept his eyes firmly shut, Marc jerked on his hair. "She said open your eyes, dickhead!"

Kevin did. Grimacing at the hard tug on his scalp, Kevin did what he was told--and got an eyeful of throbbing cock.

"That's right, motherfucker," Marc growled, one hand still in Kevin's hair and the other pumping slowly up and down his shaft. "Get a good look."

It was HUGE. Stretched to bursting above a pair of heavy, low swinging balls, from Kevin's point of view Marc's cock was the biggest thing he'd ever seen. But maybe that was because he expected to be getting it shoved down his throat any second.

"It's delicious," Kandy whispered in his ear. Reaching for Marc's cock with her right hand, she took over stroking it, gently drawing Marc forward and his cock closer to Kevin's lips. "Having a man's meat in your mouth is so fucking sexy," she breathed. "The hot taste of him, throbbing on your tongue..." Another inch closer. "The power you feel when he starts moaning and begging you to go faster. Deeper." Another inch. "The hot, creamy explosion of his cum while he shakes and groans."

The dark, hot brush of another man's cock against his lips made Kevin close his eyes again, but he didn't pull away. He could smell clean skin and musky excitement; was almost mesmerized by Kandy's sexy voice and her left hand on his own dick.

Kandy kissed the corner of his mouth. With his eyes still closed, he parted his lips; she gave him her tongue--and slid the hot, bulbous head of Marc's cock into his mouth. Marc's big hands held his head, preventing him from backing away. Kevin found himself in a triad of a french kiss. His tongue and Kandy's danced teasingly over and around the head of Marc's shaft, wetting it so that it began to slide easily forward and back--a half inch forward; quarter of an inch back. Deeper, creeping into Kevin's mouth while Kandy slowly drew her tongue back.

And then Kandy was gone and Kevin found himself kneeling there with a dick in his mouth and a beautiful woman stroking his meat.

"You fucking bite me and you're dead," Marc whispered.

Kevin was frozen. Kneeling there in the moonlight, the smell of wood smoke surrounding them, he felt as if he were in the middle of a strange dream. Kneeling in the pliant give of sandy ground, his ass and cock were exposed to the night air and Kandy's hot, busy hands and he was sucking a huge, hard dick. Two or three inches of slick male skin over steel shaft on his tongue. Pulsing. Waiting to be gobbled like a hot, juicy sausage stuffed to bursting.

Closing his eyes, Kevin schooled himself to think of Marc's cock as that delicious meat in his mouth. Slowly, slowly, he pulled in another inch...another. Thinking of savory, mouth-watering meat. Trying to ignore the way Marc's hands on his head became a hard, possessive male caress. Denying the darts of pure erotic excitement this forbidden taste of swollen cock was shooting into his own crotch. And the slow way he and Marc began moving forward and back, Marc mouth fucking and Kevin being fucked, in nearly silent agreement that both wanted the pleasure of this forbidden thing.

Kandy pressed her bottom lip between her teeth in an effort to keep from moaning, afraid the sound would break the erotic spell. Taking Kevin's hands in hers, she slowly drew them to his own beefy erection, involving him in her hand play. Inches away from her own mouth, Marc's big cock was sliding wetly, firmly, into and out of Kevin's mouth. Kevin's eyes were closed as if to deny the fact that he was eating another man's fuckstick, but he was making soft grunts of pleasure each time Marc's dick drove a little deeper and his own cock was hard.

Marc's head was thrown back, his eyes squeezed shut in a harsh, almost surprised expression of pleasure. Kandy knew that look; she knew that Marc was loving having his meat being hungrily devoured by a hot, wet mouth; in just a few minutes, he began moaning.

"Oh, fuck yeah," he gasped, hips pumping. His fingers convulsed rhythmically in Kevin's thick, dark hair. "Uhhhh...deeper," he growled hoarsely. "Suck me...deeper. Eat it, boy!"

Kevin heard the other man's voice but the meaning of his words didn't penetrate the thick fog of his growing excitement. He hardly noticed the loss of Kandy's hands as he worked his own cock, his hips jerking in little spasms. Then he felt Marc's grip tighten and at once he was being pulled toward Marc's groin as Marc shoved his hips forward, cramming his mouth full of heavy beef. Marc's meat pounded the back of his throat as the face fucking began in earnest.

Kevin panicked, unable to breathe for a few seconds, then Marc pulled out and thrust again, holding him in place between his vise-like hands.

"Don't you even THINK about stopping, cocksucker!"

Kevin moaned. But rather than a protest, the sound came out hungry; greedy.

Pussy dripping, Kandy sat back on her heels. With the elegant, candy-red tipped fingers of one hand, she played with her tits, rolling her nipples into hard points before scoring them lightly with her nails. Her other hand dipped unerringly down to her wet cunt, her middle finger pressing against her clit before rubbing quickly back and forth over it.

The firelight licked hungrily at Marc's ass--the long, heavily muscled lines of his thighs, and the sight of his ass clenching and pushing as he forced his cock into and out of Kevin's mouth made Kandy groan and her hips jerk as she pleasured herself. She'd long fantasized about watching a man on his knees, beating off while Marc fucked his throat, but the reality was hotter than her imagination had ever been.

Marc cried out suddenly, his muscles tightening convulsively. He slammed his cock deep once, his balls slapping Kevin's face loudly in the clearing. His big hands holding Kevin's head still, he began jackhammering, hips slamming Kevin's face.

"Suck it," he growled. "SUCK IT! C'mon...c'mon...." Desperate to shoot his thick load down the hot, tight throat he fucked, Marc went wild. "C'mon, bitch!" Marc demanded. Looking down at the man kneeling at his feet, the quick jolt of violent, erotic power he felt hardened his cock even more, nearly pushing him over the edge.

"You like my dick, boy?" he hissed. "Yeah, you love suckin' dick, you nasty little cocksucker. And you're gonna love eating my cum. C'mon--SUCK HARDER, BITCH!" Loving his power over the other man, Marc fisted his hands, pulling the younger man's hair tight between his clenched fingers. The cocksucker moaned in protest but didn't miss a single, fast thrust.

"Unnnhhh...fuck!" Marc shouted, throwing his head back. And then a harsh, violent cry exploded from his throat and he began to shake and thrust. Faster. Harder.

"Sweet...cocksucking...mutherfucking....BITCH!" Marc shouted, hips jerking hard. And then his words disintegrated into a rough grunt and his entire body shuddered as he shot a blast of white hot lava down the tight throat he fucked.

"Ahhhhhh...YESSSSSS!" Marc moaned, cumming harder and hotter and longer than he ever had in his life. Balls spasming, dick jerking, he pumped shot after shot of thick, creamy cum, his body quaking with every deep explosion. The dark, tingling pleasure he felt from his balls, up his spine, and back down to the arches of his feet made him sway.

Kevin found himself hurriedly gulping, shocked at his own desperate sucking as he tried to catch every drop of the giant's jism. Finally, when the hands on his head relaxed and the cock in his mouth finally began to withdraw, he took it from his mouth and held it in both warm hands, licking it clean.

Rising, Kandy walked to her men, sliding her arms around Marc's neck and kissing him deeply, while Kevin finished licking Marc's cock. Then she slid her fingers into Kevin's hair, pulling his mouth away.

"Now me," she said sternly, watching Kevin give up his cocksucking reluctantly. Marc walked away, his cock temporarily relieved, to watch.

Fisting her hand in Kevin's hair, she drew him up off the ground, ignoring his moan of protest as she led him to the edge of the campsite, turned, and pulled him to her.

"Fuck me!" she ordered.

Kevin put his hands on her thighs, just below her ass, lifting her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, gasping as he forced her back up against a tree, adjusting her, and ramming his cock home.

A gasp was all he would allow her. His balls already tight and ready to burst, Kevin's voice was a low rumble as he put his mouth to her ear.

"You bitch," he growled, too low for Marc to hear. Slamming his thick, throbbing cock into her. Again....again.

She dug her fingernails into his shoulders, making him shudder. "You loved it, didn't you?" she whispered back. "DIDN'T YOU?" she demanded, moaning as his hard thrusts rubbed the bare flesh of her back and ass into the rough bark.

"Unhhhh...yes!" he hissed. "Now, YOU taste!" And with that, he forced her lips to open under his, thrusting his tongue deep.

Kandy groaned. The hot, musky scent of her lover's cum was on Kevin's breath and in his mouth. Sucking Kevin's tongue into her mouth, she shared the living quicksilver taste of Marc's cream while Kevin battered at her sopping cunt with a hard-on like warm marble.

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