tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWildlife Study Ch. 01

Wildlife Study Ch. 01


(note to readers: this is part one of the story, I'm intending a second part, so don't chastise me for letting you hang)


Melissa pulled into her driveway in her black Pontiac Firebird. She saw that Bill's truck was already gone. A Friday afternoon sigh escaped from her lips after another week working as an optical technician at the local mall. She had hoped to catch her husband and teenage son before they went on their weekend hunting trip. In their state, as many as two million hunters still practiced the blood sport. Even though she would miss them, it was nice to spend some weekends alone. With the holiday approaching, she could spend a lot of her time shopping without worrying about the "men."

Missy was an attractive brunette with medium length brown hair. Even though she had a few extra pounds, her shapely legs and large bust still kept her hubby's interest. As she entered their modest rancher she took a quick look around the kitchen to see if Bill and Trent had left a mess for her to clean up. She was pleasantly surprised at the relative tidy appearance greeting her.

While taking off her earrings, Missy walked into their bedroom and kicked off the high heels she wore to work. Most of the other staff wore flat, sensible shoes. Missy had worn the heels for so long that she didn't mind them, and besides she liked the way it set off her calves. At thirty-eight she still liked to flirt with the attractive men who came into their optical store. It was mostly harmless and Missy liked the extra attention her dresses and shapely, nylon-clad legs seemed to garner.

Taking off her dress and nylons, Missy put on one of her terry cloth bathrobes over her bra and panties. The robe was made to look like a Steeler's Jersey and went down to mid thigh. After hanging up her dress, she reached for her cigarettes. Working inside at the mall made it difficult to take smoke breaks, and Melissa wished she could kick the habit. Trying to be a responsible parent, she only smoked outdoors at home. She threw on her bedroom slippers and started out the back door with cigarettes and lighter in hand. She stopped before exiting as another thought hit her. Going back she reached into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of beer. Now she went out the back door and stood in their breezeway, which separated the garage and house. Missy expertly lit the cigarette with her free hand. After deeply inhaling, she exhaled the smoke and took a sip of the beer.

Standing in the cool fall air with the late afternoon sun on her, she felt the tension starting to leave her body as she smoked and drank her beer. Missy always prided herself on being a simple "country girl" and didn't particularly like the typical "girlie" drinks offered at some bars. The fact that her husband and son were in pursuit of wild game and she was a Steeler's fan kind of summed up her lifestyle. That didn't mean she wasn't feminine or didn't like to be pampered and treated like a lady.

As she smoked and drank her beer, a light fall breeze kicked up and the robe Missy was wearing started to blow open. In her haste she had neglected to put the terry cloth belt around the robe. As the wind blew against her bare thighs, Missy momentarily left the robe hang open and just smoked and drank her beer. The sun kissing her thighs actually felt good in contrast to the cool air blowing up her legs. She moved back another step into breeze-way to get out of the wind, and to provide a modest amount of privacy from the neighbors.

Still standing in the warm sunshine, the wind no longer was hitting her and the combined effect of the alcohol, cigarettes and warm sun gave her a heady feeling. Leaning back against the sun warmed wall, she left her head rest on the siding and propped one foot back on the wall. Closing her eyes, she took another drag on the cigarette, and with one foot in the raised position, the robe dropped off her firm thigh and opened a little wider. Not making a move to stop it, Missy closed her eyes and allowed the robe to separate an inch over her breasts.

Almost unconsciously, she raised her propped foot another inch or two and the robe now opened wider still. Missy's black lacy bra poked through the front of the robe, and the small butterfly tattooed over her left breast now enjoyed the sunshine in full view. Opening her eyes, Missy saw that the neighbor's cars weren't in the driveway across the street, usually meaning that they hadn't come home from work yet. As she finished the first cigarette, she took a few steps forward and flicked the butt onto the moist ground of her flowerbed. She retrieved another from the pack and lit it, inhaling deeply.

Standing outdoors, enjoying her smokes, beer, and most of all the semi nudity, Missy felt exhilarated and the tension from her workweek was slipping from her body. After lighting up, she once again moved a few steps backward to rest against the sun-warmed side of her rancher. Living on a dead-end street afforded them almost no traffic, except neighbors, and the rare mail or delivery trucks. Without traffic, the noise level was very low, and she could hear a car coming up their street long before it arrived.

Taking another long swallow of the beer, Missy decided to lose the panties under her robe. She had learned of her exhibitionist nature when she was only thirteen years old. Thinking it was something she might outgrow, she smiled to herself as she felt the black bikinis on her ankles. Stepping out of them, she just left them lay at her feet as she smoked. Closing her eyes again, she gave a little shudder as the fall air touched the wetness now evident between her legs. Setting the near empty bottle of beer down beside her, Missy placed the cigarette between her lips and reached under her robe to loosen the bra. Opening the front clasp, she reached into the loose sleeves of the robe and pulled the straps off her shoulders. When the second strap was loose, she pulled the bra out of the sleeve and dropped it with her panties.

Turning towards the street, Missy took another long look at the home almost directly across the street and saw only blackness behind the large picture window of the Engel's home. Taking another step forward she stood at almost the entrance to their breeze-way and a quick look up and down the street revealed no walkers or cars in sight. Emboldened by the lack of traffic and the alcohol, Missy opened the front of her robe. Before she stepped back again, Missy pulled the robe off her shoulders and allowed it to separate several inches from her neck to her knees.

When her breasts and pussy were fully exposed, she closed her eyes and rolled her head back and left the sun kiss her soft skin. The fall air was crisp and her bare nipples hardened in the late afternoon sunshine. Opening her eyes, Missy stepped back again to the siding and leaned back with her feet spread apart. The robe in back of her kept the siding from touching her back, but it now slipped off her shoulders and her whole front was deliciously exposed. Like all exhibitionists, Missy almost wished a delivery truck or car would drive by. If she stood still, they probably might not see her, but then that was half the fun.

She decided to smoke a third cigarette and finish the beer while standing there almost nude. With a teenage son in the house, Missy hadn't been able to practice her fetish as much as she would have liked. When they were first married and still dating, Bill was okay with his wife wanting to expose herself in public, but with the birth of Trent, he had frowned on it.

Missy had toyed with the idea of setting up an anonymous web site, where she could practice some of her wild side. However, nothing compared to actual public exposure. As she finished the beer, Missy decided what the hell, and dropped her robe altogether. She now stood totally naked in their breeze-way, outdoors in November, and smoked her cigarette. Getting still bolder, she walked forward and looked down the street. No cars, not a person in sight. She casually walked fifty feet to the end of their driveway and retrieved the mail from their mailbox. As she turned, she looked over her shoulder, and then walked the fifty feet back to the breeze-way with her ample ass swaying.

Rick had heard the car come up the street about thirty minutes earlier. He had taken a personal day from work, since his back had been acting up again. His pickup truck was in the garage, and Karen, his wife was still at work at the local grocery store. Looking out of his bedroom window, where he had been lying watching TV, he saw the black Firebird pull into the driveway directly across the street. Perking up he watched as their pretty, busty neighbor quickly got out of her car and go inside. He loved watching her ass sway in the tight dress and how the sun shone on her pretty brown hair.

When she went inside, he sighed and turned back to watching the court TV show. Several minutes later, he looked out the window again, just out of curiosity. He perked up again, as he saw Missy coming outside to smoke, and she was dressed in a bathrobe, no less. Rick decided to get a better vantage point, so he moved to the living room, but stayed well back of the large window. As he passed the hallway closet, he opened the door and retrieved the camcorder and tripod he kept handy for filming deer and other wildlife in their backyard.

The camcorder had a 20X zoom lens and from this distance, Rick could almost read the label on Missy's beer bottle. Staying on the far side of the living room he setup the camcorder as far away from the large window as possible. When he looked through the viewfinder, Rick watched as Missy stood in the sun and smoked and drank her beer. While no raving beauty, her wholesome image and ample body caused a stir in his sweat pants. He zoomed in a little closer and saw with a smile on his face that her robe was starting to flap in the breeze. With the power up on 10-X power, he saw the black panties and bra peeking through the opening in the front of her robe.

"Oh my God", was all Rick could utter when he saw his pretty neighbor drop her black bikini panties down around her ankles. He was having trouble keeping her image steady in the viewfinder and backed the power down a few notches. He praised himself for the third time on his decision to take a personal day from work. This was the most exciting wildlife photography he had ever captured, and the surprise was; it wasn't even in the backyard.

When he saw the bra join the panties at his neighbor's feet, a low growl escaped from his throat. By now Rick had a fierce erection pushing out his sweats. When she turned towards his window and looked straight at him for several seconds he almost panicked and hit the floor. But his brain finally reasoned with the voyeur and told him that she couldn't actually see him. So after regaining his composure, he once again zoomed in to capture her beautiful breasts and soft brown curls framing her pussy. He was rewarded again, as she pulled the robe even wider.

What was up with this woman? He hadn't realized that Bill's wife was a serious exhibitionist. He now had about ten minutes of film on her.

When she moved back into the breeze-way, the sun still kept her image bright in his viewfinder and his smile broadened a little wider as pushed the robe off her shoulders. Her plump but shapely thighs were apart as she rested her head on the sunny wall of her rancher. Thinking he saw glimmer in his viewfinder, he zoomed in real close to her brown curls at the top of her legs, and captured a beautiful drop of sparkling dew hanging from one of the puffy lips to her pussy. He pulled back to watch her smoke and when she stepped forward to again look into his window, he froze.

But not to worry, she was just checking the landscape, and he continued to film her as she walked nude to the end of the driveway. He was half-tempted to run outside and yell "Howdy Neighbor!" but decided against it. Watching her plump but well shaped ass sway as she returned, he was disappointed when she finally went back inside her home. Letting out a cleansing breath, Rick realized that he must have been holding his breath at times, because he had to take several deep breathes before he could calm down.

As Rick was picking up his camcorder to put it away, he heard the delivery truck coming up the street. Looking out he saw the familiar brown UPS truck drive by their house and make a U-turn at the dead end. He had forgotten that the first Friday of the month was when they delivered his wife's home interior products. He knew after the truck turned around they would be stopping in front of his door.

As he predicted the delivery man stopped and retrieved Karen's home business products from the back of his van. Using a small hand truck, he moved about four medium sized boxes to their front door.

Rick answered the door before the doorbell was even rung. He signed for the boxes and as Tony the driver walked back to his van, he peered across the street. He smiled as he saw Missy standing at her front window looking out, now wearing the Steeler Jersey again. "Oh well," he sighed to himself. "Can't blame a guy for looking," he chuckled.

Missy heard the truck driving up their dead end street just as she closed the door. Putting her bathrobe back on, she walked to their front picture window and had a little shock as she saw Rick answer the door.

"That sonofabitch must have enjoyed the show!" she muttered to herself. She saw him give her a little smile as the truck drove away. Although Missy was no prude as evidenced by her earlier exhibitionism, she felt the color rising in her cheeks. After she calmed down a little, she just laughed and took the free show she'd given in stride. In fact she found that she was more than a little excited by knowing Rick had just witnessed her twenty minute nude exhibition outdoors.

Missy had always been friendly with the neighbors. Other than the occasional waves or just saying "Hi" while working in her flowerbeds, she really didn't know much about the attractive couple who lived across the street. Carol, Rick's wife, was very quiet and it was usually Rick who seemed to be more outgoing. The same was true with Bill, her husband. While a hardworking guy, who was a good father to Trent, he could be rather boring when mixing with other people. It was usually Missy who was doing the laughing and having fun whenever they got together socially with other couples. And while she loved their son, getting together with parents of his friends wasn't really the most exciting way to socialize in her mind.

It was these moments in her life that made Missy realize how much she missed being an exhibitionist and also the wild sex from their youth. Bill just didn't have much passion left over for their bedroom after working, and then spending his spare time with buddies hunting and fishing. When he came home on Sunday afternoon, she'd be lucky if he gave her more than a quick kiss upon his arrival. And he probably wouldn't want more than some quick sex before going to bed later that night.

Missy sighed and looked out the window again. If she'd only stayed outside another few minutes, she'd have given that damn UPS driver a thrill-ha ha. As that thought evaporated, her mind drifted back again to Rick and just exactly how much had he seen? She smiled while reliving her earlier escapades in her mind. They were both adults, and since she didn't exposed herself to any kids in the neighborhood, she wasn't worried about any repercussions from angry parents.

Rick was reviewing the footage he had shot earlier on his VCR and couldn't get the buxom woman's image out of his mind. He'd have to hide this tape from Karen, although she'd never shown much interest in any of his other wildlife videos. His wife was on the skinny side, and he had secretly lusted after his voluptuous neighbor since first laying eyes upon her. He rewound the tape, and labeled it "Wildlife Walk" and placed it among dozens of others in his VCR cabinet.

Rick was looking out his front window, reminiscing when the wall phone rang in their kitchen. He walked out into the kitchen and picked up the handset, "Hello."

He heard her breathing before she finally spoke.

"Hi Rick, this is Missy from across the street," Melissa finally replied.

"Oh hi Missy, what can I do for ya?" Rick answered, while grinning to himself.

"Uh,... did I offend you this afternoon while I was, uh...having a smoke?" Missy asked.

Rick laughed out loud before he answered. "Are you kidding me, that was great! I hope you don't mind that I saw you?"

"Well, uh, I don't mind if you don't," Missy giggled as she answered.

"Missy, that was great that you're so open about your body," Rick said. "And I must say, you're quite beautiful when you're smoking and having a brew," he added.

"Well if I had known you were watching, I could have made it, uhhh, a little more interesting," Missy laughed. She was talking to Rick while still undressed, and found that her free hand was wandering over her body. She liked the sound of Rick's voice and the afternoon's events had made her very moist.

"Well, I have a small confession to make to you," Rick said a little sheepishly.

"I, uh... took some pics of you this afternoon. But it's only for my only enjoyment, I assure you, " Rick told her.

Not showing any surprise Missy said, "Well Rick, that's okay as long as you're not planning on showing them to anyone. Being a wife and mother, I wouldn't want them shown to the neighbors or any of our son's families."

"Absolutely not," Rick answered quickly.

"My eyes will be only ones to watch this wildlife video," he added jokingly.

Missy laughed at his reply, and she really wasn't that concerned that Rick wouldn't keep his word. Since he was up-front about his taking the video in the first place.

"I'd love to see it myself though," Missy told him.

"Well I'll drop it off, if you like," Rick offered.

"Will that be a problem for you? What about Karen, does she know about your "little" wildlife hobby?" Missy asked.

"No, she doesn't. But I'll see that you get it, or maybe we could watch it together?" Rick asked.

Missy had been faithful to Bill since getting married, but quite frankly was bored to death with their sex life. She didn't think it would hurt just to watch a video with Rick since that would be all they supposedly would be doing.

"Okay, we'll watch it together if you like. I'm alone all weekend since the guys went hunting," she told him. "What about Karen?"

"That's great!" Rick almost gushed. "Karen is going along with her sister and niece tomorrow to a dance competition at Valley College. Maybe we could watch it around ten? If that's okay with you?" Rick inquired.

"Ten's great. Why don't we watch if over here, since we still have a VCR and a new DVD player," Missy said.

"It's a date then," Rick answered. When he finally hung up the phone, he decided to go into their bathroom to do something about the bulge under his sweatpants.

The next morning Rick's wife Karen had been up early to leave with her sister to watch her niece's dance competition. She gave him a quick peck on the lips and said they would be returning late, since it was a two-hour drive both ways. Rick got up and showered and shaved before he ate cereal for breakfast. His morning "date" had him wired and there was no chance of getting back to sleep in the next few hours.

Missy had slept soundly from the few beers she had drunk the previous evening. She had been so aroused thinking about watching the video with Rick that she had masturbated twice in bed last night and again this morning while taking her shower. While drying her hair with the dryer, she was appraising her body in the mirror. Her girl-next-door image staring back at her, kind of disappeared as she gazed upon her full breasts and large nipples. Smiling at her double she thought to herself, "Do girls-next-door have big tits?" This thought made her laugh, as she finished drying her shiny brown hair.

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