tagLetters & TranscriptsWill and Lynn's Present

Will and Lynn's Present


My dearest Lynn:

In a world full of seemingly pointless suffering, I wish we could have the opportunity to enjoy every kind of pleasure together in this short life.

I wish we could share warmth together, and skin to skin contact. Touches that are simultaneously lusty and innocent in our heated desire to explore all the pleasures of each other's bodies.

I love thinking about our high school selves beginning a life of loving each other together. I love to think about talking in each other's arms, or holding each other while watching movies, trying to learn about life.

This summer, I was surprised, maybe shocked, at the immediate effect that your presence and slightest touches had on my penis. I'd just assumed that my anxiety and fear about us, along with social embarrassment and old age, would prevent such a situation from happening in person. Otherwise, I'd known for a long time that your voice and typed words could have powerful effects on my nervous system.

From time to time, my brain thinks about the idea of our spouses confronting us in a positive manner about our love for each other.

Since it's your husband I know the least about, he's the one that leads the conversation, speaking for himself and my wife in saying that they are not hurt or angered by catching us repeatedly in close contact. They point out that it's not hard to tell how much you and I care about each other, and that there's also so much innocence about us.

"Will, I know my wife, and I know that she loves you at the same time that she loves me," your husband says as I feel myself overcome with the surrealness of the situation, as if we've all stepped out of the world into a smaller shared reality. "I want her to be happy," he concludes.

Now my wife says "I know you love me and will never stop loving me, and will never leave me. That's been an amazing thing to experience. I want you and Lynn to have some time to communicate your love to each other."

"We do communicate with each other, nearly every day by email," I say.

"I know, but you're being super logical about this, and you're forgetting about how important physical touch is to you," she says.

I see you, listening, but quiet, maybe having the same feelings of unreality that I'm having. I can't stop looking at your eyes.

I begin one argument, then another, in my mind, but remain silent. A tear of relief, or frustration, appears as I feel the love and caring around us, and recognize that I'm in the uncomfortable position of having people care for me.

"We're going to take the kids out for a big adventure this afternoon, then why don't you guys meet us somewhere for dinner?" says your husband. I watch him tenderly bid you farewell, loving the feeling it gives me to see him caring for you.

As we close the door on their departure, you turn and look at me, then wrap your arms around my neck and begin kissing me passionately.

My rational doubts leave me, and I'm consumed by feelings of relief at finally having your mouth on mine. We quickly learn how our mouths fit together, and continue for a full minute.

"Mmmm. I've wanted to do that for so long," you say softly.

You take me by the hand, and lead me to the opened sofa sleeper in the living room. You sit down on the edge, and I join you, and this time I initiate the kissing.

With my ardor renewed, I move you onto your back and cover you fully with my body, careful not to press too firmly on you, but also careful to let my erection make itself known to you.

"I want to touch it," you say with urgency.

I roll onto my back, and begin disrobing. You've assumed responsibility for my pants, and seem quite buried in your work, so I focus on pulling my shirt off, enjoying the innocent feeling of giving myself to you fully.

Given your urgency, I'm afraid you're going to attack me with too much vigor, but I quickly realize that I've underestimated you. Despite drooling with desire, you slowly let my penis know what's in store for him, beginning with gentle touches to the rigid shaft, causing it to pulse and twitch. You commence with soft blowing kisses on the shaft, then allow your nose and cheeks to gently brush my already leaking glans.

As your beautiful mouth envelops me, I let out a cry that sounds pained, but you know to ignore it and continue your enjoyment of my hard cock at your disposal.

"Lynn, I'm afraid you're going to make me come, really fast," I pant.

"So?" you reply playfully, then take me into the back of your throat.

I close my eyes and moan with my release, but see you in my mind as you suck deliberately on my cock as I explode in your mouth.

With no interest in postcoital lounging, I push you onto your back and raise your sundress above your hips. Without pause, I begin gently kissing your thighs and belly, using my hand to introduce your most secret charms to their impending task.

You need no introduction, though, as I can tell that your pussy is in full bloom underneath your panties. Using my tongue, I begin outlining your sex lips through your panties, almost like painting with water colors.

You open your legs widely to invite and encourage me to continue. I close them, almost roughly, as I pull your panties down until they dangle from one ankle.

I push your thighs apart and begin planting passionate kisses on your vulva, then continue to sucking and licking your inner labia, feeling for what your body wants me to do. I feel your hands on my head, pushing me harder into you, and I know that I'm on the right track. You shudder and cry as you come. As your body becomes limp, I remove my mouth from you and cradle my head in your armpit, enjoying my proximity to your breast, still hidden in your dress. You try weakly to pull the blanket over you, and I help you cover ourselves, then return my head to your shoulder, your arm around me as if you're cuddling a teddy bear.

Your ever-loving Will

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