Will Be Yours Ch. 22


Not that my problems had ended there. The almost perpetual fatigue often made me doze off in unusual places- on the porch, in the kitchen, on my shop's counter. My short-term memory left me frustrated when I couldn't recall a particular flower arrangement that I had created, or when I forgot what I had read on page two by the time I reached page four, or when I had a hard time remembering the directions to a known place. I often felt my brain wasn't my brain anymore. It seemed a different brain had taken over me. There was no other explanation to why I became confused when spoken to in whole paragraphs, or why I often lost my way home.

But all that was in the past now. Four years later, I was able to go about life normally, cooking, baking, growing flowers, although I had forgotten all my known recipes and had needed to re-learn them.

The clumsy digging was still in full force at the lawn, and I only sighed when I thought of the extra work that had suddenly cropped up for me.

I turned my head to look inside the quiet house. Luke was still sleeping, having arrived late in the night after another round of promotions for his new single which had debuted last week on number 2 on most charts. Since then it was everywhere, on the TV, on the radio, on the video and streaming sites. Luke's voice was such a gift. I always thought that great singers weren't good-looking, and vice-versa. Luke proved an exception. The other week, he had found time to perform at one of the pubs in the town. Through the years, as he slowly established himself as a solo singer, his association with the town and its people had also deepened. The people loved him and turned up in large numbers to hear him. Luke was electrifying as he connected with the crowd while belting out the songs. And that smile.... Oh boy, I could live a thousand lifetimes just to see that smile every day.

Gentle hands crept around my waist, pulling me against a strong, warm body. I hadn't heard or seen him approaching.

"Good morning," Luke mumbled sleepily, breathing a kiss into my hair. I twisted my head to look at his face. With the messy hair, the stubble, and the sleepy eyes, he looked like a dream. He had also put on some weight. I could see the t-shirt clutching at his chest rather tightly.

"Slept well?" I asked, smiling at him.

"Oh yeah. I think I was tired." He yawned, squinting when he saw the group of boys in Scott's house.

"What's going on there?" he asked, looking incredulous.

"Frog hunting," I chuckled, thinking that the boys hadn't changed one bit in those years. "They are going to export them to France and China and become rich."

"Seriously?" Luke exclaimed. I looked at him with a straight face.

"What do you think?" I said. We stared at each other for a few moments before laughing out. He leaned in and kissed me. I gently nudged him away.

"Little eyes could be watching us, you know," I reminded him. He looked around him.

"I thought she's sleeping," he said.

"No." I pointed at the lawn. Spade thrown away, the little hands were playing with a small puddle now. I wondered why I hadn't yet budged from my place.

"Oh my." His arms slipped away, and a moment later he was hurrying down the porch.

"Diana!" he picked up the one-year-eleven-month-old with her daddy's green eyes and my black hair. "Aren't we being a little dirty here?"

The baby laughed and gurgled and threw her muddy arms around Luke's neck. Father and daughter shared kisses, caresses, and unintelligible words that made my eyes well up. Two years after my accident, once he was sure I had recovered completely, Luke proposed marriage over dinner one night and I happily agreed. It was a simple, small-town affair, where all of his family and mine, and our friends had been present, besides half of the town.

But what had shocked me the most was my unexpected pregnancy, shortly after our marriage. What had followed were 31 nervous, exciting weeks, a bad case of morning sickness, pre-term labour, and then a healthy, little girl, screaming and kicking her way into the world. Of course, I had gone for a hysteroscopy soon after Luke popped the question, just to be sure. When the doctor had told me that my womb was fit enough to carry a child and later handed me the report, I hadn't been able to trust my ears or eyes. She had said that injury-induced miscarriages and D&C procedures often made the womb weak. But the medications I had been administered after my miscarriage and also the rest I had given my reproductive system had healed me.

Whenever I saw Luke playing with little Di, I felt my heart soar. She was our little miracle. She was Luke's lost love who had returned to his life as his baby angel.

"Now, let's clean you up, okay?" Luke carried Diana to the porch, nuzzling her face with his. She was one beautiful and happy baby. She talked to everyone in her own words, laughed a lot, and had a habit of toddling out into the lawn after me, which had made Luke buy her the spade.

"I'll make breakfast," I announced, following them into the house. When we had just started talking marriage and family, I'd suddenly felt that my one bed-one bath house was too small if we had to raise a family in the town. He had given me two options: either I'd have to sell off this house and buy a bigger one, or I'd need to think of something that would make the house larger. I'd chosen the second option. I loved my house too much to sell it off, and I also wouldn't want to go away from Scott.

As if coincidentally, one of my neighbours was selling off his house and moving at the same time. Luke bought the property, and then drew up a plan to remove the boundary wall and merge the two houses. The work took about five months to be completed. We now had three-and-a-half bedrooms, two bathrooms, a bigger living and dining room, an attic, two bigger porches, and a more spacious lawn.

We spent almost equal time at Velmont Town and at his flat in Birmingham, keeping close to his family, my mom, and everything that we loved.

Ten minutes later, as I was frying the bacon and making Di's porridge, I saw Luke enter the kitchen. It was Becky and Allen's first marriage anniversary and we were having a big party that evening.

"We're leaving at seven," I told him. "Becky will be mad if I'm not there early to help her."

Luke chuckled, pulling me close to him. Here was a gorgeous, caring, Grammy award-winner cuddling me in my kitchen. I shook my head immediately, mentally correcting myself. To me, he would always be my soulmate, the best husband and the best dad in the world. I'd never forget how he'd taken care of me through my recovery and through the pregnancy. He was my guiding light.

"So where will they dump them?" he asked me, ghosting his lips over mine. "The frogs, I mean."

"Scott has instructed the boys to leave them in the forest. I have serious doubts, though."


"The forest is far and these aren't the kind of boys to waste a Saturday dumping frogs in the woods." I put my head down on his shoulder and sighed. "I'm sure they'll leave them in somebody's lawn and sneak off for a movie or a game of football."

We laughed, and I sank into his arms, enjoying those stolen moments with him, away from young eyes. Everything was just as it was meant to be. I could smell the moist wind and taste my coffee again. Scott had joined the gym, Carrie was less nosy, the flower shop was bigger and more popular now, and I was still there, capable of not only living my life, but also enjoying it like always.

Most importantly, I had a family now. Something I never thought I would.

A noise broke us apart and we looked outside to find Diana, all clean now, banging her toy drum kit in the living room. We shared a laugh, staring at each other.

"I always knew she'd take after you," I observed, playing with the buttons of his tee. "When she gives me grief at meal times, I turn on the TV, search for some channel that's playing your songs, and tell her, 'Look there's daddy.'"

He raised an eyebrow. "That works?"

"Like nothing else," I giggled.

"Well...." he leaned in and kissed me. I laughed into the kiss, putting my arms around him.

"I always believed you'd be the most amazing mom," he said to me.

"Uh-huh?" I smiled at him.

"Yes. I knew it since I saw you cuddling Harry." He kissed my forehead, and I had to hold the kitchen counter to keep my balance. A warm tear dripped down the side of my face, and I quickly wiped it off. Luke nibbled on my earlobe, his hands crawling inside my top and tickling the skin on my back. I slapped his hand away, giggling.

"Stop that!" I whispered. "We have a child in the house."

"Oh, I love that," he smiled, hugging me. "Having you girls around. You're my everything."

"I love you," I whispered. It didn't just sound right. It felt right.

"I love you all the way back, my darling." His arm snaked around my waist and pulled me tighter against him. "My heart is full of overwhelming love for my little family."

"Do you have room for one more?" I asked quietly.

"Wait. What?" He jerked back and stared at me, shocked. I bit my lip, smiled, and slowly nodded. Luke's jaw dropped, and I burst into another giggle. Diana's drumming wasn't the most perfect background music for the moment, but it kind of worked. Luke sealed the short distance between us, pressed me to his body, and laid a rather passionate kiss on my lips. I relished the feel of his mouth, the way his tongue loved to tease mine.

"I do," he whispered in nervous excitement. "Of course, I do."


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Magnificent work

Yes I too refrained from commenting to the very end; you kept us temporary-non-commenters in suspense to fuss with writing a comment tee hee ;-)
Although some may not have liked the bit about cheating,more...

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by Anonymous12/12/18


Yes, I should have left comments after each chapter, but I just hurried to the next one. I loved them all and was sad to see it end. Your characters became friends. Great job. I should go back andmore...

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by stattion10/02/18


Just like the user below, I refrained from commenting until I read the whole story which I've done over the last couple of days. There were several issues with things like the POV changes and an editormore...

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