tagIncest/TabooWill I Ever Make Him Mine?

Will I Ever Make Him Mine?


*All characters in this story is over the age of 18 and are consenting adults.*


My name is Nysa, and I just turned eighteen. I am a cheerleader at my school, and I am on the swim team. Only standing 5'2, and weighing a modest hundred and six pounds, most being muscle, 36 B cup breasts which most of the boys love to ogle, with green eyes and auburn hair. At home it is just me, my mom, and my older brother Nick. My dad was a police officer and was killed during a traffic stop. I was only three at the time, and Nick was eight. I really don't remember him, but I know my brother has grown to look like him, with pictures around the house to prove it.

While I was growing up, my brother was very protective of me and my mom. He was always the rock of the family. My mom had told me about the day of my dads passing and the funeral, and said my brother comforted her, instead of the other way around. She said he became a man even though he was at a young age. When I was six, my mom had a hard year as she was laid off at the post office, so when Christmas came around, my brother sold his video console and games, and his bike to give my mom money to buy Christmas gifts for me. He was like this throughout my childhood, making sure I was taken care of one way or another.

We were always very close, and was not uncommon for Nick and I to spend most all of our time together. We would often watch TV until we fell asleep, sometimes even in the same bed, sleeping the night away snuggling and keeping each other warm and secure. At that early age, everything was totally innocent, sweet and fun. I loved it that he was always so gentle with me treating me like I was this princess. We would often hold hands unashamedly and everyone thought it was so cute. But as he grew older, it stopped. Especially about the time I started growing my breasts. He would avoid me, and go to his room for long periods of time locking his door. I thought I had done something wrong.

When I was ten my brother, who was a freshman, started playing football, and he started to gain muscles, bulking up, not freakishly, but in a sexy hot way. He would go to school, do weight training, practice, work his part time job, come home and spend time with us, and somewhere during all of this, he studied. He was on the honor roll, which made mom proud, and remained dedicated to us throughout. I remained his faithful sister and never missed a game.

During his junior year, he became the star linebacker on the team, and began to date one of the popular girls. I hated her, especially when they would go out on dates. Every time he would come home, I would drill him about what they did and what didn't they do. My brother was mostly honest with me. He told me they just made out a lot, and sometimes felt each other up. It would make me mad, but also turned me on, because I would imagine him doing those things to me. One night he came home and he was in a weird mood, and said that he wouldn't be dating her anymore. Mom and I were wondering what happened, but neither of us received an answer. I found out about a week later, she finally talked him into having sex with her. Afterwards, she broke it off with him. It seemed she only wanted to sleep with him for the popularity among the girls in school. My brother was crushed, and I was pissed at her. I wanted to hurt her in ways I had only heard or seen in movies. I tried to be there for him, but he said he was fine. He rarely went on dates except to homecomings or prom, and they were friends only.

After he graduated, he pondered on going to college, but that would mean he would have to move away. There were no colleges around for at least a hundred miles, and he wanted to stay at home and take care of us. So instead he took an apprenticeship at the local diesel mechanic shop. He never stopped working out, maintaining his physique, or his good looks. After a year of being an apprentice, he was finally hired to be a mechanic, doing light work, and gradually became one of the best at the shop. He would go out with his friends on occasion, but would come home earlier than most guys his age to check on me and mom.

Two years ago, my mom became very ill, and found out she had stage four pancreatic cancer. They said there was not much they could do, except to make her comfortable. It was devastating news, and mom and I was a mess. I never once seen Nick cry, but he would hold us when we did and let us drench his shirt with our tears. Six months later, mom succumbed to her illness and passed on. If it wasn't for the strength of my brother, I would never of pulled from the black hole I fell into. Although I knew he was hurting, because he loved mom, he cared more about my feelings. Each day became more bearable because of his warm smile, or just him letting me vent. What he didn't know was each day I became more in love with him.

After some time, we became like roommates, except he was the boss, at least I let him think he was. I did most of the cooking and cleaning, and he did the manly stuff around the house. Of course, he was paying all the bills, and I wanted to do everything for him, just to let him know how much I appreciated him and his dedication to me. He was pulling doubles most days so we could live a little better than just getting by, and of course he wasn't dating. I wondered some nights when i could hear him masturbating in the next room, if he was thinking of me or some random girl. Maybe it was that bitch from high school, which infuriated me, so I fantasized it was me.

When he comes home, he is dirty, sweaty, his knuckles sometimes bloody or bruised from hitting them on an engine block. It makes my panties so wet, and all I would think about was being in the shower with him washing his body down. Lathering my hands with the soap, then taking his cock in my hand and sliding it up and down, and then under his balls. Taking his cock in my mouth when it was clean, and him taking my hair in his hand, forcing it down my throat. Usually I would orgasm with my fingers far up my pussy, moaning his name, and creaming my sheets. He really turned me on. Several times a day I would have to jill myself to thoughts of him in various scenarios in my mind. I never thought I would ever act upon it or even have the chance too. He was my brother after all, and I didn't want to ruin our relationship.

So my feelings became my secret throughout my teenage years, and extremely frustrating. I didn't date anyone or have any guy friends. For that matter, I never had sleep overs, like normal girls did, because most of my friends all thought my brother was hot, which made me jealous. My brother was hot, standing 6'2, about 190 pounds of solid muscle, light brown hair, ocean blue eyes, and I know he is packing, because I have seen the bulge many times. So of course, any woman who looks his way, I become jealous and bitchy.

With my eighteenth birthday coming around the corner, I asked him one night if he was going to do anything special for me. He looked at me for a long period of time. "I haven't thought about it honestly sis. What would you like to do for your birthday?" He asked as he took a drink of his beer.

I smiled, thinking naughty thoughts, but decided to keep them to myself. "I want to go out, maybe out of town where nobody knows who I am." Playing with my hair, looking at him with a mischievous smile.

He chuckled under his breath, "I don't think that is going to happen until after you graduate. Mom and dad would die once again if I let you do that. Besides you going by yourself is hysterical, I'd like to see that."

"Who said anything about me going alone?" I said as I got up and sat beside him on the arm of his recliner. "Maybe a certain someone could escort me, show me a good time in the big city?" I reached over and touched his shoulder giving him my best pout face. He just groaned and shook his head as he drank the rest of his beer.

"OK, but if I do this, you will be doing what I say, and not going on your own." I shook my head in agreement. "I worry about you enough sis." My eyes lit up when he said that, and he raised up from his chair, leaving me there, feeling empty. "We will talk about it more tomorrow Nys', OK?"

I smiled the biggest smile, "Yes big brother, I'd like that." Making an emphasis on the big part. I watched him walk away and I could feel the juices running down my thigh. I went to my room and jilled my pussy until I had one of the best orgasms, hoping it would be him someday doing it to me instead.

The evening before my birthday was on a Friday, and Nick had promised me we were going to the big city for the weekend. I could not believe he was taking off work, and wanting to be with me in that capacity. I woke the next morning to him sitting on my bed, and my heart fluttered. He just smiled and handed me a small box. I opened it, and inside was a necklace with a pendant dangling on the end. It had a heart with a sapphire stone in the middle of it. I turned it over and on the back it was inscribed, "I will love you forever sis, Love Nick". I wrapped my arms around him and started to cry happy tears, loving the gift. When we let go of each other, he kissed me on my forehead and told me to get up and get a move on.

When we arrived, we went straight to the Marriott, and to our room. When we opened the door, we knew there had to have been a mistake. There was only one king sized bed. He called down and asked them to switch rooms, but there was a FFA convention in town and all the double beds were taken. I smiled inside, and told him the bed was big enough for the two of us. He agreed and went in the bathroom to take his shower. After he came out, I did the same.

When I came out of the bathroom, his jaw dropped as he stood from the chair in the corner. I was wearing a red sleek dress knee length, low cut to show my cleavage, and 2 inch high heels. I also wore my favorite lacy boy shorts underneath with stockings. He Looked gorgeous himself in a buttoned down oxford, khakis, and a sports coat. He was clean shaven and I could smell his cologne that I loved so much. When we left the room, his hand went to the small of my back, sending chills down my spine. As we walked, I wrapped my hands around his arm, like I was his piece of candy for the night.

We arrived at this fancy restaurant half an hour later, and it was busy. We were shown to a booth, and I sat next to him, not across. We looked over the menus, and ordered wine, without being carded. It was becoming the perfect night. The ambiance of the restaurant reminded me of a nineteen fifties movie. Dancing in the back room, a bar in the corner, low lighting for the romantic dinners. For some reason, whenever he introduced me, he failed to mentioned I was his sister, instead just by name. The waitress kept giving us knowing glances like we were already lovers on a date. We ate a wonderful meal, talking about anything and everything, and even ordered dessert. I sat there looking at him afterwards, wondering what was going on in his mind as he took the last drink of his wine.

A band played throughout dinner, and then after dinner the lights were dimmed and the band increased its volume and tempo for those that wanted to dance. After a little time Nick asked me if I wanted to dance. I love to dance, so I readily accepted. The more we danced, the more handsome he had become. At some point I realized that Nick was pulling me tighter and tighter against him, and became aware of his cock pressed against me. I knew it was wrong, but I was so turned on, my pussy was throbbing. I leaned in and gave him a quick but soft kiss on the lips. He looked startled, but kept dancing with me, although he disengaged his body with mine.

When we left, he surprise me by taking my hand in his. We started walking around the city, getting compliments of how cute we looked together. I just giggled, and he would look down at the pavement in embarrassment. We came upon this bridge, that was lit up across a river. We stopped and I leaned over the railing to look down onto the water. His reaction took me by surprise as he grasped me by my hips with his hands.

"It's beautiful," I whispered, as he wrapped an arm around me. I shivered and said, "Take me back to the hotel Nick."

We walked in silence as he held my hand, my other hand held onto his arm. As we arrived at the hotel, the doorman opened the door and called us Mr. and Mrs. Nick looked at me and I thought I seen a blush. I gave him the warmest smile I have ever given anyone. I felt like I was with the one I was meant to be with for eternity. He made me feel so loved.

As we walked into our room, he closed the door and I turned to face him. "I had a great time tonight."

Without hesitation he answered, "So did I."

I thought about everything that had happened today. There was so much to sort through, and I knew that I had feelings for my brother that no sister should probably have. I was going to have to do something about the way I felt about him or go insane. I grabbed him and hugged him tightly, feeling his strong arms wrap around me. I kissed his cheek, and whispered in his ear, "I love you Nick."

"I love you too sis." My heart sank, because I felt like a fool. There was no way he had feelings for me. He was just being nice to me and showing me a great time for my birthday.

I walked over to the chair beside the bed and motioned for him to join me. He came over and sat in front of me on the bed. I was looking at my feet on the floor as I talked to him, afraid I would back out from telling him how I felt. "We have always been honest with each other, right?"

I looked up into his eyes and he was staring into them, "I have always and will always be honest with you Nysa. Why?"

"When dad died, the only male I ever had around me was you. You have made me feel loved, cared for, and protected all these years, and I feel I have never thanked you"

"Nys, you don't have.."

"Wait Nick, I'm not done," I said cutting him off, looking at him being as serious as I ever have been. "You made me feel special, and loved tonight."

He must of seen the lone tear in my eye, as he leaned forward and took my hand in his. "Sis, you are so loved. You have always been special to me, and you look so beautiful and mature tonight. It felt so easy to be me."

"Really? You mean that?" I asked him with pleading eyes.

"Of course I meant it, remember we are being honest here." He said with his smirk I loved so much.

"You've never told me that before. You always said I was pretty or cute or something. Why now?"

"I'm not supposed to say things like that to my sister," as he rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb.

"Thank you Nick, you don't know how much it means to me. I wanted to look beautiful next to you tonight."

"Why? What do you mean sis?"

"We have never been out like that and it made me feel special. I mean...you were taking me out for once on a date, and it felt good."

He looked at me, with a weird expression, "Is that what this was to you, a date?"

"I'm sorry", I looked down at the floor, sliding my hand back into my lap away from his grip.

He grabbed both of my hands this time and I looked up noticing a serious look in his eyes. "Don't be sorry sis, I enjoyed our date as well." I just blinked my eyes at him and nodded, holding the tears back due to the happiness and love I was feeling.

He proceeded to get up, and walked over to his bags, and said he was going to get ready for bed. He told me I could have the bed, and he would sleep on the couch. I of course, gave him my pleading eyes, and told him the bed was big enough for both of us, and he better not sleep on the couch. He finally agreed, and I went to get into the shower. As the water cascaded down my body, my thoughts were on Nick, and the feeling of his erection against my thigh. The small kiss we shared on the dance floor, and the way he told me that he loved our date.

I dried off, and put on some pink and white lace boy shorts, and a long t-shirt that belonged to Nick, and went into the bedroom. He was laying there, looking at his phone. He looked over my way when I reached the bed, and it looked as if his eyes were undressing me. I pulled back the covers and seen he was only wearing his boxers, and my face became flushed with some excitement. I scooted over close to him like when we were kids and I asked if he wanted to watch a movie. He agreed, so we laid next to each other, laughing at some comedy until my eyelids were heavy. My dreams were filled with Nick, touching me, kissing me, and making love to me.

Waking up I found that i had managed to shift all the way to Nicks side of the bed. My head was resting on his naked, toned, slightly hairy chest. My leg was draped over his, with my knee nestled between his legs I felt 'him' against my calf. My pubic bone was in direct contact with his muscular thigh, and I could feel the dampness through my panties. I started to grind myself on him, dry humping his thigh, as my hand began stroking his chest feeling the muscles, the strokes became more a squeeze as I enjoyed the feeling, and then I stroked lower... A light crop of hair covered his belly and continued on down until it disappeared under his boxers. Knowing the risk, I let my hand slide across his boxers and cover the top of his flaccid cock. I rubbed it lightly, feeling my breath quicken in my throat, as I felt it twitch under my fingers and begin to harden.

Rubbing myself on my brother and touching his cock, I was close to a release. My mind conjured up images of the night before, of the kiss, as I imagined him sliding the dress off me and pinning me against the wall and making love to me. This was enough to give me the most intense orgasm I had ever felt, without using my own hands. He made a noise as he turned slightly, and it made me jump, snapping me out of my orgasmic bliss. I looked back over at him, and seen where my hand had been, with his cock testing the limits of his boxers. I wanted to slide them down, take him in my mouth, and impale myself on it. The thing was, I wanted him to want me as well, so I gently eased myself out of the bed and made my way to the shower. Sighing with satisfaction as the warm jets of water struck my naked body and I began to apply the soap. Smiling to myself, wondering if he ever did the same thinking about me.

When I dried off, I dressed in a nice red lacy bra and boy short lacy set, put on the hotel robe and went into the bedroom. I grabbed my laptop and went over to the couch beside the bed, and opened it up. I opened the file of old pictures we had recently saved digitally of our family. There were so many pictures of my brother and I together. It made my heart flutter on occasion as a picture would come across of a look or smile he would give me. Then I noticed how I looked at him as early as five. It looked like love and admiration even then. I stared at the pictures and wondered how was I going to tell him. He took care of me, and made sure I always had money and clothes for school, always helped me with my homework. He was like a parent as much as a brother to me. He was my best friend.

I stared at him for a long time until I seen he had opened his eyes. He stretched letting out a loud groan then finally looked at me. He gave me that cute smirk loved. "Morning sweetheart." Sweetheart? I thought, this is a new thing. I smiled inside and outside at him, acknowledging his good morning. He raised himself out of bed and padded toward the bathroom, trying to hide his erection from me. I watched as he walked, noticing every muscle in his body move like a well oiled machine, feeling myself become moist.

When he came back into the room, he grabbed a shirt out of his bag and out it on, and he must of noticed the disappointment in my eyes. He sat down on the edge of the bed, and looked at me. He knew I was looking at him differently. He knew something was wrong.

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