tagFetishWill Work for Panties Ch. 02

Will Work for Panties Ch. 02

byVincent E©

I had spent a night in aggravated sleep. Sleep? Let's call it tossing and turning from side to side. Let's call it staring at the ceiling in the dark. Let's call it anything except sleep. Sleep denotes restfulness, but I was anything but restful. I was agitated. I was nervous.

Two days earlier I had a brief conversation with a very special aunt, my uncle Donald's wife. She was a woman who seemed very understanding about the quirks that a young man has in his developing years. She had once caught me raiding her hamper during a holiday at their house. Aghast at first, she soon proved to be very understanding and even helpful in coming months.

I have a panty fetish. Aunt Sherrie not only talked to me about it, she even fed my habit. For doing some odd jobs for her around the house she had rewarded me on three occasions with payment in panties. Sounds odd? How about this: she got her two sisters in on the act. I did jobs for them and they too paid me in glorious panties. Now Aunt Sherrie wanted me to come by her house, and she wanted me to wear my favorite pair of panties.

I know this all sounds bizarre. I would not believe it myself if it hadn't happened to me, but here I am living this incredible story for almost a year. Now I was only a few hours away from having to show up at Aunt Sherrie's house wearing my favorite pair, and I couldn't sleep. I spent a night tossing and turning trying to figure out which panties to wear.

* * *

That Friday I got to my aunt's house a little before noon and noticed that she was not alone. There were two other cars in the driveway, and they belonged to Patti and Bambi, my aunt's sisters. All three of the sisters were there, and there I was decked out in the baby blue lace trimmed panties that Patti had given to me. Sherrie had said to wear my favorites, and so I obeyed. I loved the baby blues. I thought that they were sexy yet somewhat elegant. The smooth fabric rubbed around me and made me as hard as a rock. The nervous anticipation of what I might be walking into helped keep me hard as well.

I had a nervous erection that strained against the silk fabric of the panties. The pleasant sensation just aroused me more until I had a pronounced bulge pointing out through my pants. It was embarrassing, but exquisite.

Aunt Sherrie met me at the door and led me into the living room where Bambi and Patti were seated on the sofa. I felt very intimidated at this point. Each of these women knew about my fondness for panties. In fact each of them had provided me with several pairs of panties that I often used to masturbate myself. Now here I was standing before the three of them like a defendant before a tribunal. The ludicrousness of the scenario played out in my head.

Your Honors, the defendant is charged with being a panty fetishist.

A what?

A panty fetishist. The defendant is charged with receiving sexual gratification from, oh what was that technical term? Ah, here it is. The defendant is charged with autoerotic pantophiliatic arousal.

Pantophiliatic arousal?

Yes, ma'am. That means he is turned on by women's underwear, preferably the sexy kind.

What are you saying, Madame prosecutor?

I am saying that the defendant uses women's panties in order to masturbate himself into an orgasmic climax. As you can see from the defendant's current position he can hardly keep his woody under control even now. Much more squirming around and his Johnson will probably spring forth for the entire court's consideration.

Madame prosecutor, do you mean to say that the defendant is wearing women's underwear in this court? Now?

Yes, Your Honor, he is. And it's a wonder that he has lasted this long.

The defendant is held in contempt of court. Take him away. Take him away.

To the holding cell, Your Honor?

No, no, no. To the gallows!


"What, was that, Vincent? Gallows, what?" Aunt Sherrie asked.

Just then everything went black.

* * *

I'm not sure just what happened next, or even how long I was out. When I regained my senses I was seated in the middle of the living room sofa between Sherrie's younger sister Bambi and her older sister Patti. Aunt Sherrie was coming into the room with a glass of water for me to drink.

"Vincent, are you alright?" she asked as she handed me the glass. "Here, honey, drink this. Are you okay? What happened?"

I took the glass and gulped down the water in one quick motion.

"Take it easy there," said Patti. "Be careful or you'll drown yourself," she said as she took my hand in hers and tried to calm me.

"Well, I guess I got a little dizzy for a minute there; I'll be okay in a minute."

"What did you mean by 'gallows?'" asked Aunt Sherrie.

"I, well, er, I don't know. It must have been a nightmare."

I don't think that I fooled them a bit. It was so silly for me to have been so nervous. Each of them knew my secret. I guess it was just the stress of encountering all three women at once.

"Well, just sit back and relax," said Patti. "We don't want you passing out again," she was so reassuring. She tried hard to make me comfortable, but by making me comfortable she only made me hard; the blue panties I had on, the very panties that Patti herself had given me, were not offering much in the way of support.

Aunt Sherrie changed the subject. "Anyway, you were probably wondering why we are all together here today. It has been a while since your secret has been out of the close, so to say. I just thought that today would be a good time to sit down and talk about anything that is on your mind. I know that you must have some questions for us." She sat in front of me on the coffee table. With her in front and Patti and Bambi on either side I was kind of hemmed in on the sofa.

"Well, actually I do."

"Good, because we have a few questions of our own for you. But why don't you ask whatever is on your mind first, sweetie."

She was being very kind and sweet to me. They were all kind and sweet, and Aunt Sherrie is the coolest aunt a guy could have. I still felt nervous, but not scared. I felt like something wonderful was about to happen, and I just hoped that I could enjoy it, whatever it was.

"Well, actually one thing that has been on my mind is how come you have all been so willing to give me so many panties?"

"We haven't given you anything," answered Sherrie. "You earned everything that you have received so far. You worked for it all."

"I know, but some people would think that it is sort of strange that a guy's aunt and her sisters would pay him for work done around their houses by giving him women's underwear."

"True enough, but those same people might think that it is a bit strange for a guy to be going through his aunt's underwear hamper in the first place," she replied sarcastically.

Yep, couldn't argue with that one. She caught me red-handed nearly a year ago raiding her underwear hamper. Since then I have learned to lock every door behind me when I am in the "panty zone." Ah, the panty zone, that wonderful place where a young man can lose himself in the wonderful joy of soft satin finery and work himself up to quite a blast.

"Look, Vincent," said Patti, "we are just trying to be supportive. You have this little fetish, and it is probably difficult for you to talk to anyone about it. At your age things can seem quite confusing. You probably have questions regarding your own sexuality. We just want you to be comfortable with who you are and learn to accept the things that you enjoy."

"Like jerking off in a pair of panties," Bambi chimed in. Bambi is not what one would call subtle. The first time she handed me a pair of panties as payment for a day's worth of work around her house, her kids were in the room getting a soda.

"Bambi," reprimanded Sherrie, "how indelicate can you be?"

"Well, that's what he does with them. Isn't it, Vincent?"

"Well," I felt my face turning a deep shade of red.

"Well, it is," said Patti softly. She squeezed my hand and smiled.

"Yes, it is. It is true. I have been using them when I masturbate," I confessed to what they already knew. I guessed that there was no sense in trying to keep up any pretense about what was going on. These women knew the truth about me. Suddenly I felt heat in my face and I felt a little light-headed. It felt good to gets things off my chest, but it made me a little dizzy; evidently the blood that is normally in my head was taking up space in my trousers, because my erection was raging harder than I ever remembered.

"Oh boy. I think he's passing out again," said Bambi.

"No, no. I'll be fine."

"Sure you will," said Patti with another squeeze of my hand and another little smile. I was beginning to think I would fall in love with her.

"Okay, so that is settled." Aunt Sherrie spoke up again. "We all know about your fetish, and we are here to give you all the support that you need. Now, did you do what I told you to do over the phone?"

"Do you mean, am I wearing…?"

"Yes, are you wearing your favorite pair?" she asked.

"Yes," I said sheepishly.

"Well, all we want to know is who bought you your favorite pair?"

I turned to Patti and squeezed her hand as she had done with mine. "Patti did. Patti bought me the blue satin and lace panties, and they're my favorites."

"Let me guess," said Patti, "are they the navy blue pair?"

"No, they're the baby blues," I answered.

A big smile ran across Patti's face. She seemed very pleased that I had chosen a pair that she bought me. Bambi and Sherrie were frowning as if they had lost some sort of friendly wager.

"So, Vincent," said Sherrie, "what is it about Patti's panties that you like so much?"

"Well, I like all the panties you bought me. I like the thongs and the bikinis that you and Bambi gave me a lot. It's just that the baby blues are very smooth and satiny, and I love the lace fringe." I think that I surprised them with the candor of my answer. We were long past the point of hiding anything, and I was willing to go where this conversation was taking us.

"Is satiny better than lacy?" asked Bambi.

"Well, Satiny is good for one thing and lacy is good for another," I said.

"Well, what is the difference?"

"It's just that I use them for different things."

Sherrie leaned in on me and asked, "What kind of things?"

"Well, lace is good for wrapping and satin is good for stroking." Gulp.

Aunt Sherrie leaned in closer, "Wrapping and stroking what?"

"Wrapping and stroking my…" I tried to think of a polite word to use in front of them. They were ladies, after all. "…my unit."

"Your unit?" asked Sherrie.

"He means his cock."

"Thanks Bambi," said Aunt Sherrie.

"I didn't want to be vulgar," I apologized for my politeness.

"There's nothing vulgar about cocks," Bambi replied. "Cocks are wonderful things. If it weren't for cocks none of us would be here right now. I love them."

"I'm sure your husband would be delighted to hear that," said Patti.

"Well, he knows that I love his the most."

"Ladies," said Sherrie trying to get back on her subject, "can we please turn our attention back to Vincent here?"

"Sure," said Bambi. "So Vincent, tell us about your cock."

"Bambi," both Sherrie and Patti chimed in together with a sisterly reprimand. Bambi really did let her mouth fly.

"Go on, Vincent," Bambi said undaunted, "tell us what you like to do to your cock with the panties."

I told them. I couldn't believe that I was actually telling them in graphic detail how I jerked off with panties, but I told them.

"Well, I like to lay out all the different pairs on the bed and just look at them all first. Usually I'll stand over the bed naked and gently stroke myself so that I start to get hard. It all depends on what kind of mood I'm in. If I want to get off quickly I'll try to jerk off real fast, but usually I like to take some time so I'll go slowly.

"I like to start with the cotton panties that you gave me, Sherrie. They're kind of innocent looking, but they make me think of what the girls in high school must have been wearing underneath their skirts. Plaid skirts. Please don't get me going on plaid skirts. I'll usually wrap the cotton panties around myself and fondle and stroke until my erection is really hard.

"After my, er unit, is really hard I'll switch over to a pair of Patti's satin panties. I like the feel of them when I glide them up and down the length of my, er unit. That can keep me excited for a long time. Usually I'll stand over the collection for a while looking at each one and imagining a different girl I know wearing them with nothing else. After a while I'll need to sit down and be careful, because I'm usually close to losing it."

"What do you mean, 'losing it?'" asked Sherrie slyly.

"You know, squirting. I'll have to sit down and concentrate on not squirting too soon. I might come close to it a few times, but I'll stop short and then start up again, but eventually I'll have to, you know, come.

"It's around this time that I like to use the thongs that Bambi gave me. I'll wrap the lacy part around my testicles and the base of my hard-on, sometimes I'll use two pair. I'll keep stroking myself with the panties I started with for a little longer, but I like to switch over to another pair once or twice."

"Do you always use mine?" asked Patti.

"No," I said as I turned to her. "I'll start with yours but I always get around to one of Sherrie's pair. I like to imagine some of the girls I know in college wearing them. Sometimes the pale green French cut bikinis and other times the black nylon bikinis. I don't like to use the light pink ones too often, because I'm afraid of ruining them. When I get close enough to climax I'll try to come so that I don't wind up ruining or staining anything."

"Does it feel good?" asked Patti.

"Oh yeah, it always feels great."

She gave me another reassuring squeeze of my hand.

Aunt Sherrie leaned back on the coffee table. "Well, it sounds like you have quite a little ritual going for yourself. I'm sure we're all happy for you."

"Thank-you, Auntie."

"Why don't we show him what we bought?" she asked her sisters. They nodded their approval, so Aunt Sherrie went off into the other room for a moment. She came back with a shopping bag and placed it on the floor between us as she resumed her spot on the coffee table.

"My sisters and I went shopping the other day and bought a new selection that we would like to get your opinion of. Tell us what you think of these. I picked out this one."

She reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of panties like I had never seen before. They weren't cotton or nylon, and they weren't trimmed in lace. They were a pair of silk burgundy panties that were dressed in a stylish gold embossing that trimmed the front and back. They were absolutely beautiful.

"Wow," was all I could say.

"So you like them?" asked Sherrie.

"Yeah, they're beautiful."

"I'm glad you approve." With that she laid them down on my lap and pulled out another pair. These were also silk, but they were gold, and I mean a highly polished gold, with a black embossing similar to the others. "How about these?"

My cock just about jumped when she laid the first pair on my lap. Now it was twitching with excitement as she pulled out some of the most sophisticated and sexy panties I ever imagined.

"I…, they're perfect. I can't believe how beautiful they are." She laid that pair in my lap also, and my cock twitched some more.

"Now Patti bought this pair. Tell us what you think." She took out a pair of dark pink panties that were bigger than the others. In fact they were a bit bigger than any that I had seen before. They looked like little hot pants, but not trashy. These panties were also silk, and I bet that they were as expensive as I imagined the first two were. And they were very sexy.

"I've never seen a pair like that before. What are they?"

"They're tap pants," Patti answered. "They're actually what I like to wear the most."

"Tap pants? Yeah, I like those too."

"Oh come on, Sherrie," Bambi whined a little. "Show him what I bought."

Aunt Sherrie laid the tap pants down on my lap on top of the other panties and nearly caused me to have an accident. At this point my blood pressure was up. I noticed that I could actually hear my heart beating and my breathing was getting quicker. I was now in the "panty zone." I was so excited by the display of feminine finery that was being laid out before me – in my lap actually – that I squirmed a little more and unconsciously squeezed Patti's hand some more. Thank goodness for her.

"Okay, Bambi. Let's see, ah these are what Bambi picked out." Aunt Sherrie took out a thong that was unlike any other thong I had seen before. It wasn't just a piece of floss that ran off of an eye patch in front. This pair had more of a V-shape in front that tapered slightly as it rode down. It also had a bit more material giving it a vertical ruffle in the front. In the back there was enough material at the top to give a slight taper before a narrow band ran down to meet the front of the garment. Like the others this was also silk. It appeared to be the same high polished gold as the pair of panties that Aunt Sherrie had pulled out moments earlier.

"Wow, those are incredible. My eyes might have been coming out of their sockets. I might have been drooling. My chest may have been heaving with excited breathing as my heart pounded. I don't know. What I do know is that my hard-on was reached previously unknown levels of pressure, and the fact that it was rubbing against the pair of satin panties that I was wearing did not make things any easier.

Aunt Sherrie dropped the gold thong into my lap and my palpitations continued. This was the last pair that she pulled out of the bag, though I sensed that there were more inside. I really didn't want to see just yet because I knew I'd lose control of myself. Bambi picked up the thong out of my lap and Patti picked up the tap pants, though she did not let go of my hand. Come to think of it, I don't think she could have. I'm sure that I was squeezing so hard that she couldn't have pulled away if the house caught on fire.

Sherrie reached into my lap and gingerly picked up the burgundy panties with the gold embossing. As she did she ever so slightly brushed her finger across my thigh. To this day I am positive that she had no idea that she did, but it was more than I could take. Just then I lost total control. It was one thing to make me talk about my autoerotic ritual in front of them. It was another thing to ask my approval of these elegant panties that they had bought. But it was altogether unreasonable for them to each sit there - these three lovely women – holding those beautiful panties in front of me. That visual combination along with the accidental scrape just set me off.

I came quickly. I could feel a warm trickle of juice roll down my leg. I was relieved that the pressure was subsiding, but I was quickly pissed off at the thought that I had just soiled my favorite panties. It wasn't very much spillage, but I was worried nonetheless.

Aunt Sherrie held the burgundy and gold panties in front of me. "So you like all of these do you?"

"Yes, I do." I squirmed a little more. I didn't want them to know that I had a little accident.

"Would you like to take them home with you," she said as she twirled the waistband of the panties delicately around her finger.

"Yes, Aunt Sherrie. I would."

"Well, that's good. You noticed Patti's and Bambi's cars in the driveway when you came here?"


"Well, why don't you go outside and wash their cars and mine."

Let me tell you that I brought out a shine on those cars that they hadn't seen since they rolled out of Detroit, or Osaka, or wherever the hell Infinitis and Saturns are coming from these days. I used elbow grease like a man possessed. There was enough wax in the garage to take care of all three cars; and I admit that I gave Patti's car two coats because she was so sweet to me. My uncle had a shop vacuum in the garage, so I got inside each car and vacuumed every square inch. When I noticed that Bambi's car was low on oil, I took off for the auto store to buy a few quarts of oil and a filter, jacked up her car, and gave her an oil change.

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