tagAnalWill You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 09

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 09


I was almost afraid to open my eyes in the morning. I didn't want to see if I had only dreamed I was lying in bed with two wonderful women that I loved beyond my ability to imagine and who loved me the same way. When I did raise my eyelids the image of Mitra's beautiful face rushed toward me at the speed of light and reassured me that I had not dreamed her, she was really here beside me. The warmth of Suvarna on my back let me know that she was with me as well.

My comfortable position between my lovers was suddenly disrupted by the opening of the bedroom door.

"Will one of you get up and help me? Jean and I have been making love all night and he's still ready for more. I've got to give my pussy a break or I won't be able to sit or drive today."

Mitra looked at her and giggled. "You got more than you bargained for huh?"

"I'm not complaining but I do need a little rest. I don't think I slept more that five hours last night and that was interrupted for fucking."

"Come here my precious Vitesha."

She walked over to Mitra and sat on the bed.

"Now kiss me real nice and I'll let you take my place here with Prem and Suvarna."

Vitesha put her arms around Mitra and kissed her passionately and caressed her full breast with her hand. "I thought you were tired."

"I'm never too tired to love you Mitra. But I'm glad you don't have a cock."

Mitra giggled again and said, "I think it's about time I go get one." She got out of the bed and walked out the door closing it quietly behind her.

"Before I lay down here, are you two going to get started?"

"What time is it?"

"Six thirty."

"I don't think we'd have a problem sleeping 'til eight would we Suvarna?"

Suvarna didn't answer.

"I think we can assume that Suvarna is OK with that. But if you're still here when we do get started I can't promise you won't get molested again."

Vitesha lay down and snuggled up next to me and said, "Can I count on that?"

"I love you Vitesha. Now get some sleep." She wiggled her ass against me and closed her eyes.

Mitra opened the bedroom door, stepped inside and closed the door behind her. Jean was lying naked in the bed on his back and looked a little surprised to see her but that look was soon replaced with one that said he was very happy that another gorgeous naked woman was walking sensually toward him.

"Vitesha said she was exhausted and needed to get some sleep so she asked me to keep you company for a while. You don't mind do you?"

His cock twitched and began to stiffen as his eyes carefully evaluated her voluptuous body. She sat down on the bed next to him and put her hand on his hardening cock.

"That's exactly the answer I was hoping for. Before we get started, come with me to the bathroom and we'll take a shower."

When they walked in the bathroom Mitra said, "You can tell Suvarna had a hand in designing these bathrooms. These showers without walls are really nice." She walked to the faucet and turned on both wall mounted showerheads and the overhead rain shower and adjusted the temperature. "There that should be just right. Now Jean you wash your hair and I'll wash your body."

When he was wet she moved him back out of the sprays and poured body wash on a large natural sponge and began to wash his neck and shoulders. The suds ran down his chest and she followed them with the sponge, bathing him gently like she had done countless times with her patients. She washed his back and ass then knelt next to him and washed his legs and feet then put the sponge down and poured body wash in her hand to wash his cock and balls. She got him covered in suds as she stroked his cock and tenderly moved her hand all around his scrotum. She reached between his legs to wash his asshole and his crack.

She stood up and handed the sponge to him. "Now you wash my body." She shampooed her hair while he bathed her in the same way she had done for him. He spent a little more time on her tits than she had on his. "Do you like my breasts Jean?"

"They're beautiful and larger than Vitesha's."

"So you like large breasts do you?"

"Yes, especially when they are as beautiful as yours. They're very exciting to me."

"Would you like to suck on them?"

"Yes I would like that."

"Good, I'd like that too. You can suck on them all you want when we get back to the bed. Play with them. Rub your hands over them and feel my nipples with your palms. Pinch them and pull on them." Her hand moved to his cock and encircled the hard shaft and slid up and down it as he fondled her breasts. "Breathe deeply Jean. Close your eyes and concentrate on what your hands are telling you."

She let go of his cock. "Now get on your knees." She turned around, spread her legs and bent forward slightly. "Wash my ass Jean. Do it the same way you washed my breasts. Squeeze my cheeks and rub your hands between them. Oh yes Jean, that's perfect." His finger rubbed her puckered hole in little circles. "Go ahead Jean, it's OK." She felt the tip of his finger ease inside her asshole then slide up her completely. He moved it slowly in and out. She reached back with her hands and pulled her cheeks apart so he could see what he was doing to her. "Do you like that Jean?"


"Put some more body wash on you finger and do it some more. If you get me nice and clean I'll let you lick it. Have you ever done that to a woman Jean?"


"Would you like to do that to me?"


He continued to wash her asshole until he was satisfied that it was clean then held her cheeks apart so the water could rinse her. She turned around so her pussy was in front of his face. "Wash my pussy Jean. How do you say pussy in French?"

"There are several words as there are in English. I prefer minou but vagin is also used."

"They both sound very sexy. Wash my minou Jean. Use you fingers and bathe it like you would a little kitten. Look at all the parts and let them excite you. Think about when we get in bed and you can lick it and suck it."

"Mitra why do all of you remove your pubic hair?"

"Suvarna had to have a medical procedure and the doctor told her to get rid of it. It looked so sexy and felt so good that Vitesha, Prem and I decided to join her. Do you like the way it looks?"

"Oh yes, very much. I always thought the hair interfered with oral sex when I did that for my lovers. French women tend to have a lot of pubic hair, at least those that I have been with. Vitesha's minou felt so smooth and much more accessible to me."

"Well, we certainly don't want anything to interfere with your access to my minou."

He washed her entire crotch as lovingly and tenderly as a mother washing her infant. She loved the look of fascination and wonder on his face while he was doing it. She couldn't remember being with anybody that had more fun playing with her body.

They got out of the shower and dried each other then she handed him the hair dryer and asked him to brush her hair while drying it. He did this the same way he had washed her and seemed to enjoy it as much as she did. When he finished he turned the dryer on his own hair for a minute then turned it off and put it down.

When they got back to the bedroom she lay down on her side. "I always like to start lovemaking with a kiss. Lie next to me Jean and kiss me." She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close then slowly moved her lips toward his mouth and began to kiss him. They continued to kiss for several minutes enjoying exploring each other's mouth with their tongues. She felt the warmth of his hard cock on her stomach.

"Mitra you are the best kisser I have ever known. You're even better than my sister and she really loves to kiss."

"Your sister? You kiss Janelle like that?"

"Sometimes. We have made love a few times."

"I see. Does your mother know about this?"

"I don't think so. If she does then she must be OK with it because she has never said anything to us about it."

"Madeline is an unusual woman Jean, in many ways. She understands more than the average person does. She has a very good heart and I can see that she loves you and Janelle very much. I hope you realize how lucky you are to have her for a mother. I don't judge people, especially for making love but please be careful and don't get Janelle pregnant. That would hurt your mother very much and there is no need for it to happen. It is very important that both of you be responsible for your actions, not just with sex but in everything you do. Love is more than sex Jean, you must respect Janelle and take care of her."

"I understand Mitra. Janelle and I love each other but we both know we were only exploring sex when we first did it. We were convenient for each other. She also likes to have sex with other women. Vitesha said I should invite her to come here and be with her. Do you think that would be OK?"

"I think that would be a great idea. We're all into loving other women so the more the merrier. Since she's your twin there's no doubt we would love to be with her. Now, I think I remember you wanted to spend some time with my tits. You mustn't keep them waiting."

He scooted down until his mouth was level with her breast then pushed her over on her back and used his hand to pull her leg to get her to spread them. When she had done so he crawled between them and lay on her stomach so he could get his hands on both of her tits. He spent the next fifteen minutes playing with them and loving them like he had never seen tits before. Kissing, licking, sucking, biting her nipples, massaging them and rubbing his thumbs over her areola around the erect nipple. He talked to them in French and rubbed his cheeks on them burying his face between them and pushing them against the side of his head.

"Jean you have loved my tits better than anybody I have ever been with. I think you deserve a reward. How would you like to put your hard cock between them and slide it up and down my chest?"

"I would like that very much Mitra. Could I do it until I cum?"

"Cum as much as you want. Cum all over them and smear it around with the head of your cock. See if you can cover them in your hot cream. Let me up and I'll go get something to make it more enjoyable for you."

She went to the bathroom and rummaged around in Vitesha's case and found some massage oil and brought it back to the bed along with a wet washcloth and a couple of towels then lay down on her back again.

"Straddle my chest and lay your cock between my tits."

He was already hard from the anticipation of fucking her tits.

She poured some of the oil on his cock so that it would run down the sides of her tits then sat the bottle down and pressed them together with her hands forming a cocoon of soft flesh around his hard penis.

"How does that feel Jean?"

"Merveilleux. Formidable."

"Now start sliding it back and forth."

His movement spread the oil from her lower chest to her throat as he slid his hot cock in and out of the tunnel between her delicious breasts.

"Use your hands to press them together to make them feel just right to you. I've got something else to do with mine."

He began to squeeze them and move them up and down as he fucked them. Mitra moved one of her hands to cup his balls, which were now coated with the oil. She caressed them and played with them with her fingers, pulling on them when his cock was high on her chest and squeezing them when he pulled it back. He kept up a nice rhythm and in a few minutes his precum was leaking onto her chest. She bent her head down and opened her mouth and when he slid forward the next time she let the head of his cock slip into her mouth. He liked this added variation and held it there with each stroke so she could suck on it.

"I feel like I will cum soon."

"Then cum my sweet young lover, cum wherever you want to put it. Show me how much you can spray all over my chest."

After a few more strokes he pulled his cock back and pressed her tits together so that the nipples were touching and laid the head on them.

"Do it Jean. Spurt your cum on my nipples and all over my chest. Do it now Jean."

She squeezed his balls and his cock twitched and rose up a little then began to spew his thick white cream out of the tip. The first long rope started at her nipples and stretched to her lips. Her tongue began to lick it into her mouth stretching down her chin to get it. He let go of her breasts allowing them to fall naturally in to place on her chest then grabbed his cock with his hand and jerked out half a dozen more ejaculations on to her chest. She used the fingers of her other hand to begin smearing it all over her throat and chest while he continued adding to the wet sticky puddle of cum already on her. She gave his balls a final gentle squeeze then released them as the last bit of his semen oozed out of his cock onto one of her nipples.

"Oooohhhh Jean that was very impressive. You've decorated my chest beautifully. Now use your finger to scoop it up and put it in my mouth."

He slowly slid his finger through the globs of pearly liquid and when it was coated with his discharge he put his finger in her mouth and she sucked and licked it clean. They continued to play this game until most of his cum had been deposited in her mouth.

"Jean grab that wash cloth and wipe off the rest of this then use the towel to clean me up."

As he finished wiping her clean he said, "That was one of the best things I have ever done. I'm very glad I could do it with you. You are really a wonderful woman."

"Thank you Jean, I enjoyed it too."

"Now it is time I did something wonderful for you. Turn over."

"Ooooh, avec plaisir mon cher."

"So you do know some French."

"Oui, un peu."

"You obviously know how to French kiss so now you'll get to experience it dans le cul."

"I hope you just said what I think you said."

He lay down between her legs and spread her ass cheeks them licked her asshole.

"Ohhhh Yesss baby you did say what I hoped you said."

He continued playing with her ass and licking her the same way he had played with her tits and for just as long.

"Oh Jean that feels fabulous. Now put you finger in my vagina and press toward my stomach and rub me until you find my g-spot. I'll let you know when you find it. "Ooooh yes, right there. Put another finger in me and keep gently stroking it while you suck on my asshole."

In a few minutes she began to squirm and move her hips up and down as he continued to pleasure her. She was moaning softly and breathing deeply.

"Ohhh Jean, yes baby yes keep doing that. Yes just like that Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh Jean, je jouis. I'm cumming for you my sweet."

Her pussy contracted around his fingers and her juices ran out onto his hand. "What a wonderful way to wake up this morning. We have given each other incredible orgasms and become friends in the process. This is going to be a glorious day. I'm going to lie on my back now and I want you to lie across the bed and get close to me so I can put my legs over you."

When he had moved into position she told him to put the head of his cock inside her vagina and hold on to the shaft with his hand.

"Play with me Jean. Feel me. Get my wet pussy even wetter and let my juices coat your cock. Reach up with your hand and rub my breast. Play with your balls and I will play with my clit. Don't be concerned with having an orgasm just enjoy me as I will enjoy you."

Jean stroked his hard cock slowly while he moved the head up and down her slit. When he put it on her clit she used her fingers to rub the sensitive glans against her swollen nub sending waves of pleasurable sensations though both of them. "Oh Jean yes, you are such a wonderful lover. Feeling your precum leaking onto my clit from your hot cock makes me very excited. Take your time my sweet. Enjoy these little things that most people miss when they make love. Close your eyes and breath deeply as you play with me and let the feelings go deep inside you."

Her hand slid slowly down his shaft and caressed his balls. "Mitra you make me feel more aware of my cock than anybody has ever done before. Your fingers tell me more than words how much you appreciate me and want to be here playing with me. I've never felt this relaxed and yet excited at the same time."

Her hand slid back up his shaft and her skillful fingers wrapped around it and squeezed it gently as she guided the head to her opening while pushing her hips forward to slide her warm pink vagina over it until his entire cock was fully ensconced in her loving embrace. He put his arm around her thigh and pulled her leg to open her even more so his cock could be as deep in her as possible then laid his head on her leg and closed his eyes. He thought of nothing but the throbbing of his cock inside her as he closed his eyes and surrendered to the love that washed over him like gentle waves.

Jean had never felt anything like this before. Lying still and silently feeling this beautiful woman's pussy pulsing rhythmically around his cock was an experience he had never thought possible. He realized that it couldn't be done by sex alone; it had to be because of the love. It was a love completely alien to him. Each pulse of her warm pink walls enclosing his hard cock sent impulses from his genitals up to his heart and filled him with joy.

Finally it overwhelmed him and he felt his orgasm begin deep inside him. He had to show her. He had to acknowledge what her love had done to him. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and laid it on her bare mound just as the first spurt of his hot cum shot out of the tip. Neither of them said a word as he continued to spew his semen across her lower stomach in an offering to his one true goddess. An offering she accepted as tribute to the love she had so unselfishly shared with him.

They were still lying there enjoying each other's bodies and spirits when there was a knock on the door. When neither of them answered, Vitesha opened the door and crept in.

"I hate to interrupt your fun but it's eight thirty and Suvarna wants to go out. We have a lot to do today."

"Vitesha come kiss me and tell me why you neglected to let me know how delightful this young man is."

Vitesha walked over to her and kissed her. "I didn't want to spoil the surprise Mitra. I knew you could discover Jean for yourself. Did he tell you his twin sister Janelle might be joining us for some fun?"

"He did and if she's as much like Jean as I suspect she is then we are in for a treat. Do we have time to take a shower?"

"Yes we're just now going down for coffee and the pastries that Madeline gave us. Come along after your shower."

After coffee we finished unloading our luggage before driving around the area to visit a few of the chateaus that were also wineries. Jean explained who we were and that got us invited to tour the homes and the winemaking facilities. Our tours ended with a chat with the owners or in one case the head wine steward. These chats included sampling the wine of course. The people we met were very cordial and quite willing to answer questions. The estates were beautiful and the vineyards well cared for. We got the name of some people that could help us with the list of items to be fixed at the Maison. They all said they were glad to finally meet the owner as they had been wondering about the place for a long time.

Jean then took us to a farmer's market where Mitra excitedly loaded up on fresh fruits, vegetables and several delicious varieties of mushrooms for our meals. We also stopped at a more modern supermarket to get other staples and necessities. The car was jammed full of stuff by the time we returned to the Maison. The aroma in the car was fabulous. It seems Mitra had found an assortment of herbs, spices and flowers whose aroma was scenting the interior of the car in a most extraordinary manner.

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