tagRomanceWill You Marry Me?

Will You Marry Me?


Thank you Vixen Too for editing the story. This story contains almost no sex. If you are looking for sex, go read another story.

The mile markers were flying by in the darkness as Bert cruised along a quiet I-20 in his beat up ‘74 Volkswagen Beetle on his drive to Dallas. He was excited to be seeing Ruth again, and a bit apprehensive about meeting her parents and sister. He tried to tune in a radio station on the radio, but couldn’t find anything decent. He shivered a bit as the unusually chilly night air seeped into the car. He smiled and thought about how she would react when he asked her to marry him.

Bert thought back to the middle of his sophomore year when his friend Linda introduced him to Ruth. He remembered admiring her straight, shoulder-length black hair and her soft, brown eyes. He chuckled as he remembered paying way too much attention to her large breasts and nicely shaped body. He invited her to the basketball game that night, and she said sure. He picked her up at her dorm and they walked across campus to the game. They ate some popcorn and cheered for their team. After the game, they walked to the garden behind the library and talked.

Bert sat down on the bench next to Ruth. “Wasn’t it great, the way we won in the last minute of the game?”

Ruth leaned against Bert’s shoulder. “Yes, it was exciting. Thank you for taking me.”

“You’re welcome. Are you in a hurry to get back to your room?”

“No, it’s nice out here. Look at all the stars.”

Bert put his arm around Ruth’s shoulder. “You should see the sky out in the country, away from all these lights.”

“Mmm, we’ll have to do that sometime. Do you have a car?”

“No, do you?”

“No, I can’t drive.”

Bert looked at Ruth. “Why not?”

Ruth sat quietly for a while. “I have epilepsy. I can’t grip or hold anything with my left hand. You haven’t noticed?”

Bert shifted uneasily. “Um, no. I’ve been sitting on your right all evening, and honestly, I’ve been more interested in your, um, eyes.”

Ruth closed her eyes. “Gee, I could have sworn you’ve been staring somewhat lower. What color are my eyes, Bert?”

Bert kissed Ruth on her forehead. “You can open your eyes, Ruth. They’re a nice soft brown.”

Ruth smiled and put her arms around Bert’s neck. She kissed him softly on the lips. “Thank you for the compliment. I don’t believe anyone’s noticed my eyes before.”

Bert smiled. “You have a pretty face. And I like the way your hair frames your cheeks.”

Ruth kissed Bert again. “Mmm, Linda was right, you are sweet.” She put her hands into her lap. “What’s your major?”

Bert took Ruth’s hand in his. “I haven’t decided. I’m majoring in Math and Physics, but I really want to work with computers. How about you?”

“I’ve just started college, but I want to teach third grade.”

Bert looked into Ruth’s eyes. “Would you like to study together?”

Ruth looked surprised. “But we’re not taking any classes together?”

Bert smiled. “That’s ok. I just thought it would make the study breaks more fun.”

Ruth giggled. “Oh. I suppose we could study together, then.”

Bert and Ruth started spending all of their free time together. When the weather was nice, they would lay on a blanket in the garden and study. Ruth did her part to make the study breaks pleasant, and after a few weeks, she agreed to accompany Bert up to his room. He was one of the few sophomores that didn’t have a roommate. They sat on the bed and kissed for a few minutes before he pulled her down next to him on the bed. He held her in his arms as they kissed.

Bert reached for the top button on Ruth’s blouse.

Ruth squirmed. “Please Bert, don’t do that.”

Bert kissed Ruth on the forehead and put his arms around Ruth. He quietly held her while she snuggled against his chest. Afterwards, he walked her back to her dorm.

Bert and Ruth continued to study together. They would study in his dorm room and kiss during study breaks. He wanted to do more than kiss her; but every time he reached for her blouse, she stopped him.

One night Ruth and Bert were sitting on his bed. They’d been kissing for a while, and he reached for the top button on her blouse.

Ruth took Bert’s hand into hers and moved it away. “No, Bert.”

Bert sighed. “Ruth, we’ve been seeing each other every day for six months. I care about you and respect you but I want to do more than kiss you.”

Ruth looked at Bert with tears in her eyes. “Are you breaking up with me, Bert?”

Bert took Ruth into his arms and held her tight. “No Ruth, I’m not breaking up with you. I love you. I’m just frustrated.”

Ruth looked into Bert’s eyes. “You love me?”

Bert gently kissed Ruth on her forehead. “Yes Ruth, I love you.”

Ruth put her head on Bert’s shoulder and cried.

Bert didn’t know what to do or say so he held her in his arms until she stopped.

Ruth looked up at Bert. “Years ago, I made a promise to God and myself that I would stay a virgin for my husband. Until I met you, it was an easy promise to keep.” She gently kissed him. “Now I’m not so sure of myself. I’m afraid that once you have my blouse off, my pants will soon follow.”

Bert kissed and hugged Ruth. “I’m sorry. I wish you’d have told me sooner. Yes, I want to do more than kiss, but I don’t want you to break your promise.”

Ruth smiled. “You are so sweet. I love you.” She kissed Bert.

Bert looked down at the floor. “Um, would it make a difference if I promised never to touch your pants?”

Ruth laughed. “You really want my blouse off, don’t you?”

Bert’s face reddened. “Um, yes.”

Ruth kissed Bert. “You want to do more than look at my puppies, don’t you?”

Bert turned away from Ruth. “Yes.”

Ruth pulled Bert’s face back with her hand and kissed him. “Do you promise to never touch my pants?”

Bert put his hand behind Ruth’s head and kissed her, moving his tongue around in her mouth. “Yes.”

Ruth squirmed. “Mmm, that felt nice. Do you promise to keep my hands away from my pants?”

Bert smiled and kissed Ruth again. “Yes. Even if I have to tie them up.”

Ruth giggled. “Maybe I’ll need you to do that. Take off your shirt first.”

Bert pulled off his shirt and grinned while he watched Ruth unbutton her blouse and unhook her bra. He took her in his arms and held her tightly against him. Her breasts felt warm and soft against his chest. They fell down on the bed and cuddled for a long time.

Ruth looked up at Bert. “It feels nice to snuggle with nothing on. I’m sorry that I put you off so long, Bert.”

Bert tickled Ruth’s nipple. “It’s ok. I love you Ruth, and I want you to be happy.”

Ruth giggled. “I’m very happy, Bert.” She reached down and felt Bert’s cock through his pants. She felt it harden as she moved her fingers on his pants. “Bert, would you mind taking off your pants? I’ve never seen a naked man before.”

Bert grinned. “I thought we promised not to touch pants.”

Ruth kissed Bert. “You promised not to touch my pants. I never said anything about yours.” She undid his belt buckle and he slid out of his pants and briefs. She fondled his cock and gasped at how big it got. “Damn promise,” she whispered while she stroked his cock. She laughed watching his come splatter on his legs and the bed.

Bert swerved, almost hitting something in the road. “Better pay more attention to my driving,” he thought. He tried to tune in a radio station again, but couldn’t find anything. It was about an hour before daybreak, and he had a couple of hours of driving before he arrived in Dallas.

Bert thought back to the many times he shared his bed with Ruth. He remained true to his promise with her, and never once touched her pants. She, however, touched him many times, and learned how to masturbate him the way he liked. She did try to go down on him, once, and he smiled remembering how awkward it was for both of them. Besides, he enjoyed her face next to his. Her hand on his cock felt nice enough.

Bert enjoyed watching the sun come up, and the scenery as he approached Dallas. He stopped at a diner and ordered breakfast. He checked his directions one more time, and it was nine-ish when he pulled up in front of Ruth’s parents’ house.

Ruth greeted Bert in the walkway with a huge hug and kiss. She walked with him into the house, where he met her father, George, her mother, Karen, and her younger sister, Diane. They sat down in the living room, Ruth leaning on Bert’s shoulder.

George spoke first. “Nice to meet you, Bert. How was the drive?”

“Pleasant, but the night air was unusually chilly for June.”

“How long was the trip?” Karen asked.

“About seven hours.”

“You must be tired, do you want to rest?”

“No Karen, I’m fine. I just had a huge breakfast.”

“So, where are you working, Bert?”

“I’m a geophysicist for Geosource in New Orleans, George.”

“What a coincidence! I’m the vice-president of exploration for Shell, and Diane is majoring in geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines. I might be able to get you a nice position in Dallas, Bert.”

Karen poked George in his side. “George, stop.”

George grinned. “What? I can’t be happy my little girl’s boyfriend works in my field.”

Bert asked Diane, “How’s school?”

“Uh, I’ve finished my first two years. I get into the interesting classes next semester.”

“What do you want to do when you graduate, Diane?”

Diane leaned on her daddy’s shoulder. “Go to work for Shell, Bert.”

Karen stood up. “I’m sure Bert would like some time alone with Ruth. Would you excuse us, Bert?”

Bert stood up. “Sure.”

Karen, George, and Diane left the room. Diane gave a thumbs-up to Ruth as she left.

Ruth kissed Bert. “You’ve impressed my dad and my sister. Did I ever tell you he worked for Shell?”

“No, I don’t think you did.”

Ruth stood up. “Why don’t I show you to your room and help you get settled.”

Bert smiled. “Ok.”

Ruth took Bert to the guestroom. After he put his things away, he asked, “Can I see your room?”

Ruth shrugged her shoulders. “Sure, why not.”

Ruth took Bert to her room. As soon as he saw the pink walls, the lacy bedspread, and all of the stuffed animals on her dresser, he started laughing. She poked him in the side. “Stop.”

Bert grinned. “I’m sorry, but I wasn’t expecting a little girl’s room.”

Ruth took Bert’s head in her hands and kissed him. “I’m not a little girl anymore.”

Bert put his hand on Ruth’s blouse and squeezed. “So I’ve noticed.”

Ruth grinned and playfully slapped Bert’s hand away. “You’re bad.”

Bert sat down on the bed and pulled Ruth down with him. “I’ve always wanted to kiss a little girl.” He kisses her, and she playfully struggles. Soon, they’re lying on the bed next to each other, kissing.

Diane came into her sister’s room. “Oops. I didn’t mean to interrupt, but lunch is ready.”

Ruth threw a pillow at her sister. “Tell mom we’ll be there in a minute.”

Diane grinned and pulled the door shut behind her.

Bert sat up on the bed. “Before we eat, I’d like to ask you something.”

Ruth sat up next to Bert. “What is it?”

Bert knelt down on the floor in front of the bed and looked up into Ruth’s lovely face. “Ruth, will you marry me?”

Ruth sat silently for a while before she whispered, “Do I have to answer now?”

Bert hung his head. “No, but I was hoping you’d say yes.”

Ruth pulled Bert up and kissed him. “Bert, I love you. I just need to think about it, ok.”

Before Bert could answer, they heard Diane shouting, “Mom, Dad, Bert just asked Ruth to marry him!”

Ruth’s face turned scarlet.

Bert laughed.

Ruth punched Bert in the chest, hard. “Why are you laughing? I’ve never been so embarrassed.”

Bert laughed harder. “I know. I’ve never seen your face so red.”

Ruth pushed Bert out of the way and went to the bathroom to compose herself. By the time Bert got up and made his way to the dining room, George, Karen, and Diane were already seated. He sat down, and Ruth joined them a few minutes later. No one said a word through the meal, although Diane grinned from ear to ear while she ate.

After lunch, Karen, Ruth, and Diane cleared the table.

George and Bert went into the living room. “I’m sorry about Diane. I’m sure Ruth wanted to tell us the good news. Ruth talks about you all the time, and I can see what a fine young man you are. Welcome to the family.” George put his hand out.

Bert’s face reddened as he shook George’s hand. “Thank you George, but um, Ruth hasn’t said yes yet.”

George hugged Bert and slapped his back. “Don’t worry, I know my little girl. She’ll say yes, and I know you’ll make her happy.”

In the kitchen, Karen hugged Ruth as soon as she put the dishes on the counter. “Congratulations. He seems like a nice young man.”

Diane grinned. “Way to go, sis.”

Ruth trembled.

Karen felt Ruth shaking. “What’s wrong, honey?”

Ruth put her head on her mom’s shoulder and cried.

Karen rubbed Ruth’s back. Diane came over and hugged her sister with her mom until she stopped crying

Ruth looked up at her mom. “I don’t know if I want to marry him.”

Diane rubbed Ruth’s back with their hands while Karen held her.

Diane whispered, “Ruth, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to listen, and I was so happy for you when I heard Bert propose. Don’t take it out on him.”

Karen stared at her daughter. “Diane, this isn’t about you and what you did, bad as it was.” She kissed Ruth on the forehead. “Honey, it’s your decision.”

Ruth smiled. “Thanks mom. I knew you’d understand.”

Karen hugged Ruth and they put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Ruth turned to her mom. “Mom, can I, um, sleep with Bert tonight?”

Diane snickered.

Karen turned and glared at Diane. “Go wipe the dining room table, now!”

Diane giggled as she picked up a cloth and left the kitchen.

Karen hugged Ruth. “I understand what you’re asking, honey. Yes, you can sleep in the guestroom with Bert while he’s here. I’m sure you have a lot to talk about.”

Ruth hugged her mom. “Thanks mom. You’re the best.”

Ruth went into the living room and kissed Bert. “I hope daddy hasn’t hurt you too much.”

Bert grinned. “No, we’ve been talking about geophysics.”

Ruth frowned. “I’ll never understand how you find oil with sound waves.” She put her arms around Bert’s neck and kissed him. “Never mind, I had a surprise for you, but it feels anticlimactic now. Diane has agreed to chauffeur us around Dallas.

Diane smiled. “Yes, my sister wants to show you the sights.” She bowed for Bert and Ruth. “I am at your service.”

Karen smiled. “You kids go and have some fun.”

Diane and Bert went out to her car, while Ruth went to get her camera. While Diane had the chance, she hugged Bert. “I hope my sister says yes. I would love for you to be my brother-in-law.”

“Thanks Diane. And thanks for being our chauffeur.”

Diane kissed Bert on the cheek. “You’re welcome.” She got in the car and started it.

Bert waited for Ruth. He opened the car door for her and sat down next to her after she slid over. Diane drove while Ruth pointed out the Methodist church she attended and the high school she went to. Once they left the neighborhood, Ruth pointed out First Baptist Church and Renaissance Tower on the way out to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Ruth and Bert walked arm in arm looking at the gardens, with Diane following behind.

After the gardens, Diane took Ruth and Bert to a nice steakhouse. Diane asked Bert about his work until Ruth kicked Diane’s shin under the table. After dinner, Diane wanted to take Ruth and Bert to a disco, but Bert admitted he was tired. Diane took Ruth and Bert home.

Bert and Ruth went into the living room. George and Karen were sitting with a cup of coffee.

Bert started to say something, but Karen cut him off. “Bert, you must be exhausted. We’ll see you in the morning.”

Bert walked into the guest bedroom, took off his clothes, and lay down on the bed. Ruth sat on the side of the bed. She unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra, took off her shoes, socks, pants, and panties, and lay down beside him.

Ruth put her arms around Bert. “Hold me, Bert”

Bert wrapped his arms around Ruth, and held her body against his. They snuggled for a long while before Ruth relaxed and kissed Bert. “Thank you for a lovely day.”

“Thank you for inviting me to your house. I noticed you took all your clothes off. Were you planning something tonight?”

Ruth sat up on the bed and straddled Bert’s chest. “You asked me to marry you.” She tickled his chest with her finger. “I figured you ought to see what I looked like, how deformed my left side is, in case you want to change your mind.”

Bert pulled Ruth to him and kissed her. “You’re the most beautiful woman I know. You have beautiful brown eyes, beautiful hair, and a beautiful face.”

Ruth looked at Bert with tears in her eyes. “The doctors say I can’t get pregnant. I’ve tried to play with myself a few times, but I didn’t feel anything. I felt something whenever you kissed me or played with my right nipple. I have no idea whether sex feels good or not.”

Bert gently kisses Ruth on her forehead. “I know you wanted to wait until you were married, but do you want to find out tonight?”

“Bert, I’m afraid. What if I don’t feel anything when we have sex?”

Bert sat up, hugged Ruth, and held her tight. “Ruth, I’m not marrying you for sex; I’m marrying you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If it’s important to you, I’ll have sex with you to help you decide.”

Ruth snickered. “I’m sure that would be a great sacrifice on your part.”

Bert looked hurt. “Actually it would. I’m tired, and I’m not in the mood.” He lay back down and put his hand on her hip. “I want you to be happy, Ruth. I know I’m happy when I’m with you.”

Ruth wiped the tears from her eyes. “Bert, will you have sex with me?”

Bert smiled. “Yes Ruth, I will have sex with you. You’ll have to help me get started.”

Ruth bent over and kissed Bert, her tongue probing his mouth. “I think I can do that.”

Ruth slid down the bed and took Bert’s cock into her mouth. After some licking and sucking he responded. She rolled over on the bed and spread her legs open. He got up, moved the hair away with his hand, and kissed her pussy. He licked and sucked on her clit and vulva, focusing on her right side. She wiggled and moaned, and he was happy, knowing she was feeling what he was doing. After he was sure her pussy was wet, he climbed over her and thrust his stiff rod into her pussy. She cried out and dug her fingernails into his back. He waited until she relaxed before he pumped his cock in and out. He pumped until her body convulsed in an orgasm. He was glad he was so tired, because otherwise he probably would have come before she did. He rolled off her onto the bed.

After a while, Ruth rolled over and laid her head on Bert’s shoulder. “Thank you. Now I know how sex feels when you’re in love. It feels wonderful.”

Bert kissed Ruth on the forehead. “You’re welcome. Was it worth the wait?”

Ruth threw her arms around Bert’s neck and kissed him. “Yes, it was worth it.”

Bert smiled and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day after breakfast Diane took Ruth and Bert out to see more sights. They spent the day laughing, eating, and playing, and Diane was glad to see her sister so happy. She could see how much Bert cared for Ruth.

They went home for dinner. Karen had made fried chicken with several side dishes, and Diane and Ruth talked about the fun day they had. After dinner, Karen and Diane cleaned up while Ruth and Bert went into the guest bedroom. They sat down on the bed.

Ruth kissed Bert. “Thank you for a fun day.”

“You’re welcome. Have you decided about my proposal?”

Ruth sighed. “I need a little more time, Bert. Tomorrow morning, I’ll give you my answer, I promise.”

“Is there anything I can do or say so the answer will be yes?”

Ruth pushed Bert down on the bed and lay down on his chest. “Bert, I love you. I wish I knew why I get so scared thinking about marrying you.” She kissed him. “I need to talk this over with mom, ok?”

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