tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWillie's War Ch. 01

Willie's War Ch. 01


Originally posted as 'War:A Love Story' but deleted


"Will there be a war, Herr Strasser?"

The room was in shadow, the electric lights had been dowsed and heavy drapes had been drawn across the windows to block out the early evening sunshine of midsummer. On one side of the room atop a small dais stood a slender young woman, her beautiful face framed by a long fall of blond hair. She was completely naked, her breasts swollen, her nipples tight with arousal. Facing forward, she supported her breasts with her hands and lifted them a fraction for appreciation. They had deep pink aureoles, wanton and thrusting.

The room was wide and square with a high ceiling, and paintings decorated the walls while flowers brimming from vases scented the air. Opposite to the podium, seated in chairs of morocco leather, two men and a woman watched as the girl's naked figure slowly began to gyrate, hips rolling, torso undulating. One of the men was young and wore a shooting-suit which included baggy Plus Fours and thick woollen socks; the other man, older, wore an all-over black uniform with silver decoration on the shoulders and collar. It was the man in the uniform who responded to the inquiry.

"The official communiqué from the German Foreign Office takes the view that war can be avoided, Fraulein Dietz. Despite the problem of Poland, the commonsense of European statesmen can prevail."

The woman, thin and reedy, dressed in the best of 1930s couture, promoted a cynical smile. "That's the official claptrap. What do YOU think?"

Strasser was a big, beefy man, heavily jowled, with a pugnacious inquisitive look in his eyes, and the eyes never flinched away from the contortions of the girl on the dais when he replied. "I believe the Fuehrer will decide the best course of action for Germany. His judgement in the past has consistently proved infallible."

The girl in front of them was swaying rhythmically as if to music although there was none. She was dancing in slow sensuous movements, her breasts moving in time with her hips. And she was excited, her rapid breathing clearly audible to everyone, then, aware of the lack of true astonishment it would produce she threw back her head as she thrust her pelvis forward to display testicles and a half erect penis. The woman in the chair broadened her smile slightly. "Quite a girl, Herr Strasser, wouldn't you agree?"

"Indeed, Fraulein Dietz. Quite exceptional." answered the man in uniform.

"What is your opinion, Eduard?" the woman asked.

This time the question was intended for the man in the shooting-suit. He was a generation younger than the first one and he looked at her with an element of disapproval. "Your talent for depravity never ceases to amaze me, Celina." he remarked.

Hermann Strasser grinned. He had a dark face with big lips, and one side of his mouth curled up like a sneer when he smiled. "You should try to visit Berlin more often, Eduard. Such decadent creatures are not uncommon in the cabarets along the Kurfurstendamm these days, and they add a little spice to the usual fare on offer."

"What may be acceptable in Berlin often appals the rest of Germany, Herr Strasser." Eduard answered dryly.

The girlish thing before them turned slowly, rolling its hips and smoothing two hands down over bare skin, offering a pair of trim buttocks for their inspection.

Getting to her feet Fraulein Dietz stepped across to the dais, her mouth still conveying the hint of a smile as she observed the serpentine undulations of the man-girl creature. "You're a shameless hussy, Rosalyn. You enjoy showing yourself off, don't you?"

Above her the models eyes held the sheen of sunshine faraway and the heat of sex. A breathless, "Mmm, mmm" was the only response she received.

"Naughty girl. Wanting to please a man. Wanting to give pleasure to a cock." the woman simpered while delighting in the control she had over such people. She turned the girly body slightly, angling it so that the two men across the room would have the best possible view of the up risen penis and its bulbous watering tip. As her hands circled the effeminates ankles and began to slide upwards Rosalyn ceased moving and seemed to be waiting for something, then as the rising fingers brought an insidiously arousing caress to his smooth thighs, he shivered. Brushing aside the raunchy thrust of a penis with the back of her hand Fraulein Dietz slotted her fingertips behind a hang of well formed testicles and stroked lightly.

"Oh, ooh, oooh!" gasped Rosalyn.

"A good pair at both top and bottom!" the woman grinned demonically. "And ah, yes, I do believe you are ready, my Leibling. Herr Strasser will wish you to amuse him for a while, so go up the stairs and prepare yourself."

The transvestite immediately stepped down from his perch and skipped out through the door, while the man in the black uniform stood up, straightened the front of his trousers and followed without a word. When he'd disappeared Eduard Dietz openly sneered. "I don't know why you invite that man here. He's an animal."

His sister answered with as much diplomacy as she could muster. "Hermann is an influential officer in the Sicherheitsdienst, the security branch of the SS. It's useful for me to maintain a cordial relationship with such people."

"Thank goodness I never have to spend more than a few hours in his company. I must get changed and be off. I'm expected to report back in uniform in the morning."

"You could at least pretend some friendliness towards him." complained the woman, "And why must you hurry, Eduard darling? You should relax and enjoy some of the pleasures that are free for the taking here. I could have Loti ready for you in five minutes."

"I'll forgo what you have on offer, Celina. My passion at the moment is for flying, and when I do come down to earth I prefer a more conventional kind of female company. I only attended your questionable little show this afternoon out of curiosity, and now having seen it I won't be tempted again."

Beyond being an adolescent the woman nevertheless pouted sulkily. "You've done your compulsory military service. I don't understand why you haven't left the air force and entered into commerce. This house needs someone earning a decent salary to help it along."

"I've told you before Celina, I enjoy flying. I'd die of boredom if I were confined to an office. If you would only agree to sell this place we could find you a fine little house in Breslau, and in such a place you would have no worries about money."

Celina Dietz stepped back in horror and looked affronted. "Sell up! Abandon Ravenskopf? Never. I am not a common hausfrau who would be content to live in a city street. I am a lady, and this is where I live."


Willie Froehlich climbed from the train and found himself standing in Glerwitz, a poky little town on the eastern fringe of Germany, a place whose isolation was emphasised by the thickly wooded hills that surround it. Using the last of the money given to him by his mother he hired a taxi cab and asked the driver if he knew the whereabouts of Ravenskopf.

"Get in. Everyone knows where that place is." the man said.

The journey was short but the going was difficult and Willie became increasingly depressed by the surroundings. A glance at a map had told him that the Polish frontier lay not far away, and having passed through the town of Frankenstein on the train earlier he didn't need to wonder what had inspired Mary Shelley in writing her famous novel -- the steaming pinewoods that stank of punk and resin, the muddy hollows, the bestial looking peasants he passed along the way, the barbaric place names and wayside religious shrines, all must have been much the same when she had visited the region.

He couldn't imagine what Ravenskopf would look like, but he caught a glimpse of the house through the trees shortly before he arrived. From a distance the high walls and turrets and the small dome that wouldn't have been out of place on a cathedral looked decorative and gave it a picture-book charm.

Shortly afterwards, where the road began to curve uphill to the right, he was confronted by an obelisk etched with Egyptian hieroglyphs which signified the entrance to a small park copiously adorned with ancient statuary. Most of the pieces depicted maidens writhing in the grasp of bearded, muscular demi-gods, and only when he was beyond them did the walls of Ravenskopf loom above him like the ramparts of a medieval fortress.

"This is the door I'm told to deliver people to whenever I bring 'em here." the taxi driver told him as he drew up to the side of the building. "The front of the house is prettier, but we ordinary folk have to do what we're told around here."

A maid answered his knock to a side entrance; a young woman, dressed in black, wearing a small white organdie apron and a faint smile. As their footsteps echoed in the vaulted hall inside the building his gaze followed the wide sweep of a staircase as it climbed beyond an imposing chandelier, then while the maid went away to find someone to greet him he studied the rest of the room. On the walls inset paintings alternated most effectively with mirrors and panelling, and the ceiling was decorated with tendrils of vines spreading over a gilded pergola.

He turned to see a tall woman enter the room. He had expected someone older, but she was much younger than his mother, very striking, with luminous blue eyes and straight blond hair cropped just below her ears. Her lush figure was set off by a clinging, deep purple skirt and blouse, and above the pronounced dip of décolletage arose a marble-white neck and a face that mingled soft curves and angles to striking effect.

Imposing rather than beautiful her deep set eyes ringed with mascara seemed to penetrate right through him. "I am Celina Dietz. You must be Wilhelm Froehlich."

"Yes, Frau Dietz."

"Do not call me Frau. I'm twenty-eight and you may think I should be married, but I'm not. I've yet to meet a man worthy of me."

"I apologise. I'll try to remember."

"What do you think of the house?"

"It's a very fine house. Much larger than I imagined it to be."

"Yes, it is large. My family had it built two hundred years ago when Silesia was first ceded to Prussia. We were important then, but unfortunately we are important no longer. My brother Eduard is a Luftwaffe officer and thinks more of dive-bombers than houses, so I live here alone most of the time. For that reason a great portion of it is not in use." Her eyes flashed, hinting at a sharp temper that could erupt at any moment. "Do you know why you're here?"

He nodded. He could see those eyes scrutinising him closely, absorbing the hank of blond hair that hung down the side of his face which he constantly needed to brush back, and observing his narrow shoulders and the spindly wrists that poked down beyond the cuffs of his jacket. "It's to do with conscription." he said, "I'm at the age for compulsory military service, and my mother doesn't think I'd do well in the army."

The mouth of Fraulein Dietz curled slightly in the semblance of a condescending smile. She was as thin as he was, but taller, and she clearly looked down on him in more ways than one.

"She's probably right." Her tone was derisory, "You certainly don't fit in with my idea of a Panzer Grenadier."

"Mother wants to say she doesn't know where I am when the papers arrive. She says I can't even remain in Heidelberg because they'd find me there."

The woman arched her eyebrows. "You have no brothers or sisters?"


"And your father is dead?"

"Yes." Wilhelm resented the interrogation, but there was no way he could refuse to answer. For the near future at least he was going to be reliant on her goodwill.

"Are you a National Socialist?"

"No, but mother is. She joined the Nazi Party six years ago."

"I know that, it's the main reason I agreed to help her. It's wrong to cheat the system by hiding you away, but I don't think we're depriving the Wehrmacht of a particularly great asset. What were you studying at Heidelberg?"

"I was reading Classics and Art History. I hope circumstances change soon because I want to go back to it."

The woman nodded, unimpressed. "Well, at least you should be able to string a sentence together when you write, and that I may find a use for. One other thing. While you remain at Ravenskopf you will adopt the guise of a female.

Willie blinked hard and his slender fingers reached down, nervously twisting the bottom of his jacket. "A -- a female, Fraulein Dietz?"

"Yes. It's important. It's the only way. You must look like a girl and try to behave like a girl. You may be secure from the mainstream of German life in this obscure corner of Upper Silesia, but people in small communities can be inquisitive. I have some insulation against such busybodies but it's not limitless, and if a young man like you is seen not to be in military uniform they will become curious and begin asking awkward questions. The transformation shouldn't be too difficult for you. I imagine you've put on stockings in the past to amuse your university friends."

Willie hung his head, quite incapable of offering a quick response.

"I expect most of them called you Willie."

"Yes, Fraulein Dietz."

"The name can remain. Willie is an acceptable abbreviation for Wilhelmina as well as Wilhelm."

She turned away, as far as she was concerned the interview over. "Rosalyn." she called, and the maid who had first admitted him returned and dipped a small curtsy.

"This is Willie. He will be joining us here. Feed him and find him a place to sleep."

A minute later he was sat at a kitchen table eating sauerkraut and cold sausage while the maid who had escorted him stood silently in the corner of the room. A second maid, dressed identically to the first one came through the door, and only then did the one called Rosalyn speak. "Hi Loti, look what we have here. Fraulein Dietz as found another one."

Loti walked over to him and bent down to study his face closely. "You're cute. You'll do well at Ravenskopf." she purred silkily.

"His name is Willie." said the first maid.

"A good name." grinned the second one.

Willie gazed up at the features examining him and he knew at once that the maid wasn't what she appeared to be at a distance. He could identify a cross-dresser when he saw one, and female clothes and lavish makeup couldn't hide reality. He looked again at the one called Rosalyn. The maids were the same in more ways than just the clothes they wore. They were both young men. Two brunettes, brazen and bra-less. "Are you two in hiding here disguised as women?" he asked.

"Better that than being in the army." said Loti, abruptly moving away. "All that marching around and shooting guns. Ugh!"

"Does anyone else live here?"

"No, it's just Fraulein Dietz and us." replied Rosalyn. "A fat old woman comes in every day to cook a midday meal, but the rest of the time Loti and I are expected to do everything in return for our keep."

"The Fraulein's brother comes here for the weekend sometimes, but mostly he's away serving with the Luftwaffe," put in Loti. "Fraulein Dietz likes to entertain though, especially if her guests have some influence with the Nazi Party. I don't mind that. Some of the old buffers she invites can be quite entertaining themselves."

He turned and stuck out his backside until it strained against the seat of the black skirt he was wearing, and then he slapped it, pitter-pat, with the flats of his hands and grinned over his shoulder. "Do you know what I mean?"

"Take no notice of Loti. She's always been a slut." remarked Rosalyn with lofty disapproval.

The other maid snorted, fluttering his false eyelashes as he examined his lipstick in a small hand mirror. "I'm no worse slut than you, Rosalyn. You'll drop your pants at the first sign of a man getting hard."

Rosalyn ignored the retort and came over to where Willie was sitting. "You've finished eating. Leave the plate. Loti can wash it while I take you upstairs and show you where you sleep."

The stairs were decorated with small statues cast in bronze set into narrow niches in the walls. Most people wouldn't have studied them closely, rating them as just part of the décor, but Willie had an interest in art and paused to inspect one or two. To the casual eye they depicted Greek goddesses, partially clothed, demure of expression but provocatively posed. Willie noted that they were all different figures in different poses, and a number of them displayed a set of male genitals. There were paintings too, equally explicit, and he realised that the sensuous works of art were a stage setting, there only to induce a pleasing mood. A backdrop to coax depravity.

The room he was given was not impressive and was smaller than the one he'd had in the hall of residence in Heidelberg. The contents consisted of just a bed, a dresser and two hard-back chairs with some walk-in storage set into one wall. The furniture was old and so well worn that the varnish had been rubbed from its edges and corners, while the cracked linoleum on the floor was only cushioned by a couple of threadbare rugs.

"Hardly luxurious, is it?" remarked Rosalyn with a sympathetic sigh. "Unfortunately the lady of the house doesn't spend money on servant's quarters. Frau Klausen, the woman that comes to cook lunch, says the Dietz family were quite well off once, but they lost most of their money during the hyperinflation that followed the last war. Fraulein Dietz still likes to put on airs like an old-time aristocrat though, even when her big house is falling down around her ears."

"Is the house falling down?"

"Take a look at the unused part when you have a chance. The roof leaks like a sieve."

The male maid went to the cupboard in the wall and rummaged around inside. "She'll expect you to wear a dress tomorrow. I think this will fit." he said, pulling out a white item and holding it up to gauge the width of Willie's shoulders. "There's more in the cupboard with shoes and things."

Being measured up to fit a frock made Willie blush slightly. Although Fraulein Dietz had guessed correctly when she'd said he'd probably worn stockings on occasion to please people, he'd never gone all the way to dressing as a girl.

He removed his jacket and remained stock still while he was being fitted out, which allowed Rosalyn's hand to brush against his bare arm with the intimacy of an established relationship. "You're a pretty thing." he remarked playfully while the tip of his tongue circled his lips. "Would you like to do something nice before bedtime?"

The invitation to indulge in carnality was plain, and Willie's reaction was po-faced. "I may like men, but I don't just go with anyone."

Rosalyn shrugged without showing dismay. "Don't you? How sad. Never mind, everyone who comes to this house is a freak in their own way."


Willie Froehlich had no illusions about himself. He was attractive enough, with a good figure, and his long blond hair gave him a sweet little-girl look of innocence, but he wasn't sophisticated and a lack of self-confidence became evident the following morning. It was then he discovered that the white dress didn't really fit well at all, and he replaced it with a simple round-necked, ankle-length thing in lilac floral print. Lacking any guidance he compounded that mistake by putting on white ankle socks and flat shoes.

Fraulein Dietz greeted him at the bottom of the stairs with a grimace that made her dissatisfaction plain. "What on earth do you think you look like? You have a figure with such great possibilities, but you dress it up like a frump."

Willie's mind struggled for an excuse. He looked bewildered, brown eyes blinking back at her, and she noticed he still had the habit of flicking a fall of hair out of his eyes. "I put on some of the things I found in the wardrobe. I wasn't sure what to choose." he explained.

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