Willie's War Ch. 03


Willie gave him a sheepish look. "Herr Professor Pohl was enthusiastic. He seemed to accept it immediately."

Eduard scuffed the toe of his boot against the gravel path. "My father was ill prior to his death and probably deranged, moreover he was consumed by a fanatical desire to please Hitler, just like so many others these days. The eminent professor from Berlin is a perfect example. He is willing to sacrifice his professional commonsense and believe anything that fits in with the notion of a master race, no matter how absurd it may be, while the Fuehrer himself is influenced by Himmler's fascination with mumbo-jumbo."

He sighed. "The Thule Society indeed. 'The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.'"

Willie grinned. "You surprise me. You're quoting William Shakespeare."

Eduard smiled. "I'm not a complete warmonger. I have been educated, Willie. And just for the record, I rather like Art Deco."

They passed through the small formal garden and followed the curve of a gravel path into open parkland. "I used to take an interest in weeding and pruning when I was young." Eduard said. And he proceeded to confound Willie by explaining to him the various problems encountered in growing greenhouse tomatoes with all the smoothness of an expert.

It was not yet fully dark and the open ground smelled heavily, deliciously of sweet grass. The distance from the house incited a relaxed mood and an atmosphere that was erotic embraced the air force officer. It was persuasive, seducing all his senses. The good food and wine he had consumed and now the flower-perfumed air and the soft lantern light had combined to give the illusion of a wonderland where he found himself lost in admiration of Willie's unsettling appearance. He drew to a halt and raised a broad finger to stroke beneath Willie's chin and lift his face. "Are you familiar with Shakespeare's Sonnet 18?"

Willie's pulse galloped. "Um, er. Yes, I think so."

Eduard placed a hand on each side of his face and looked deep into his eyes. "Doesn't it begin with something like: 'Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate...'?" he murmured.

He was looking intensely at Willie as he said it, heated eyes lingering on his face, and Willie immediately turned to mush. "Yes, it does... Herr Dietz, I -- I ..."

"Let slip the formality. You must call me Eduard. In the past I have never approved of my sister's interests and I've certainly never indulged in what she offers. But you are different to the others she keeps here. More delicate. More feminine. More beautiful."

Eduard inhaled deeply, chest expanding as he tried to retain control of his emotions and his body. It was one thing to have a soft spot for this winsome youth dressed in women's clothing, but quite another to feel sexual longing for him. It was forbidden, immoral, and it was unnatural to be attracted to someone such as Willie, he tried to remind himself. It was perverted. It mustn't escalate further. It did no good; his thoughts remained syrupy and dim from a heady rush of sensation.

Willie watched keenly as his handsome face hovered in front of his own, and their eyes locked. He watched fascinated as his mouth came closer. Eduard was going to kiss him, he just knew it. His small breasts ached and the teats of his nipples stood out. And then his eyes somehow closed all by themselves and their mouths were linked, and he was dying of love.

Leaning over, Eduard's mouth went down on Willie's, and in response Willie readily opened his lips. The moment Eduard's tongue touched his own he trembled and his knees turned to jelly, his heart lurched and every molecule of his body reacted to mould against the fabric of his uniform. He clung to him, softness against hardness, a perfect fit, a fit to heighten desire. His arms looped around Eduard's neck, his fingers coiled in his silky hair. He smelled so good, he thought, a mingling of shaving cream, body heat and musky male odour. It made him weak with longings he didn't know how to avoid. He only knew his breasts were hard where they crushed against his muscular manly chest and he could feel an aching sensation lower down.

Indulging, savouring, Eduard's hands became clamped behind Willie's back, but after just a few moments they began shifting, moving, running over his bottom and around his waist. Willie felt a thumb stroke over his hipbone and then across his stomach, then the hand cruised higher, over his ribcage and up to his chest to push aside the flimsiness of his dress at the front and unfurl the ribbon of sensation that linked his upper body with his groin.

"Mmm." The hands continued moving. Eduard's palms pressed forward and big, manly hands were on his bare skin, pumping, caressing and lifting his miniscule breasts. Willie felt like he was melting, but despite that he was all too aware of the man's mouth and hands, his broad shoulders, his hard body -- and his hard...

Abruptly Eduard's shoulders flexed as the weight of the situation settled in his mind and with a muffled oath he eased himself away. "I don't think we can go any further with this." he murmured with a wry grimace.

Willie caught his lower lip between his teeth. "Really?" he murmured chokily, "So, what happens now?"

"You're sweet both in mind and body, so we can be friends. But friends are all we can ever be."

Willie's hands fell to his sides and his eyes mirrored his disappointment, but he simply shrugged and adopted a casual manner he was far from feeling. He had surrendered to the handsome Luftwaffe officer; he had put aside his shyness and reserve and had been prepared to be ravished by him, only to be cast aside at the final moment. Another mistake, exactly as it had been with Günter.

Eduard's apology had been sincere, he knew that. But that didn't compensate for what may have been. Chastened by his rejection they walked back to the house in silence, and just before they arrived on the terrace the anger that comes with rejection overcame him and he stormed off ahead.

When he entered the dining-room Celina, Herr Strasser and Professor Pohl were standing up taking coffee and talking while Loti and Rosalyn scurried back and forth clearing the table.

Almost at once he felt an arm slip possessively around his waist. "Nice," said a voice that accompanied a hand appreciatively running up and down the skimpy fabric of his dress. "I can't imagine what Celina is thinking of, letting you off the leash to roam around with Eduard. That boy doesn't appreciate people like you the way I do."

Willie's gold-coloured earrings clinked as he swung round with a start. Otto Hahn was standing beside him and at once he noticed the forward drop of the man's head, the eyes, bloodshot from the amount of alcohol he had consumed, and the large salivating mouth with its leering grin.

"He's clearly finished with you, so perhaps you would take a turn in the garden with me next." the man remarked, "Sexy little fruitcakes such as you will be well used to spreading their buns for more than one man in an evening I would think."

Willie tried to move away but the man's arm held him firmly in place. "I'm not a slut, Herr Hahn" he protested.

Unimpressed the solicitor's hand moved up from the small of his back, sliding against bare skin to probe the line of his spine. "People like you can't afford to be choosey, sweetheart." he replied thickly, burying his face in the hollow of his neck. "In this place you will be reasonably safe as long as you behave yourself, but if you're compelled to join the army you'll be the regimental bike -- everybody will ride you."

Distraught and feeling vulnerable Willie felt his lower belly tighten, a tightness borne out of knowing the man's expectations. He hated the man for what he was doing, hated his voice, hated his greasy hair and his fingers probing up and down his back.

Just at that moment Eduard came through the French windows, his mouth taking on a vaguely sardonic twist at the sight of his distress. At once his voice cut through the tension. "Otto, may I have a word with you in confidence outside on the terrace?"

The solicitor was obviously displeased at being interrupted and didn't hide the fact. "For goodness sake, what is it now?" he grumbled irritably as he released his grip on Willie and followed Eduard out through the French doors.

After no more than a few seconds Otto staggered back into the room, groaning sorrowfully and clutching both hands to his face. Eduard came in behind him and beckoned to one of the maids. "Loti, would you look after Herr Hahn? He took a tumble just now and banged his nose on the masonry outside. I think he's bleeding."

Willie sidled up to him as Otto was led away. "Eduard, did you hit Herr Hahn?"

The man shook his head. "No, no. Truly he banged his nose on the wall, although I will admit my hand assisted in propelling his face towards it." He smiled grimly. "A relationship between you and I may be impossible, but I couldn't stand back and allow him to maul you in such a ghastly way. One thing is certain. The odious creature will not bother you again. That much I have established."

Willie felt slightly ashamed of the way he had indignantly strutted off and left him earlier. "You are indeed a friend, Eduard. I'm lucky to have you as a friend."

Celina Dietz was astute enough to guess what had just happened and was infuriated that one of her most useful allies had been subject to such treatment. While Eduard was replenishing his drink she deftly slid up beside Willie and whispered in his ear. "The party is over for you, you little trouble-maker. Get up the stairs."


The evening ended soon after Willie had departed, Otto Hahn consoled his discomfort by taking Loti up to bed and after a brief pause Hermann Strasser made a similar arrangement with Rosalyn.

Celina and the professor chatted for a while longer then went to separate rooms. "If you are to return to Grottkau tomorrow it would be unwise to stay up too long." the woman advised her brother.

Eduard watched the door close behind her then slowly walked to the window, his dispassionate gaze tracing the paved path that he had so recently walked with Willie.

He had never invested much time or effort in relationships with the opposite sex. Men and women were different. Men did things one-two-three, and when it came to practical stuff a man had to take into account that the heads of females were on upside down. Throughout his adult life he had found women unpredictable and illogical, but although he gave them no encouragement they seemed strangely attracted to him.

He switched on the wireless and listened to the end of the late night news. There was an item about brutish Polish vagrants raping virtuous young German maidens in the land corridor to Danzig. He'd heard similar things before and recognised them as scurrilous propaganda-babble designed to stir up loathing and hatred of the Poles.

He turned the wireless off and prowled the room, pacing in circles, achingly aware of the person he most wished to be with. Unbuttoning his tunic he removed it and threw it across a chair.

A shiver ran through him, but it was not caused by the lack of a coat or by a ghost walking over his grave. It was Willie Froehlich, fragile and radiant, projecting both childlike and feminine qualities. His mind was suddenly full of him; his scent, the way his skin had felt under his hands, the little lift at the corner of his mouth. A smiling mouth, he remembered, smiling himself.

That strangely naïve, rather scatter-brained young transvestite brought out a streak of tenderness in him he had not known he possessed. He had a wonderful instinctive sexuality that he'd never needed to learn. He enjoyed himself, enjoyed his body. No guilt. No play-acting.

He raked through his hair with unsteady fingers, remembering the forbidden joy he had known with Willie in the garden, his lust made him hard. Sometimes a woman may be not quite a female, he thought. It was a dangerous thought, he warned himself sternly. There was no room in his life for someone like Willie.

In his room Willie Froehlich slipped off the black dress and heels and the lacy underwear and left them in a little heap on the floor while he slipped into a pale yellow silk nightdress that felt like flowing water against his bare skin. Maybe it wasn't silk, he thought, maybe it was that cheaper rayon-stuff that looked like silk, but it didn't matter, it felt like silk.

He lay in his little bed and drew the sheet up to his chin, but sleep didn't come. There were too many thoughts in his head, too many memories that were almost painful. What was it about Eduard Dietz that teased him so much? It wasn't just his fine looks, which he had in plenty. Perhaps it was the way he carried himself so easily, as if nothing could shake his quiet strength. And yet he was not arrogant. His confidence was born of honour. Eduard had defended him so stoutly earlier in the evening, but unfortunately nothing could come of it, that was certain. A man like him could never give himself over to a close relationship with a cross-dresser, and a cross-dresser Willie Froehlich was, there was no doubt about it. He had found his place in life by being feminine.

His reverie was disturbed by a tapping on the door of his room, and he climbed out from under his sheet. Barefoot and slender in silk that drifted around bare legs he stood at the closed portal. "Who is it?"

"It's me. Eduard," came a reply, "Can I speak to you for a moment."

Willie fussed with his appearance, draped in clinging yellow and with a halo of golden hair, he felt like a Botticelli angel. But an angel of course he was not. He certainly wasn't feeling like an angel that night. Far from it.

When he opened the door the tall Luftwaffe officer the man was in his shirt sleeves looking slightly confused and apprehensive. "Can I come in?" he asked. Willie allowed him into the room then leaned back against the door as he closed it.

"Willie," the man whispered his vice disturbingly low and gentle. "I erm... I have to apologise. I'm not used to women, and much less used to beautiful boys dressed up as women." Then suddenly he faltered. Eduard Dietz was a man rarely stuck for words, but this occasion had caught him out.

A breathless Willy shook his head and recklessly raised himself up on his toes in order to touch his mouth against his. "That's okay. It's alright."

Few words were spoken because few were needed. Instinctively they both knew why he was there, and neither regretted it. Their thoughts were as in tune as any two peoples thoughts could be. It was something Willie Froehlich had hoped for but hadn't dare think possible.

The man stepped closer, put his hand on his shoulders. He could feel delicate bones beneath his fingers, could see the flickering of a pulse in the transvestite's throat. Willie's anxious eyes sought his, and what he saw in them melted any resistance he may have had left. Almost hypnotically he allowed himself to be drawn into the man's arms.

Eduard pressed his chin against his temple and enveloped him with his embrace, putting a hand on the nape of the girl-things neck he eased his fingers into his soft blond hair, felt the moist heat there. He pulled him close and saw Willy's mouth open in a soft oh of surprise as he kissed the corner of his mouth, his eyelashes, his brows and the line of his jaw.

Willie wasn't sure how he ended up in his arms or whether Eduard said anything more. All he was aware of was that he had thrown his arms around the man's waist and anchored himself to his strength, and things he knew he should have said dissolved in his throat, demolished by the man's touch and taste and by his incredibly heady scent.

It all seemed like a dream as he pressed against Eduard's long, lean body, a hazy cloud of romance, a fantasy come true. His skin tingled beneath the silk of his negligee, the garment drawing in the heat from two manly hands. Now he understood the appeal of silk. Such fabric seemed to intensify every touch.

Eduard leaned into him, outlining the shape of his mouth with his tongue, biting his lower lip, running his tongue along the smooth ridge of his teeth or order to sample the taste of his mouth. In return Willie wrapped his arms around him and threw himself into the kiss, his mouth pressing hungrily upwards, parting his lips, drinking him in until he was breathless and dizzy.

He felt the man's hands slide down his back onto his hips, could feel the tautness of strong biceps as arms made his thighs arch forward. The man's breath caressed the side of his face and there was the sweetness of his lips against his own. Mmm, he thought, Mmm, as he tasted tongue, sweet, smooth, slippery. Just how it should be.

The kiss went on and on and passion rose between them. As tension began to build Willie pulled him closer, wanting more, and suddenly a fantasy wasn't good enough for him. He wanted a real flesh and blood man with hard muscle and smooth skin. He wanted a man driven by lust and desire to take him.

He drew back and looked into Eduard's eyes, and for a moment he was surprised by the vulnerability he saw there. It was as if he were looking at a different man to the carefree one he had come to know.

With a low laugh Willie swung forward and playfully bit him on the earlobe, then traced the contours of his ear with his tongue. "I'm yours to do what you want with." he whispered.

He heard Eduard's breath quicken and a moan rumble in his chest as he gripped Willie with both hands, his fingers as elegant and forceful as the rest of him. "Let me look at you," he insisted, pushing the straps of the negligee from his shoulders.

As the garment slipped to the floor hands exploring his body and Willie gasped out his name low and urgent as spasms of pleasure began to engulf him. He turned towards him and unfastened the top button of his shirt, then working systematically down as far as his belt, unbuckled it, unzipped his fly and pressed his hand against him, arousing him with the warmth of his palm. Loti had once said Eduard Dietz was hung like a cart horse, but at that moment Willie thought he was massaging the shaft of the cart itself.

Nibble fingers quickly exposed everything and Eduard's penis was then standing out, raised up from the horizontal in a flattering Hitler salute. Slowly Willie sank to his knees and his mouth and wet tongue briefly caressed the fleshy sacs of the man's testicles before paying full attention to the main event. His hand flirted with it, appreciative fingers wrapping around its impressive contours to feel its strength, then after lapping at the juices flowing from its broad tip he took it in his mouth to adore it.

Just a few hours ago, Eduard would have been horrified by the kind of scene he was now a party to, but his blood was running too fiercely to hesitate now. Willie wanted more than sweet kisses and tender caresses, and he did too. In a rush of commitment he swept Willie up in his arms as if he were a new bride and carried him across to the bed, where he laid him down on the soft covers and lowered himself, hard and ready, beside him.

Lying on his back across the mattress Willie yielded immediately, looking at the man who dominated him, eyes wide, pupils dilated. Consumed by desire, his body began to twitch with impatience.

Eduard watched for a moment and then slid between his thighs. The fires of love were all ignited and an aching longing to please swept over both of them. There was no restrictions, no coyness, no haggling. Willie raised his legs, and grasping the man's penis like the handle of a tennis racket he tugged it forward to the place of his desire. Eduard lined himself up and screwed forward, and seizing Willie by the hips he drove down in an act of wondrous carnal delight, deep into his pulsing centre.

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