Willing Slaves


I silently cursed my stupid reluctance. All that there for the taking. But I could make up for it now.

"Just barely. I'm meeting my landlady for lunch today."

"What time?"


"It's not even 10 yet," she said, pulling herself closer and rubbing her leg against my erect-again cock. "That gives us a lot of time. " I finally managed to leave by 11:15.


When I got home, I found Lynn's front door unlocked. Walking in, I didn't see her, but I knew she was there.

"Neil. In here," came the voice from the bedroom.

I entered. There she was, no robe, no nightgown, no inhibitions. Naked and smiling, she walked slowly up to me, into my arms, pulling me into a long, slow, deep kiss. Then another, and another. Her lips were the softest and most delectable I'd ever tasted. Slowly, she began to kiss her way down my body, kissing my throat, my chest, removing my clothes as she went. When she reached my crotch, she tenderly covered my balls and cock with kisses, lingering on the most sensitive spot, at the underside of my shaft where the base meets the scrotum. When she took my cock full in her mouth and gently began to suck it, it was like nothing I'd ever felt before, as if it was being enveloped in warm moist velvet. I held back as long as I could, savoring the sensation, until I couldn't hold back anymore, and came in that wonderful velvety mouth.

When I finished coming, I pulled her to her feet, turning her so her back was against me. I was aching to handle her. The cocoa-brown flesh of her body was even more luscious than her lips. With my left hand I caressed her succulent breasts. My right hand stole down her soft belly to her tender pussy. I felt her sigh with pleasure as my fingers reached the full cunt lips, then gently parted them as I inserted one, then two fingers inside. She gasped when my thumb found her clit, grinding her crotch against my hand. As she did, her full hips ground against my cock as it nestled against her ass cheeks. By the time she came I was erect again.

Easing herself back onto the bed, Lynn opened her legs and beckoned to me. I was on her in a second, my cock sinking deep inside her. Her cunt and body as they wrapped around me gave that same delicious velvety feeling and I lost track of time and the number of our orgasms as I fucked her and fucked her.

Finally satisfied, I fell away from her. She turned to me, smiling, and said, "If you're tired, I really could make some lunch." Laughing, I pulled her back to me and said, "Maybe later."


It was almost 2:30 when I sensed Tysa's approach. I left an exhausted Lynn fast asleep in the bedroom (we never did get to lunch) and met her daughter outside.

"Your mom's asleep."

Her eyes twinkled. "That must have been quite a lunch."

"I don't want to wake her, so…"

"We can go up to your place." No pretense. She knew exactly why we were going.

We entered my apartment and she asked if I would give her a minute to change. I pointed her toward the bathroom and took a seat in the living room. I sat there for a minute before I realized, What does she have to change into?

I felt soft arms winding around my neck. A moment later she slid onto my lap. She was naked, with a sweetly eager look in her eyes as she softly kissed me. She pivoted on my lap until she was facing me, her long legs astride me.

"I hope this is what you had in mind," she breathed.

"Absolutely," I replied, as my hands caressed her round, brown breasts.

"You like those?" she asked, and rose to her knees, putting the beautiful tits level with my mouth. I gently sucked on them, rolling my tongue over the hardening nipples. She moaned, pressing herself harder against me. Slowly, she slid her body down mine, pulling my clothes off as she went. When she reached my crotch, she took her right nipple and slowly rubbed it up and down the underside of my erect cock. Then she repeated it with the left. Finally, she slid the cock between her breasts, letting me tit-fuck her as she reached down with her tongue to lick the crown. I stood it for as long as I could, then reached down to pull her to me, kissing her hard as I lowered her wet virgin pussy onto my cock. She was hot and tight, but I felt her shiver with pleasure as I entered her. Soon she was bucking up and down, her gorgeous young body writhing wildly against mine as we both came and came again.

Finally exhausted, she slumped against me, kissing me again with those soft lips. "Mmmm, now I know why Mom and Aunt Jan were always talking about this."

"You mean sex, or sex with me?"

"Both. I guess we can all compare notes now."

"Well, you and your mom, maybe."

Again came the twinkle in her eyes and incongruously evil smile on her angel face. "Aunt Jan said she'd be home around 8 tonight. Think you'll be ready?"

"I'll do my best, but you're making it difficult."

She pressed her body closer and whispered, "Let's see if I can make it impossible."


When I headed back to work at 5:00, whom did I find waiting outside my office but Harlan Travers and the 2 other trustees of the AHG. He was trying, in vain, to convince them of the need to increase our funding. A quick trip inside their minds soon had them agreeing. More than that, I found information there that inspired me to a plan beyond a bigger budget.

"You know, Mr. Travers, I've been thinking. There really should be more research on the slave trade routes. The West Indies were an important stop. Maybe if I did some investigating there…"

"Why, I have a house in St.Croix sitting empty," said Travers (as I knew he would). "Perhaps you could use it?"

"That might be a good idea. Of course, I'd need to bring along my staff, maybe a few others to help…"

"Oh, I'm sure that could be arranged. We'll discuss it at our meeting tomorrow and call you when it's finalized."

"You do that, sir. I'll be waiting for your call."


I could already sense Alicia in my office. She was reading the slave journals. Even after all that had already happened that day, and even after what Nona had told me, what I saw in her mind still amazed and excited me. As she was reading the journals, she was picturing herself as the slave and me as the master. I reduced her inhibitions, then entered the room.

"Pretty amazing, huh," I said.

She looked up from the reading with an unembarrassed smile.

"They seemed to be having a lot of fun down at the Harrington plantation."

"That doesn't surprise you?"

"That a black woman would enjoy fucking a white man?" She walked out from behind the desk and slowly walked toward me. She was wearing a tight white blouse that barely contained her breasts and an even tighter leather skirt that showed off her luscious ass and amazing legs. "I'd be more surprised if she didn't."

She looked up at me with a smile that was both charming and indecent. "If they didn't deny themselves, why should we?"

She reached up and pulled my face down into a long, slow kiss. Just as slowly, she began to take off her clothes and mine. Her manner was wonderfully unhurried, and again she flashed the sweetly dirty smile up at me. "We've waited this long," she said. "No need to rush."

Finally we were naked. Still smiling, she began to caress my cock, her calm demeanor belied by the hardening nipples I could feel as I fondled her breasts. Slowly I ran my hands down her beautiful cinnamon-colored body, pulling her to me. With a light hop, she impaled herself on my erection, wrapping her arms and legs around me.

"Ohh, that feels so good," she cooed. "So good inside me. I don't want to move." Neither did I. For a few seconds we stood there, loving the sensation of each other's bodies. Slowly, I lowered myself to the couch, and she began to agitate herself on me. My hands were everywhere on her, her belly, her breasts, her gorgeous thighs and ass. I could feel her hot walls squeezing and releasing my cock as she came over and over. Finally, she pressed that luscious body against me and cried, "Come inside me! I want to feel you come inside me!" And I did come, reveling in the feel of that delicious flesh.

As we recovered, we continued to caress each other. "I could get used to this," she sighed.

"That's just what I'm working on."


It was almost 8 when I saw Jan approaching the front of the building, unbelievably appetizing in her skin-tight denim shorts and one-size-too-small sleeveless gray t-shirt. As I got out of my car to intercept her at the front door, I read her thoughts. What the others had said was true: her mind was alive with lusty fantasies featuring me. When she caught sight of me, they flared up more intensely. I removed her inhibitions and awaited the results.

"Hey, baby," she said, flashing an incandescent smile. "You look tired. Rough day?"

"Pretty eventful," I answered truthfully.

"Come on," she said, grabbing my hand and pressing up against me. "I'll make you feel better."

Once we got inside my apartment, she wasted no time. In seconds, she pulled off her t-shirt and wriggled out of her shorts. Eyes gleaming, she flung her Black Venus body into my arms and her sweet tongue into my mouth. After a long luscious kiss, she swiftly pulled off my clothes and pulled me down to the floor. Straddling my head, she descended onto my erection, lovingly, hungrily, licking and sucking my cock and balls. As I luxuriated in the feel of her smooth thighs against my face, I clutched that marvelous ass and tongued her pussy. Frantically, we 69'd each other into one, then two, orgasms.

She rose from the floor. Her eyes still eager, she led me to the bed. Lying back on the pillows, she pulled me on and into her, hugging my body to hers as she whispered in my ear between orgasm after orgasm. "Oh yeah baby, I wanted you so bad! Keep fucking me, never stop fucking me, baby!" And I couldn't. Even after the day I'd had, her body, her skin, her scent drove me wild. I exploded inside her again and again, until I finally could give no more. Exhausted, I dropped my head onto her incredible breasts and drifted off into a soft, dark sleep.


I awoke to a soft sensation at my crotch. It wasn't Jan; I could still feel her sweet body against mine. I opened my eyes to see Tysa looking back at me, her eyes alight with lust and mischief as she gently licked the length of my quickly-hardening cock.

I heard a voice at my ear. "Good morning, handsome," breathed Lynn, who, like Tysa, was naked. "I used my key. We thought you'd like a nice wake-up call." I pulled that wonderful mouth to mine, then the full, luscious tits. I slid off Jan's body, and as Lynn mounted me, lowering her cunt onto my lips, her sister awakened.

"Hey, let me get in on this," she said, and instantly joined her niece as they applied their lips and tongues to my genitals. Soon I could feel Tysa mount me, her tight young hole squeezing and pumping my cock as her mother eagerly rubbed her divine honey into my face. As soon as we came, all exchanged positions, and I was tasting Tysa's sweet pussy, as Jan rode my erection and Lynn's velvet mouth caressed my scrotum. Again we climaxed, and before long I was drinking Jan's nectar and pumping my semen into Lynn's hot cunt as Tysa's tongue tickled my balls.

Temporarily sated, they fell away from my body. It was then that I could hear the phone ringing.

"Good morning, lover," said Alicia, and I could feel the heat through the line. "Nona and I are waiting for you at the office. Don't worry, we won't start without you. But we got a strange call from Travers. He said to tell you the funding's been approved, you can leave for the West Indies whenever you want, and take all the staff you need. What's he talking about?"

"I'll tell you when I get there. I hope you and Nona don't mind coming with me on an extended assignment."

I hung up and looked at the 3 naked cocoa beauties in my bed. "Would you ladies like to accompany me on an extra long vacation?"


[One year later]

As I looked out from our deck with its view of the beach and the ocean beyond, Nona stood smiling in front of me, slowly sliding her long ebony leg against my crotch in the way she knew I loved before we fuck. I leaned back, cradled against Alicia's naked body, craning my head back to taste her soft brown breasts. She purred with pleasure. The purrs soon turned to gasps and moans as each mounted me. Their flesh was more delectable than ever, and my mouth and cock soon brought them to orgasm.

It had been a good year. I'd made sure that Travers, the board, and even the accountants and taxmen had long since forgotten the huge, no-strings, financial grant they'd given us. Travers wouldn't even remember that he once had a house on St. Croix. We could stay as long as we wanted, and none of us wanted to leave.

Our historical studies had long since been put aside, but I guess you could say we were still engaged in research: What would be the effect on people if they had all the sex they wanted?

I could see Jan and Tysa walking up from the beach. The sun had added a golden sheen to Jan's dark goddess body. Tysa, now 19, had continued to ripen into the same form as her aunt and mother, with the promise of better yet to come.

Just then, Lynn emerged from the house. The warm climate and constant sex had rejuvenated her, her skin and body just as luscious, but even smoother and fresher, as if she'd grown younger, not older.

"It's about 5," she said. "Dinner's at 6:30." She looked hungrily at me. "I have you til then."

The others gave mock pouts and complaints, but yielded, knowing I would give them my all after dinner. Lynn led me to the house, stopping once to kiss and embrace me. Her velvet-chocolate mouth and body were still irresistible. Not that I ever wanted to resist.

What can I say? I'm just a willing slave.

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