tagFetishWilling Submission to a Dickgirl Ch. 02

Willing Submission to a Dickgirl Ch. 02


Note to the reader: This story takes place in a futuristic world where body modifications and high technology are common place. Because of this, there are a subset of women who choose to have male genitalia attached to their bodies. These cocks and balls can be, and often are, much larger than natural male genitalia. So if you are not interested in futanari/shemale/dickgirl on male action, then this story is not for you. There will be femdom and chastity, so be advised. Additionally, this story is a quick piece of smut. If you came for high quality writing or character development, you may want to consider another story.


The next day, after having had my encounter with Elizabeth, I started to use the butt plugs as she had commanded. It was a Saturday, and I had been drinking heavily the night before, so I slept in until nearly noon. After I woke up and took something for my hangover, I entered the bathroom and disrobed. The first thing I noticed in the bathroom mirror was the steel cage that Elizabeth had put my cock in. I stopped and began showing off for myself in the mirror, examining the shiny metal that trapped my flaccid penis. While I had had a fetish for anal play for a long time, I had never really considered chastity as a component of it. I suppose there was a certain logic to what she had done. Elizabeth had claimed that the purpose was to stop me from jacking off and therefore make an anal orgasm easier next Friday, but I suspected that there was more to it than that. Locking up my cock meant that hers was the only cock in the pair. She was asserting herself as the penetrator, and me as the receiver. Chastity itself didn't turn me on, but as I considered the implications of it, my cock began to swell and press against the metal of the cage. My cock straining against the metal was uncomfortable, but it honestly wasn't too bad. Totally worth it for Elizabeth.

I used the enema equipment that she had provided before I got into my shower, both for practice and to make sure that I was cleaned out. After my shower I slipped the first of the seven plugs into my ass. It was the smallest, and I strutted around my bathroom to get a feel for it. I had used toys on my own ass before, and my last girlfriend had pegged me a couple times, so the small plug really didn't feel like much. I decided to accelerate the stretching process and went for the next size up. The plug meant for Sunday was much better. I felt a slight stretch in my sphincter, and walking caused a slight massage of my prostate.

That week was difficult. By Monday I was already up to plugs so large that they started making me walk funny. I had to concentrate to hide what was shoved up my ass while at work. To make matters worse, the constant prostate stimulation, thoughts of Elizabeth and what I could expect on Friday, and my inability to jack off were making me extremely horny and ruining my concentration. My cock straining against the metal cage was uncomfortable, but I was so horny that I couldn't stop my cock from trying to become erect, and the aching in my groin only increased as the day went on.

Thursday and Friday were the worst. Because I had skipped the first plug, I was already up to the gargantuan Friday plug on Thursday. As I struggled to work the behemoth of silicon rubber into my sore and loose anus, I debated calling in sick to work. When I stood up and walked around, it was nearly impossible to keep my legs together and act normal. However, things were getting really crazy at the office, and I didn't feel like I could afford to take two whole days off, so I powered through, making sure that I didn't stand up too often and focusing really hard on my movements.

When Friday night finally came, it was a sweet relief. I went over to Elizabeth's spacious apartment where she had prepared dinner for the two of us. After dinner we sat around drinking wine, talking, and laughing at all of our similarities. Strangely enough, it seemed like we had almost everything in common. We liked the same movies, the same books, and hell, she was even a bit of a gamer, though not as much as I was.

By the time we were nearly done with our second bottle of wine, Elizabeth, a slight blush entering her beautiful face, took me by the hand and told me to follow her to her bedroom.

"Take your clothes off, baby. I want to see if you managed to go the whole week." She commanded, biting her lower lip sensually.

I willingly disrobed and exposed my nakedness. I saw Elizabeth's eyes trailing down to my cock cage and lingering on it.

"I love the sight of a cock in chastity. The metal. The denial. The domination of it. It gets me so fucking hot," Elizabeth was rubbing her hand against her massive phallus through her tight pants, and I could see the outline of it bulging down her pant leg.

"Now turn around and bend over. Let's see what size you were able to get up to."

I did as she said and exposed my ass to her. I could feel the massive butt plug straining in my ass, wanting to be removed but being too big to escape my sphincter. Elizabeth planted one hand against my ass cheek and the other on the base of the plug. She began to wiggle the plug in the ass and I moaned as my full prostate responded to her ministrations.

"Mmm, feels good, doesn't it?" Elizabeth cooed, "Do you want me to pound that delicious prostate with my hard, thick cock tonight?"

"Yes and yes!" I moaned, feeling pleasure explode from my ass and expand through my whole body. My cock was already dripping clear precum through the slit in the metal cage that kept my hardening cock restrained and aching.

"That's a good butt-slut," Elizabeth leaned over and whispered into my ear as she began gently pulling on the plug to take it out of my ass. The pressure on my sphincter grew and grew until the plug suddenly popped out all at once.

"Oh, it looks like you managed to get up to the largest size. That will certainly help with tonight's... activities."

All I could do was let out a sigh of relief as my rectum was briefly empty for the first time in seven days. This empty feeling wouldn't last long, however, as I looked back to see the still clothed Elizabeth pulling a massive dildo with a flared base from under her bed.

"I had a mold of my cock made when I first got it attached, this should help you acclimate to my length while you get me ready. I think that you have the girth handled." Elizabeth giggled as she lubed up and then slipped the mammoth dildo up my ass. I could feel the silicon rubber push its way far deeper than the plugs had ever gone. I moaned as my bowels misinterpreted the sensation of the fake cock and protested. The discomfort soon subsided, though, and I was overcome by the horniness of the situation.

Elizabeth flipped me over and gently guided me so that my head was hanging off the side of the bed. She then began to disrobe as she watched my cock twitch and strain against the metal that was wrapping it and restraining it from doing what her cock was now doing, springing to life.

"You sucked me off so good last time, I thought that I would explore some of your limits to get me going before I pound you into the next dimension," Elizabeth said, standing over me with her cock casting a shadow over my face as she undid her bra and let her full, perky tits bounce free.

"Now, would you like to open your mouth, tilt your head back, and accept my womanhood?" She looked down at me as she massaged her tits and rubbed her cock over my face. Maybe it was my depravity, or maybe it was the fact that I hadn't been able to cum for a week, but her cock smelled like, well, a cock¸ and it turned me on even more than the rest of the situation had. I wanted to suck that cock, I wanted it to fuck my throat. I tried not to think about the implication as I tilted my head back off the edge of the bed and opened my mouth.

I had seen throat fucking done in porn before, but that couldn't prepare me for the reality of the situation. Elizabeth spent several seconds fucking my mouth, where I could taste the full glory of her cock, before she started slowly, but insistently, ramming her thick, raging womanhood down my throat until her balls rested against my nose. To my credit I was able to suppress my gag reflex, but I was having a hard time breathing. She placed her hand against my throat to feel the bulge of her cock through my neck as she gently fucked my throat until I finally decided that I couldn't breathe well enough and tapped her soft thigh. She pulled out until her tip was fucking my mouth and let me get a chance to breathe. When I had caught my breath, she went in again.

This went on three more times until she finally pulled out completely.

"I can't believe that you were actually able to take the whole thing!" She exclaimed, rubbing her slobber covered, glistening cock against my forehead and cheek.

"I just have to say," I began. "Your cock is delicious. I would suck you off any time."

"Don't threaten me with a good time," she said sultrily, "now turn around and lay down on your stomach. It's time for us both to get some pleasure."

I happily complied, exposing my ass to her. I had fully acclimated to her dildo by the time she pulled it out, my ass not wanting to part with its sexy, sexy length. I was rewarded moments later, however, when I felt Elizabeth's legs straddling me on the bed, and the real thing began to prod my rear entrance.

My ass stretched as her head began to prod its way into my waiting hole. I moaned as her bell end finally popped its way past my sphincter and I could feel its warmth filling me up. But she wasn't done there. She kept pushing forward as her whole member filled me up. She kept pushing and pushing as more and more of her luscious womanhood was fed into my waiting, eager ass. I wanted all of it in me, I wanted her to fuck me until I came with my cock locked away behind a steel cage. I pushed back into her, taking more cock into me. I could almost feel her smile as she bottomed out in my bottom and her huge balls bumped into my over full, yet still smaller, testicles.

She laid down on my back and I could feel her pert, tits with hard nipples press into my back. She began to gently thrust in and out of my eager asshole, and I could feel every motion ring out through my sensitive prostate, filling me with a deep, sexual pleasure that started deep within my abdomen.

"You can take a huge cock better than any woman I know," Elizabeth whispered, biting my ear. "You really are a slut for my cock. I'm going to enjoy making love to your boy pussy until you spurt cum from that small clitty locked in that cage."

Her dirty talk got me going. I moaned and began moving my hips with hers to increase the length of each thrust. Before I knew it, she was vigorously fucking my asshole. My sphincter was grasping her cock as well as it could, and I could feel my ass stretch out every time she pulled out, and willingly accept her every time she thrust in. Her cock was so large that I could feel discomfort every time she thrust her full length into me, but the discomfort was completely overwhelmed by the intense pleasure from the pounding my prostate was receiving.

We fucked like this for nearly ten minutes before I couldn't hold out any longer. I cried out as I felt an orgasm explode out from deep within my ass. It was unlike any orgasm that I had ever had before. I didn't even feel it in my cock, which was now spurting a week's worth of spent up cum onto the bedsheets. Instead, the feeling came from deep within me and seemed to overwhelm my whole body. It felt like all of me was cumming at once.

By the time the orgasm had subsided, I felt like I was spent. But unlike an orgasm from my cock, it never fully subsided, and before I knew it I was cumming again, and again, and again as she continued to pound me. Each orgasm was less intense than the last until my whole ass felt the aching pleasure of just before an orgasm for the remainder of the fucking session.

I don't know how much longer Elizabeth lasted, my sense of time became distorted during the continual ass-gasm that her superior cock was giving me. But eventually she did cum. She thrust into me as deep as she could and let out a sexy moan as I felt her balls tense up against mine over and over again. I could feel hot ropes of her white goo filling me up, and it was amazing. She collapsed, exhausted on top of me, breathing heavily. I knew that I had been fully dominated, cumming like a woman from my boy pussy being pounded by the most beautiful cock I had ever seen.


We were too exhausted to clean up the mess that my cum had made on the bed, so we just moved to a different part and cuddled until we had recovered.

"So I was thinking," Elizabeth said, tracing her fingernail across my chest as she cuddled into me. "I think you're really attractive, we have a lot in common, and you're literally the best lay I've ever had. Would you like to try for a relationship? There's just-"

"Yes," I interrupted. "Yes I would like to try that. I feel the same about you."

"You interrupted me, silly," she said playfully as she pinched my nipple. "I was about to say that there was just one condition."

"And what's that?" I asked.

"When I got this cock body-mod, I swore to myself that I would always be the cock in whatever relationship I'm in," She started. "We could date, and fuck like this all the time, but you'd have to stay in that cock cage. For as long as we're dating. Maybe even permanently, if all goes well."

I thought about it for a moment, but in the end the decision was easy. I had never cum like that from my cock. In fact, the anal fuck that she had just given me made every cock-orgasm feel like a pleasant caress. If I had to stay in chastity for that, then so be it.

"I've decided. I'll stay in chastity for you. I want to be with you, and I want your cock."

"Wanna go for round two?" She asked, her cock hardening against my leg.

I hope you liked this story! I don't write often, but when I do, I'd like to know what my readers want to read. Please message me on Literotica or comment with stories ideas that you would like me to write. It can be as kinky and depraved, or as normal and vanilla as you'd like. If it inspires me, I just might write about it!

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Chicks with dicks, so hot.

Great story. I hope you write more.

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Pt II... great read

I found the second part! I didn't have to wait for it, lucky me. What a great story conclusion. Hot writing! Don't know where to go for a third part but I think there's at least one more part to this onemore...

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Love it

Thx for the story. I hope she eventually melts saulder in to the lock system fill with crazy Glue. Make his chastity permanent.

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More please!

That's all that needs to be said.

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