tagBDSMWilling Wife Slave

Willing Wife Slave


I had wrote him the letter and left it in his top drawer. It read that I wanted to be his in all ways. I wanted him to control me, my entire body and our lives together. I was somewhat embarrassed. We had lived happily as husband and wife for a couple of years now and had talked about many fantasies, but for one reason or another I had not told him this one. I knew he would read the letter and I hoped that he would make me His Slave Wife.

Days passed, getting closer to the weekend. He called me from work on Friday, instructing me to meet him at a hotel in room 316 at 6PM. He instructed me to dress in a white button down shirt and a short black skirt and heels. Nothing else. He said that he would be there waiting for me and not to be a minute late. That he wanted the night to begin well and not have to punish me as soon as I walked in the door.

I was excited driving there. Once arriving, however, I was quite nervous. I knocked at the door. Inside he kissed me and told me how sexy I looked. He told me that this was what I wanted and that there was no backing out now. He told me the rules were to always say Sir and not to speak without permission unless answering a question. He told me that now he was my Master and would have to be addressed as Master. He began by telling me to fix him a drink and place it on the night stand. As I did I looked on the dresser where there was a number of toys. Only proving to me that this was really going to happen.

He told me to undress and place my clothes neatly in a drawer. I stood before him feeling his eyes looking over my body. He told me that he was pleased to see that I was already neatly shaved for him. I instructed me to stand with my palms down and legs spread apart at the dresser so that I could watch as he whipped me. He said that I had to prove to him that this was what I wanted. He reminded me to not say a word, that he didn't want to hear a sound come from me. He removed his belt smiling. He smacked me seven times. Each one harder than the one before and I begin to cry. He looked and told me that he was almost done, but now he would have to use something else much worse when he was done with the belt because I had disappointed him. I was shocked. I didn't know that I was not allowed to cry. Didn't he know what he was doing hurt badly? He continued until he get got to ten strokes. He placed the belt on the floor and ran his hand between my legs. He reached my pussy and laughed as he slid two fingers inside me. Feeling his fingers inside of me felt so good. Better than ever before. He slipped in a third finger. I thought he was going to finger fuck me until I came. Then he pulled them out and brought them to my mouth telling me to lick them clean. As I licked and sucked, even I couldn't believe how wet his fingers were. I tasted my own sweet juices in my mouth unitl all three of his fingers were clean as he wished. I wish I had not disappointed him.

He reached for the cat-o-nines. He said that these should be a reminder to never disobey him. He raised his hand and brought them down on the back of my legs and my ass. I tried to bite my lip to stop myself from crying out but the pain was for more worse than the belt. I had never felt such pain. I know that I said that wanted to be his wife slave but right then I wasn't sure if I could handle it. He looked at me in the mirror and smiled and told me that since I wouldn't keep quit that he would place a ball gag in my mouth. I knew he could see the sadness in my eyes but that didn't stop him. He continued whipping me with the cat-o-nines. Then he spanked me with his hand. My ass burned as my mind wondered what would come next.

After getting the gag in my mouth he took my hand and pulled me down on all fours right there on the floor. He showed me a huge butt plug. All I could do was shake my head no. In all the time we had been together that was one of the things I had never wanted to do. In writing my note, I never thought he would do this to me, knowing how scared I was of being fucked in the ass. He put it down and I was relieved. Then everything went black. He had placed a black scarf over my eyes and tied it so I would not know what he would do to me next. I heard him at the night stand taking a sip of the drink I had prepared for him. Next I felt something pressing on my virgin bud. How could he? He told me to relax and not to move away. That this was going to happen and that I would come to like it, to even crave it. He pushed it in slowly at first. I thought he was ripping me apart. Then all of a sudden he jammed it inside of me leaving it there. About a minute later, he took it out. I was thankful. I was sobbing. My pussy was soaked, dripping, running between my legs. But he began to push again. I tried to say no, but the gag. He jammed it into place again and left it there.

He helped my to my feet telling my how pleased he was with me. He held my hand leading me to bed. He spread me eagle on the bed. He tied my feet to the bed rails and then he did the same to my hands. He told me how beautiful I looked as he removed the scarf from my eyes. The room was still dark, the only light being from a couple of lit candles around the room. He told me not to worry that shortly he would remove the gag as well. He went over to the dresser and got some things. He showed me the nipple clamps. This excited me. I loved my nipples being touched, but had never felt a clamp on them. He whispered in my ear that they where alligator clamps and brought them closed so I could see the teeth. He could see the fear in my eyes. He began touching and pinching my nipples. He kissed and sucked them making them hard. He placed the first one on my left nipple. I was on fire. I tried to beg but was still unable to because of the gag. Then he placed the second one on my right nipple. He stepped back to admire his work. He reached for a candle and brought it down close to my body. Then he raised it back up and tipped it, letting the hot candle wax drip on my nipples. I wanted to him to stop, but he continued to let the candle drip on my stomach and right by my pussy.

He asked me if I was enjoying learning to be his wife slave. And I was. I shook my head yes. He said good that he had more in mind to do to me tonight. He still had another clamp. He said that this one was for my clit. I started to cry again. He just laughed. He pushed two fingers inside of me again. He began rubbing my clit, I thought I was going to cum right there. He reached on put some gel on his fingers and put them inside of me. It was hot. It burned. I thought my pussy was on fire. Then he placed the clamp on my clit. I screamed in pain, but the gag muffled the sounds. He asked me if I still wanted to be his wife slave. I shook my head yes. He said that he was going to remove the gag. And that I was to remember my place. That no matter what he controlled me. He took out the ball gag. My jaws hurt from it being in there. He tilted my head up and gave me a sip if water. I knew right there that he loved me and I knew I was doing the right thing. I knew that he wanted me to be his wife slave. He ran his hand over my nipples setting them on fire again, but I remained clam, not wanting the gag back in my mouth. He just smiled. He said that he was pleased.

He told me that being his wife slave meant that at all times his pleasure was what was important. He said that he would control my pleasure and that I would never cum before he had. He told me that at home, I would wear the butt plug and the clamps on some days all day long. And at home I would say Master and Sir to him. He told me that he would push me to all limits and make me wonder why I ever wrote him that letter. Then he asked me if I had any questions. I said "yes, Sir." I wanted to know if the night was over. He looked at and said that tonight had just begun. He walked over to the dresser again and got a huge vibrator and walked back over to me. He undid my hands, letting me somewhat sit up. As I did I felt the pressure the but plug and the burning from my nipples. My pussy was still burning from the heated gel. He handed the vibe to me and walked over and turned on a camera. I had not noticed it before. Then he came back to he bed and climbed on top of me. He told me to fuck him with my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head forcing his cock deep in the back of my throat. I gagged I know more than once. But he pumped harder and harder. As he came, I could feel all of his cum running down the back of my throat.

He got off of me and got dressed. He told me to fuck myself with the vide as he turned on a timer. He set it for 60 minutes. He said that he would he back in one hour. I said, "Sir, please don't leave me." He looked at me telling me to shut up, that he needed to go out and get something. He said to fuck myself hard, that he would watch "myself fucking movie" when he got back. Them he placed the gag back in my mouth. Before walking out the door, he told me that when he got back it would prove to him if I really wanted to be his wife slave.

As I fucked myself, my mind raced. What was he going to get? What more did he need. Here I am, fucking myself as hard as I can. Knowing that the camera is right on me. It felt so good. I looked over at the timer and only 15 minutes had passed. I knew that there was no way I could take this for one hour without cumming. Only 10 more minutes passed when I came hard. My body shook as I came. But I had more than 30 minutes left. I knew better than to quit. I hurt. My whole pussy hurt. I thought I was fucking myself dry. Then the timer dinged. But where was my Master?

Right then the door opened and it was him. He walked over to me and untied my feet. He sat me up telling me that what he got was going to prove to him how much his pleasure meant to me. He got a chair and placed it by the bed. Then he sat me in the chair and tied me to it. Then he walked over to the door and opened it. A beautiful woman walked in. She looked at me and smiled. My Master, my husband began to kiss and undress her. How could he touch another woman? I would have taken another spanking, I would have done anything not to see this. But I couldn't protest the gag was still in my mouth. They fucked right there beside me on the bed. I was crying by the time they were done. He pulled his dick out of her and shoot cum all over her breast. He got up, and undid the gag and the ropes. He instructed me to lick her clean. To lick all the cum off from her. I stalled, not believing what had just happened. He said not to disappoint him. I licked her nipples and her chest. As I was on top of her, he pulled out the butt plug. I let out a cry, it left me feeling empty. He told me to lick her pussy. I had never touched another woman before, but this time I did not stall. I licked and sucked on her, in hopes that it would make him proud of me. He climbed on top of me and pressed his dick in my ass. He fucked me right there while I was on top of a woman I had never seem before she had fucked my husband. He ran his fingers over my clit. He told me that I could cum.

We rocked back and forth. At the same time we both came. I felt his cum burning inside me. I had never came so hard before. I got off of the woman and she kissed me good-bye. She never spoke a word to me. Master walked her to the door. He came back over to me and removed all of the clamps. He ran me a warm bath. As I was drying off, I looked and he was watching the tape we had made. He had left the camera on the entire time. I was shocked, I had forgotten all about the camera. He looked up at me watching the TV and said how wonderful I was tonight, but that I had came without his permission while I was fucking myself and that it would not go unpunished. He told me to lay on my stomach and he showed me a larger butt plug than the one from earlier. He forced it in me all the way. This time I took it, wanting it inside of me. He told me that I had to sleep with it in and that my punishment could wait until morning.

I wasn't sure what that meant. All I knew was that I was his wife slave and that I would do anything to please my Master, my husband.

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by Anonymous05/20/18

Grammar and misspelling

I stopped reading due to grammar and misspellings. Made it too hard to actually enjoy.... on instead of one, but instead of butt to name a few. A re-read and editing would be nice.

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