Willingly Cuckolded for Love



Laura responded:


My husband does not know of my sexual past with you. It was a long time ago and I am a different woman now.


P.S.-But we can be friends.

His response back was the first time the balance shifted.


I expect you on chat at five o'clock tonight. Don't you dare be late! If you recall you know disobedience leads to harsh punishments.


Disobedience? Harsh punishments? Laura didn't respond to that, but looking at the date, that was the same day I learned about Phillip. I scanned her computer for saved chats and found a few, including the one from the day that changed everything.

Phillip: You are late?

Phillip: I am greatly disappointed. I was sure you understood that when I make an order it is to ALWAYS be obeyed!

Laura: Sorry. Work went late, traffic was brutal and my laptop battery was dead. Phillip: I forgive you.

Laura: Thank you.
Phillip: Thank you what?

Laura: Thank you, sir.
Phillip: Good girl. You always were such a very good, bad girl.

Laura: *Blushing*.
Phillip: So you really just went cold turkey?

Laura: I had to.
Phillip: Why?

Laura: I was addicted.
Phillip: Do you miss it? Phillip: ANSWER ME!

Laura: Sometimes. Mike is the antithesis to you.
Phillip: I can tell by your pictures on Facebook. He treats you like a goddess doesn't he?

Laura: he is a very caring, compassionate and sensitive man.
Phillip: And that is what you want?

Laura: It is what I need.
Phillip: You didn't answer the question.

Laura: Mostly it is what I want.
Phillip: So you miss me?

Laura: Sometimes...*smile*.
Phillip: You are wet right now aren't you? Thinking of what I used to make you do.

Laura: That is a rather inappropriate question to ask a married woman.
Phillip: I'll take your evasive answer and lack of denial as a yes your cunt is sopping wet.

Laura: I did not say that.
Phillip: Yes you did. Remember, I know you better than you know you.

Laura: I always hated that about you.
Phillip: And yet you loved it too, didn't you?

Laura: Yes.
Phillip: I plan to see you when I am down. I WILL not take no for an answer.

Laura: You won't, will you?
Phillip: Tell me you are not wet and the thought of submitting to me is not crossing your mind right now and I will leave you alone.

Laura: Of course, I am thinking about it, you just said it. LOL!!!
Phillip: Stop avoiding reality, slut. You want my cock. You need my cock. You crave my cock. Admit it!

Laura: Please don't.
Phillip: Don't what?

Laura: Don't make me your sub.
Phillip: Don't you mean my slut?!?

Laura: Fine...don't make me your slut.
Phillip: But you are my slut!

Laura: I used to be.
Phillip: You can't just turn it on and off Laura. You already admitted you miss me. You are in denial, slut! I will ask only one more time. Do you still crave my cock?

Laura: Yes.
Phillip: And you understand I plan to have you as my personal sub slut the whole reunion weekend, right?

Laura: I am married.
Phillip: So?

Laura: I could never cheat on him.
Phillip: That is your problem, slave. You figure out how to overcome your marital issues. I know and you know that as soon as I am in your presence you will be wet between the legs and eager to serve me like the cheap whore you are.

Laura: Shit, Mike is home.
Phillip: Plant the seed, slut. A guy like Mike who doesn't know how to treat a whore like you, probably is such a rollover he will allow you to cheat to keep you happy. Allow a real man like me to pleasure his wife in ways he can't.

Laura: He would never.
Phillip: The same way you would never suck off me and three others at that poker night?

Laura: That was humiliating.
Phillip: Yet, you swallowed every load and then begged me to fuck you after they left. I bet your dirty cunt is dripping wet even as you reminisce about the whore you used to be. Are you wet, slut?

Laura: Yes, but I got to go.
Phillip: So be it. I will send you a message on Facebook later. It is time to re-start your slut training.

Laura: I will check when I can. I got to go.
Phillip: Tell me what you are first, Laura.

Laura: A slut.
Phillip: Whose slut?

Laura: Damn it, Phillip. Fuck, fine I am your slut.
Phillip: Good girl and don't you ever FUCKING forget it.

I couldn't believe what I just read. Yet, my raging hard-on was evidence that I was turned-on by what I had read. I went back and found the message that he implied he would write.

My slut,

The chance to say no to me has past. You WILL obey my orders from this point forward. You have no choice. You know this. You can't resist the darkness inside, the burning desire to submit, you are a submissive slut. Accept it!!!

Like when you were my unconditional fuck-slut you will dress like one. Panties are a no-no and thigh high stockings are a must...always. We will start using Facebook chat and I expect to see my slave dressed as expected.

Your Master


My wife's reply came a couple of hours later, after we had gone to bed together. Obviously, she had sneaked out after I fell asleep to respond to his order.

I sighed, realizing just how far this had went, me allowing it to happen, before clicking on my wife's reply.


You won't believe this. Mike got turned on as he learned about my past and gave me permission to meet you when you are in town. He is such a caring man that my happiness is truly the highest priority in his life. Which is why submitting to you is so wrong.

Although every fibre of my sexual being wants to submit to you, I really can't do that to Mike. He is an amazing husband and doesn't realize what submitting to you means. The consequences are too dangerous!

I am sorry, but I must reject your offer to meet.


A chill of pride at her loyalty to me filled my heart briefly before I realized that there had obviously been more chatting since then.

I clicked on Philip's next reply:


Did I imply I was giving you choice? Did you ever get a say when we were together? No!!! You did as I ordered like the good little slut you are.

Remember the first time you ate pussy? I recall you were not in favour of that demand, but you did it just the same.

Remember the first time you had my cock in your tight ass, I also recall you begging me to not fuck it, yet you became an eager ass-slut after that didn't you? I bet your husband doesn't even ream your ass regularly like you so badly need.

Or how about your first double penetration? I recall you begging me to not share your ass with others until you were filled with two big cocks and you shifted to begging to be fucked harder and harder.

You can feign propriety and morals all you want. I know the real you, the slut behind the mask of good wife.

As for your husband, of course he has given you permission. He is a cuckold, a whipped husband. I assume that he is actually a submissive and if I am right he will learn that his place is on his knees serving me as well...just like his slut wife.

Since you have disobeyed me, you have a punishment. You must prepare your sissy-husband to service me too. Further disobedience will lead to further punishment.

Master Phillip

I couldn't believe what he was demanding. My wife had not mentioned this part at all, but it could explain her teasing my ass with her finger while she blew me yesterday. She never penetrated me, but obviously she was thinking about it.

I clicked on my wife's response to this demand and was shocked to see the shift in her dignified resistance, even what she used as his name:


I am sorry for questioning you. I will obey like the good slut I am. But I beg you, please leave my husband out of my sexual depravity. He is a good man and although he will accept my submission to you, making him serve you as well is extreme. I don't want to lose him as a husband. I love him dearly, even though becoming your submissive slut isn't a real good way to show it.

Please reconsider your last order...if you retract I will make it worth your while.

Slave Laura

Again, I loved the fact that my wife was standing up for me (as absurd as that sounded since she was preparing to have sex with another man).

Phillip's response was unsympathetic and domineering:

Slut Laura,

Apparently you are not as quick a learner as you used to be. Since when do you question my orders? To make this very, very clear, that I OWN your cunt, your mouth and your ass, in ALL ways, I guess you need to be punished over and over until you finally learn your place.

I now expect you to not only prepare your sissy husband to suck my cock, but also to take it up his sissy ass. I think he will make a very good bottom, just like his whore wife. Disobey me again and I will have him doing things you can't even imagine.

Twelve days until I am there. Twelve days to prepare your husband. Twelve days till we continue the training that came to an end all too soon.

Master Phillip

The last e-mail from my wife was short and to the point.


Sorry for my defiance. I apologize profusely and will make it up to you when I see you.

I will have my husband ready for you as expected.

Love Slave Laura

I couldn't believe all I had read. My wife had agreed to me sucking her ex-boyfriend's cock and taking it in my ass. Neither idea had every remotely appealed to me or been a consideration before today. Yet, my raging hard-on implied I was more curious than I even knew I was.

Curious, I searched online porn and read about first time bottoming, which both turned me on and scared the shit out of me (pardon the pun). I read advice columns, I looked at pictures and lastly I went to a story site to read fictional accounts of straight men having gay sex for the first time. I read a dozen stories, each one making me more and more intrigued by an idea that had never popped into my head before that very today. Before I knew it, I was stroking my cock reading about a husband who licked his wife's pussy clean after she was gangbanged voluntarily in front of him. The idea should have been unspeakably offensive, yet I shot my load all over myself, as I fantasized Laura being taken by man after man after man.

I erased my web history for the day and tried to figure out how I was going to deal with this.

4. Laura's Ass

That night, Laura slid a finger in my ass while she sucked me and within seconds of the back door violation I squirted my cum into her mouth. Once done, while we lay in bed, Laura said, "There is nothing better than sucking a cock."

"Really?" I asked, hiding the fact that I knew exactly where she was going with this.

"Yes, the power...knowing he comes when I want him to come; he comes because of me," she explained.

"I see," I replied, deciding to make her work for it.

"Have you ever considered it?"

"Considered what?"

"Never mind," she said, changing the subject. "You seemed to like my finger back there."

"It was weird."

"Weird good?" she asked, cautiously.

"Weird, weird, I guess," I said, vague as can be. She looked worried so I added, "But, it turned me on in a weird sort of way I can't explain."

After a pause she asked, all demure, "Would you do anything for me, baby?"

"You know the answer to that," I smiled.

"Good, I have surprise for you tomorrow night," she announced.

"What is it?" I asked, curious as hell and slightly eager.

"I don't fuck and tell," she smiled, before ordering me, "Now get me off with the great tongue of yours."

I, of course, obeyed.

After she came from my determined tongue work, she asked, "Baby, I want to try something new."

"Anything, baby," I smiled.

She reached into her drawer and pulled out some lube. She said, "I want you to fuck my ass."

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Yes, baby," she purred, "Fuck my ass."

"Have you done this before?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, I have back in college," she admitted, bending her fine ass towards me. "Now come over here and fuck your wife's ass, baby."

Staring at such perfection, I obliged the demand, getting behind Laura tentatively. She handed me the lube and instructed, "Lube your cock up good and be gentle baby, it has been a long time."

"Won't it hurt?" I asked, as I lubed my cock.

"Only at first and then it will feel sooooo good," she moaned, her hand going to her pussy.

I moved my cock to her rosebud and slowly pushed forward. Although a bit tentative, I was surprised how easily my cock disappeared between Laura's ass cheeks. I also couldn't believe how tight the feeling was around my cock. Laura let out a soft whimpering moan that could have been pleasure or pain, or assumedly pleasure and pain. I continued the slow push forward until all six inches of my cock were lodged inside my wife's beautiful, tight, ass.

I was unsure what to do next, until Laura moaned, "Slow deep thrusts at first while I get used to your beautiful cock in my ass."

"Ok," I obeyed, slowly moving out and back in, the tight sensation a new thrill I couldn't even begin to explain. It was so different from the feeling of her wet pussy or her warm mouth, yet equally amazing. The thrill of such a taboo act also added to the sensation.

A couple of minutes of slow concentrated strokes was all it took to warm up my wife, who got uncharacteristically animated (uncharacteristically before last week that is). "Oh yes, baby. Now harder, fuck my ass harder. Pound your big cock in my ass."

I used to think my cock was big for her, but knowing that Phillip was nine inches long was a bit of a buzz kill. Yet, I obliged, beginning a faster pace on my wife's still tight ass.

"Harder baby, drill my ass, fuck it hard," she demanded, her moans increasing, her breathing getting erratic.

Although still scared to hurt her, I obeyed, giving hard deep forward thrusts into my wife's ass. Sweat dripped down my head and I could feel my balls boiling. I warned, "I'm going to come soon, baby, your ass is so fucking tight."

A few seconds later, my wife turned around and took my cock that had been filling her ass into her mouth. It was so nasty, so wrong and yet so right and in less than a minute I was coming in my wife's mouth. She swallowed every drop and as soon as I was spent, she aggressively grabbed my head, fell back onto the bed and shoved my face in her cunt.

I eagerly lapped her cunt, determined to get her off. A few minutes into my pussy-pleasing she grabbed my head again and began rubbing her cunt all over my face, oddly riding my face to orgasm. A gush of her juice coated my face as her orgasm exploded out of her.

Once she was done, a minute or two later, she let go of my head and collapsed onto the bed. She smiled and said, "I love your tongue, baby."

"I love your tongue too."

"So, did you enjoy that?"

"What do you think?"

She laughed, before she reminded me, "Don't forgot baby, I have a surprise for you tomorrow."

"I'll do anything for you baby," I replied, knowing it was true and not just words.

She smiled, "I know you will, baby."


The next night, a night I was curious about all day, was the beginning of the end of my heterosexual life.

We were watching TV while she was on her computer, the new norm, when she asked, "You ready, baby?"

"For what?" I asked.

Her smile, so innocent, yet so dastardly, sent chills up my spine. "For something new I want to try."

"I am always up for something new," I replied.

"Good," she teased," because you are going to love this."

"I bet I will," I replied, still unsure what she had in mind.

"Meet me in the bedroom in five," she ordered, taking her computer with her as she went upstairs, which I thought was odd.

I waited the five minutes that felt like an hour, before I went upstairs, unaware my wife planned to make me her bottom. As soon as I walked into my bedroom, my wife was naked, except her now regular thigh high stockings, beige this time, and a thin strap-on cock on her hips. I froze, not expecting this, even though all the signs were there.

Laura smiled, her disarming smile that had made me weak at the knees so many times. "Baby, I want to fuck you."

"Oh," I said, shocked, but excited as the tent in my pants spoke louder than I ever could.

"Trust me," she replied, walking over to me, dropping to her knees, unbuckling my belt, pulling down my pants and pulling out my six-inch hard cock. "Hmmm, looks like Willy is ready to play."

Before I had time to respond, she took my cock in her mouth. A couple of minutes of deep-throat pleasure and she stood back up and helped me out of my shirt. She kissed my chest, she bit my nipples, in fact she was treating me like a woman. Finally, she went to the bed and patted it. "Come here, baby."

I got out of my pants and underwear that were bundled at my ankles and went where I was instructed.

Sitting beside her, she leaned in and kissed me passionately, her hand slowly stroking my cock, while her cock rested on my leg, a distracting reminder of what my wife had planned for me. What should have been mortifying was oddly exciting. After a couple of minutes of sweet passion, my wife asked, "Are you ready, baby? Can I fuck you?"

"O-o-oK," I replied, nervously. I was both petrified and excited.

"It's ok, baby, you will love it," she purred, biting my ear, before ordering, her tone shifting from sweet to something else I couldn't explain, not dominant, but not really sweet either. "Now get on all fours baby."

I obeyed again, and as I did I was staring at Laura's laptop on the dresser, opened. I asked, "Why is your laptop up?"

"Oh, just charging it," she too quickly explained, as I felt cold liquid, which I assumed was lube, on my ass cheeks.

I couldn't believe I was doing this, allowing my wife to fuck me. I also couldn't believe that my cock was as hard as humanly possible at the thought of being her bottom and the knowledge that she was really doing this to prepare me for her ex-boyfriend's big cock. It was so bizarre. It was so wrong. It was so sexually stimulating I was about to burst without being touched. I was not gay. Yet, allowing such submission to make my wife happy was a good justification for my perverted submission.

"Are you ready, baby?" she asked, "I bought a nice small one for you."

"I guess," I replied, suddenly tentative and nervous.

Ignoring my clear doubt, she began pushing forward. "Just relax, baby. There may be some pain at first, but it won't last."

I closed my eyes, wincing slightly as the promised pain arrived. I am not sure what I was expecting. Some sort of pure euphoria, perhaps? But my first reaction was, 'Holy shit, this hurts'. Each slight push forward, which she did at a snail's pace bless her soul, was a new sharp pain, like I had been impaled by a dull knife, not enough to draw blood, but enough to cause pain. I tried to breathe normally to control the hurt as my wife continued to coddle me, gentle caressing my ass. "It's ok, baby. It will disappear. I promise."

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