Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 02


She also picked out a pair of beach shorts for Myron, a lighter teal pastel colored pair with two yellow ducks printed onto the left leg of them. Mona thought about how cute and young and, well, "fun" they looked. The considerate wife thought this might even show the the rest of the company a lighter and more fun side of her husband. Her intentions were genuine.

Mona also sent back the invitation with an acceptance, and she excitingly told Myron about it when he arrived home for the night.

Myron nearly fainted.

"What?! No". Myron shouted. "I don't want to go. I'm not going, I hate those things". He stammered, a nearly uncontrollable panic showing on his face.

Mona was startled by her husband's response.

"What on earth do you mean?... it's only a silly little company picnic?!" she shouted.

Myron, secretly embarrassed by having such a young boss, repeated his displeasure.

"I just don't want to go, ok?" He said.

But, Mona insisted.

"Well, we are going. I already bought us new suits, and, well if you're not going then I'll just go myself". Mona shouted.

The small arguement ended quickly.

Defeated, Myron agreed to go ... as long as they would just make an appearance - a brief one - and stay for no more than an hour.

Mona agreed.

That next Saturday came too quickly for Myron.

The Friday night before Myron had just been "scolded", once again, by his younger boss Je'Quon.

But, this was a "scolding" that seemed even more demeaning for her husband, in Mona's eyes. She had just slipped into the house quietly after doing a little last minute shopping when she began to overhear the conversation from the study. Again, she could only hear Myron's end of it.

"No, Sir, I. "

"I'm sorry, Sir".

"Yes, Sir". "Yes, Sir. I did clean them, Sir".

"No, Sir. I'm not an idiot, Sir".

"Yes, Sir. I'll try harder, Sir".

"Yes, Sir. Ok, Sir. I'll go do that right now, Sir. Right away, Sir". Myron quivered.

As the phone call began to end, Mona scurried back into the kitchen and began putting the groceries away. She didn't want her husband to know she had been listening from a shorter distance.

Myron walked into the kitchen in aguish, looking as if he was a new puppy dog walking away with his tail between his legs. He was surprised to see Mona there.

"Mona?!" He gasped. "I thought you were...?" He began asking.

Mona intervened.

"Your boss again?" she asked.

Myron looked defeated.

"Yeah, I gotta go get something from the office". He announced, in a softer whisper.

To Mona, it seemed as if this boss was making Myron run back to the office 2 or 3 times a week, and for the past few months? It finally got to her.

"What?!" Mona shouted. "It's 8 o'clock in the evening! Why would you have to do that?" she began asking.

But, Myron interupted.

"Please, honey. I, well. I'll be back soon, okay?" He murmured.

Myron grabbed his keys and scurried out the door.

He returned an hour later.

But, now it was Saturday morning and Myron and Mona had prepared for the 4 hour drive up north to this beach resort by the lake. It was a long drive and just past the half way mark Mona began asking questions, again.

"Why did your boss make you run out like that last night?" she asked.

"What was it this time?" she continued.

"It was nothing, Mona. Please. Just some reports". Myron answered.

"What is this boss' name anyway? Your new boss?" she asked.

"Well, it's Mr. McWilliams". he replied.

Mona paused, then continued.

"No, No. I mean his first name. What's his first name and who is he?" she said.

"I can't wait to give that bully of a boss of yours a piece of my mind. I mean, calling you up on the phone like that every night and stressing you out like that!" she went on.

Myron answered.

"Honey, don't do that. Please. Don't go saying anything!" Myron said nervously.

"Well, I don't know. I mean." she started, but then paused. Mona continued thinking to herself about how she would just love to tell this new boss off.

"Well, what is his name is what I asked?" Mona questioned.

Myron finally responded.

"Well, his name is Je'Quon. But, again, honey please please don't go starting anything if we see him there. Just don't, okay?". he continued pleading.

"Je'Quon? His name is Je'Quon?" Mona replied.

"That name sounds like a black man's name". she stated, confused.

"Well, yeah. He is black". Myron replied.

Mona was a bit surprised but this little fact since her husband never mentioned that before. Still, it didn't seem to deter her from the fact that she was disturbed by the treatment her husband was getting.

"He is? Well, I don't care what he is. He has some nerve treating you like that!" she added.

There was dead silence in the car for the last 30 minutes of the drive.

As they approached the resort, Myron grew more concerned. But, he didn't notice his boss' car in the parking area and eventually gasped a sigh of relief.

"Well we're here". Myron announced.

Myron didn't have any plans on associating with his other new co-workers right away. More importantly, he did not want to be around when his new boss showed up, if he decided to show up at all.

He swiftly escorted his wife over to an area closer to the lake, near some larger sitting rocks about 30 feet from the shore. This area was slightly secluded, a good 75 yards away from where the rest of the group was congregating.

There, he felt better. Safer.

The large, wider rocks were very low to the sand and, perhaps, no more than a few inches high. The flat rock Mona sat upon was only about a foot away from Myron's, and to his right. This left her sitting about 8-9 inches higher than Myron's sitting position, closer now to being face to face.

"This is nicer over here". Myron exclaimed.

Mona seemed more anxious after the long drive. She wanted to move around more and she wanted to meet her husband's new colleagues.

"Why don't we go over there?..." Mona suggested, pointing to the rest of the crowd under a tent in a distance.

"Uh-well, okay ... sure ... but, well ... let's just sit here for awhile and enjoy this ... it's really nice over here". Myron proposed.

Mona unwillingly accepted her nervous husband's proposal for now. For her, it was too much of a hassle to persuade him to do anything else.

"At least I got him to come to this picnic". she thought.

As Myron and Mona sat there in almost complete silence, it was clear to Mona that her husband was beginning to get a bit nervous. He kept looking over his left shoulder towards the crowd in the distance and making unimportant small talk about the weather and the rocks they sat upon.

Mona looked amazing in her new red two-piece bikini. She revelled in soaking up the rays of the sun as it drenched her fair skin with warmth. It was a hot August day, 95 degrees, but the humidity wasn't high at all. To her, it was the perfect summer day.

As Myron continued his insignificant and petty small talk Mona had pretty much alreadt started to zone him out. It had been 10 minutes of boredom, and it was getting more boring with each passing moment.

That is when she saw him!

A short distance away, perhaps no more than 20 yards from where she sat with her husband, she noticed a young black man casually strolling into her line of sight.

He was the most incredible physical speciman she had ever laid her eyes upon!

He stood 5' 8" with an absolutely chiseled body on a perfect 185 lb. frame. His dark chocolate skin seemed to glisten in the sunlight as his scuplted chest and six pack abs looked like they had been carved from granite. He had a trim waist, thick and powerful muscular thighs, and his massive arms truly looked like they were built for arsenals of destruction. His left arm was adorned with a tattoo of a black cobra.

Mona appeared startled by the sight of this black man. It was he carried himself, so confidently and bold. Even more startling to her was the absolute monstrosity of a bulge on clear display in the front pouch of the opaque neon-purple colored bikinis that he was wearing so proudly.

The massive bulge stretching against this man's flimsy bikini pouch seemed to be a mirage. To Mona, it couldn't be real?!

"It just couldn't be?" she thought.

The protruding pouch was blatantly obvious to her and stood out, magnificently, even from that distance. It was almost obscene in the way that man's thick, full package simply "jutted" out nearly four full inches from his tightly ripped dark body. It hung low and heavy between his dark, commanding thighs.

The ultra-thin lycra spandex fabric of that light-neon-purple bikini contrasted with his deep, rich dark brown skin, enhancing it's display.

This man seemed to look away from them, uncaringly, and towards the main crowd in the distance. He moved in the slow, calculating way a black panther moves as he continued his call.

Mona gasped as she studied the young, imposing figure from a short distance away. It was difficult for her to remove her eyes from that herculean sized bulge.

The opaque fabric of that little neon-purple bikini seemed to be about as thin and flimsy as the nylon tights she wore to her aerobics classes?! She gazed upon his well-defined masculinity and rippled muscular asscheeks as he continued to keep his back to her.

When the black god turned slowly and ever so slightly to the side, her focus was clearly on that preposterously-large front pouch protruding from his artistically carved body.

"How could anyone not notice that enormous package he was carrying?" Mona continued thinking. It was 'that' obtrusive!

Mona gasped for yet another breath of air. She continued to look on in utter disbelief.

It truly was as if this young black adonis had those flimsy, little thin-sided bikinis custom-made with a puposely medium-size backside portion to cover his well scuplted asscheeks and a double X large front pouch to contain that obvious immense cock?!!

It was that blatant. Almost, unimagineably blatant, to her.

It truly, and unexaggeratingly so, appeared as if this young stud had hadhazardly placed one of those large slabs of deli salami into the front pouch of those flimsy little things. It stretched the whisper-thin lycra-spandex fabric outward and to the middle of his strong thighs.

The pure elephantine size of it sent the warm blood in her veins through her body even faster.

Mona simply could not believe what she was seeing?! Just looking at it she didn't think it could be real?!

This black adonis was, seemingly, still unaware of the couple's presence as he casually moved about, drenching his dynamic body in the hot sun as he continued his call.

He appeared deeply involved with that cell call and confidentally moving his powerfully built body around, now in slow circles.

Mona's eyes followed every movement he made.

He was also wearing a pair of dark shades and a pair of expensive pair of black leathered sandal-like flip flops. The caller on the other end of his phone seemed to consume him. A thick, gold chained adorned his neckline and chiseled upper chest, and it gleemed when the sunlight struck it just right.

Myron was still consumed in the idle 'small talk' and paying little attention to his wife's reaction. He was unaware of where his beautiful wife's focus was for several minutes.

He had not looked over his shoulder in quite awhile, perhaps several minutes, but then he suddenly puased.

He looked at his gorgeous blonde wife and noticed her full, pouty lips parted more than usual. He wondered what had put that awed look on her pretty face.

She gazed right past him, and towards the black stud standing a mere 20 yards away.

Confused, Myron spoke.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

She could barely speak.

"Wh-Who's th-that?" she whispered so faintly, her breathing noticeably changed. It was as if she had just been looking at the eight wonder of the world.

It wasn't nearly as obvious to Myron at that moment. He knew that his wife's attention had changed, but he didn't realize that she was completely weakened by the mere presence of this young black man.

Myron finally turned to look behind him.

And, It was Je'Quon!!

Myron's entire body slumped. His weak shoulders fell even lower as he now noticed his young boss only that short distance away.

"Uh ... th-that's ... uh ... Je'Quon". he meekly answered.

Mona was in absolute disbelief.

"Th-THAT'S your boss?!!" she asked, her voice quivering and weak and barely audible. Her bikini bottoms literally moistened to another level.

Mona returned to her silence as she looked towards this amazing physical specimen. She had never imagined a man like that could exist.

"Yeah. That's him". Myron mumbled.

At that time, Je'Quon had just closed his flip phone and peered around the landscape. He noticed the couple sitting over by the flattened beach rocks closer to the shore. He flashed a smile with his perfect pearly whites and began walking towards them.

Myron sank even lower as he saw his young boss slowly approaching.

Mona, on the other hand, was dead silent.

Her mouth was dry. She gazed upon this young stud of a man striding towards her through the sand. In her mind, it was as if he was walking in slow motion towards her. His colossal cock, in the thin, wispy material of his nyloned bikini, literally began to slap his massive thighs, back and forth from one thigh to the other with each and every step he made.

It seemed like an eternity for Je'Quon to make his way over to them. He seemed to be taking his time.

Seconds later, he finally arrived.

"Well, well, well ... you did show up, afterall". He began, directing his comments to the nervous Myron.

"Hey! you got there just in time with my Tai food takeout last night ... the bitch I was with was gettin' pretty hungry". He laughed.

Myron must have turned five shades of red.

His young boss had all but announced to his wife the fact that Myron had not gone out to the office last night for any "reports" as Myron had told her. Rather, was he ordered to fetch his young black boss' dinner for him and his date.

Mona heard that. She heard every word of it, and for just a second came to the realization that her husband's younger stud of a boss was making him run out at night on errands for him all the time.

That thought lasted mere seconds as she remained awestruck by this young adonis standing before them.

Mona was still gawking, uncontrollably, at the magnificent black man and that almost obscenely enormous bulge he was carrying with him. Her mouth seemed to hang open even wider. He was now standing only two feet from them.

"And, this is must be your pretty wife, huh?" Je'Quon asked.

Myron was almost trembling as the young black man extended his hand towards his wife.

"I'm Je'Quon". He said, introducing himself.

Mona seemed to be in another world. She could barely move her soft lips as she listlessly extended her right hand to meet his.

"Mona". she murmured, in a faint tone.

"Nice to finally meet 'ya Mona". Je'Quon returned.

He now turned to his subordinate.

"Say, boy ... why don't you go N' fetch a beer for me and this pretty little wife of yours." He began to say.

He paused.

"No. Better make that wine. There's sum' nice white wine o'er by the tent". He ordered.

Myron tried to explain to him that they did not drink alcohol much at all. "W-Well, uh-Sir ... Mona and I really d-don't ... uh ..." He timidly started.

But, Myron was quickly cut short by his domineering young boss.

"You heard me!" Je'Quon said firmly. His rough voice and slightly harsher tone filled the summer air.

Mona was in awe by the way Myron immediately answered so meekly. "Yes, Sir". He shuttered.

Mona was fascinated by the way this young black stud had just emasculated her 6' 7" tall nerdy husband.

As Myron obediently scurried off to fetch the wine for his boss, one could see the nervousness in his steps.

Je'Quon turned back towards Mona and took another half step closer, placing his right leg onto another rock just a few inches higher, and to Mona's left.

This left Je'Quon's monstrous bulge literally only 6 inches from Mona's face, and directly on the same level as of her model like nose.

She was now 'face-to-face' with it! And, she quivered in silence as her eyes widened when the young black stud casually and so non-chalantly adjusted his massive package with his left hand.

Je'Quon began to speak.

He was speaking as if nothing had happened. Or, was happening. His cool presence and boldness sent a shiver down her spine. His casual arrogance was turning the beautiful Mona into a pile of melted butter.

"I think you'll like dis' wine." He began, "you do like wine, don't you?" He asked her.

In an even fainter, stuttered whisper, Mona replied. "yes."

"Good then!" Je'Quon stated.

Mona could hardly keep her eyes from the mammoth-sized bulge right before her eyes. She would glance up at the dark physical specimen in awe as he spoke, and then back down with quicker glances to his impressive and ominous cock straining through the thin, opaque neon-purple fabric. He face was flushed and her cheeks bright red.

The small talk of Je'Quon simply comtinued.

He was going on and on about different wines and how he would someday have his own distillery.

Mona could hear the sound of his voice, but she was unable to comprehend the words he spoke. She still could not believe the sheer size of that huge cock this young black man had packed away in those flimsy bikinis?!

Je'Quon's rambling about wines and such was finally interupted by another cell call, which he immediately took.

Mona began gazing upon this bronzed adonis even more so, as his attention was no longer on her. Instead, Je'Quon gazed out into the lake as he spoke to his caller, ignoring her for the moment.

The gorgeous 38-year-old blonde wife seemed to be in another world, falling deeper into her trance-like state.

She stared straight at it.

The adonis' crotch area was a mere 6 inches away from her eyes, and protruded out, proudly, to an almost incomprehensible size. She could see every detail and outline of his massive cock through the thin fabric. It had to be, and was, a full 7 inches in its' soft stage and as thick as a coke bottle.

The enormous veins in his cock could also be easily seen, and in every detail, as the clinging spandex material of his bikini did it's job.

She stared hungrily at it as her pussy moistened even more. And, she stared at it for an interminable amount of time, never once looking away. It was as if she was now in a complete trance.

She even watched a single bead of sweat from his carved torso run down to his defined hips and down the full length of his lycra-spandex clad shaft.

She could hardly breathe.

The 8 minute call Je'Quon took was enough to begin to send the beautiful blonde into more of a zombie-like state. Her face now revealed a more subtle awestrucken look as she glanced upwards to his face as he ended the call.

It was at that time that Myron could be seen in the ditance on his way back. He was carrying two empty wine glasses and a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

END Ch. 2

to be continued

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