tagMatureWin Win Win with Pam

Win Win Win with Pam


We have always been good friends with our neighbors, Sam and Pam and their daughter, Sara. A year ago Sam had complications from heart surgery and unexpectedly passed on. The entire neighborhood was in shock. We were all there for Pam and Sara during their time of grief.

Now a year later Pam has received a comfortable insurance settlement to supplement her high paying job. Sara, who graduated early from high school, had completed her freshman year at a nearby university but has decided to sit out a semester to comfort her mother.

Pam, a brunette, has lost some weight but could still be considered pleasingly chunky. She is well built, especially noticeable while bending over and working in her yard in those tight short shorts. Pam is definitely not a flirt, but to me, obviously needs another man in her life. She has always been outgoing and doesn't mind confiding in my wife, Jan, about some of her inner thoughts. She is lonely but feels it's to soon, after her husband's death, to move on with her life.

Sara is a one of a kind daughter/young woman. We've watched her grow from a freshman in high school to a freshman in college. She is about 5'4" and very slight. To me, her lack of physical development only adds to her little girl allure. Sara is extremely smart, quiet, but also easy to talk to, personable and her reddish blonde shoulder length hair is a real eye catcher. She dresses sexy and likes to wear tight fitting jeans and v-neck blouses, which I will have to admit- makes me daydream a little. As desirable as she is to me, there is no way I would make any moves on her. She is just too good a person who has a lot to offer and will someday be very successful and happily married. I reluctantly consider her my adopted daughter especially with Sam gone.

One weekend our neighborhood threw a block party. Lots of socializing, good food, and drinks. We were all glad Pam and Sara decided to attend. Later after Sara had left, Pam invited Jan and I and another couple to her backyard hot tub for some relaxation. Now in bathing suits, the water felt very relaxing as we chatted on into the night. Eventually the other couple left. As Pam escorted them out, I reached over to my relaxed mate to cop a feel. My hand disappeared under her bikini top before she could react.

"Dennis, what are you doing? Not here. Pam will be right back."

"So. I think she needs to see something risqué to open her up a little."

"Your so horny dear husband. Well I'm not. It's been a long day and I just need some rest, so why don't I go home and you can have a man to woman talk with Pam about getting on with her life. I do believe she needs to hear from a man."

"Well if you insist and Pam wants to talk..."

When Jan announced she was tired and retiring, Pam was glad I was staying over to help clean up. Jan left with a wink of her eye cluing me I was free to do more than talk.

With Jan gone we quickly cleared the area. I couldn't help but to notice how Pam filled out her blue two-piece suit. Literally, she was falling out. Her very ample breasts were all but free. Her hard nipples were obvious. As she picked up a deck chair the lower part of her suit rode up her large but well shaped ass. I caught a quick glimpse of her pussy crack and pubic hair. To me, a quick peak is so much a turn on. She was already exciting me just by showing off some of her assets.

'Wasn't this a nice block party. You know you really needed to get your life back."

"Your probably right but I have not been in circulation for so long and really don't know where to start."

"How about relaxing with a night cap and I'll give you some advice from a man's viewpoint."

"That sounds super. I'll get the drinks."

Soon, as I was comfortable in the tub, Pam was standing over me with drinks in hand. Looking up I couldn't help but staring at her barely covered crotch area. The bathing suit had ridden up enough to expose some pubic hairs and her gash indentation.

She must have known I was giving her the once over but didn't seem to mind.

"Pam you should have no problems. Pardon my bluntness, but you are a very desirable, foxy lady."

"Oh no I'm not, but that's so nice of you to say so. You know you are a very attractive man yourself. Jan tells me you keep her very happy." A smirk appeared on her face.

Taking her queue, "You really do fill out that swim suit. Never knew that a modest two piece suit could be such a turn on. From what I can tell you're stacked and that's literally a big start, my lady."

Pam was sitting opposite me in the warm soothing water. I suddenly felt her foot slightly touch my leg. My cock was already becoming aroused and now this.

It was now or never. I extended my leg between her thighs as my toes gently brushed against her covered mound. She didn't pull back.

Neither of us said anything. Then staring at her breasts I blurted out, "Is that really all you?"

She smiled, you want to see, and then reaching behind her back, unsnapped the bathing suit top. Oh my god, they are beautiful. Full, with nice areoles and large succulent nipples. My neighbor is very, very sexual.

The earlier booze was obviously loosening our inhibitions.

"You think these will attract the guys," as she brought her hands to behind her neck. Her glistening tits swayed rhythmically as she so slightly shook her shoulders. Pam had now obviously lost her inhibitions.

"I'll need a closer inspection to answer your question."

Now I was on my knees in front of her. My hands softly cupped each of her titties and began passionately kneading them. Pam was groaning softly and totally relaxed as her hands urged me on.

"Oh, Dennis, I've needed this for so long. Thank you for waking me up."

Now leaning forward, I took turns sucking each tit and perky nipple into my mouth. Her wet breasts and erect nipples were a tasters delight.

"Oh god, don't stop that. So good." Her hands continued urging me on.

Now my right hand creep below the water and found her crotch. Slowly rubbing her softness, my finger slipped under her suit and found this very horny lady's promised land.

"Dennis, what are you doing? Do you think this is right for us?"

"Jan and I have an open sex life. She had an idea this could happen and wanted me help you get back into the adult world. After, I will go home and fuck her good. We all win! As for you, your mourning is over. Let's enjoy the moment."

Suddenly our lips locked in a passionate exchange. Her full, wet mouth was like a sweet intoxicating wine.

"Dennis, fuck me. I need you in me, oh please."

Her bluntness surprised me but only for a moment.

With that we stood up in the hot tub, pealed off our suits and embraced. My hands grasped her ass as my very hard cock found the junction between her wet legs and her fully engorged pussy. Now her legs squeezed my cock even tighter as I slowly 'crack' fucked her.

As we swayed back and forth, gripping each other's ass, I knew my resistance would soon wear thin.

Sitting on an under water step, I beckoned her to me. Pam hovered over my manhood then, deftly sat down impaling me with her softness. We both let out a little cry of joy.

My horny neighbor began bouncing uncontrollably. I was alternating between cupping and sucking her delicious tits and frenching her hot mouth.

Suddenly it happened. I felt my balls tighten as spurt after spurt of cum erupted into her love canal. Pam soon tensed and trying not to be to loud, let out a cry of pleasure as she too climaxed.

Soon we were detached and relaxing side by side with the water soothing our just fucked bodies.

"Dennis, thank you so much. I am a little embarrassed but yes, I really needed that and you were the perfect one. No commitment, just sex from a good friend. Just hope things will be all right between you and Jan."

"Don't worry, my wife will reap her reward and real soon."

We talked on about how Pam should get back into circulation. To soon it was getting late.

About then the phone rang. I could tell it was Sara checking in as she and Pam got into a lengthy conversation.

"I'll let myself out and thank you."

As I walked through their utility room, on top of the washer were some dirty clothes including a very petite pair of feminine, soiled girls panties. Need I dare? Picking them up, I quickly left.

In our bathroom at home, I admired them closely. Holding these pinkish thong undies close to my face, it was obvious they were Sara's. No, I would not seduce her but it wouldn't hurt to enjoy her young female smell or taste to satisfy my dormant lust. Deeply inhaling the strong scent, then tonguing sampling was enough to suddenly wrap them around my hardening cock. Despite just fucking Pam an hour or two earlier, my cock answered with a full load of cum.

Just about the time I was enjoying the last sensations of these cum filled panties, Jan surprised me with, "are you having fun"?

Totally caught off guard I just turned and sheepishly smiled.

"These, ah, these, I, well, what the hell, these are Sara's panties and although I respect the shit out of her, a little fantasy doesn't hurt."

Jan chimed in with, "Sounds like things went very well next door. How about giving me a blow by blow? I already am getting hot just thinking about it. Tell me everything."

I was quickly down to my boxers and Jan was in her lavender shorty nighty. As we curled up on our bed, I went into great detail about what Pam and I did plus those panties.

"Oh, I am so hot just thinking of you and Pam in their hot tub. That's something we've never tried."

By now we were both aroused and hot. Our lips crushed together and tongues entwined. My left hand found her full tits. My right hand was exploring her overheated and moist pussy and joined my spent cock trying to penetrate those panties.

Jan is always good for surprises and this was no exception. "My sexy husband, would you like me to wear Sara's panties while you fuck me?"

"Oh, that would be sensational. Yes, yes, do it."

Jan slowly examined our young neighbor's panties, brought them up to her face, inhaled, then a little, tongue sample of my cum load still trapped in the panty's crotch. I was shaking with anticipation as she now slowly stepped into the young girl's undies and began suggestively pulling them up her legs. Now close to being on, it was obvious this was going to be extremely tight fitting into little Sara's panties but Jan prevailed.

Jan stood before me still wearing her shorty nighty but now also a pair of cum soaked petite panties with semen oozing out the crotch sides. Not only were they transparent but being stretched so tight, left little for the imagination. My wife's slit was alive and well. Jan reached between her legs, massaged her panty covered womanhood, then pushing the panties away, fingered herself as I watched in amazement. Now she offered her finger to me, which I gladly sucked. To watch a woman totally please herself is something I never tire of.

Standing, we now embraced in each other's arms.

My hand drifted down to Jan's mound to feel Sara's soaked panties. My finger disappeared under those gooey thongs and into Jan's creamy cunt.

"Oh fuck me through her panties dear husband. I need you in me now."

In an instant I had my wife, legs spread open on the bed. Looking down at Sara's soppy panties barely covering Jan's full pussy was sooo hot. It was like I was about to fuck both Sara and Jan.

Inhaling, I buried my face in Sara's panties and Jan's pussy. These intermingling scents and flavors were overpowering. Sara's fragrance was still present, Jan's scent was also very strong and then there was my own load of cum.

Now pushing the panties aside, I realized I was still not totally hard. (age you know).

Jan sensed the problem and rolled us over with her sitting on top. Straddling me, she massaged my semi hard cock briefly, then stuffed as much as she could under the panties and partially into her oozing pussy.

Our bodies, now pressed together, bounced up and down faster and faster. My shaft was again growing with each thrust. Jan suddenly stiffened, trembled, and cried out as her orgasm peaked.

"Oh Dennis, so good, yes, yes. Ahhh. More, more, oh god, oohhh. YES."

Mine took a little longer but a third one in a few hours, and still not totally hard, was SO VERY intense. My sounds of pleasure announced an eruption as I emptied a smaller load into my hot Jan's steaming wet love tunnel.

Now we relaxed, exhausted but dreamy, in each other's arms. I was thinking this was as close to perfect as it could get- if only Sara was here not just her panties. No, No. Must not think that way.

Finally Jan was up, looked mischievously into my eyes, then slowly pealed off Sara's very used undies and proceeded to clean herself off with them.. After a close examination, she dropped them near me with a wanton smile, and disappeared into the bathroom.

Of course I couldn't resist. Drawing the panties to my face, one last tantalizing sniff, then a final taste was a great way to finish a very interesting day.

Sara may be off limits but I wonder if a threesome with Pam is very possible...?

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