tagAnalWind Ch. 02

Wind Ch. 02


The continuing story of Gina, an 18 year old exchange student from Japan. She lives in New York City with her boss Jason and his family. Jason is a successful, well-known television and film actor, and they have started a secret, passionate affair. He seduced the 18 year old virgin in Chapter 1.


Jason continued his relationship with Gina over the next several weeks. He was slowly but effectively training her to be his completely submissive, sex-craved nympho slut, who would do his bidding anytime he wished. She was insatiable, for someone so young, her drive was incredible. He would not allow her to touch herself between their encounters, so that she was always ready and wet for him.

One afternoon she wasn't home at her usual 5:00 deadline to start making dinner. He called her cell phone, and she said she was running late and would be home soon. He asked her about it when she arrived, and finally got out of her that some college student was pursuing her. He realized he couldn't stop her, but told her she was to tell him every detail of their sexual relationship. Eventually he would expect to join them if her boyfriend was game, first watching her slut get fucked by his hot young cock, and then, sharing her ripe, young body between the two of them.

She was visibly upset, but didn't say anything, so he told her if she didn't comply, he would tell his wife that she had come on to him and she would be fired and sent back to Tokyo. Back to my nasty step-father, the reason I wanted to get out of Japan in the first place, Gina thought, panicking. His cruelty and mistreatment of her was intolerable, so she said nothing, just nodded slowly, tears falling down her face.

He let her alone for the next few days, because he wanted her to consummate her relationship with her boyfriend, which occurred that weekend as he anticipated.

"So what happened?" he asked Sunday morning after his wife took their son out to church.


"Nothing? Take down your shorts and panties." She did, looking embarrassed, blushing deeply. He spread her legs and felt deep inside her freshly fucked pussy. "I don't think that's nothing. You fucked him, didn't you?"

"Yes." Oh God, what would he do to her now? she thought.

"I want to know everything."

Slowly the story came out. They had gone to dinner and a movie, and then his slut sucked and fucked her new boyfriend at his apartment in Brooklyn. He took her twice, once on her back and then again on her hands and knees. She came twice, and he wanted to see her again very soon.

"Gina, I understand you are going to have relationships. You are a beautiful, sexual woman, all I ask is that you are honest with me. I've been honest with you, haven't I?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now go clean the kitchen, and next time I want to know everything right away."

Oh no, what am I getting myself into here? This man has such power over me, I think I'm falling for him, and the sex is the hottest I've ever imagined, she thought wildly.

He walked away, went to the bedroom, and started touching himself, thinking of his slut and her new boyfriend. He had an idea. He would join them, and take pictures of her fucking and sucking what was his name, Dave? Yeah, that was it. He came in his own hands thinking this delicious thought, imagining his cock-hungry young Japanese slut taking two cocks at once, one impaled deep down her well-trained throat, the other ravishing her tight, sweet pussy.

The next night he called her into his bedroom after his son was asleep. His wife was out of town. He had lit some candles, and had a large pink vibrator nearby. He lay naked on top of his bed. He told her to take off her things and get in bed. She did quickly and silently, and he had her suck him until he was hard as a rock.

While she was orally servicing him, he told her, "Tonight I'm going to fuck you in the ass. I'll be gentle, and go slow, but I won't be satisfied until I'm completely inside you, do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." How could he knew this is what she had been dreaming of ever since she was a young teenager? He was tenderly caressing her body, stroking her long black hair. Then he started licking her wet, open pussy, which was well used and fully opened by now, having been visited many times by himself and her boyfriend, who had no idea she was her boss' personal slut.

Oh my God, I wanna cum soon, oh God Sir!

He licked and explored her delicious pussy relentlessly, then took one finger, then two and inserted it slowly into her ass. He had lubed his fingers and her ass up well, and it soon gave way willingly. He got the vibe, which was large and pink with ripples, and put it deep inside her ass, which took some doing. He could tell it was tight and painful for her, and he was as gentle as he could be, but the huge vibe had to hurt, invading her tight young ass.

Oh this hurts, but it feels so good! Oh, oh!

She moaned and pinched her own tits, and he said, "Good, sweetie, just relax." He could see she was soon ready for him. He told her to get on her hands and knees, and lubed them up well, and slowly started entering her tight ass. The sensation was incredible, she was tight and small, but so hot! She was moaning again, and he rubbed her clit just the way he knew she loved it. Millimeter by millimeter, slowly his cock entered her ass fully and completely. He just held himself there for a minute after he was deeply inside her. They were both silent with desire.

Oh I love this so much! I'm being fucked up my ass by my boss!

Then slowly he started ravishing her ass, all while telling her how sweet it was; how beautiful she was. She was crying out with the pleasure and pain of it, yet did not back down from fully taking him. Everything he could give her, she greedily gobbled right up. This woman was amazing! He could feel his orgasm approaching, and he grabbed her shoulders to hold her to him. Soon his cock spurted deep inside her body as intense waves of pleasure flooded him. It was incredible! A moment after he came, he felt her delicious pussy contracting rhythmically through the wall between her pussy and ass. She was beside herself with pleasure, and he enjoyed watching her loose all control. So she liked getting fucked in her ass, good. They finished up, and he told her to get a wet wash cloth and wash them off. She did as she was told, smiling at him wordlessly.

I love you so much! I am so ashamed!

He held her afterwards tenderly, her long black hair spilling over them, feeling closer to her than ever. She was the best lover he ever had, and he started wondering how he could arrange to have her to stay in New York for far longer than the scheduled year.

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