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Window of Opportunity


There never seems to be enough time to get all your work done. And if you're a computer nerd like me, you have to bide your time until no one is using the system to do the really disruptive stuff. Those maintenance windows slowly become few and far between, which means I have lots of work crammed into every one of them. So it was that I found myself with hours of work for this maintenance window. It didn't help that other departments wanted me to work on their systems at the same time I was working on mine.

As I watched yet another status bar slowly increase the percentage of completion, my phone buzzed with a text message. It was Catherine, the storage admin, asking how the maintenance was going. My response was a bit terse, "Just fine. Lots to do. Waiting on your stuff to finish up."

Catherine's responded with, "Anything I can do to help?"

I shot back, "Well, you can either help me figure out why your software is taking forever to install or you can let me go grab dinner. Other than that, I'm not sure." I turned back to my mountain of work and hoped to continue without further interruption. After a third attempt to install the difficult upgrade and a wasted hour of failure, I was just about ready to start screaming and throwing things.

My building tantrum was interrupted by a loud click from the door to the server room. I spun around in my chair to see the door swing wide open, quickly followed by Catherine entering with a box in her hands. Catherine was one of those people that didn't fit the stereotype of a typical geek. She chose not to walk around in t-shirts and jeans. Instead, she always had on eye-catching outfits that made more than one of the IT guys drool. Watching her walking around the office was like watching a lioness stalking her prey. I didn't spend a lot of time working with her due to our different departments, but I did sneak the occasional peek at her outfits when I overhead someone at the office mention that she looked particularly fetching that day.

Tonight Catherine seemed to have outdone herself. She was wearing a black outfit that had a tank top with a cutout that showed off a bit of her impressive cleavage. There was quite a bit of fishnet under her top as well as under the skirt wrapped around her waist. The fishnets plunged into a pair of stiletto-heeled boots that clicked and clacked against the floor as she walked toward me, carrying her package. As she got closer, looked up from my appraisal of her outfit to meet her spectacled gaze. Her short black hair framed her face rather fetchingly. She was smiling as she stopped right in front of me. I stood up and looked down at the box in her hands and saw the logo of a local pizza restaurant.

Catherine finally broke the silence between us by saying, "I figured since I was headed out to meet some friends for drinks, I'd drop by and see what I could do to help. And, I brought dinner!" I lifted the top of the box and saw a hot pizza waiting inside. Having gone a few hours without eating due to my tribulations with the failing upgrade, I dove right into the waiting dish. I had devoured a piece almost instantly before swallowing hard enough to thank her for her gift. I was still a bit irritated about the issues with my work, so I spent a few moments describing the issues I was having. Catherine asked me some pretty standard questions about what I had done to troubleshoot things. I related my experiences in between furtive glances at Catherine's outfit. She was quite fetching this evening, and I was trying to appreciate her ensemble without getting caught looking. Of course, once or twice my answers to her questions and comments came after a pause caused by a distraction or an errant thought. Catherine oozed sexuality whenever she was around. It only seemed to be amplified in the server room.

Eventually, we determined that all my issues were being caused by the software package being corrupted. I wasn't sure how to get a new copy, so Catherine sat down in my chair and started clicking around to download a new copy. I spun around for a moment to check on another task that was running in the background. I heard a gasp, followed by a giggle and I turned back. My cheeks turned bright red in embarrassment and horror. Catherine had started typing the address of the website to download the software, but when she hit the Enter key, that wasn't the site that opened on the screen. Instead, images of women in various states of undress started loading. Animated pictures of all manner of naughty things flickered back and forth. I dove for the keyboard in a vain attempt to close out the offending window.

My cheeks were blazing red as I attempted to stammer out an apology. While Catherine may have been up front about her sexuality around the office, I'm sure that having inappropriate websites pop up in the midst of troubleshooting a problem. I was still trying to find the words that were going to keep me out of the HR manager's office when Catherine looked up at me and asked, "So, how'd you find out?"

I was confused. I cocked an eyebrow at her and replied, "Find out about what?"

Catherine's fingers flew across the keyboard once more and brought the offending site back up. As the images once again filled the screen, she pointed to the top of the screen. I noticed the title bar had some kind of clever double entendre about storage. When I glanced back at her face, she smiled and continued, "I'm guessing you didn't know that this was my website?"

As I shook my head in response, Catherine explained, "I reblog all the interesting pictures I find there. You might say it's a catalog for some of my favorite things." I knew quite well what she was talking about. I had found the site one night while surfing around. The collection of pictures contained all manner of tantalizing ideas. Women dressed in stockings and garter belts. Scenes of naked women grinding against a man, teasing him and urging him on. Multiple partners, women pleasing themselves, and women of all kinds in various states of undress. I loved the author's taste. Now it appeared that I had known all along who was responsible for collecting such stimulating imagery.

Catherine rolled the chair back and stood up. She spun around on her stiletto heels and faced me. With a quick step, she closed the distance between us. She was tall on a regular day, and the addition of the boots made her just a couple of inches shorter than me.

She raised her glance just slightly to stare me in the eyes as she asked, "So, now what? You've seen what makes me tick. What do you think about that?"

At that moment, any hint of embarrassment or shame I might have felt drained away in a heartbeat. Instead, I felt a fire deep down inside. It was being stoked from Catherine's close proximity as well as her up front attitude. She wasn't upset or ashamed of her hobby. Instead, she was testing me to see how I might react. In an instant, I could imagine how others in our profession might have shrunk away, uncomfortable at being confronted in such a direct manner. Instead of backing down, I wrapped my hand around her waist and pulled her lips close to mine. I pressed my lips against hers, tasting her for the first time. I was unsure if my forward behavior would be rewarded or punished. I was just as prepared to be slapped as anything else. Much to my delight, Catherine returned the kiss with a ferocity I could hardly have imagined. I felt her hand against the back of my head, pressing my lips even closer to hers as she sized me up. Our heads tilted to the side slightly as I pulled Catherine closer, our bodies pressed tightly against each other. I felt her tongue dart into my mouth and I returned the gesture. Our tongues danced against each other, locked in their own game as our hands roamed around each other.

As my hands slid up and down Catherine's back, I could feel the hint of something underneath her top. It took my distracted mind a few seconds to realize it was the same material that was on her sleeves. I moaned slightly when I realized that Catherine's outfit for the evening was a fishnet body stocking just underneath her clothes. My mind raced with all the interesting possibilities that presented even as I felt her hand grabbing my ass and squeezing me. Our activity had started to get me excited, and as I pressed closer to Catherine I imagined that she could feel my growing excitement. Finally, we broke away from each other's mouths after what seemed like an eternity. I gasped as I finally drew in a breath. Catherine too was breathing a bit more deeply than usual.

Catherine's hand slipped away from my ass and drifted to the front of my pants. I could feel her fingernails tracing the outline of my growing erection through them. She took great care to run them up and down the whole length, teasing with every touch and causing me to grow even harder under her attention. As I looked up into her eyes, I could see Catherine returning my gaze. She licked her lips slightly and bit her bottom lip as she stared into my eyes.

She finally broke the silence between us by asking, "That was nice. I had no idea you were such a good kisser. And I think I'm going to like the hardware you're packing." I smiled at her pun even as I felt her hands on my belt. It took no effort for her to unbuckle it and unbutton my pants. As the zipper slid down, I felt her hands slip inside and beneath my boxers. Her soft hands took a firm hold of my thick shaft and started stroking slowly up and down. I felt my knees getting weak as she expertly tugged even more life out of me than I thought possible.

My hands drifted to the hem of her skirt and I slipped them underneath, tracing my fingers up the back of her legs. I could feel the mesh of her fishnets reaching up her thighs all the way to her ass. There was no doubt that the outfit I saw was just hiding all the delights beneath. I pushed closer as I grabbed her tight ass with both hands and squeezed. Catherine moaned gently in my ear and I felt her hand tighten on my cock. I rubbed my hands all over her fishnet-covered ass, trying to concentrate on returned the teasing she was giving me. As I worked my way around her hips, I felt her legs part slightly beneath my touch. Never one to turn down an open invitation, I let my right hand slide between her legs. I could feel the warmth radiating down from her. There was no doubt that she was aroused by our heavy petting. As my fingers brushed against her, Catherine threw her head back and moaned deeply as she shut her eyes to concentrate on my touch.

The fishnet stocking beneath my fingers was positively soaked. I rubbed one finger along the spot I felt, tracing my way along her damp pussy. I felt her shuddering from my touch as I worked my way along her swollen lips. The fishnets teased me, offering me the heat and wetness that lay just beneath but blocking me from getting my fingers inside. As I rubbed harder against her dripping slit, Catherine's moans grew longer and deeper. She had stopped stroking me for the moment and had instead started concentrating on her own pleasure. I wouldn't have rather had it any other way. She was growing more and more aroused from my touch. At that moment, I wanted to plunge my fingers inside her. I wanted to see if I could make her knees wobble as she had made mine. If only that stupid body stocking was easy to remove...

With a sudden flash of insight, I knew what I had to do. Nothing was going to keep me from getting what I wanted. I pressed my fingers harder against the offending garment. With all Catherine's juices covering the material, it was easy to press my finger through a tiny hole right over her wet pussy. As my finger poked through the fishnet, Catherine twisted her hips gently. As she did, I felt me finger slip inside her waiting desire. I could feel her melting into me as she sank down onto my finger. The moan that escaped her lips was guttural and very arousing. The noise fluttered as I felt a shiver run throughout her. I wasted no time and started sliding my finger in and out, widening the hole in her body stocking with every thrust of my digit. As Catherine pressed against my finger, I could feel even more of her wetness soaking the fishnet around my hand. I circled my finger inside her, feeling her muscles tightening around my finger as I felt the material giving way from the combined assault of her wetness and my desire to tear through it. I tested the waters by withdrawing my single finger and forcing two of them through the hole. The garment resisted for the barest of moments before allowing me access once more. When Catherine felt both fingers slip inside her, I had to use my free hand to steady her. We stumbled backwards a few steps before finally righting ourselves against the side of one of the server racks.

Now that Catherine was propped against the rack, she used the leverage to plunge my fingers even deeper inside her. Her pussy felt amazing beneath my touch. I could feel my cock twitching in my pants, eager to take the place of my fingers. I knew the hole wasn't quite big enough to slide though, so I decided a bit more help was in order. I knelt down in front of Catherine and slipped both hands under her skirt. The heat radiating from her was impressive. As I withdrew my fingers once more, I grabbed the edges of the hole I had made. With a firm pull, I created a small rip in the body stocking.

The "riiiipppp" that came from my efforts was satisfying. I knew that the hole was now more than enough to have access to what I wanted. Catherine must have known as well, since I could hear her gasp as I ripped into her undergarment. As I withdrew my hands from beneath her skirt, I could smell the scent of Catherine's juices on my fingers. The wonderful smell wafted to my nose, intoxicating me with desire. At this point, I was working on auto pilot. My brain had shut down and the rest of my body had only one purpose - to have Catherine. I stood back up to full height. As my mouth neared Catherine's she attacked me with yet another passionate kiss. Her tongue darted around my mouth, teasing me and urging me onward with my enterprise. Her hands firmly grabbed the waist of my pants and pushed them down to the floor. My boxers resisted somewhat, so Catherine took extra care to slip them around the rock hard flesh beneath. As my cock sprang free from its cotton prison, Catherine took it firmly in her soft hands once more. With a reassuring tug, she guided it beneath her skirt, pulling it toward the opening I had ripped into her lingerie. With the shaft firmly in her grip, she decided to play. I felt her rubbing her damp pussy lips back and forth on the head of my cock, teasing both of us with the delight that waited just inches away. I looked back into her eyes and saw the desire there calling to me. With one more calculated bite of her red lips, Catherine signaled to me to take what I wanted. I complied with her invitation by shoving my cock inside her when I felt it slide back down her dripping slit.

Catherine gasped out loud as I felt myself sink into her. She took me deep inside her as I pinned her against the metal rack behind her. She lifted her left leg and wrapped it around my hip, both driving me deeper inside her waiting pussy and ensure that I wouldn't get too far away. With one or two more strokes, we found a comfortable rhythm. Every thrust was met with gentle pressure from her leg, pressing me against her. Catherine's hands gathered behind my neck, keeping my head and face close to hers as she kissed and nibbled my lips. I felt like some kind of animal, expressing my boundless frustration and desire by mounting the object of that desire. I was harder than I had been in a very long time. The raw sexuality that surrounded Catherine was like fuel on a raging inferno. Every thrust into her became a contest to see how hard and fast I could fill her. I held myself inside her for a moment each time, feeling her grinding against me. The feeling of the fishnet stocking was unique and sexy. Except for a hole I had ripped, Catherine was still fully clothed. There was something highly erotic about not even bothering to undress before having her.

Catherine's moans became quicker and more focused even as her breathing increased. Our pace quickened and I was almost certain that she was on the edge of cumming for me. With a few more focused thrusts, I felt her start shaking as I held onto her.

Catherine managed to mutter out, "Yes! Oh, yes!" before I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. Even more juices rushed out around me as I sank deep inside her, filling her up as she bucked against me. She ground her pelvis into mine, savoring the feeling as the wave of pleasure washed over her. Her body kept sliding against mine, almost as if it was reflexively milking the last bit of pleasure out of me. The feeling was nothing short of incredible. I could never have imagined how intensely Catherine would cum for me. I was fairly certain that I wasn't going to be able to last long if I kept fucking her.

Catherine must have felt it as well. Without another word, she removed her leg from my hip and pushed me back gently. I felt my throbbing member slip out of her pussy. Before I could express any thoughts, Catherine dropped down to her knees right in front of me. She took but an instant to size up the shaft directly in front of her before taking it into her mouth. The feeling was heavenly. Catherine slid her mouth along the length of my shaft, taking me deep down her throat. Even when I thought she couldn't fit any more inside her mouth, she surprised me by swallowing it all. Her nose pressed against me as her hands held firm on my ass, pressing me down her throat. My knees buckled a bit at the sensation of being surrounded by her mouth. Catherine held me inside her mouth for what felt like a delicious eternity before slowly sliding back along the shaft, running her tongue along the underside to tease me even further. As her mouth receded, she replaced it with her hand. She tugged and stroked my cock as she teased the head with her mouth and tongue, swirling around and sucking gently. Her other hand cupped my balls, massaging them gently to increase the sensation. There was no doubt that she was very, very good at pleasing with her mouth.

As she started to bob her head back and forth on my cock, I felt my hands sliding to back of her head. My fingers tangled themselves in her black hair, guiding her head back and forth. Catherine moaned on my cock, expressing her desire at my touch. Thanks to her earlier efforts and her the feeling of fucking her against the server rack, I was very close to my own release. As I looked down, Catherine sealed the deal by looking back up at me over the top of her glasses. That was all it took to send me right over the edge. I groaned and increased my pace, driving myself into Catherine's mouth for every last ounce of pleasure. Catherine offered no resistance, letting me do as I willed. I felt the butterflies in my stomach announcing the end of the road for me. With one last mighty growl, I shoved my cock as deeply into Catherine's mouth as I could. My cock started twitching as rope after rope of sticky cum shot forth. I could feel her throat swallowing as quickly as possible, not spilling a single drop. As my muscles squeezed out every last ounce I could, Catherine gently sucked me until I was truly finished.

As I bent down to reassemble myself, Catherine stood back up from her kneeling perch in front of me. As I pulled my pants back up to refasten them, Catherine stared right into my eyes, the look of contentment unmistakable. I replied to her gaze by kissing her once more. When we broke our embrace, I couldn't help but smile at the outcome of the evening. I guess being stuck in a maintenance window wasn't so bad after all.

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