tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWindow Shopping Next Door

Window Shopping Next Door


I'll start out by describing myself. I'm a 35 year old woman named Kristi. I have a small frame at 5' 5" and 115 lbs. Because of a hormone issue, I had uneven breasts, and when I was younger I had one breast implant put in to even them out. They have never gotten them to be even, despite having to replace the implant a couple times because of broken implants. Last year, after a car accident busted the implant I went to another doctor who said that he could make them even, but had to put implants in both sides to make it possible. He was right. He did great work, however I ended up with pretty large breasts. I never wanted big tits, just for them to be even. Because of this, I would hide them. I didn't want anyone to notice that my tits had grown overnight at 34.

I've been married for 8 years to my best friend, Joe. We are really meant to be together. We are happy in every way. Well, every way except one. Joe has a terrible case of premature ejaculation. He cums literally seconds after entering me. I don't like oral sex. I think it's kinda gross, so I can never get into it, so it never pleasured me. And I don't like to suck dick either. It's gross. I mean you pee out of there, and you want me to put my mouth on it. So I haven't hand an orgasm in the eight years we were married, the five we dated before that, and a couple before that.

Joe is kinda sensitive. He's a little smaller frame about 5'9" 170 lbs. Not fat, but no muscle either. A nice 6" circumcised penis. He works in an office. He's tired when he gets home. If something is broke, he calls someone to fix it. I remember real men though. Men that knew their way around a hammer and nail. That would control my young body. That would fuck me from behind, and pull my hair as they did. But that was a long time ago. I've resigned myself to this non-sexual life, and it didn't bother me. Sex was never that big of a deal to me.

We are in the process of fixing up our townhouse to purchase a new house. We have an end unit, which is nice, but the next townhouse starts very soon after. We were anxious to get out of the cramped townhouses and into a big house with less neighbors. We didn't have much interaction with our current neighbors. We had the kids connected to us on the right that just got married, the cop on the other side(not connected) that just got divorced and seemed to have a new girl living there already, and there were a lot of older retired couples. Even our two next door neighbors, we didn't interact more than a wave or quick conversation.

We were up late last night painting trim. Maybe that's why I was running late. I should already be out of the shower. I finished the shower and grabbed my towel and dried off. Wow. I must have been tired. I forgot my clothes in the bedroom. I wrapped my towel around my body and headed into the room. I found the clothes I had grabbed to wear for work on the bed, and dropped my towel.

It was getting warmer, but the days were not yet long enough to be light when I left for work. And that, coupled with running late, and the tiredness made me forget the curtains that were always closed, were taken down to paint the window trim. They had been shut since we put them up when we bought the house, and now I remember why. The town house end units were essentially mirror images of each other and our large bedroom picture window looked directly into our neighbors large bedroom picture window. And as I turned completely naked to realize this, I could see right into his room. I could see his messed bed, I could see his tv on the news, and I could see my neighbor completely naked brushing his teeth!

We locked eyes, each of us as shocked as the other. I let out a little scream and bent down to grab the towel and my clothes and high tailed it to the bathroom. How embarrassing. I can't believe it. This move would have to happen even sooner. I'd be the whore of the neighborhood. Embarrassment aside, I was running late. I got ready and headed out to my car that was in the driveway, displaced out of the garage by materials for home upgrades for the time being. Holy shit. Why did my luck put me on the driveway the same exact time he was getting in his cruiser.


Great. He remembers my name. What was his name? Bob? Matt? Fuck, I gotta get better at remembering names. Why is he coming over here.

"Hey, I just wanted to apologize for earlier. Your curtains have been closed since you guys moved in, and it's kinda become my morning routine. I didn't mean to offend you. It could be really bad for my job."

Why was I just now noticing his muscles. Oh right, I just saw him naked. Didn't even realize I saw his muscles. What else did I see? Did he have a big dick? He did. I think. Am I remembering that right? Why am I remembering it as being huge. The embarrassment and tardiness must have not allowed me to focus until now.


Oh shit. I was dazed.

"You aren't gonna press charges or anything?" He said smiling. He had a great smile underneath that beard.

"I'm sorry. Late night. No. It was an honest mistake. It was fine." Fine? Was that rude. "It was nice." What? Why did I feel the need to over compensate? Now I just told my neighbor it was nice to see him naked. Oh, and him see me naked.

"Yeah, it was." He said smiling and turned around and got into his car.

How stupid of me. Embarrassed, I climbed into my car and went to work, where I got nothing done all day. I was so horny. It's been a while since I felt like this. I texted Joe to let him know. We continued texting dirty things to each other all day and by quitting time I was soaking. I got home first and started to get some things done. Spent the entire time in front of that window. I opened the windows for good measure. Putting things away, bending at all different angles. I changed into comfy clothes in the bathroom, but then spent the rest of the time before Joe got home figuring out things to do that put me in front of the window.

I was so focused on how I must look to the other side of the window that I didn't hear Joe get home. I didn't hear him come upstairs and I didn't hear him come into the room. I was up on the step ladder putting a lightbulb in the ceiling fan. My short comfy shorts creeping up my crack, when I felt his hand run up my inner thigh and right to my soaking pussy. "You weren't kidding" he said as he felt my wetness. He fingered me for a bit before pulling my shorts off.

"Wait!" I said trying to hold onto the shorts. Did he think about the curtains? What if I didn't tell him? "Ohhh." Joe buried his fingers back into me, still up on the stepladder naked from the waist down, ass facing a picture window. "Don't stop!" I was nearing an orgasm from Joe for the first time ever. The angle he was coming in at, plus the excitement of the window really had me going. I tore my shirt off, so I was completly naked. Joe reached up with his other hand to pinch my nipple and there it was. An orgasm! Coming down, Joe helped me down from the step ladder. I hugged him keeping my head away from the window. I couldn't look. I couldn't see if he was there. If he had seen that. He kissed me as I undid his belt. I turned around and grabbed the stepladder and bent at the waist. The window had a side view of this, but I still couldn't look. I kept looking the other way as Joe entered me and with three hard thrusts came inside me.

I pulled off him and turned around and kissed him. It was time. I had to look. I snuck a glance at the window and didn't see anyone. Wait. His windows were open too. Were they opened when I started. No. I would have noticed that. How loud was I when I orgasmed? Could he hear it from across the windows. Did he watch that part? Did he see me at all? He would know that this time was no accident. We both knew about the windows. All these things raced through my head as we ate dinner. The doorbell rang and Joe got up to get it. The table was around a corner from the front door, so I couldn't see who it was, but hear Joe talking to a man. I heard the door close and through the windows in the kitchen I could see my police officer neighbor walking away. He looked in and our eyes caught each other and he smiled.

Joe returned to the table. "Who was that?" I asked. Joe told me it was our cop neighbor. That one of the older residents of our neighborhood had filed a report on a flasher in the neighborhood. He left his card with his cell phone number on the back in case we see anything. I gave him our numbers to add to the text message list with updates he's providing for the neighbors. I looked at the card. Brian. I'm bad with names. Though I have a feeling I'll remember it now. That night I took my shirt off and climbed on top of Joe's cock, hoping that there were prying eyes across the window that could see my body in the glow of the TV.

The next morning I selected my outfit and set it on my bed. I looked out my window to see closed blinds. Was I disappointed? Maybe. It helped me to make my decision to leave the clothes there. And I went to shower. After drying off, I wrapped my towel around my chest, took a breath and walked into my room. I went to my clothes and turned to look.

There he was. His shaved head, his full beard. We locked eyes. He smiled. I smiled. He waved. I waved. Tearing my eyes from his, I looked down to his broad chest. So hairy and manly and muscular. His fit torso, not quite a six pack, but very tight under the hair of his abs. Under there was a towel tied tightly around his waist. That's where my eyes were when his hands unloosened and dropped his towel. And there, framed by two muscular thighs was the biggest cock I've ever seen. He grabbed it and it looked heavy. Up and down he began to stroke it, and it started to grow.

BING! The sound of a text message broke me from my daze. I went to my phone, only a few steps behind me, and saw a text from an unknown number that said "Drop the towel." I looked back to the window, and only then saw the phone in his hand. Nervously, I turned around, brought my phone and dropped the towel. He smiled and continued to stroke as my tits came into view, and I watched his eyes go down my body to my small trimmed patch of hair, and then back up. When his eyes made their way back to mine, he twirled his finger around. As I spun around so my neighbor could check out my naked body, I couldn't believe what I was doing. This needs to stop. I'm married

When I made it back around though, my lust returned when I saw that huge dick pointing at me. I picked up my phone and called the number that texted me. "Hello." "Officer Brian, I see the pervert flasher. He's naked and pointing his big cock at me."

"I'll be right there." Brian grabbed his shorts and was out of my view." Oh shit. I was just playing. Now this man is heading over to my house. I made my way downstairs and unlocked and opened the door to find he was already there. Running shorts and a tshirt. He made his way inside past me and I closed the door. With my back against the door, still completely naked, Brian was all over me. He kissed me and I kissed him back. I felt his muscles, he felt my tits. His hands went to my ass and squeezed real tight. I moved my hands to his torso and grabbed the sides of his shirt. He moved back a little as I pulled it over his head. My hands dropped the shirt and came down to his chest, my fingers running through the hair on his chest. Lower and lower they went, feeling every muscle on the way down til they hit his waistband and paused.

I guess the pause was too long for Brian. He took matters into his own hands and removed his shorts. His hard cock sprang up and literally hit my pussy, sending tingles through my body. I grabbed it, more to move it away than anything else, but once it was in my hand, it was unlike anything I ever felt. It was hard, yet soft. It was huge and pulsating. I could feel his pulse in it. For the first time in my life I wondered what it would be like to put a dick in my mouth, and I wanted to find out.

As if he could read my mind, Brian put his hand on my shoulders and applied pressure. I shook my head no, and he pressed harder and I relented, sliding down the door to my knees, face to face with the sexiest cock ever. I stroked it as I looked at it. "Suck it." He said. I reached out my tongue and licked it from the base to the head. His moan spurred me on. I put the head in my mouth. It was uncomfortably big, and I couldn't fit more than the head in. I pulled it out and kissed it.

Brian grabbed me by the armpits and pulled me up. I wanted him to kiss me, and I leaned in to melt in his arms, but he spun me around and pulled me to his body. His cock wedged between us, his hands roamed my body, finding my breasts. One hand made it's way to my pussy and the other traveled between my boobs and to my neck. As his one hand worked my clit, the other turned my head and kissed me.

Somehow he maneuvered his cock to my entrance. Even with how wet I was, he had to ease it in slowly. But that was the last time he did anything slowly. He bent me over farther, pushing me against the door. His cock slammed into me over and over again creating a rhythm that started to send waves of pleasure through my body. I did all I could to ride those waves.

"You like that?"

"yes." The words barely making it out of my mouth, my breath was so short.

Yank! A pull of my hair and the question again, "You like that?!"

"Yes!" I screamed as an orgasm washed over me. Brian knew just what to do and rode me through an orgasm like I had never had before. Then he picked me up and carried me upstairs.

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