tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWindow Shopping Next Door Pt. 03

Window Shopping Next Door Pt. 03


This is the story "Window Shopping Next Door" from Officer Brian's POV. You should read Window Shopping Next Door Parts 1 & 2 first.


I woke up same as any other workday since the divorce, naked and free. I've had lovers since the divorce, but with my schedule it's hard to have someone over when I have to work. I'm a police officer for a large suburb of Chicago. Today was my last day of work, before having two off, and I was looking forward to those two days. Since the divorce, my libido has gone through the roof, and my two days off were my chance to play.

I sleep naked because I love how it feels. I wake up naked and stay naked til I have to put the uniform on. Honestly, I like how I look. I work hard on my body and being naked turns me on. I like how my hard body looks and I love how my big cock swings around. I even have the good fortune of having neighbors with permanently closed curtains. Their window is the only window that would have a view of my bedroom window, so I'm able to remain naked while I open the windows and feel the weather.

This day however was a little different. Not only were the neighbors curtains closed, they were gone. A fact that I didn't even notice until there was movement in the big picture window, directly across from mine. So as I stood completely naked, brushing my teeth, cock wagging slightly from the brushing, I saw my neighbor's wife enter her room in a towel.

She made her way directly to her bed where she had clothes laid out, and immediately dropped her towel. Holy shit. This shy, almost plain woman had a killer body. Not that I didn't know she was hot, but she downplayed her body with the way she dressed big time. Her body was perfectly tone, with some very large tits. My dick noticed this and started to fill with blood. Unfortunately, she also noticed, and we found each other staring at each other, before she grabbed her clothes and ran out of the room.

Fuck. She might think I was spying on her. This is not something that can happen with my job. I finished getting ready for work, and got downstairs to catch her outside to explain myself.

Luckily she was parked in the driveway. I saw her come out and head to her car. "Kristi!" I started to walk to her, and she looked confused, maybe even scared. I had to make this right. "Hey, I just wanted to apologize for earlier. Your curtains have been closed since you guys moved in, and it's kinda become my morning routine. I didn't mean to offend you. It could be really bad for my job."

Kristi just kind of looked at me confused. Her eyes looked over my body with a blank stare.

"Kristi?" She seemed to come back to life. "You aren't gonna press charges or anything?" I gave her a smile.

"I'm sorry. Late night. No. It was an honest mistake. It was fine." She paused. "It was nice."

What? It was nice. I mean, it was, but why would she say that. Maybe she was happy to see a real man. Her husband was a real nice guy, but he pretty much had her build. I'm not sure he has a muscle on his body. Small guy like that is probably small all over. "Yeah, it was." I gave her another smile and headed to my squad.

As soon as I got in the squad, my mind started to think about her body and what I wanted to do to it. I would ravish that body. After that conversation, I know she wants me to too. Could I do that? She's married. His fault, right? If he was pleasing her, I wouldn't need to. Nah, I just got divorced, I couldn't cause that. Oh well, I could fantasize about it. And fantasize about it I did. All the way to the precinct where I found out that my shift was moved. I was so horny that I wasn't even mad, I was relieved to be able to get back home and start my three days off with a fantasy about my next door neighbor.

I pulled the squad into garage and closed the door. I took off my pants. I was so horny that I couldn't stand to be clothed any more. I stripped down in my garage. Naked, I walked through my house and up the stairs, turned the corner to my room. My eyes went straight to the big picture window where I saw her. Decked out in lingerie working a large dildo forcefully between her nylon clad legs. I grabbed my already hard cock and began to stroke. Kristi rolled over and removed the dildo and stood up on the side of the bed. She reached to suction it to her headboard of her big bed. She removed her panties and climbed onto the bed and that's when I saw it. Her cock. That wasn't there this morning. Looking closer at her face as she climbed on the bed and backed up into the huge dildo, I could tell it was her husband, Joe.

Now his eyes were closed as he slammed his ass back into the headboard over and over, but it was only a matter of time before he saw me. I walked out of the room to conceal myself. God I was horny. He did look sexy, I really thought it was his wife. Not really knowing what I was doing, I went back to the garage. Putting my full uniform back on, I opened the garage, and walked to his front door and took out my maglight. Bang! Bang! Bang! A knock that says the cops are at the door. I heard fumbling around, but no answer. Bang! Bang! Bang! "This is the police! Open up!"

More fumbling around and then a timid, "One minute."

"Sir, this is the police, open up now, or I will break the door down!"

The door opened, and Joe's little head peaked around the door in full wig and make up. He looked good. If I didn't know, I wouldn't have known. "I'm sorry Kristi, did I catch you at a bad time." Joe's face turned bright red, even under the makeup I could tell.

"Actually, it's me, Joe. I was just screwing around. It's a game that Kristi and I play. Is something wrong."

"Oh, so Kristi knows about this?"


"So I can tell her that her husband was dressed as a woman, taking a huge dildo in his ass."

"What? I wasn't-" His Eyes went wide. I could almost see him thinking. "Please don't say anything!"

I pushed the door open and walked past him. He scrambled to closed the door behind me and I turned him around and looked at him. He had put the panties back on, and looked sexy. His legs were clad in black thigh high stockings. They were attached to a black garter belt, and you couldn't even see the bulge of a penis in the black lace thong he was wearing. The black corset led up to tits that you could only tell were fake if you were looking for it. "Come here." I commanded him.

Unsure of himself, he took the couple timid steps towards me. I immediately reached behind him and grabbed his ass. "Mmm that's nice. You do this often."


"Yeah, right. I saw you take that cock upstairs. You ever have the real thing?'


"So you want this to be our secret?" I said, removing my utility belt. "Prove it."

He reached his little hand for my bulge. He even had fake nails on. His eyes bulged as he felt it, and he immediately went for my button. Undoing my pants, as he went down to his knees, my cock popped out, almost at full mast. He stroked it with both hands, in a daze, licking his lips.

"Suck it."

Joe stuck his cute little tounge out and licked from the base to the head. The smile that came over his face almost knocked me off my feet. He opened his mouth and put the head in, still continuing to stroke my shaft. I watched as he tried to work more and more into his mouth. I couldn't take anymore. I pulled him up and put my mouth to his, grabbing his ass. As we made out, I kicked my shoes off and worked out of my pants. Then I picked his little ass up and brought him up to his bedroom. I carried him through all of the painting supplies to the bed where that dildo hung off the headboard.

Throwing him on the bed, I told him "Suck that cock" And he crawled over to the dildo and started sucking it. Watching him like that, I could almost picture his wife there. They looked so similar. His wig even matched her dark wavy hair. Grabbing the lube that was laying on his bed, I coated my cock liberally and got behind him. "You want this cock, Kristi."

I heard him gasp and then, "mmm, yeah"

"Tell me."

"I want your big cock. My little dicked husband can't last. I need a real man to fuck me good."

Wow, hadn't expected that, I pulled his thong to the side and lined up my cock. Pushing in, I groaned. God he felt good. It didn't take long to work into full strokes. And soon I was pounding him hard. Whack! I slapped his ass.

"Cum in me!"

Another thing I hadn't expected. I hadn't thought about cumming anywhere else. My orgasm built up and I let loose in his ass. Exhausted I collapsed next to him on my back. To my surprise he laid down next to me and curled up next to me and stroked my chest. He looked up at me, and I he still looked hot. Our mouths met again. Our tounges danced for minutes, until I broke it off.

"I'm gonna fuck your wife too."

"Mmmm. I wish."

"What do you mean? You want me to fuck her?"

"That would be so hot. She'd never be into it. She's such a prude. I'd love to see it. She deserves it. She's hot and I cum within seconds of entering her."

"I think she'd be into it." I told Joe about the morning's encounter. He couldn't help stroking himself as I told the story.

"No wonder she was so horny today. She was texting me dirty messages. She never does that."

"Later tonight, strip her in front of this window. She knows it's open now. If she lets you get her naked and fuck her with the possibility of me watching, I'm going to fuck your wife tomorrow."

Joe climbed on top of me and started kissing me. "I want to watch." He said, grinding against my stirring cock.

"You gotta earn it." Grabbing his ass and pulling him into me. He moved down my body and took my cock in his mouth. "Ok. Take off work tomorrow, and come to my place instead, but you better bring something sexy to wear.

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