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"You bastard, you miserable bastard" Pam said.

"Only when you fuck with me Pammy. The rest of the time I'm a nice guy."

I looked down into her and I smiled as I fucked her. Almost five minutes went by with neither one of us saying a word, but as I pounded into her she began to respond a little and then I got close to my release and I picked up the pace. Pam knew what that meant.

"Pull out" she cried, "Pull out damn it, don't cum in me, please don't cum in me. I'm not protected Rob, please don't cum in me."

"Sorry sweetie. If you had fucked me back, if you would have put just a touch of effort into it to kind of show me you were sorry for helping Alice hang horns on me I might have pulled out."

"Please Rob, please don't. I'll do anything, but please don't."


"Just don't cum in me Rob, please, I'm begging you."

"Open your mouth."


Open your mouth. In your pussy or down your throat, your choice."

"My mouth Rob, my mouth."

I pulled out of her cunt, moved up and stuck my cock in her mouth and grabbed the back of her head and let go. When I was soft I held her in place and said, "Suck it Pammy, suck it and make it hard again. She tried to pull her head away and I said, "You said 'anything" Pammy, now suck."

She did lick and suck on me and I did start to get hard again. I took myself out of her mouth and rolled her over and pulled her up on her knees and slammed my cock into her cunt again.

"I can't quit until I make you cum Pammy. A matter of manly pride. Can't have any lady say I didn't give her full measure."

I rammed into her as hard as I could and I was rewarded with some moans. I couldn't tell if she was faking it or not, but then I really didn't care. It was just a way of keeping her mind occupied while I moved on to the next step of my revenge.

I pulled my cock out of her cunt and shoved my thumb in it to get it wet and then I went back to fucking her as I worked my thumb into her ass.

"What are you doing?" she moaned.

"I'm playing with your asshole while I fuck you. It gets Alice off big time when I do it. She screams and has a continuous orgasm. Come on Pammy, cum for me. Have an orgasm baby and I can quit and go out and beat the fuck out of Randy."

She was pushing her ass back at me and moaning and then she did have an orgasm. I could tell it was a real one from the way her body trembled and that was what I had been hoping for. While her mind and body were busy with that climax I pulled my cock out of her cunt, lined it up with her asshole and gave a mighty shove. She cried out and then buried her head in a pillow to muffle the noise. I think she still had enough presence of mind to know that she didn't want to make a lot of noise and cause someone to come looking. I held her hips as I pounded into her and when it was time I said, "Here it comes Pammy. Want this load in your mouth too?"

She mumbled something into the pillow and I said, "Somehow I thought not" and I let my load go. When my cock was limp I said, "Thanks Pam. Maybe we can do it again sometime. Just give me a call when you are ready" and I got up and left the room leaving her sprawled out on the bed.


I needed luck for what I wanted to do next. I didn't see Alice or Randy when I came out of the bedroom. I saw Myra watching and I took out a hankie and wiped the imaginary lipstick off my mouth, smiled and winked at her and went through the house looking for Alice and Randy. They were nowhere to be found so I guessed that my luck was holding. I headed for the side street and my car. I saw Randy's car still parked up the street and I opened the truck of my car and got out the tire iron. With my lights off I pulled up just behind Randy's left rear quarter and quietly got out of the car. Through the rear window I saw a foot wearing a high heel kicking in the air just before I caved the window in with the tire iron and then I took out both windows on the driver's side, walked back to my car and drove off. I hoped that the sudden appearance of the rear window on the seat with them caused Alice and Randy to have heart attacks.


When I walked in the house Lance was asleep on the couch and the TV was showing a blue screen. I ejected the tape from the VCR and saw that it was from Blockbuster and I made a mental note to see that it got back to them and then I shut off the TV. I looked down at my sleeping son and I almost felt sorry for him. I could understand his having raging hormones and the way Alice said, "I was his birthday present when he turned eighteen" led me to believe she seduced him and not the other way around. One time I might have been able to live with, but every Thursday night and any time I was away from the house for more than a couple of hours? In his own vernacular - NOT!

I went around the house and made sure that all the doors and windows were locked. I opened the front door and then I went back to the couch, grabbed Lance by both ankles, pulled him off the couch and started dragging him toward the front door. When he came off the couch his head smacked down on the floor and he woke up. His head was just starting to clear as we reached the front porch and then his head banged on every step as I drug him down to the sidewalk. I let go of his ankles and he sat up shaking his head and I looked down at him.

"You don't live here any more. Go find your mother, she doesn't live here any more either. Maybe the two of you can find a place where you won't be stuck with only having Thursday night to fuck each other. Now get off my property."

I went back into the house and locked the door behind me.

I was too keyed up to go to sleep so I was filling trash bags with Lance and Alice's clothes and other belongings and tossing them out into the front yard when the phone rang.

"Rob? What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you take off and leave me at Paul and Pam's?"

"You weren't at Paul and Pam's when I left Alice, you were on the back seat of Randy's car and I thought that caving in his windows would give you some idea of how I felt about that."

"Come and get me Rob and we can go home and talk about it."

"You don't have a home to go to Alice. I'll tell you the same thing I told Lance when I threw him out of the house tonight. Maybe the two of you can find a place together where you can have each other more than just on Thursday nights and when I'm out of the house for more than a couple of hours. Maybe you can move in with Doug or Randy. They seem to like what you have and you seem to like giving it to them."

"Please Rob, we can talk about this. Just come and get me honey, please?"

"Forget it Alice. I'm bagging up your shit in trash bags and tossing them out on the front lawn. Tuesday is trash pickup day and anything still on the lawn goes out on the curb with the trashcans. I wouldn't fight the divorce if I were you unless you want your whole family and everybody in town to know about you and Lance because it will damned sure be part of the divorce proceeding if you fight me."

I hung up the phone and went back to filling trash bags.

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