tagNonHumanWindswept Ch. 06

Windswept Ch. 06


Once again, thanks to my editor cannd for helping me out on this chapter. She makes it possible for the stuff in my head to appear here in a somewhat coherent format.

Keep commenting! I swear, they're addictive. They boost my little writer's ego.

So here's chapter 6. Enjoy. :)



Rey watched Ryder and Tenner from the shadows, biding her time. She could take them one at a time, but not both of them at once. They would overpower her and the mission would fail.

She approached slowly, a chloroform-soaked rag in her pocket. Ryder just stood there, shaking his head while Tenner was grinning madly. In other words, Rey thought, things were normal. She tapped Tenner on the arm.

"Niccole requested you attend her," she said demurely. Tenner's eyes lit up and Ryder gave him a knowing look. Ryder's eyes flickered over her and this time she knew that he recognized her, but he still didn't say anything.

"I'd say I'd stay," Tenner said, winking, "but I'd be lying." He looked back at Rey. "Where is she?"

"Follow me," Rey said. Tenner did, and as soon as they'd gotten out of Ryder's earshot she let herself stumble and fall against the wall, letting out a cry as she did so. Tenner turned immediately to help her, opening his mouth to ask her if she was ok.

Rey pressed the rag again his mouth, slamming him up against the wall. She threw all of her strength into the motion, bloodying his nose in the process. Tenner's eyes went wide. He struggled, but the chloroform acted too quickly. He went limp, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Rey lowered him to the ground, taking a moment to check his pulse before tucking the rag back into her pocket.

She rested against the wall for a moment, collecting her wits. She didn't know how she was going to handle Ryder yet. For not the first time, she wished she had someone to help her. "Dammit, Harlem. I could use you right now."

She pushed off from the wall and into his arms. She gasped. She hadn't actually expected him to show up, not yet. Not until both Ryder and Tenner were incapacitated. She melted against him, breathing in his scent that was smoky and spicy at the same time.

Harlem kissed her neck before untangling himself. He glanced at Tenner's motionless form. "Good girl, Rey." He stroked her face. "One more, doll. Come on, you can do it." He winked at her, and then he vanished.

Rey swallowed, steeling herself. She walked back to where Ryder was, but before she got there, she saw Harlem appear in front of the blond angel.

"Hey, good looking, miss me?"

Ryder leapt to his feet, and Harlem back away, positioning the target so that his back was to Rey. The girl understood. As silently as possible, she crept forward, the rag in her hand.

"Leave her the fuck alone," Ryder growled. "You'll have me to answer to. You're smart enough to know that isn't a good thing."

Harlem laughed, his brown eyes twinkling. He winked again, and Rey took the signal. She jumped, wrapping her legs around Ryder's waist and pressing the rag against his mouth. He sucked in a deep breath to yell, but he never made the sound. Rey slid off his back as he slumped to the ground.

Harlem plucked the rag from her fingers. As soon as it was in his hand, it caught on fire, burning to ashes in seconds. He rubbed his fingers together, wrinkling his nose as he cleaned the ashes from his hand. Rey let out a breath she hadn't known she'd been holding. All of a sudden her knees were shaky, and her head was spinning. Her heart beat a tattoo on the inside of her chest, loud enough that Harlem threw her a glance.

"You ok there?"

Rey nodded. She willed the anxiety attack to go away, and little by little, the tremors subsided. She gave Harlem a shaky smile, and he swept her up into a hug, crushing his lips against hers. She yielded to his exploring tongue, needing him desperately. He chuckled softly, breaking the kiss. "You were perfect, Rey. Stay with me, huh? Just a little bit longer. Then..." his lips trailed across her cheek and down her neck.

She bit back a groan. "Okay. But remember, you promised."

He nuzzled against her, breathing against her skin. "Don't worry, doll. I remember."

*** Michael studied her for a moment, his eyes resting on her face. Angel defiantly held his gaze until he chuckled and leaned back. "Jenna McCallum, now where do I start with you."

Angel flinched at the sound of her real name. She didn't say anything when Ryder called her Jenna, but it wasn't endearing or even tolerable from Michael. The way he said it was taunting.

He shook his finger at her. "You're very important, you know. Much more important than you can comprehend. For that reason you must be kept very, very safe." He leaned back, his fingers in a steeple. "I've enlisted someone to help us keep you like that." His eyes flickered to the door, pausing. Then he smiled.

Angel felt a somewhat familiar presence, but it wasn't comforting at all. She riveted her eyes on Michael, trying to swallow, but finding that her throat was suddenly very dry. She flinched as a hand came down to rest on her shoulder, gently stroking the skin of her neck.

"Her power's getting stronger," Harlem said. His hand trailed down to cup her breast. When she flinched and pulled away he laughed, squeezing it before straightening himself and walking over to Michael.

Michael's eyes flickered from Harlem to Angel. Harlem just look confused for a moment, and then he nodded as if realizing something. He winked at Angel, or rather at the space behind her. Before the girl could move, Rey pressed a second chloroform-soaked rag against her mouth. Angel slumped in seconds, her head lolling against the armrest.

"Excellent," Michael said, "although you took your sweet time. The boys?"

"Taken care of," Harlem answered smoothly. "I cover my bases, brother."

Michael rose and stretched, his wings rustling behind him. "Very good. Yes, she is getting stronger. It's bothersome. I could feel her assaults on my mind." He paused. "Make sure she isn't given to anyone who knows anything. It could be disastrous for us."

"She will be acclimated with someone completely random," Harlem assured him. "Then we will turn her. All in due time, of course."

Michael rolled his neck and motioned at Rey. "Make it look real, yes?"

Harlem cracked a grin. He sprang immediately, knocking Michael to the ground and slamming his head against the floor. Rey cried out involuntarily, but Harlem was already gently checking his brother's pulse. He tapped the archangel's cheek lightly and stood.

"You'll have one hell of a headache when you wake up." Harlem's eyes slowly wandered over to Rey. She shivered. He was undressing her with those eyes. "Come here," he said, and Rey found herself obeying.

Harlem kissed her roughly, tearing her off-white dress from her shoulders. Rey flinched, but she was too caught up in the sensation of his hands on her breasts. She moaned in his mouth, pressing herself to him. She fumbled with the button on his pants and he laughed.

"You're so eager," he said quietly, licking her lower lip. Rey squeezed her thighs together. His voice aroused her and she couldn't help the wetness that was pooling in her nether regions.

Harlem let his pants slip down his hips. His erection pressed against Rey's bare belly, rubbing his pre-cum into her skin. She made a whimpering sound, unable to form words. She wanted him so badly.

He lay her down on the ground, straddling her waist and licking and sucking at her neck. The sight of her naked body made the daemon side of him rear up, but he suppressed it. Rey had never seen him in it. He was afraid he would scare her too much, which wouldn't work at all. She was too good a piece of tail to let go.

He cupped one of her breasts in his hand, massaging it while he continued to lathe her neck with his tongue. His cock nudged at her entrance and she moaned, pushing her hips toward him. He growled against her neck, his knees spreading her legs. He felt his fangs lengthen and he growled again, brushing them against her neck.

Rey shivered as his teeth brushed her skin. His body felt incredibly hot against hers, and the way he was rubbing against her wasn't lessening any of the sensations. She let out a moan and felt him tense. A moment later, something tickled her sex, rubbing into her folds until it found her clit. She bucked underneath him, crying out in pleasure. Her thoughts of how he was doing that when both his hands were on her breasts fled as she rocked against him.

Harlem felt his tail curve out of his body, flicking around in the air before it buried itself in Rey's warm wet folds. He gave up fighting for control and gave in to his daemon. With a feral growl he thrust into her, burying himself balls-deep inside her pussy.

Rey screamed but his mouth captured the sound. His fangs pulled at her bottom lip, drawing blood as he pulled out all the way. She whimpered, both at the pain of his bite and the emptiness in her. The sound pushed him over the edge, and he started pounding into her, crushing her mouth against his in a brutal kiss.

His tail flicked over her clit in a slow, continuous motion that clashed with his frenzied thrusts. His hands ran over her whole body, leaving a trail of fire wherever they went. Her body felt like it was going to explode. She tangled her hands in his hair, wanting more, needing more.

As Harlem felt himself reaching his climax, he pulled out of her and pulled her torso up. Without pausing, his fingers found her clit and started rubbing earnestly. His eyes met hers and she took the hint, sinking down and enveloping his throbbing length with her mouth. Harlem groaned. His tail, almost having a mind of its own, snaked down around Rey's back and in between her ass cheeks. Her breath hitched and her mouth tightened around his cock. That finished him.

His hips bucked as he shot ropes of hot, thick cum into the back of her throat. His finger pressed down hard on her clit at the same time his tail wiggled into her tight puckered hole, and she came with a pleasure that sent tremors up her whole body. She convulsed around his cock, swallowing all she could while in the throes of her orgasm. His cum leaked from the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

Harlem came down from his high, his breathing ragged and his eyes still mostly black with arousal. He silently watched Rey lick his cock clean and wipe the little white trails down her chin off with her hand. Her eyes on him, she licked her fingers clean, taking more time sucking each digit that she needed to.

He smiled thinly. She was a good fuck. What he was about to do almost pained him, if only because he hated to lose such a delectable piece of ass.

He dressed quickly, finishing before she did. With two strides he was next to Angel's unconscious form. He let his eyes wander over her. He had to hand it to Ryder, the man had good taste. It was too bad she was off-limits for him. His mouth turned into a dangerous smile. For now, at least.

He picked her up, holding her slim form easily in his arms. Rey watched him uncertainly, the first inklings of fear crossing her face. "Harlem?" she asked quietly, sounding more demure than she'd intended.

He took a step back. "Sorry, doll. You see, you're a liability." He frowned. "You're also fucking clingy, you know that? Anyways, you bog me down." He hefted Angel's form. "And as you can see, I've got myself a girl now."

Rey's eyes went wide, and she screamed, "But you promised! You promised to get me out of here!"

Harlem chuckled coldly. "And you trusted me, doll. Tough luck."

Then he vanished, taking Angel with him.

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