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Hello readers. This is a sequel, of sorts, to "With Two You Get ... ". I am trying some new ideas these days, and hope you enjoy them. As always, feedback is appreciated.

Lauren stormed into the living, stamping her heel-clad foot and tossing back her long, jet-black hair. "This sucks !" she scowled. Lauren was a loving partner, a good friend and a wonderful lover. What she was not was a good loser.

"Oh for God's sakes Lauren, don't be such a poor loser. You lost tonight's bet sweetie, I got the final Jeopardy question and you didn't." Raymond smiled sweetly at his much-younger lover as she began removing her top, mini and underwear, readying herself for sex. He was probably rubbing salt in the wound, but unable to help himself regardless. Ray just couldn't help himself from grinning with smug satisfaction. These little games he was playing with Lauren – and her younger sister Rachel – put an additional touch of spice into their relationship.

Not that too much spice was needed. After all, how many men his age were lucky enough to be the lover of one young woman – let alone two ? Nor was there any sense of competition among them. Lauren was his lady primarily, but he also enjoyed the sexual favors of her younger sister whenever Lauren was "indisposed" - all with Lauren's full consent. The only people in the dark about the relationship he shared with the two Asian lovelies were their parents, who were very traditional.

Those Old-world attitudes hadn't been passed along to the Yan girls. Both were wild, impulsive, they weren't afraid to go after what they wanted. Lauren had seduced him first, being bold by leaving her number in a Fortune Cookie at her family's restaurant. They'd spent a few passionate, romantic evenings together before she loosed her younger sister, Rachel, on his unsuspecting person.

In some ways, Rachel was the antithesis of her older sibling. Where Lauren was somewhat quiet and sensual, Rachel was bold, fiery – she could be very gutter-mouthed, almost a "slut" in the way she fucked. Some of it was rubbing off on her older sister, she talked a bit more freely now as Rachel had told her that Ray always got extra hot when she screamed, talked dirty and carried on. It didn't come naturally to Lauren, but the last time she had cried out " Fuck me , you hard-dicked older bastard, fuck me like a bitch in heat , fuck my hot, steaming cunt !" she didn't think she'd ever seen her boyfriend – well, their boyfriend, she supposed – so fired up. Lauren turned to her boyfriend and pouted "I still say 2000."

Raymond sighed, stubbornness was not one of her attractive qualities. "And you'd still be wrong." The Final Jeopardy question tonight had been "When was the first Leap Year of the 21st Century?" Lauren had said 2000, but Raymond had correctly said "2004. Centuries don't start at 0, they start at 1. 2001 until 2100." When Alex Trebek revealed that to be the final answer, Lauren was fuming.

Raymond, Lauren and Rachel often placed wagers – of a sexual nature – on the outcome of "Jeopardy" questions or "Trivial Pursuit." It kept their sex life fun and kinky. More often than not, Rachel would beat Raymond in their wagering – she was a Trivia Machine. Last time, she'd brought over a girlfriend and insisted that Ray service the girl while she played with herself and watched. Qiana, the girlfriend, was black, leggy and breathtaking, so Raymond had no complaints. He screwed the girl six ways from Sunday, then watched as she paid dutiful homage to Rachel's shaved pussy. He was disappointed to find out the deal was he could not be with them as a duo, he had to watch and jerk off while Qiana fucked Rachel with a strap-on. Towards the end, Rachel relented and let him fuck Qiana one final time, but her pussy was off-limits for that evening. The next time he screwed Rachel, she could barely walk when he was finished. Finding out she was into girls had really turned Ray on. A threesome with one of his girls was his ultimate fantasy, yet unrealized.

Raymond's lover was going to have to acquiesce to his demands tonight – he wanted to have Anal Sex with her, another first for them both. Something she'd never done before. Something Raymond himself had never attempted with any previous lover. Lauren scowled at Raymond, as much as she adored her older lover, she wasn't thrilled with the results of their latest wager, but she'd set "No Limits" on their game early on, as had Rachel. He'd always come through when he lost, so she sighed and surrendered to her fate. This was his wildest demand yet, but Lauren trusted him enough to know he'd stop if it were causing her any pain or discomfort.

Raymond came in from her bathroom with a tube of KY Jelly, the smug smile still on his face. She looked at him with a mock-serious face and stated " You'd better hope I don't win next time, I've been having Bondage fantasies" she grinned.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm scared!" he shot back. He watched as his sexy girlfriend began sliding out of her slinky, powder-blue negligee, her golden-hued body still captivated him. No matter how many times he looked at Lauren, she still got him hotter than hell. She was tall, slender, leggy with sexy dark, almond eyes, long black hair and tiny, delicate morsels for breasts. She had a gorgeous rump – he couldn't wait to bury his dick inside of it. He was constantly wondering what Fate he had to thank for delivering her to him.

Raymond was crazy about Lauren – a talented art student and Free Spirit who was now paying for her education by working as a GoGo Dancer. The Yans would have disowned their daughter if they knew that, so she and Raymond had concocted a "Cover Story" that he was paying her for "Secretarial Help." On her first day at "work", she'd worn a proper secretary's outfit – with black silk stockings, a black thong and "fuck me" pumps. He'd screwed her passionately on the desk for over 3 hours, both were a bit sore, but it was worth the pain.

Lauren moved with a languid grace, her body was so built for sexual pleasures. The first time they'd fucked, Raymond was left weak and exhausted. He'd taken to vitamins every day to keep up his strength, if Lauren wasn't exhausting him, her younger sister was. After their parent's restaurant closed, Rachel had gotten herself a job in an Adult Bookstore. As she was sixty-nining with him one night, she told him that she'd gotten lots of kinky ideas for them to try from her new job. Unlike Lauren, Rachel wasn't particularly concerned with what her parents thought, although she was discreet and didn't wish to upset them either.

The sisters had put off every man that had asked them out – a burly long-haul trucker named Sam was the one who broke down Rachel's resistance and he'd gotten her cherry. On his next visit to the Mandarin Palace, he'd brought his cousin Julie – and Rachel'd gotten her first taste of cunt. She knew that she was bi from that point on and she and Julie became the closest of friends. When Julie married her boyfriend, she set Rachel up with her roommate, Qiana. Qiana knew her way around a woman's body, the lean black girl feasted on Rache's cunt for hours, wringing orgasm after orgasm out of the young Asian, then demanding Rachel service her as a sex-slut for the next two days. She'd kept that story from Lauren, but she told Ray all about it in excruciating, lusty detail.

Lauren held out for Ray, her favorite customer. When she got to know him as a person and not just a lover, she was pleased to find out he knew oodles about art, music and literature. "Don't stereotype!" he said one night, wagging a finger at her. "Wasn't it you who gave me grief for assuming all Asian women were demure?"

They were beginning the evening's games, so far, Raymond was gentle, the way that Lauren enjoyed it, but her lover could be a brute when she wanted that. She was experimenting with her boundaries, with full encouragement from Rachel, who teased Lauren about a "stud bull" their man was. Rachel got off on being fucked like a whore and made to scream, having her hair pulled, her ass slapped as Raymond drilled her like a slut, from behind.

Raymond's strong, masculine hands were roaming Lauren's body, caressing her, easing a lot of her tensions away. Lauren was trembling – unsure of whether it was fear of the unknown or anticipatory lust. He was eating her cunt now, which never failed to whet her appetite for sex. She kept herself trimmed down there, not shaved like Rachel, Raymond liked her little "Vee". He licked her for a while, knowing she liked to be kissed and sucked on before intercourse, and she had the sweetest muff he'd ever licked. It was all about easing her tensions so that she could enjoy this new experience.

"Give me that mouth-serviee babe!" he barked, sprawling on the bed. Lauren took him deep within her soft lips, she gave great head and soon enough, Ray was rock-hard and ready to go. At first, he slid it deep into her pussy, tenderly fucking her the way she liked, hearing her murmurs of pleasure as she rocked back against him. She had the most beautiful ass in the world, he couldn't wait to fuck it and hear her howl – okay, there was no point in putting it off any longer – it was time for him to collect on the bet!

"Oooh boy!" Lauren said, feeling herself tense up a bit as Raymond greased up her rosebud with her pussy juices and fingered her gently. It felt – odd – but not entirely unpleasant to have his digit up her butt, but his fingers were a lot more slender than his long cock. Still, a warm, near-burning sensation was in her anus, Lauren was approaching all of this was no small amount of trepidation.

Ray moved closer behind her, holding her by the hips. Lauren tried to get into the spirit of the moment and wiggled her rump at her lover, but he could sense her unease. If it had been Rachel, she would likely be whimpering for it by now, but the sisters were very different in bed. Raymond caressed her breasts and rump, telling her in a soothing tone "Try and relax angel, trust me – you know I would never do anything that would hurt you, don't you?"

"I – I guess!" she said as a warm feeling began to run through her body. She could feel his tongue slithering once more over the rosebud of her asshole, then she saw Raymond applying the lube to his cock. " Oh my God , he's so big, he'll hurt me, he's really going to fuck me in the ass!" she trembled, but then she calmed herself down. He adored her and her own common sense came into play – he would never hurt her and he was a damned good fuck! Just go with the flow, Lauren thought.

Lauren just closed off her mind for the moment, letting herself go. She could feel inch-by-inch of his hard, long cock entering her ass – oh FUCK , it hurt – more and more sunk in – it hurt a bit less – he was inside of her now, while his fingers rubbed against her pussy and she began to tremble, it hurt a lot less. Now it was beginning to feel hot, to burn – but in a very sensual, naughty way. She began to feel very good as Raymond began to pump and thrust his hips, still softly caressing her body to increase her pleasure and ease her discomfort.

"Damn – oh Christ baby, this is GOOD – FUCK ME baby, fuck my ass! Drill me baby, fuck my slutty ass!" she howled, remembering Rachel's advice that Raymond was really turned on by trash-talk. Her mature lover was extremely thrilled that Lauren seemed to be getting into it, so he did just as his sexy young girlfriend asked and really began pounding her butt, swatting her additionally while he butt-fucked the gorgeous Asian honey.

"Like it, my beautiful bitch?" Ray growled, his eyes nearly closed as he concentrated hard on giving her the screwing she now seemed to want. He wasn't sure if he'd want to do this all the time – Lauren had the TIGHTEST ass he could imagine – yet despite her earlier reluctance, she was getting into it more than Ray had ever anticipated when he'd come up with this lewd idea.

Lauren was really moving against him now, her ass shaking and bouncing against his invading dick, her black hair plastered to her back from the sweat of the fucking. Every time she had sex with this wonderful man, she adored him more, he'd been an inspired choice as a lover. Moaning and groaning, loving the way Raymond's cock in her ass and his knowing hands were making her feel, she wondered what other nasty ideas he could come up with? She knew that Ray and her sister had a threesome recently – although her sister's lesbian-play with Qiana remained a secret - and she wondered what she could do to top these last few encounters? Hmmm , Lauren pondered – would he be interested in a Harem Girl? Or a cute Asian schoolgirl? Or a cute little maid? There were lots of possibilities.

Raymond was dicking her ass hard, all the while strumming her clit to keep her relaxed and simultaneously aroused. Lauren was fully aware of her body, she tingled in new ways and she was in the throes of an ecstatic new feeling.

"Goddam it, you fucking bastard, you were right, this is a great kind of sex!" she hissed. "Fuck it to me Raymond hon, fuck the shit out of me!" Lauren and Raymond howled when they realized what she'd said.

"So you're going to want us to fuck this way again?" he panted hard as he continued fucking her tight ass. He was enjoying his first anal encounter almost as much as she was.

"I think I could be more readily convinced!" Lauren said throatily as she felt her sphincter contracting around Raymond's cock. She could feel his body tense and she knew that he was about to cum. "Take it out, cum on my ass baby!" she yelled. Raymond did just that, covering her with the sticky, white fluid. "You have the greatest ass babe!" he said, swatting her gorgeous ass.

He ran to the bathroom to take a leak and to get washcloths to clean them up, so Lauren shifted a bit in the bed. While he was in there, the bedside phone rang, it was Rachel.


"So what ?"

"I know what he wanted for the wager tonight – and I had a feeling you lost, right?"

Lauren sighed. "Yes."

"So, how was your first butt-fuck?"

" RACHEL! You're so vulgar!"

"Yep, and men love it! So ...?"

"It was pretty good. I wouldn't do it every time, but he was slow and careful and I felt things I'd never felt before. He's a good lover, isn't he?"

Rachel agreed. "We picked a good one, that's for sure. Hey, his birthday's coming up, isn't it?" Got any ideas?"

Lauren did and she heard her sister squeal on the other end of the phone. "Oh, he'll really get off on that!" she enthused. Rachel and Lauren ended their conversation just as Raymond re-entered the bedroom, grinning at her and throwing her a towel to clean up with.

"What was that about?"

"Can't say" she answered. She cuddled in beside him and they kissed. She had no regrets about losing the wager now, it had hurt a bit, but it was a delicious pain. After a while, the feelings transformed and became so intense. In the future, Lauren knew she'd be more than willing to make "an ass of herself" during their sexplay.

For his upcoming birthday, Raymond was going to get a lot more than just cake – that much the sisters had planned.

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