tagGay MaleWinning Gold

Winning Gold


"Uhh, uhh, uhhhhhhh," Jason shuddered as Christopher eased his cock into his ass.

Christopher's hand pumped Jason's swollen tool in time to his thrusts, as he tried to distract his lover from the slight discomfort of being breached for the first time that night. He had prepared Jason well with first one, then two, then three well-lubricated fingers. The throaty moans excited him, but he promised himself that he would never force himself on Jason, no matter how difficult it was to control his urges.

"Are you okay," Chris groaned.

"Yeah, I just love how this hurts back there; it b-balances out the ache in my cock!" Jason sighed.

Chris rubbed his hand gently over Jason's muscled chest, toward his stomach and the twitching piece of meat that always mesmerised him like a cobra in a basket. He ignored Jason's obvious need and thumbed his nipple lightly, and getting the groan that he wanted, Chris plucked the nub gently while pushing himself another half inch into his lover's body. He pulled out and started the process again, ignoring the little grunt of frustration from his friend.

Chris was hungry for Jason since they had not made love in nearly a month, a concession to the fact that they were both elite athletes and representing their respective countries in the Summer Olympics in London. They had competed against each other, breaking each other's world records in the pools around the world for the past three years. They had been lovers for two of these years, keeping a secret that they both agreed would threaten the sponsorship deals that they each had if their relationship were generally known.

He had been worried that Jason would have been angry with him, and not allowed him to touch him since he had just taken gold medals in four of the five races in which they had competed during the Games. Jason had taken the silver to him each time and he had taken the bronze to Jason's gold in the 200m individual medley. Jason's generous hugs after each race and his congratulatory tweets had made Chris even happier than winning the medals had done.

Chris planted a soft kiss on Jason's back, a silent thank you for allowing him to have everything that he had ever wanted: Jason's love and the medals. He really had come out on top in life. He had won gold in a big way. He didn't care if Ashton, his previous lover, a diver on the Canadian team, thought that his love of kissing was too gay; Jason was cool about it.

"I only lost because I was so horny for you," Jason said teasingly.

"Yeah, right!"

He pushed back in again, claiming his prize of being top for a month. It was a win-win situation, but neither of them was going to point out the obvious.

"Fuck! That feels good!"

"Of course it does," Chris bragged.

"Shut the hell up and fuck me!"

His hand caressed Jason's back and gripped his flank as he pushed in again, the shallow digs into the young man's body deepening with each push. When he finally found his balls pressed firmly against his lover's back he hooted into Jason's ear.

"Must you always do that?" Jason grumbled.

Chris chose that moment to begin his rhythmic pounding of Jason's ass. It was clear to Chris that the young Jamaican felt no pain. He wanted him to feel a great deal of pleasure though and so he angled himself so that he pounded Jason's prostate with each thrust. The young man's increasingly noisy groans as his orgasm approached were music to Chris' ears.

The door broke open, suddenly.

"Are you okay, Jas..." a young man, about their own age, stopped, and stared like a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding car.

"Shit!" the intruder exclaimed.

Chris sprang away from Jason as if he was being burned. He was frustrated and angry at the interruption, at the same time that he was desperate to protect his lover from scrutiny. This was what they had always feared would happen. It would be bad for him, but for Jason it would be the death of his reputation at home. Homosexuality was still frowned on in his homeland and they were sure that he would be ruined there if people knew about him.

They did not usually meet each other so close to other people, but he had found himself getting cranky with his teammates and short with the throng of journalists that surrounded them constantly. He had caught himself staring at Jason a couple of times from across the crowded aquatic centre and had had to cut the celebrations short when he felt the beginnings of an erection. He had had to have Jason. Seeing him, but not being able to touch him, was becoming distracting and counter-productive. Their events were over anyway and they had decided to linger a few days to see a few of the sights of London and to watch some of the other sports around them. Jason had actually got tickets for them to see some of the athletics where he was confident that Jamaica would make a good showing.

"Get out!" he shouted at the open-mouthed journalist.

The man stood there, staring at them for what seemed like an eternity, and Chris was just about to pound him into oblivion and damn the consequences when the man closed the door behind himself and spoke again.

"Jason, what the fuck is wrong with you? I thought you got over this!" the man whispered furiously.

"It's not something that I can just get over," Jason muttered.

"Okay then, you two clearly know each other," Chris butted in. He felt an irrational sense of relief that someone else knew about them at last and that it didn't seem as bad as it could have been. True, the man seemed annoyed with Jason, but somehow things didn't seem to be heading to hell for them. He obviously knew that Jason was gay, but it was clear that he had not said anything before. In fact, his behaviour could have been interpreted as being protective.

"Do you mind? Let us put some clothes on."

"Please," the man said, sarcastically.

"Chris, meet my cousin, Charles," Jason said as he shrugged into a pair of sweats. He left his shirt off and Chris had to turn away quickly so as not to become overwhelmed by the view.

"Y-your cousin? You're kidding, right," he stammered as he put on his clothes.

"Yeah, Jamaica is small. He got this gig to cover these Games because I'm here."

"You're a madman!" Charles hissed his teeth. "I got this gig because I'm good at what I do; but don't try to change the subject; you have to be more careful! What if it had been someone else who had come in here tonight?"

"I guess we'd have had to invite him to join us in a threesome."

"Stop it Jason. It's not worth it. You're going to destroy your career."

"It is actually," Jason said gently after a brief pause.

"What? What exactly are you saying?" Charles asked wide-eyed.

"I'm saying that I'm thinking of retiring; becoming a kept man."

"You shitting me?"

Charles was aghast. He rounded on Chris.

"Talk some sense into him nuh man! He's the biggest thing that we have outside of athletics and he's going to throw it all away!"

"Obviously, you and I don't see eye-to-eye on this, Charles," Chris grinned happily at Jason. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of your cousin."

"Actually I don't need anybody to take care of me. Now that I think about it, if the sponsors drop me because of this, I'll sue them. I have rights!"

Chris had to sit down because he was getting excited again watching this bolder, more assertive Jason stare down his cousin and tell him that he didn't care if people found out about his private life.

"Want an exclusive, Charlie? You can break the story about me being gay, but leave Chris out of it."

"Stop it Jason!"

"Don't want it, C? I'll give the interview to another journalist if you don't. I am not hiding anymore."

"You won't win in any court in Jamaica. Your sponsors there will leave you. What will your fans think!??!"

"I have other options outside of Jamaica. You said it yourself, I'm the biggest thing outside of athletics."

"I think you're going to have to leave now, Charlie unless you actually want to watch me fuck your cousin," Chris said breathlessly.

"Jason! I don't want you to do this!" Charles was clearly getting desperate.

Chris heard the plea in Charles' voice, and suddenly he wasn't sure if Charles had been arguing to save Jason's career or if he was defending his territory. He felt a flash of aroused jealousy at his sudden suspicion that Charles might have known Jason far more intimately than the two of them were admitting to at the moment. It occurred to him that Charles had only rarely looked away from Jason since he had entered the room. Chris would have to ask Jason about him as soon as they were alone.

Chris glanced at Charles' groin to see if he were aroused. The man did carry a good package, but since he hadn't checked when the man had first entered the room, Chris couldn't be sure if Charles was excited, or just the stereotypical image of a black man. He cleared his throat to prevent himself from saying something stupid.

"Let's talk about this later, Charlie. Chris and I have some things to discuss," Jason smirked, knowingly.

Shit, the man was sexy! If Charles didn't leave soon he would have much more material than he'd bargained for.

"Are you going to join us, Charles?" Chris asked cheekily while reaching for Jason.

He had not expected a serious answer, but he got one.

"Y-yessss," Charles hissed.

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