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Winning Incentive


'This is the day. This is the day' Andy repeated the mantra all the way to the batter's box.

"Bottom of the ninth and batting last is every one's favorite SysAdmin. With runners on second and third and a score of 2 to 4 with two outs -- it all comes down to this. So far it's been an epic battle between sales and IT in this year's company softball tournaments. Yes sir, it's all down to this at bat to see if the boys of IT can break the 5 year loosing streak against the folks of the sales department."

'Will someone shut that idiot up' Andy thought bitterly and then quickly cleared the thoughts from his head. There was too much riding on this to get angry... 'This is the day. This is the day...'

"Swing and a miss. At this point the hairy geek has got to be sweating more than a harlot in church on an Alabama Sunday summer morning."

'What the hell? Did Harry Caray have a one night stand with a southern minister?' Andy shook his head and focused on the pitcher. Just one hit and his plan would come to fruition. Just one hit and he'd take the whole IT team back to the house and share his home, his food, his wife and his wine. This gang bang was the one thing that brought his department together to try one more time to beat those asses from sales. She didn't know this was coming, but this very scenario has been her most passionate fantasy ever since he'd known her and she loves surprises so this should...

"What is the big man thinking? He didn't even swing at that one. So this is strike two. Looks like this is going to be a Casey At The Bat story. So folks I'd like to thank you for taking part in this year's tournament. Seat cushions provided by Parson's Pest Control. Do you have-"

'Will that old redneck shut up! God, I hate that poem. This will be the day. This will be the...'

"Holy Mother! The geek's gotten a hold of that one. Is it... Is it... It is! It's out of the park ladies and gentleman. The streak is broken. IT five, sales four. The IT department wins. The IT department WINS!"

'This is the fucking day.' Andy was all smiles while he jogged around the bases. As he rounded third base he saw his team running to meet him at the home plate.

"Boys", he shouted, "the party's at my house!"


"So when are we going to get down to this?" Michael asked as he squinted into the late afternoon sun. The nine guys of the IT team lounged around Andy's back patio. The smell of the last of the barbecue was mingled with the smell of fresh cut grass from a neighbor's yard. From the look on his teammate's faces Andy knew he couldn't make them wait much longer.

"OK. You guys start getting your women out of here and I'll go get Catherine ready."

"Get me ready for what?"

Andy's face sunk as he heard the back door open and the sound of the wives and girlfriends spill out onto the patio. Amidst howls and cheers from the guys Andy met his wife before she made it too far onto the patio.

"Honey, I have a surprise for you" Andy said using his smoothest voice as he led her back into the house.


"You set up what?" Catherine asked as her face showed a mask of fear, anger and... interest.

"I checked with every guy, they're all clean. They are into this and they promised to be discrete." Andy was starting to feel as if the walls of their bedroom were closing in on him. "This is the perfect opportunity for you to fulfill that fantasy of yours."

"That's not the point! You should of talked to me about this."

"But you said you wanted this to be a surprise?" It was Andy's turn to show a mix of emotion: fear, confusion and a hint of hope.

Catherine took a steadying breath and tried to calm her voice "But you big dummy, I started my period today."

Andy now understood her anger, he forgot about biology. With a sheepish, half grin he suggested "We could... uhm... go ahead anyway. I don't think the guys would mind?"

"But I would!" Catherine's anger was returning. How dare he surprise her like this?

"OK. OK. We'll just forget it. I'll go break it to the guys; they'll understand. They're geeks and are used to disappointment. I'll find another way to make it up to them... somehow." Shaking his head sadly Andy turned towards the door.

"Oh bullshit. Don't you try to guilt me like that." Catherine's tone froze Andy in his tracks. He realized he'd gone too far. Andy slowly turned back towards his wife. He was bracing for the storm that he'd caused. But what he saw shocked him; his wife was smiling.

"I know you were trying to do something for me and your work friends. You were trying. So give me a few minutes to see if I can figure out something. You run along..." There was a long pause and Andy could almost hear the wheels turning in her head "... and play with the guys."

Andy opened his mouth to say something but Catherine shushed him. "No questions. Go." And with that Catherine all but kicked him out of their home.


Nathan looked at his boss with concern "What do you think she's planning?"

The question hung in the air for a long time. The crickets were active and the moon was midway up the sky. The guys had been banished to the back yard for several hours now. The only clues about what was awaiting them was the sound of cars coming and going and the stray giggles that could be heard escaping each time the front door was opened and closed. The one time they tried to go inside they were greeted with screams of 'Get out', a case of beer, a gallon of tea and a mandate to piss in the tree line if they needed.

Andy shook his head and finally replied "I don't know man, I really don't know."

About 15 minutes before eleven the backdoor opened and Catherine stood in the doorway, hands on her hips, wearing a company league softball uniform.

"OK! Listen up boys. It's game time." Catherine's voice boomed across the patio and echoed into the night. She strode onto the patio, followed by the rest of the women. They all wore company softball uniforms.

Catherine stared at the guys who were all dumbfounded. She cocked her head and took a moment to look each man dead in the eye. A smile started to spread across her face, but she quickly suppressed it.

"Damn it men, go get your asses in uniform. We have a fucking game to play."

At that last comment the guys looked to Andy for a clue as to what they should do. He shrugged his shoulders and motioned for them to head into the house. With that the guys started to file into the house to get their game bags. As Andy started to follow his teammates, a soft hand pulled him to the side. Thinking Catherine wanted to explain what was going on he waited. After the last of the guys disappeared into the house Catherine, Micheal's wife Sarah and John's girlfriend Angie surrounded him as the back door was closed. Angie was almost unable to stop herself from giggling as she put her face near Andy's and asked, in a tinkling voice, "And where do you think you were going?"

Andy shrugged, hesitated for a moment and said in a confused voice "Umm... with the rest of the team?"

Sarah starred at him, unblinking and cold. She raised one eyebrow and said "But she said for the men to go get dressed." The stress on 'men' wasn't lost on Andy. It was at that moment that he noticed the telltale bulges in the women's tight fitting uniform pants.

"Guys let him be. Andi will understand soon enough. Angie would you make sure all the rest of the team gets to the field no sooner than 2:00am. Keep them... entertained until then. Sarah and I have to get our star ready." The way Catherine said his name, in a girlish, singsong way, did little to calm his growing concern.

As Andy watched Angie bounce into the house a knot formed in the pit of his stomach. Catherine saw him go pale and said, with mock sympathy, "Ah... what's the matter Honey? Don't you like surprises?


A silent stalemate set in on the patio while the three heard everyone exit the house, vehicles start, and then cars driving off into the night.

"Where's everyone going?" Andy tried to sound nonchalant but it came out in a pinched, quiet whisper.

Keeping with her cold persona, Sarah replied over her shoulder as she headed into the house. "They are going to a strip club to get ready for the main show later tonight."

Catherine grabbed Andy's upper arm and led him into his own house. With a sarcastic voice Catherine added, "Come on sweetie. We have to go get you ready." Once the trio entered the master bedroom, the women sat Andy on his bed and stood over him. Andy finally found his voice. "What exactly do you have in mind? The guys go to a strip club and I have to sit it out?"

"Not exactly dear" his wife said. Putting her hands on her hips, Catherine took on a slow, friendly voice. It was the type of voice you would use explaining a complicated problem to a child. "Quite to the contrary silly. You will be the center of attention." For the first time Sarah's facade broke as a slight giggle escaped her deep red lips. Catherine, ignoring her partner, continued. "I know you are a good man, and that you were trying to bring your team together, so we're going to help you. If a gangbang is what it is going to take to reward them, then they're going to get one."

Andy wasn't sure where this was going but it didn't feel like a place he wanted it to. Always hopeful, he suggested "So you're getting a stripper for this?" His comment elicited a belly laugh from both of the women. Before they had even caught their breath Catherine let out, "No silly gurl, you won't have to strip."

Andy's heart sunk. As the women finished their laughter, Sarah walked over to the bathroom door and grabbed a plastic shopping bag. Catherine resumed her boss posse, hands on her hips with a stern look on her beautiful face. "You promised the guys that they'd get to fuck a hot slut and, since I love you, I'm going to help you keep that promise. It's really the same plan. The only difference is that you are going to be the hot slut."

Andy's head was rolling, but he was, by trade, a problem solver. "How about one of the other women? Did you ask them if they wanted to take the role. I mean the fantasy is common enough." While he started strong, the last sentence came out more like a pleading petition than a strong suggestion.

"Oh, I did! But," Catherine let a pregnant pause fill the room. She leaned forward and, putting her lips inches from his face, she finished in a soft, sexy tone, "they liked my idea better." The smile that spread across her face was a mix of triumph, eroticism and just a hint of pure evil. Catherine tweaked his nose, stood up and began to pace in front of him. "You see, you shared one of my deepest, most personal fantasies with everyone in your office. I told you that in confidence, in the throws of passion. Your betrayal of that privacy hurt me, deeply."

Catherine's smile slid from her face for the briefest of moments. In that moment, Andy realized the mistake he'd made. He had hurt the person he loved more than anything else in the world. Catherine saw the look of pain on her husband's face and for a moment considered backing out of her plan, but that moment passed and she rationalized to herself that even if she wanted to back out now she couldn't. The plan was already set in motion.

"Ah, sweetie. I know you didn't try to hurt me." She bent down and lightly touched the side of his face. She looked deep into his big brown eyes and saw that he knew he was in the wrong. He couldn't hold her glaze and had to look down. Catherine lightly brought his chin up so she once again had his eyes.

"But you did." her voice matching the sadness in her husband's eye. "However," her tone becoming hopeful, "you can fix it and make everything even." The tears that had started to form at the corner of Andy's eyes began to dry as he asked "How?"

"Tit for tat dear. You gave away one of my secrets so I get to give away one of yours." She stood up and pulled over the chair from her makeup table. She sat down and leaned towards her husband like a conspirator in a some great scheme.

"You see, after we exiled you and the guys to the backyard, I talked to the girls. And while a couple of the women even volunteered to help you guys out you had hurt us, all of us. You hurt them by offering their spouses a way to cheat on them, you hurt me by telling everyone my desires and you hurt all of us by not being honest. So I came up with a plan. First I pulled up your computer and showed the girls those sites you like to browse at night?" Andy looked confused, he often caught up on tech news after he got home from work. Catherine saw his confusion and smiled. "Oh, I don't mean the boring ones. I showed them the fun ones."

Andy's mouth went slack as his wife continued.

"I pulled the sites up for all the everyone to see and we went through your history."

Andy's eyes went wide. He enjoyed pornography and had never been shy about sharing it with Catherine. In turn, she shared the porn she liked with him. That's when he first learned about her group sex fantasies. His taste for porn was wide and varying. He liked women, lesbians, lingerie, group, straight, and even a little bit of gay male stuff. But he knew at once what sites she had shown them. "Crossdressers." The word escaped his lips against his will. It was the one fetish he had that was the hardest one for him to accept. As such it had taken a long time for him to share it with his wife.

Sarah took that as her cue to pull a pair of white stockings with bright red bows from the bag and drop them on the bed.

Catherine's voice took on a tone of evil joy. "Here's the deal honey. Tonight you can make amends to me, the other women and give your guys the reward you promised them. All you have to do is, how should I say, take one for the team." Andy heard Sarah mutter something under her breath about 'more than one' but he ignored it.

"And if I can't?" Andy really didn't think he could go through with it. This was too much.

Shrugging her shoulders Catherine added, "Then all of the women have promised to never mention what they know about you to their men. The guys will go to the strip club thinking that a night with the dancers was their reward. And they will go back to work on Monday thinking you had bit off more than you could chew. Life will go on for everyone."

Catherine let another pause hang before she added in a slightly hurt tone, "Except you will have to live knowing that you have betrayed my trust and didn't try to make it up to me when you had the chance." She knew he was just trying to make her fantasy a reality and really couldn't think badly of her husband. He didn't mean to hurt her and she felt no great animosity towards him. So as she looked down at her husband's shocked face she knew she was playing an evil game. But what Andy didn't know was that she had other group sex fantasies; ones she hadn't shared with him yet. The one she had in mind put her husband of over a decade in the staring role of just such a situation. When else would she get a chance like this?

Andy just sat on the bed he and his wife shared feeling like a monster. What had been an attempt to make everyone happy had just been turned on its head. For a moment he thought hard about saying no. Fantasy and pornography was one thing but these were his friends, neighbors and co-workers. He knew he couldn't face them come Monday morning. But as he looked up at his wife he knew he would do anything for her. And, if he was honest with himself, he'd seen a few transvestite gangbang videos that he found incredibly arousing. He took a deep breath, looked at the women, and asked with a great deal of resignation "What do I have to do?"


The woman hopped up and down squealing like school girls. The smiles that they shared almost made him change his mind.

"OK, first off you have to be more... feminine. " Sarah, the icy persona now lost for the moment, said in a surprisingly giddy tone. She waved her hand up and down in his direction. "That means all that hair has got to go." With that, the women all but drug him to the shower and began to strip him.

While Andy normally wouldn't have had an issue with two women stripping him down, he suddenly felt very self-conscience. Sure he was going to be dolled up but he still wanted to give a good impression. However, Andy was a grower and not a shower. And with everything that had just went down he didn't feel much like growing. "Uhm, ladies can I have a moment to myself. I .. err.. need... uhm ... yea".

Reading his mind, Catherine chided him. "Give it up you little slut. For the next few hours you're our bitch and what you call your 'cock' isn't an issue. You don't even get to have a cock, you have...." Catherine drew a blank that Sarah was happy to fill in. "You have a clitty." Catherine and Sarah both shared another giggle at this idea. Andy started to grow bright red. With that Sarah undid his fly and dropped his jeans and boxers in one swift motion. She glanced down at his crotch and giggle "Yep, a little sissy clitty." The mild humiliation was actually arousing him; he felt more and more like he might be able to make a good impression after all.

The women were giggling at his obvious arousal. They began to alternate between touching him and each other. "Hey Cat, I think she likes it." Catherine nodded and added. "Oh, you have no idea how much he likes this. I mean he gets off on the most outlandish stuff. I mean we've been in bed after she's spent the evening looking at the 'gurls' and you wouldn't believe some of the fantasies she comes up with. 'Put me in panties.' 'Make be suck cock.' 'I want to be your slut." Catherine stopped to wipe tears that her giggling had caused. "Oh man, his cock... err... her clitty gets so hard she almost shakes." Both women broke into more laughter at Catherine's mocking. As Andy continued to remove his clothing, their giggling gave way to a deep tongue kiss.

Andy couldn't believe it. Here was his wife telling her friend some of his most twisted fantasies. He felt betrayed, shocked and, most surprising of all, unbelievably aroused. He no longer had anything to fear about making a good first impression; his cock was harder than it had been in a long time.

The women broke their embrace and Catherine stopped to look at Sarah. "Wait! Men get to have two hot women playing with them." She look at Andy with a serious expression. "This is your last chance. We can stop now and go no further. But," Catherine paused long enough to stroke Sarah's breasts through the uniform with an opened mouth moan, "you live with your choice." Catherine's hand roamed lower on Sarah's body. "However, if you accept, for tonight only, you quit being a man. You are going to be transformed into a gangbang gurl. Are you sure you want to go on?" Catherine was now masturbating Sarah through her uniform. Sarah's mouth was forming the classic O shape. Andy didn't think she was faking it. At this point he was quite enjoying himself and the live show that was happening in front of his eyes. He quickly accepted with a short, croaking "Yes". Catherine nodded at her partner in crime and the women shared a quick, knowing look. They were sure that their plan would work.

It was now Sarah's turn to torment Andy. "Although", she started, "you won't be a woman either." She shook her head disapprovingly. "I mean look at those ugly balls." To drive her point home, she slapped his testicles with the palm of her hand. She was none too gently either. "So you obviously not a woman. You're going to be a 'gurl' and our little bitch." This was delivered with another slap of his now sore balls. The change in tone, and pain, was quickly deflating his erection. "You're going to be our bitch, our little slut." Sarah added three more shots to his balls in quick succession, the whole time giggling at the result the impacts were having. His cock was as flaccid as when he walked into the bathroom. This seem to please both of the women.

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