tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWinston Ridge Academy -- September

Winston Ridge Academy -- September


She was so blessed, so lucky. Four years in a liberal arts accounting program with a minor in education, she graduated summa cum laude and landed her dream job. She was a pert five foot two inch blonde with big blue eyes, the kind of eyes that one could get lost in if they gazed in them too long. She wasn't small, by any sense, but she was strong. She was a farm girl and loved the hard work and had the leg and arm muscles to prove it. But that was all behind her, she was starting her first day as a high school business teacher. No more jeans and muck boots for her, from now on it would be dresses and suits, stockings and heels and she couldn't wait.

She landed the job over the summer, she was a prime candidate because it was the school where she had student taught. She found a lovely little one bedroom apartment not far away and with the help of her parents she furnished it and moved in a week before the start date. Time seemed to fly and here she was walking through the double doors with the rest of the staff on the first day of school.

There were meetings and more meetings and even more meetings. She was introduced, "Please welcome Miss Brittany Fargus, our new business teacher taking the place of Joe Wilkes who retired this past June." She stood, embarrassed by the attention, and smiled. There were many welcomes and hand shaking before the end of the day.

Finally, she had an opportunity to work in her room. It was a lovely room, large windows along one side letting in beautiful sunshine, 28 student desks in rows, and a teacher's desk, which was bare except for a monthly planner. Along the wall were closets and file cabinets filled to the brim with materials left behind from teachers gone before. She worked well into the evening, creating bulletin boards, writing lesson plans, preparing for her first week.

"Ah, miss...", she turned her head to the door to see one of the custodial staff. "We're closing up for the day, you planning on working much longer?"

"Oh, sorry, I didn't realize how late it'd gotten. Hi! I'm Brittany Fargus, the new teacher on the block. I'll be out in about ten, will that be alright? I'll hurry."

"Well Miss Fargus, I'm Jim, head night custodian. If you want, I'll walk you out, if you'd like, I mean it's dark and late, and oh, I'm sorry I tend to ramble," he stammered, eyes cast to the floor. "Jim?" she asked to get his attention, "I'd love to walk out with you, thank you for the offer. I'll meet you at the back doors?"

It was the first day of classes and she looked younger than some of the students, the only thing separating them were the choice of clothes. Instead of youthful jeans, shorts and tees, Brittany wore a pinstriped dress suit cut above the knee with low black heels. She stood at the door greeting students as they arrived. She gave the same speech five times to introduce herself and set the classroom rules. She smiled so much her face hurt. She stood so much her feet hurt. And she quickly found out that the plans she had made, lasted for the first half of class only. So much for all the preparation college gave you, it was never enough. She worked during her lunch to change plans, she worked through her planning period to change plans, and she stayed late again, to change plans.

"Ah, Miss Fargus?"

"Oh, Hi Jim! Is it that time all ready? Oh my. I'll be out in a minute."

"I'll walk with you again if you'd like?"

"Why thank you. I'll meet you at the doors."

On the drive home she thought about her first day. Most of her students seemed quite nice, but there were a few that bothered her. One boy in particular didn't seem to fit in with the rest and one girl; she knew already they were going to have problems. The staff was great, they checked on her all day to see how things were, and Jim, he was the nicest man, keeping his eye on her safety, a father figure almost. She had been told to make friends with the secretaries and custodial staff; they could make life in the classroom a living hell if they didn't like you. She thought she was doing well. Alison and Beth in the office were wonderful and sarcastically funny and they definitely knew what was what; and Jim and she talked while walking to the parking lot. He really was a nice man, seemed a little lonely, but such a gentleman to walk with her and wait to make sure her car started and she left safely. She'd make him some cookies, he'd like that, she thought. Before she knew it she was home, changed and eating a frozen dinner in front of the news.

She was getting to know the students better and worried on a personal level for some of them. They may come from decent homes, but that did not mean they had a great home life. She knew Tommy was left in charge of his younger siblings while both parents worked long hours. She knew that Dean had a habit and stole money to pay for it. She had a feeling that Deanne wasn't averse to selling her body to earn some extra money. Good kids all of them, but for some life was harder than for others. It wouldn't be long and these three would move on and three more or six more or ten more would take their place.

She got to know her co-workers pretty well, as well as can be expected in five minute intervals between classes. On one side was Jason, a math teacher, on the other Barb, another Business teacher and across the hall was Florie, a social studies teacher. They stood together during passing of classes to keep chaos in check. Many times they discussed the clothing students wore and how low cut the tops were and how the jeans have more holes than material, how the skirts kept getting shorter and the shorts kept getting longer. Their discussions rarely went beyond the school arena, not much personal from any of them. All three of them were conservative in their views and private with their thoughts. Before long the days got shorter and the weather got colder. Still Jim walked her out every night it seemed.

Brittany's relationship with Jim was different than with the teaching staff. He shared and talked and joked while they walked to their cars. He told her stories of the school, of the town, and of his life. She found out his wife left him for a younger man, he told her about raising his two children, and he talked about how lonely he was and how nice it was to talk to her. He never stopped calling her Miss Fargus, though; it was apparent they were more than acquaintances but not quite close friends.

It was the end of September. The first month of school seemed to pass so quickly. It was a rainy fall weekend. She was tired of staying at home and there were things she could do in her classroom, so she went to school. A skeletal custodial staff was working, and Jim was among them. She waved, "Nice to know I'm not the only one drawn to this place on a day off!"

She worked all day in her room, listening to music, changing bulletin boards, grading papers, making lesson plans and even doing some cleaning. Brittany was leaning into the closet, picking up scraps of paper which had fallen on the bottom. With her head hidden, she never heard Jim come in. She didn't hear him shut the door, she didn't hear him step behind her but then she felt hands on her butt slide to her hips. She quickly straightened up, gasping a shriek, "What, who, uh. Oh, Jim. Hi. What are you doing?"

Jim just smiled, "it was just there, so round, so tempting, I couldn't resist. You're so beautiful and I know you are alone, lonely, just like me...just like a lot of us." Panic flashed in her eyes, but she put her hand on Jim's arm and said, "You know, you're right, I am lonely." He grabbed her and pulled her into him, kissing her. His hand found the back of her head and held her tightly, his other hand her ass as he ground himself into her.

She hadn't realized how lonely she really was until he said that, she hadn't realized how much she craved attention until his touch. An involuntary moan sounded as she pushed into him, and then she pushed him away, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Don't push me away, you and I both know you want this," Jim insisted. He pulled her back into him. "I can feel your heart beat, I can see the flush on your face, don't try to deny it, this turns you on." She wanted to prove him wrong, to argue logically with him, but she couldn't, he was right. Her body had betrayed her, her stomach muscles clenched, there was heaviness within and his touch and his kiss added to her need.

"Not here. I'll lose my job. We'll be in trouble. You'll lose your job. Someone will see us," Brittany spewed, trying to back away, trying to remove herself from the heat that was encompassing her. Jim shook his head and moved with her.

"Nope, we're here alone. Everyone else is gone. No one can see in. No one can get in. We don't have anything to worry about, not anything at all," he whispered in her ear. His voice was low and raspy. She could tell he was struggling to maintain his composure, just like she was. He touched her again, ran his hands down her arms, over her hips and back up. She looked at him and he kissed her again. Not a chaste kiss, but one filled with passion and need. The fire he was holding back erupted into her when his tongue sought out hers. As he ravished her mouth, her tongue fought back but in the end their bodies won out.

Jim was no slough; he stood about 6' tall, dark reddish hair with some gray points, full lips surrounded by a full beard and hazel eyes with crow's feet highlighting the twinkle in them. His shoulders were broad and he had the remains of his military career in muscle tone. He was thick through the stomach area, but it blended well with his chest and hips. The man was good looking in a rugged way. She leaned into him, absorbing the heat and feeling his need, showing her need. She was no virgin, but she was no hussy either. She had been with the same boy since they met in high school, until, that is, he found someone more exciting last year.

Proving his need, Jim pulled her closer and she felt the bulge in his pants. The canvas was taut over his manhood, strained but holding. Her body responded to such power, such need, she shuddered and all logical thought disappeared. He lifted her, grabbing her butt cheeks and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms now around his neck. He swung them around and sat her on the counter. He trailed kisses down her neck, his hands fumbling with her sweater. She responded in kind, undoing the buttons of his work shirt and running her hands over his shoulders and down his back. She felt the scars on his back; he felt the softness of her breasts. Soon her sweater was lifted and her bare breasts were exposed, his hand cupped one as his lips moved to the other. Soft murmurs from both echoed in the empty classroom.

He lifted her and moved her to her desk. She lay back, feet dangling off the edge. Her breath was ragged, her face flushed. Jim was impatient as he undid her jeans and pulled them off, pulling her bottom to the edge of the desk. He spread her legs and ran a finger between them, feeling the wetness and warmth of her. She wrapped her ankles around his legs, pulling him toward her. He fumbled with his own pants, button and zipper trying his patience. He didn't even bother to drop them, so engorged he couldn't wait, the tip of his manhood showing over the top of his underwear. He pulled himself out and guided the tip into her. She was wet enough to lubricate him fully. Inch by inch he pushed into her, she was warm, wet, willing and tight. He grabbed her hips and held her as he moved in and out. He could feel her muscles clench him.

She couldn't stop, she wanted him, her body wanted him and it seemed he wanted her; so they were both getting what they wanted. He continued to hold her as he stroked in and out. He was large enough that pulled tight the skin around her clit and stimulated her with each stroke. She tried to raise her hips to meet him but could only manage to hold on to the desk. She was so ready for him and was on the edge of the ride when he came, exploded into her. He leaned over her, breathing hard, sweat beading on his forehead. She continued to try to hump him, to bring herself over the edge. He pulled out and dropped to his knees. He buried his face in her. She tasted like peaches and honey. His tongue explored all of her, tasting what he had left of himself in her. Pushing his tongue in to reach the cream he left, he tasted the mixture, getting hard again. He sucked on her, lapped at her until her muscles clench and she came. He mounted her again, her muscles pulled him in and he rode her orgasm until he reached another of his own. They were both spent, he kissed her, stroked her, straightened up and pulled up his pants as he watched her, looking at her wet pussy, juices dripping from her and he smiled.

"What have we done?" Brittany whispered. She couldn't hold back the tears. Had she just ruined all that she had worked for? She looked at Jim, pleaded with her eyes. She wiped the tears from her face and held her hand out to be helped up. Jim, still the gentleman, helped her sit and handed her the jeans from the floor. He waited until she is dressed, turned and left the room, a smile on his face. Stopping at the door, "I'll see you by the doors and walk out with you," and then he walked out.

She gathered her composure and straightened up and went home. What had she done? She was acting like the more promiscuous students she taught. She closed her eyes and cried. She didn't realize how lonely she was and when the first male to paid attention to her, she succumbed. How would she face him at school Monday? How could she face her classroom?

Monday came and went, just like any other work day. Only this time, she left with the rest of the staff. And she left with everyone else on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. She hadn't seen Jim all week. She didn't know if she was relieved or worried. On Friday, though, it changed. She was ready to leave, still not taking any chances. She retrieved her coat and heard her door. Her head whipped around to see Jim. Panic threatened to overtake her, but she forced herself to stay calm.

"What do you want?" She stood straight, chin up, hiding her fear.

"Well, hello to you too," he replied, a smirk on his face. "Have you been avoiding me?"

"Yes," a simple and honest reply.

"Why? I almost went to your house to find you. I wanted to know you were all right. I wanted to wrap my arms around you and let you know it was okay." He stepped toward her with each statement.

She backed up. Eventually she backed into the counter. He kept coming.

He reached for her, ran his fingertips across her cheek. "Don't be afraid. It's all good." He put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her toward him and kissed her.

"You have everything? I'll walk you out."

She looked at him blankly. She was trembling, but shook her head yes. She let him lead her out.

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